Call Center Inbound

Call Center Inbound
Description of Test
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Call Center Inbound
Description of Test (DOT)
This DOT is designed to help you prepare for the Call Center Inbound assessment. The information is
being made available to you now so that you can review the material at a more leisurely pace. There is
also specific information about the factors that are evaluated on the assessment and what you can do to
prepare for it.
What the Call Center Inbound Assessment Measures
Working with Information
Customer Focus
Sales Potential/Persistence
Professional Potential
Call Center Virtual Scenario
Job Compatibility
Measures the ability to use numerical and analytical reasoning to gather
information and solve real-world problems. *This section is timed and you are not
expected to complete all the questions in the time allotted.*
Measures tendency to show persistent enthusiasm when interacting with
Measures the tendency to be influential, confident, and persistent when working
towards sales goals.
Measures the tendency to set and accomplish challenging goals, while persisting in
the face of significant obstacles.
Measures the tendency of one’s ability to think clearly and objectively during times
of stress or intense pressure.
Measures the tendency to have potential for professional success across industry
type and functional area through questions regarding academic and social
background, and aspirations concerning work.
Measures, skills such as data entry, problem solving, and service orientation to
determine potential to be successful in a Call Center role.
Measures a candidate’s background, experiences, attitudes, judgments, and
opinions that are associated with increased job compatibility and tenure.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
How is the assessment administered?
How are the questions formatted?
How much time is needed to take the
entire assessment?
What do I need to take the assessment?
How is my score determined?
On a personal computer, which utilizes a standard computer keyboard,
mouse and internet web browser. Please do NOT take this assessment on
your mobile phone or another electronic device.
You will see a variety of question types, including multiple choice and
Please set aside at least 55 minutes to complete the assessment. Please
ensure that you are in a distraction-free environment and that the
assessment is your sole focus. Please take this assessment seriously as it
will be used as part of the selection decision-making process. Lastly, you
will have five (5) days (i.e., 120 hours) from the time that the assessment
link is provided to you to complete the assessment, or you will be
considered to have withdrawn from the selection process.
You will not need any materials or equipment aside from a computer.
Scores are computed for each of the assessment sections and then
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Call Center Inbound
combined to create an overall score.
Am I penalized for guessing an answer?
Will I receive feedback on my score?
No. Upon receipt of your assessment scores, you will receive an automated
communication from our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) indicating your
qualification status.
What happens if I don’t achieve a Passing You may attempt the assessment again after six months.
Who may I contact if I experience any
Prior to taking the assessment, please consult the following website to
technical difficulties when taking the
ensure that the PC you are using is configured properly:
assessment? You can also reach SHL Technical
Support for assistance with your online assessment at 1-800-899-7451
(option 1).
Who may I contact if I no longer have
Please send an email to with the Requisition
access to the assessment link?
number (e.g., 10401BR) and the needed assessment link.
What if I need an accommodation to take CenturyLink provides accommodations in testing conditions to qualified
the assessment?
applicants with disabilities during the administration of pre-employment
screens, to the extent such accommodations are reasonable, consistent
with the nature and purpose of the examination, and necessitated by the
applicant's disability. CenturyLink’s objective is to provide effective and
necessary accommodations to qualified applicants as defined under the
Americans with Disabilities Act, without substantially altering the nature of
the screening process. Each applicant's request for test accommodations is
evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If you think you need a test
accommodation, please send an email to
Resources for preparing for the Call Center Inbound Assessment: No practice or preparation is
necessary. You will respond to statements about your work-related preferences, tendencies, and
PLEASE NOTE: The purpose of this guide is to provide information which will assist all candidates in
their performance during the Call Center Inbound Assessment. Your performance is determined by
many things such as your education, experiences and skills.
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