High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing
HPC as never seen before
Aurora highlights
Enjoy Petascale. As the centrepiece of the Eurotech HPC solutions, the Aurora supercomputers are designed
to provide tremendous computing power in the most energy efficient way. With the Aurora HPC systems, you can
confidently achieve consistent performance regardless of the dimension of your installation, scaling to petaflops levels
with minimal footprint thanks to an unparalleled density. Aurora supercomputers fulfil the most demanding scientific
needs at an affordable price and with an amazing TCO.
High performance density
Preserve your software investment
Liquid cooling allows reaching very high densities
•Aurora systems can pack up 1 Petaflops in 15 m2 (160 ft2) • Full x86 compatibility: minimal or no porting needed
• Optimized MPI libraries: advanced networking features
can be transparently used
• Standard environment: use established development
Energy efficiency
Aurora systems are optimized in any of their parts for
and debugging tools
• Intel® Cluster Ready certified
energy efficiency
• Heat transfer efficiency: direct, on-component liquid
cooling with much better heat transfer than air
• No air conditioning needed, very efficient power Reliability
Embedded resilience for extreme challenges
conversion, optimized board consumption
• Greener Computing: many options – free cooling, • Advanced and system independent control and
monitoring infrastructure
thermal energy recovery, compatibility with natural
• No moving parts: Aurora does not use fans, rotating
sources of cold water
media or other potential sources of mechanical failure
and vibration
• Limited on board and data center hot spots
Smart economics
A total cost ownership lower than many competitive
• Up to 50% energy savings, low space occupancy, Unified Network Architecture
Automatic and reprogrammable routing of packets over
reliability, highly modular systems
different topologies with CPU offload
• 3D Toroidal topology
• Infiniband switched network
• Latency: Sub µs memory to memory latency
Scales linearly with the fastest interconnects available
• 3D Torus, fast Infiniband, synchronization networks • Monitoring: In-band and out of band
facilitate linear scalability from giga to petaflops • Synchronization: three hardware synchronization
Aurora supercomputers allows for consistent energy savings thanks to the hot liquid cooling and the intelligent power
conversion, applied to all the products of the Aurora line. Eurotech, a pioneer of liquid cooling, provides design and
guidance to realize and operate safe and energy efficient water cooled systems.
Aurora supercomputers are solid rock reliable machines. Built in a company whose experience is to build bomb
resistant computers and whose commitment to quality is notorious, they have no moving parts, no hot spots, boasting
3 independent sensor networks and a serviceability with no comparison: Eurotech has been the first in the market to
offer easy to maintain and access liquid cooled blade systems.
Where the CPU performance is not enough, additional computing power can be achieved with integrated high
performance accelerators.
Available in different sizes and configurations, the Aurora systems suit a variety of needs in many fields of science,
business and technology.
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