Group Control for S Series
Technical Bulletin
Group Control for S Series
02 October 2012
When connecting multiple S Series (SUZ) single split systems on to one controller,
please follow the below instructions.
Scenario: 2 x PLA RP 71BA Cassette Units with 2 x SUZ KA71VA Condensing units
with 1 x PAR 30 MAA Controller.
The PAR 30MAA needs to be connected to the master cassette unit as standard.
Connect a MAC 3971F adapter to the SLAVE UNIT by plugging the red plug from the
adapter on to CN105 on the SLAVE UNIT indoor PCB.
Installation of a 2 core cable (1mm screened cable) is required to connect the MAC
3971F of the slave unit on to the master unit. This is done by connecting terminals A
and B from the MAC 3971F to the remote controller terminals on the MASTER indoor
As the MASTER UNIT is already addressed as “00” you will need to set an
address for the SLAVE UNIT on the MAC 3971F by locating SW501 and
pushing Pin 1 (up) into the ON position.
SW501 , Pin 1
Technical Bulletin
If you have more than 2 units connected please follow the above with
installing a MAC 3971 on each slave unit & then connecting via A and B to
each other. When this is done you will need to address the SLAVE UNITS
as below
SW501 Dip Switch for Addressing
Unit 2 – Pin 2 Up, all others down.
Unit 3 – Pins 1 & 2 Up, all others down
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