Thermo Scientific PDM3700 Personal Dust Monitor Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Thermo Scientific PDM3700 Personal Dust Monitor Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Thermo ScientificTM PDM3700 Personal Dust Monitor
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Is there an exchange program, to trade in the PDM3600 instrument for the PDM3700 instrument?
There is no trade in program, however we are offering a promotion for early submission of purchase orders. Order from January 9 - March 31, 2015
for 5% discount with scheduled deliveries by February 1, 2016. After March 31, 2015, any order for 50 or more units placed through the end of
the year (December 31, 2015) will receive a 5% discount with scheduled delivery by February 1, 2015.
Is there a leasing program for the PDM3700 personal dust monitor?
Yes, we can offer leasing through our internal financing team at competitive rates. Please contact your Sales Manager for specific details.
Are there remote diagnostics for the PDM3700 personal dust monitor?
Currently, no. We can, however, offer some remote help if you send us the CSV file.
Is there a “reboot” function or “reset” button for the PDM3700 Personal Dust Monitor?
The PDM3700 monitor does not have any system reboot. It is programmed through the provided WinPDM software for the specific shift length and
can only be altered by use of this program
Can I get a loaner PDM3700 instrument while my unit is out for calibration or repair?
No, as we do not offer a loaner program.
How do we certify and calibrate the instrument? Can we do this ourselves?
Certification of the unit must be done by Thermo Fisher Scientific. As of this moment, no in-field calibration can be performed. However, MSHA is
reviewing the possibility of providing certified calibrations training.
I see 1-12 gauge error pressure. Sometimes with a sudden change in pressure instrument can act weird. What is causing
The PDM3700 monitor has internal pressure sensor that reacts to pressure changes and adjust the concentration to reflect the impact of the
change. Since the pressure change can happen quickly, the concentration being shown can show a significant temporary increase of decrease.
However, as the conditions stabilize, the instrument will adjust to the new pressure and correctly report the concentration. End of shift (EOS)
concentrations will not be impacted.
Can you look at the MSHA file?
The MSHA file can be viewed, but not altered.
Can you enter data after the instrument is shut off, or gather data from last shift, after closing the unit?
The PDM3700 monitor records data only during the programmed shift. If a second unit is required to complete a shift, MSHA is working on a
process to link the two files.
10 How long does the battery last? How long is the charge time on the battery?
Under normal operating conditions and proper temperature ranges selected, the battery will last 12 hours and it take 6 hours to fully recharge.
11 For long shifts, do you need to change out the unit? How do I report data from two units to the regulatory agencies? How
can I combine two files from two units on one shift?
See number 9 above.
12 Is there a cover for the connection port, so that it doesn’t get dirty?
The charger interface connection does not have a cover. It may be necessary to periodically clean the contacts to ensure the connection in made to
ensure proper charging and data transfer.
13 Is there a way to differentiate quartz during sampling?
No, the instrument measures total particulate.
14 Is this unit a 5 year unit? Will working in a wet area affect this?
The expected operating life of the unit is 5 years. The unit is sealed to protect the electronics from water damage and any water drawn through the
inlet tube will drain through the port for the mass transducer. Excessive water may cause damage to the mass transducer.
15 Is there a docking station for the unit?
No, not at the present time.
16 Can I load software onto multiple computers?
Yes, the WinPDM software may be loaded to multiple computers.
17 What training options do I have for the miners that wear the unit? Does Thermo Fisher Scientific have enough training personnel to train
for all the units that will be out in the field or will there be a long lag time?
MSHA will take the lead role in training for compliance use. Thermo Fisher may provide initial start up training if requested and our Technical
Support team is also available for assistance by phone and e-mail
For more information, visit
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