Defining Respect

Defining Respect
Defining RESPECT
Ask the students playfully if any of them can curl their tongue. (This is a genetic trait that only some
people exhibit) When some students can do this, act impressed and respectful of their ability to do so.
After a minute, ask students how they feel about your obvious bias toward people with this trait. Ask
them whether your feelings about this are harmful.
Directions: For this unit, it may be a good idea for the students to create a mini journal. Have them
fold 4 sheets of paper in half to create a mini journal. Have them decorate the front as they wish or
using the theme respect.
Display the word respect-
Have students call out their definitions of the word, while you or a volunteer writes
them on the board.
Have 1 or two students look up the definition in a dictionary, while others find
synonyms. [showing regards or esteem for].
Write the correct definition on the board and have students copy it down. Have them
write down 1 synonym and 1 antonym and then use the word respect in a sentence.
Tell the learners that respect can apply to one's self (self-respect), can apply to
others, and can apply to the environment(including the environment at school). For
the present time, they will only be investigating the meaning of respect in a literal
aspect. In the coming weeks they will learn aspects of self-respect, respect for
others, and respect in the school environment.
Under the word "respect," create a T-chart and label the two sides: "Looks Like" and
"Does Not Look Like." Ask the learners to brainstorm words/phrases to complete the
two chart sections.
Respect - [showing regard or esteem for]
Synonym(s)Use of in a SentenceLooks Like
Does Not Look Like
Have students brainstorm what
Respect looks like in action ex:
Keeping good hygiene
Body odor –
Opening the door for someone
Letting a door close on someone
Acknowledging elderly person
Ignoring elderly person
Optional: If time permits – have students create a pict-o-word with RESPECT.
Week 6
11th grade
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