HandHeld air Velocity/ temperature meter witH wireless option HHF1000 Series

HandHeld air Velocity/ temperature meter witH wireless option HHF1000 Series
Handheld Air Velocity/
Temperature Meter
with Wireless Option
HHF1000 Series
telescopic probe
adjustable from
305 to 914 mm L
(12 to 36")
easures Air Velocities up to 5000 FPM
easures Air Temperature up to 121ºC (250ºF)
U 1.5% Full Scale Accuracy
U 0.5% Full Scale Accuracy (Temperature)
U Two Sensor Probe Configurations—Fixed Probe and Remote Telescopic Probe
U Hot Wire Air Velocity Sensor Design
U Economical 6 OD x
305 mm L (¹⁄₄ x 12") Insertion Probe Design
U Backlit LCD Displays
Air Velocity and Air Temperature
U Air Velocity and Air
Temperature Can be
Displayed in Different
Engineering Units
U Volume Air Flow
U Wireless PC
Interface Available
The HHF1000 Series handheld air
velocity/temperature meter
measures and displays air velocity
and air temperature in research
and development labs, HVAC
applications, and other
manufacturing processes.
The sensor design is based on
three RTD elements, one measures
air temperature and the other two
measures air velocity due to the
heat loss from the RTD sensor as
it cools down by the air flow. The
sensor probe is offered in two
configurations, fixed probe and
remote telescopic probe.
The HHF1000 series offers many
standard features such as high and
low alarm indication, USB PC serial
interface with a Windows based data
logging software, adjustable display
response time, volume air flow
readout, and atmospheric
pressure compensation. The
HHF1000 displays the air velocity in
different Engineering units such as
FPM, m/sec, Miles/Hour, and Km/
hour. The air temperature is
displayed in ºF and ºC.
† Refer to accessories chart on next page
for NIST calibration ordering information.
6 mm
305 mm
(12") fixed
shown smaller
than actual size.
Air Velocity Range: 0 to 5000 FPM
(0 to 25 m/sec)
Air Temperature Range: -40 to 121ºC
(-40 to 250ºF)
Accuracy: 1.5% full scale (air velocity),
0.5% full scale (air temperature)
Air Velocity/Temperature Probe:
Fixed Probe: ¼" OD stainless steel, 305 mm (12") long
Remote Telescopic Probe:
Adjustable from 305 x 914 mm L
(12 to 36")
Air Velocity/Temperature Sensor:
Three RTDs, one 100 Ω and two 1000 Ω
Display: Backlit LCD, 32 x 51 mm
(1.25 x 2")
Operating Ambient Temperature:
Sensor Probe: -40 to 121ºC
(-40 to 250ºF)
Electronic Case: 0 to 50ºC
(-32 to 122ºF)
Power: 9V Lithium battery (included) or
9 Vdc adaptor
Battery Life:
40 hours, continuous operation
Dimensions (Case):
120 L x 76 W x 32 mm D (4.75 x 3 x 1.25")
Dimensions (Probe):
Fixed Probe: 6 x 305 mm
(0.25 OD x 12" L)
Remote Telescopic Probe: Adjustable from 305 to 914 mm L
(12 to 36")
Weight: 300 g (0.66 lb)
Wireless PC Interface
RF Transmitter Carrier: ISM 2.4 GHz,
direct sequence spread spectrum,
license free world wide
RF Power Output: 10 dBm (10 mW)
RF Range:
Indoor/Urban: Up to 40 m (130')
Outdoor/Line of Sight: Up to 120 m (400')
Measuring air flow from an air conditioning duct.
To Order Visit omega.com/hhf1000 for Pricing and Details
Model No. HHF1001A HHF1001R
Range FPM (m/sec)
0 to 5000 (0 to 25.4)
0 to 5000 (0 to 25.4)
0 to 5000 (0 to 25.4)
0 to 5000 (0 to 25.5)
Air velocity/temperature meter, fixed probe
Air velocity/temperature meter, remote
telescopic probe
Air velocity/temperature meter, fixed
probe, wireless
Air velocity/temperature meter, remote
telescopic probe, wireless
Model No. Description
UWTC-REC1 48 channel wireless receiver
NIST traceable 4-point calibration certificate
UNIV-AC-100/240 Universal 9 Vdc adaptor, 100 to 240 Vac input
Compression fitting
¼" PTFE ferrules (10 pack) for use with SSLK-14 -14
compression fitting
Comes complete with 305 mm (12") long sensor probe (or remote telescopic probe), 9V lithium
battery, USB cable, Windows based data logging software, and operator’s manual.
* Note: UWTC-REC1 wireless receiver is required for wireless PC interface. Because of
transmission frequency regulations, this product may only be used in the United States, Canada
and Europe.
Ordering Examples: HHF1001A-W, wireless air velocity/temperature meter, 0 to 5000 FPM
range, fixed probe, and UWTC-REC1 wireless receiver.
HHF1001A, air velocity/temperature meter and CAL-3-FLOW, NIST traceable 4-point
calibration certificate.
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