NAV 402AP specification sheet
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MKR/NAV/COMM Ramp and Bench Test Set
The NAV-402AP is a completely selfcontained unit designed for functional
testing and calibration of MKR, VOR,
LOC, G/S and COMM avionics.
• Synthesized signal generator for MKR,
VOR, LOC, G/S and COMM systems with
both FIXED and VAR frequency modes
Maximum output on any band is -7 dBm (0.1 V).
Output range is from -7 dBm to -110 dBm.
• Simultaneous LOC-G/S output
The VOR and G/S bands are each supplied with two selectable fixed
frequencies and the LOC, MKR and VHF COMM bands are supplied with
one fixed frequency each. Variable frequency modes allow all frequencies of all
bands to be used. VOR, LOC and MKR bands are frequency phase-locked at
25 kHz intervals.
• Sweep LOC DDM to test autopilot
capture mode
G/S band is phase-locked at 50 kHz intervals and the VHF COMM band is
phase-locked at 8.33 kHz or 25 kHz intervals.
• New low power built-in counter for
display of generator frequency, COMM
XMTR frequency or 0 dBm external
frequencies from 1 MHz to at least
300 MHz
Two independent internal localizer transmitters with outputs of approximately
-18 dBm at the generator output jack are provided for simultaneous radiation
of LOC and G/S signals in G/S FIXED mode with LOC switch on.
• 8.33 & 25 kHz COMM Channel Selection
• 1 ppm TCXO master oscillator
• Two year limited warranty
The test set includes a counter to measure the RF frequency of the signal
generator in any band, the frequency of any VHF COMM transmitter, any 0
dBm external frequency from 1 MHz to 300 MHz, or display the selected VOR
bearing as a check on the VOR BRG.
IFR is a leader in the design, manufacture and
marketing of Avionics test systems.
The counter time base is derived from a 10 MHz TCXO with a stability of ±1
ppm from 0 to 50°C.
The NAV-402AP Test Set is designed to meet the
functional testing requirements of CAT I, CAT II
and CAT III ILS systems.
An RF power meter is included to measure COMM transmitter power 0-10 W
or 0-100 W.
A peak or average power switch allows COMM XMTR
modulation checks and a rear panel jack permits monitoring of the
• Compact size for flight deck operation
The test set includes a modulated signal generator for MKR, VOR, LOC, G/S and VHF COMM
tests and a variable output attenuator.
A percentage modulation meter accurately indicates modulation levels on any
band 0-30% or 0-100%.
The NAV tones for modulation are digitally derived from a 2.16 MHz crystal
oscillator. The 90 Hz and 150 Hz tones utilized for LOC and G/S modulation
are phased-locked with an accuracy of 0.1°.
By pressing a front panel switch the relative phases between the 90 and
150 Hz tones can be varied in 5° steps, relative to the 30 Hz reference signal,
for a 1° selected step on the VOR BRG selector.
LOC and G/S centering may be calibrated from the front panel.
Modulation LOC - 20 (±2)% each tone G/S - 40 (±2)% each tone
The battery charging system will permit continuous charging
without damage to the battery.
Added Features
• VOR bearing selectable in 0.1° steps, accuracy ± 0.1°
• Built-in 90° bearing monitor of VOR output
• RF Power meter for COMM XMTR power 0-10 W and
0-100 W
• Built-in battery and charger supply
0.093, 0.155, 0.200 DDM and tone delete for flag tests
±0.0013 DDM (±3 µA)
Variable Control
±0.4 DDM
Sweep Control from 0 to ±30 µA
0.091, 0.175, 0.400 DDM and tone delete for flag tests
±0.0024 DDM (±2.0 µA)
Signal Generator
Frequency Ranges
72-78 MHz, 107-156 MHz, 327-337 MHz
Signal Output
0.7 µV to 100,000 µV (-7 to -110 dBm)
Fixed Mode
75.0 MHz, 108.0 MHz, 108.1 MHz, 112.8 MHz, 126.9 MHz, 329.6
MHz, 334.7 MHz
Variable Control
±0.8 DDM
Auxiliary LOC Signal
108.1 MHz Paired with G/S 334.7 MHz
110.5 MHz Paired with G/S 329.6 MHz
Frequency Accuracy
Fixed RF output
Frequency accuracy same as master oscillator
Typically -18 dBm
* Note: Any fixed frequency may be chosen at time of test set order,
or subsequently programmed at any authorized service center.
0.093, 0.155, 0.200 DDM and tone delete for flag tests
Variable Mode
Phase Lock Interval MKR, LOC, VOR 25 kHz G/S 50 kHz COMM 8.33
or 25 kHz Frequency accuracy same as master oscillator
Modulating Signal
1020, 400, 1300, 3000 Hz Tones, ±1% accuracy 95% modulation
on MKR ±5%; VOR Signal, see below; 30% modulation on LOC,
VOR, COMM ±2%; LOC and G/S signals, see below (These are
modulation levels with the Master Mod control in Cal position.)
±0.0013 DDM (±3 µA)
Variable Control
±0.4 DDM
Sweep Control
From 0 to ±30 µA
Power Meter and Counter
Master Oscillator
±1.0 ppm 0 to +50°C
<1.0 ppm per year at +40°C dynamic
Test Signal Accuracy
3600 digitally derived courses, selectable in 0.1° increments. Course
accuracy better than ±0.1°. 30 Hz ±0.02%, 9.96 kHz ±0.02%
(Deviation ±480 Hz ±25 Hz). Modulation % of each signal 30
(±2)%. TO-FROM switch added for convenience.
90, 150 Hz ±0.02%
0 to 100 W
0 to 10 W, 0 to 100 W
±3% of full scale + ±5% of meter indication
Input Power
≤20 W CW Continuous Duty
Versions and Accessories
Four selections 1 Hz, 10 Hz, 100 kHz, 1 kHz
External Input Range
1 to 300 MHz
50 Ω AC terminated
-9 dBm at 10 MHz, -3 dBm at 200 MHz, 0 dBm at 300 MHz
Maximum Input Power
When ordering please quote full ordering number information.
Ordering Numbers
Test Equipment, 110 VAC operation
NAV-402AP, 220 VAC operation
20 dB RF Amplifier
+24 dBm (250 mW)
Battery Operation
Type 2.0 AH NICAD
Duration 1.5 hours before recharge
AC Supply
102 to 120 VAC, 220 to 240 VAC, 50 to 400 Hz,
≤±10% of the nominal voltage, 38 W maximum
Temperature -20 to +55°C (Functional)
Relative humidity ≤80% for temperatures up to 31°C decreasing
linearly to 50% at 40°C (Non-condensing)
Altitude ≤4000 m (13,124 ft)
Dimensions and Weight
Housed in a portable case 289 mm wide, 130 mm high, 410 mm
11.375 in. wide, 5.125 in. high, 16.125 in. deep
7.7 kg (17 Ibs)
NATO Stock Numbers
All IFR Avionics products delivered with Factory Certificate Of Calibration
IFR - "Working together to create solutions for the world of communications."
IFR is a world leader in developing leading edge test and measurement equipment.
The priority at IFR is to understand your communications test needs and respond
to them. IFR has the flexibility and expertise to create just the right test solution for
you. We understand that just as you are the expert in designing wireless products,
we are expert in wireless test.
Combining the quality of our test products with their reliability, excellent price/performance ratio and minimal requirements for maintenance, every IFR test system
represents an outstanding lifetime value.
IFR - "Working together with our customers to be flexible and innovative in providing effective test solutions for the rapid design, manufacture and maintenance of
communications systems."
The added value IFR includes with each and every test set we sell will make you
more productive. We offer a two-year standard warranty on all products and we will
continue to support your product for five years beyond its final production. Our outstanding Customer Service Department offers calibration, out-of warranty repairs
and consulting. Our Sales and Training Departments offer clear and concise product information with realistic performance specifications, technology training and
application training. Our experienced engineers will help you develop application
software and through continuous improvement programs, upgrades are always
IFR will continue to build upon our technology resources with an aggressive commitment that will enable you to excel in some of the world's most dynamic, high
growth markets.
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