Бързо ръководство [en]

Бързо ръководство [en]
Where To
To find a marine service from your current location:
1. From the Home screen, select Where To.
2. Select the marine service category to which you want to navigate. The unit shows the list of
the 50 nearest locations and the distance to each.
3. Select the marine service item to which you want to navigate. A screen containing
information about the selected marine service appears.
4. Select Navigate To.
5. Select Go To or Route To.
Select Guide To when using a preprogrammed BlueChart g2 Vision
card to use Auto Guidance.
6. Follow the colored line on the screen to the destination.
To stop navigating:
Press MENU, and then select Stop Navigating.
To search for a destination by name:
1. From the Home screen, select Where To > Search by Name.
2. Press up or down on the ROCKER to select a number or character; press left or right to
move fields.
3. Press SELECT to view the 50 nearest destinations that contain your search criteria.
Creating and Using Waypoints
When you create a waypoint, you can designate it as an MOB (Man OverBoard). This marks
the point and sets a course back to the marked location. When an MOB is active, an MOB
waypoint with an international MOB symbol is created and the unit is on an active navigation
to that point.
To mark your location:
1. From any screen, press MARK.
2. Select Back to return to the chart, or select MOB (Man OverBoard) to designate the
waypoint as an MOB point.
To create a new waypoint:
1. Move the map pointer to the location you want and press
2. Select Create Waypoint.
3. Select one of the following:
• Edit Waypoint—customize the waypoint attributes.
• Delete—delete the waypoint.
• Navigate To—go to the waypoint.
• Back—return to the navigation chart.
To edit a waypoint:
1. Create a new waypoint or select a waypoint on the navigation
2. Select Edit Waypoint.
3. Select the waypoint attribute you want to change (Name, Symbol,
Depth, Water Temp, or Position).
To move the waypoint on the navigation chart:
Select Edit Waypoint > Position > Use Chart.
To view a list of all waypoints:
From the Home screen, select Information > User Data > Waypoints.
Please visit www.garmin.com for additional documentation and information.
GPSMAP® 400/500 Series
quick reference guide
Turning the Unit On or Off
Using the Keypad
Press and hold the POWER key until the unit beeps and the Garmin
screen appears. When the Warning screen appears, press SELECT to
open the Home screen.
Acquiring GPS Satellite Signals
When you turn on the unit, the GPS receiver must collect satellite data and
establish its current location. If the unit cannot establish a location, the
Initialize Position screen appears.
When the unit acquires satellite signals, the
Home Screen
signal strength bars at the top of the Home screen
are green
. When the unit loses satellite signals, the green bars
Creating and Using Routes
POWER/BACKLIGHT—Press and hold to turn the unit on
or off; press and release to adjust the backlight and day/night
RANGE (-/+)—Press to adjust the range of the sonar; zoom
in or out on a chart.
ROCKER—Press up, down, left, or right to move through
menus, highlight fields, and enter data.
MARK—Press to mark a waypoint or MOB.
SELECT—Press to select highlighted items and confirm
on-screen messages.
MENU—Press to access additional settings and configuration options; press to return to the
previous screen when indicated.
To switch between Day and Night
1. Press and release the POWER key.
2. Select Day/Night Mode.
3. Press left or right on the ROCKER to
switch between modes.
To create a route in another location:
1. From the Home screen, select Information > User Data > Routes >
New Route.
2. Use the ROCKER to select the route’s starting point, and press
3. Use the ROCKER and SELECT keys to add additional turns.
4. Press MENU to cancel, edit, or navigate the route.
Panning the Navigation Chart
To adjust the backlight level:
1. While the unit is on, press and release the
POWER key.
2. Select Backlight > Manual Backlight.
1. Move the map pointer to a destination, and press SELECT.
2. Select Navigate To > Route To.
3. Use the ROCKER to add a turn, and press SELECT. Repeat this step
to add additional turns.
4. Press MENU to cancel or to begin navigating the route.
HOME—Press to return to the Home screen.
Adjusting the Backlight
To create a route from your present location:
Press left or right on the
ROCKER to manually
adjust the backlight.
Use the map pointer ( ) to pan away from your current location and scroll to other areas on
the navigation chart. As you pan past the edge of the current map display, the screen scrolls
forward to provide continuous map coverage. The position icon ( ) stays at your present
Map pointer
Position icon
To edit a route
1. From the Home screen, select Information > User Data > Routes.
2. Select the route to edit.
3. Select Edit Route. You can edit the route name, turns, or delete the route.
As you move the map pointer, you can view the
distance and bearing from your current location, and
the map pointer’s location coordinates in the lowerright corner of the map.
To pan the map, press up, down, right, or left on the
To stop panning, press MENU, and then select Stop
Zooming In and Out on the Map
The Range (+/-) keys control the zoom level, indicated by the scale at the bottom of the
navigation chart (
). The bar under the number represents that distance on the map.
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