LB8405A-R3 Installation
This installation guide gives step-by-step instructions about how to install the Express Entry Ethernet Switches:
Selecting a Site for the Express Ethernet Switch: LB8405A-R3
As with any electronic device, you should place the switch where it will not be subject to extreme temperatures, humidity, or electromagnetic
interference. Specifically, the site you select should meet the following requirements:
The ambient temperature should be between 32 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit (0 to 40 degrees Celsius).
The relative humidity should be less than 90 percent, non-condensing.
Surrounding electrical devices should not exceed the electromagnetic field (RFC) standards for IEC 801-3, Level 2 (3V/M) field strength.
Make sure that the switch receives adequate ventilation. Do not block the ventilation holes on the side of the switch or the fan exhaust port
on the rear of the switch.
The power outlet should be within 1.8meter (6 feet) of the switch.
Connecting to Your Network
Connect network cables from computers or network segments to the TX ports on the back of the unit.
Cabling Information
Port Speed
Half/Full Duplex
100/200 Mbps
100 m, Category 5 STP/UTP
10/20 Mbps
100 m, Category 3, 4, or 5
SC, ST, MTRJ, VF-45, or
100/200 Mbps
Up to 2km, 50 or 62.5/125µm
Multi-mode fiber cable
100/200 Mbps
Up to 75km, 9 or 10/125µm
Single-mode fiber cable
Changing Power Adaptor Plug
Depending on your power outlet, choose the adaptor plug that you need. Using the tool to install and remove the plug when you need it.
Connecting to Power
External power:
Connect the supplied AC power cord to the receptacle on the back of the switch, and then plug it into a
standard AC outlet with a voltage range from 100 to 260 VAC.
Figure 1: Rear view
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