XControl 4S - Spec Sheet

XControl 4S - Spec Sheet
Flush-mount programmable control panel
Data Sheet
The Peavey MediaMatrix® XControl 4S is a programmable,
flush-mount control panel designed for the X-Frame™ 88 and
MM™ Series audio processing products. Designed for easy
implementation, the 4S provides powerful, yet intuitive
access to multiple controls within MWare™ and XWare™
software applications. Fully programmable, the 4S can be
configured for a large variety of uses. A simple music select
panel, control for message playback or scene recall for use
with MediaMatrix’ powerful preset functionality are just a
few of the possibilities. Changing the configuration is easy
and installation couldn’t be simpler, thanks to the XControl
RS-485 network and flexible power options. The 4S makes
user control for MediaMatrix systems intuitive and flexible.
Up to 8 XControls on a single X-Frame 88
Up to 32 on frame-based MM Series MediaMatrix systems
RS-485 multi-drop network
Easy wiring & installation
Configurable controls
Applications examples available
Attractive cosmetic package
Standard NEMA 1G mounting
Tracking LED status indication for multiple locations
Software upgradeable
Bus or local power supply options
Low power requirements
Cost effective
Stadiums, theatres and arenas
Cruise ships & tour boats
Multi-purpose facilities
Paging systems
Schools & universities
Courts of law
Theme parks
Performing arts centers
Hotel meeting room complexes
Houses of worship
Conference centers
Teleconferencing systems
Civic centers
NEMA 1-gang finish plate, requires 2.25” clearance depth
minimum. Mount in metal box coupled to EMT conduit.
NOTE: Take care to ensure that conduit coupling hardware,
wire or other terminating devices do not obstruct the
installation of the 4S’s circuit assembly.
Power requirements & connection:
12-24V DC or 9-16V AC, 15 mA per panel. Screw terminal
connections, #6 spade lug (included) required.
Programmable flash memory.
Grey powder-coat on 18 gauge CRS.
Net Weight:
Approximately 1 lb. (0.45 kg).
Data Connection:
RS-485 two-wire, half duplex. 32 panel support for MWare,
8 panel support for XWare. Screw terminal connections,
shipped with #6 spade lug. Terminating resistors (120 ohms)
supplied for EOL connections.
MediaMatrix • A division of Peavey Electronics Corporation • http://mediamatrix.peavey.com
5-Screw connector, requires #6 spade lug,
included. Wire size: 24AWG-18AWG.
• The XControl
4S installs into a metal NEMA enclosure and requires 1-gang mounting. For maximum performance and reliability, use metal boxes coupled to EMT conduit systems. Use boxes with enough depth to accommodate conduit couplings, cabling and terminations. The 4S requires a minimum of
2.25” inside clearance.
• Terminating resistor (supplied) is required for EOL (end of line) connections. Terminate resistor across the positive and negative terminals of the
XControl RS-485 data network terminals. In adverse conditions, both ends of data network should be terminated.
Use only un-shielded, twisted pair cabling for XControl RS-485 network. Maximum cable length for XControl RS-485 network circuit is 3,000’ under
optimal conditions.
XControl 4S:
The controller shall provide programmable
control of any function, limited only by
functionality within the software. The
controller shall be designed for flush
mounting in standard NEMA 1-gang, deep
metal enclosures and shall include an
unobtrusive grey finish. The controller shall
include four momentary, programmable
buttons. These buttons shall be completely
and independently assignable from supported
software functionality. Each button shall
include a corresponding green LED. These
LEDs shall indicate the status of each
associated button and shall be activated from
the MediaMatrix software. The controller
shall be terminated with a 5-screw terminal
block and its address shall be programmable
from software, or from a rear panel DIP
switch. The controller’s firmware shall be
upgradeable from software or from a direct
replacement of the firmware chip. The
controller shall be powered by a remote DC or
AC power supply. The controller shall be the
Peavey MediaMatrix® XControl 4S.
Features & specifications subject to change without notice.
Drawings & illustrations not to scale.
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Printed in the USA 04/2002
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