2013 Annual Report, Magazine Part

2013 Annual Report, Magazine Part
Annual Report
How feels tomorrow ?
PHOTOS : Hubertus Hamm
The technologies of the future are intelligent systems
that adapt perfectly to different situations.
Like our Audi Matrix LED headlights.
For more than 33 years, it has stood for a dynamic
and safe driving sensation – and is always reinventing itself.
Our quattro drive.
Smart, informative and focused on the driver.
The Audi virtual cockpit allows
you to experience Vorsprung durch Technik.
Zero local emissions and an impressive range.
With tron technologies we are shaping the transition to
sustainable mobility. Without any compromises.
We feel tomorrow.
Innovations that make a statement for the next generation.
Which ideas will we use to shape the future?
Making light work of it
New materials, sustainable production processes.
That’s the Audi lightweight construction principle. // 022
Time for a one-two
Prof. Rupert Stadler, Chairman of the Board
of Management of AUDI AG, and Pep Guardiola,
star coach of FC Bayern Munich, talk about
victory and defeat. // 028
A leap in time
How urban mobility might look if
the vision becomes reality. // 035
Driving by heart
Nicole Zdebel normally flies a Boeing 777.
For us she tests piloted driving. // 040
Quality down to
the last detail
At Audi, perfection begins with
the selection of suppliers. // 050
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
Seven billion
Each with
What moves
our society ?
The world movers
Audi tron technologies pave the way to the future :
in the Audi A3 e-tron through California, in
the Audi A3 g-tron through Denmark. // 058
Delighting to delight others
Each year, Audi trains over 20,000 employees
from around the world at Central Launch
Training. // 068
Feeling the market
Axel Strotbek, Member of the Board of Management of AUDI AG
for Finance and Organization, and renowned economist Prof. Markus
Brunnermeier discuss courage, opportunities and trends. // 074
We are family
The integration program for
impatriates helps them to settle
in in Germany. // 080
Learning, naturally !
The Audi Environmental Foundation and its
“Outdoor Classroom” project. // 086
Science fiction becomes reality
Audi at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the
world’s most important electronics trade show. // 090
Experiences that delight. And that get under the skin.
What really makes our heart beat faster?
Curves. No discussion.
A rush of curves and Alpenglow.
The Audi Land of quattro Alpine
Tour 2013. // 096
Countdown to the race ...
Style, charm and a violin
We caught up with David Garrett
in Berlin, where he gave us an acoustic
interpretation of the Audi world. // 111
A race against time. We accompany
the development of the
Audi R18 e-tron quattro for
the 2014 season, the most
complex Audi endurance race
car of all time. // 106
La passione rossa
The Ducati management team
traveled to their first joint
Audi Management Conference in
Munich on two wheels. // 116
Drives with wolves
Hugh Jackman. Wolverine. And
the Audi R8 Spyder. An interview
of a different kind. // 121
The sky is the limit
He’s a perfectionist and pole vault world
champion : Raphael Holzdeppe. // 124
Racing Bulls
To mark its 50th anniversary, Automobili
Lamborghini S.p.A. presented a real highlight :
the Gallardo 570-4 Squadra Corse. // 130
… Finances
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
From Heaven to Green Hell
We accompany Felix Baumgartner
during his preparations for the 24 Hours
on the Nürburgring. // 136
Combined Management
Report of the Audi Group
and AUDI AG // 143
Consolidated Financial Statements // 215
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Motorsport special
Take another look back at the highlights of the Audi
motorsport season, such as Mike Rockenfeller’s victory
in the DTM or the 12th win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
Annual Report
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LED pixels
Mexico plant
The most modern plant in the worldwide
Audi manufacturing network is currently
being constructed in San José Chiapa,
Mexico. At an
2,400 meters,
At the 65th International Motor Show (IAA), Audi again served up a real spectacle
it will also be the
for visitors to its stand : Frankfurt was given a new skyline for ten days ! The specially
highest situated
constructed building invited people to view the context of urban mobility from
plant. The facil-
unusual vantage points. Inside, skyscrapers and entire districts sprouted from a
ity, covering an
ceiling brought to life by elaborately projected images and a total of 11.2 million
area the size of around 560 soccer pitch-
LED pixels. The stand, which took seven weeks to build, incorporated some
es, will manufacture the next-generation
2,300 square meters of mirrors and 150 kilometers of cables, and covered a total
Audi Q5 from 2016.
floor area of 3,400 square meters.
Success story in China
In July 2013, the Chinese joint venture FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Company, Ltd.,
in which AUDI AG is a partner, celebrated its 25th anniversary. This milestone
year also saw Audi deliver its two millionth car in China – a locally built Audi A6 L.
The brand with the four rings is consequently the undisputed market leader in
the premium segment in China.
years of partnership
achieved a new all-time best
Operating return on sales
in delivering 1,575,480 cars,
Audi was again one of the most profitable manufacturers in the automotive
breaking its own record in
industry worldwide in 2013. The Audi Group achieved an operating return
In 2013, the Audi brand
more than 40 markets. This
on sales of 10.1 percent, slightly above its strategic target corridor of eight
represented an increase of
to ten percent – despite the high outlay needed for new models and tech-
8.3 percent worldwide. Audi’s
three main international
markets were instrumental
to this growth, each of
them expanding at a doubledigit rate : China was up
21.1 percent, the United
States up 13.5 percent
nologies as well as the costs of systematically expanding our international
and the UK up 14.9 percent.
manufacturing structures.
Audi celebrated a very special anniversary in February 2013. The five
millionth Audi with permanent allwheel drive was built at the Neckarsulm plant. Last year, almost one
Audi models with quattro drive
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
in two customers opted for an Audi
with quattro drive.
PHOTO : Jim Rakete
altitude of about
Would you also like to know what the future of driving looks
shaping the future. We supplied ample evidence of that
like ? What energy sources and drive systems our mobility will
ambition in 2013, steering our Company along a clear course
be based on, for instance ? Will the day come when we can
through a challenging market environment. For the first
tell a car what to do with only a gesture or a look ? How does
time ever, last year saw us deliver over 1.5 million cars with the
it feel to leave the steering up to a computer ? Will traffic
four rings to customers – two years earlier than planned.
lights one day disappear from our roads because the traffic
And with new models such as the Audi A3 Sedan, innovative
flow uses swarm intelligence to regulate itself ?
technology such as Audi e­tron and an expanded production
network, we are paving the way for future success.
Much of this may sound like dreams of the future. But con­
sider this : When Jules Verne published his novel “From
Read on to find out more about our ideas and innovations for
the Earth to the Moon” in 1865, who would have believed
the future. Discover how today’s visions will gradually unfold
his notion of putting a man on the moon would become
to become tomorrow’s reality.
reality just 100 years later ?
Kind regards,
Every day, we at Audi work intensively on matters relating to
the future – whether it be next year, the next decade or the
world in 30 or 50 years’ time. That is why we have devoted this
Annual Report to the question of how the future feels.
We want to be more than mere passengers on this journey
Prof. Rupert Stadler
through time. We are the ones behind the wheel, the ones
/ Chairman of the Board of Management
Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Martin Winterkorn
Chairman of the Supervisory Board
The past fiscal year brought a slight increase in economic
The Supervisory Board was newly constituted last year follow-
momentum worldwide. Latterly, the signs were predominantly
ing its election. The term of office of all Supervisory Board
positive in many industrialized nations, while most emerging
members ended with the close of the Annual General Meeting
economies achieved sustained robust economic growth.
on May 16, 2013. Heinz Eyer, Dr. phil. Christine Hawighorst
In 2013, the global automotive market benefited most of all
and Wolfgang Müller ceased to be Board members. The Super-
from strong demand for cars in China and the United States.
visory Board greatly appreciated their constructive advice
and expresses its gratitude and indebtedness to the former
Under the umbrella of its long-term product initiative, the brand
members for their work. All other Supervisory Board mem-
with the four rings again brought a large number of new models
bers were re-elected. Rolf Klotz, Ursula Piëch and Sibylle
onto markets in 2013. The new Sportback and the Sedan
Wankel were elected as new members. The term of office
were added to the A3 premium compact family, for example.
of all Supervisory Board members ends with the close of
The Audi brand also widened its range of extra-sporty S and
the Annual General Meeting, which is to give discharge for
RS models with the introduction of numerous new products,
the 2017 fiscal year.
such as the SQ5, RS Q3, RS 5 Cabriolet, RS 6 Avant and RS 7
Sportback. Another major development in the past fiscal year
At its constituent meeting on May 16, 2013, the Supervisory
was the expansion of international production structures. The
Board re-elected me as its Chairman and Berthold Huber as
Hungarian site Győr completed its transformation into an auto-
Vice Chairman. The Supervisory Board also elected the members
motive plant that now covers every stage of the process chain.
of the Presiding Committee, the Negotiating Committee
In addition, construction work on the new car plant in San José
and the Audit Committee. It confirmed all members in their
Chiapa (Mexico) is making good progress ; the successor to the
previous functions.
Audi Q5 will be built there from 2016. Audi will also resume
production activities in Brazil from 2015, and a second plant in
The Board of Management provided the Supervisory Board
China has just been opened in Foshan.
with regular, up-to-date and comprehensive information.
by the Board of Management and Supervisory Board. The
fiscal year, the volume target of 1.5 million deliveries originally
Supervisory Board considered the economic framework and
envisaged for 2015 was easily exceeded, two years ahead of
the Company’s business progress and business policy as
schedule. In addition, the Audi Group achieved an operating re-
well as its risk management and risk situation at ordinary
turn on sales of 10.1 percent, at the upper end of its strategic
quarterly meetings and on the basis of regular oral and
target corridor of eight to ten percent – despite the higher ex-
written reports from the Board of Management, and con-
penses for new products and technologies as well as the ex-
sulted the Board of Management closely on these matters.
pansion of manufacturing structures and highly intensive
The Chairman of the Supervisory Board also held consulta-
competition in many markets. On behalf of the Supervisory
tions with the Chairman of the Board of Management in
Board, I would like to thank the management, the employee
between the regular meetings, on such topics as the Compa-
representatives and the workforce, without whose efforts this
ny’s strategy, business policy, business development and
outstanding achievement would not have been possible.
risk management.
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
PHOTO : Hartmut Nägele
Decisions of fundamental importance were discussed in depth
With 1,575,480 Audi vehicles sold over the course of the past
Upon the proposal of the Supervisory Board, the Annual Gener­
discussed at length Audi’s growth prospects in key markets
al Meeting of AUDI AG appointed PricewaterhouseCoopers
such as the United States, China, Russia and India. The Super­
Aktiengesellschaft Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft as auditor
visory Board also conferred with the Board of Management on
of the accounts for the 2013 fiscal year. The Supervisory Board
the challenges the Company will face in the area of human
awarded the audit assignment to the auditing firm after its
resources in the next few years. Other subject areas discussed
election. The auditor of the accounts confirmed the Annual
were the progress of construction work on the Mexico plant
Financial Statements of AUDI AG, the Consolidated Financial
and the focus of Technical Development work, especially with
Statements as well as the Combined Management Report
regard to the lightweight construction, connectivity and
of the Audi Group and AUDI AG for the 2013 fiscal year, and
electric mobility areas of innovation. The members of the
in each case issued its unqualified certification.
Supervisory Board had the opportunity to view and gather
detailed information on future models and technologies at
The members of the Audit Committee and Supervisory Board re­
vehicle presentations.
ceived the documentation for the Annual and Consolidated Finan­
cial Statements, together with the corresponding audit reports by
One ordinary Supervisory Board meeting was held at AUDI
the auditor, in advance of their meeting on February 20, 2014.
HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft. in Győr (Hungary). The Supervisory
The auditing firm’s representatives explained the key findings of
Board took this opportunity to witness first­hand how the
their audit in detail at the meetings of the Audit Committee and
new automotive plant is developing into a mainstay of the
Supervisory Board, and then answered queries from members of
worldwide Audi production network, and as such is providing
both bodies. According to information supplied by the auditing
a further boost to Audi’s international competitiveness.
firm, there were no circumstances that might give cause for con­
cern about the auditor’s partiality.
In approving the plans for human resources, financial and
investment measures, the Supervisory Board reconfirmed
Following examination of the audit documents received and in­
the Board of Management’s strategic decisions and thus
depth discussions with the auditing firm’s representatives, and
gave its continued backing to Audi’s goal of becoming the
based on its own conclusions, the Audit Committee recommend­
world’s leading premium brand.
ed to the Supervisory Board at the meeting on February 20, 2014
that the Annual and Consolidated Financial Statements each be
The Supervisory Board considered the Declaration of Compliance
signed off. After appropriate discussions, the Supervisory Board
pursuant to Section 161 of the German Stock Corporation Act
accepted this recommendation and signed off the Annual and
(AktG) on two occasions in 2013. The first of these, a joint meet­
Consolidated Financial Statements prepared by the Board of Man­
ing with the Board of Management on May 15, 2013, led to the
agement. The Annual Financial Statements are thus established.
declaration that elections to the Supervisory Board would, from
that point on, take the form of the election of individuals. The
There was the following change in the composition of the
new approach was necessitated by changes in application. At its
Company’s Board of Management during the past fiscal year :
fourth ordinary meeting during the past fiscal year, the Super­
Prof. Dr.­Ing. Ulrich Hackenberg was appointed Member of the
visory Board together with the Board of Management routinely
Board of Management of AUDI AG with responsibility for the
determined the content of the Declaration of Compliance pur­
Technical Development division with effect from July 1, 2013.
suant to Section 161 of the German Stock Corporation Act.
His predecessor, Wolfgang Dürheimer, moved to another
All Supervisory Board members were present at more than
Board would like to thank him for his contribution.
senior function within the Volkswagen Group. The Supervisory
half of the meetings. The average attendance rate in the past
fiscal year was 97 percent. The members of the Presiding
The Board of Management took account of economic conditions
Committee held full consultations before each meeting. The
when laying its plans and focused its corporate strategy on
Negotiating Committee did not need to be convened in 2013.
future challenges. It will continue to work intensively at building
The Audit Committee met once per quarter in the past fiscal
the Audi, Lamborghini and Ducati brands, in order to consis­
year. At its meetings, the committee considered the Annual and
tently maintain the established course of growth. The Super­
on the strong competitive position already achieved by each of
Consolidated Financial Statements for 2012 as well as other
visory Board will continue to support the Board of Management
topics such as risk management, and compliance and auditing
throughout this process in an advisory role.
work. In addition, the Audit Committee scrutinized the 2013
Interim Financial Report prior to its publication and discussed
Ingolstadt, February 20, 2014
its contents with the Board of Management and representatives
of the auditing firm. The Audit Committee also advised on the
independence of the auditor, the findings of additional audits
Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Martin Winterkorn
commissioned and the situation at the end of 2013.
/ Chairman of the Supervisory Board
At its four ordinary meetings in 2013, the Supervisory Board
The Board of Management
The Board of Management of AUDI AG in Die Neue
Sammlung, the design museum in Munich’s Pinakothek
der Moderne. This is where the Audi design wall was
unveiled during a ceremony in September 2013.
1,763 miniature models of the Urquattro, the original
Audi quattro, surround the wall installation, from
which the design sculpture of the Audi Sport quattro
concept rises. The exhibit symbolizes the bridge
Prof. h. c. Thomas Sigi
Axel Strotbek
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Hackenberg
/ Human Resources
/ Finance and Organization
/ Technical Development
PHOTO : Jim Rakete
from the brand’s past to its future.
Prof. Rupert Stadler
Luca de Meo
Dr. Bernd Martens
Dr.-Ing. Frank Dreves
/ Chairman of the Board
of Management
/ Marketing and Sales
/ Procurement
/ Production
PHOTO : Getty Images
Innovations that make a statement for the
next generation. Which ideas will we use to
shape the future?
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
light work
of it
It is no longer enough to just weigh less. Efficient
lightweight construction is based on the use of
innovative materials and sustainable production
processes. That is Audi. That is the idea behind
the lightweight construction principle. Lightness
isn’t just good, it’s also beneficial: for a cleaner
environment and a clearer conscience thanks to
lower CO2 emissions.
TEXT : Dirk Vincken
Some structures are so sophisticated or
ingeniously simple that they become timeless
and virtually impossible to top. The igloo
and the Eiffel Tower, for example. Or a spider
web and the honeycomb structure of a bee hive.
The architects of the Audi Space Frame ASF,
which celebrated its 20th birthday in 2013,
were also guided by simplicity and strength.
Weighing in at 231 kilograms, the aluminum
ASF of the current Audi A8 is up to 40 percent
lighter, but nevertheless stiffer than a
comparable steel body.
“Lightweight construction is a mindset at Audi,” says Heinz
Hollerweger, Head of Total Vehicle Development. And not just
since drivers began thinking about such things as resource
conservation, environmental compatibility and sustainability.
Audi revolutionized the concept of automotive lightweight
construction when it presented the Audi Space Frame ASF at
the International Motor Show (IAA) 20 years ago. Since then,
more than 830,000 vehicles have been built using an ASF design.
Then as now, lightweight construction was associated primarily
with one idea at Audi : driving pleasure. Every kilogram trimmed
from a car’s weight is another kilogram that does not have to
be accelerated and then slowed again. The driving experience
is consequently more dynamic. In the words of Claus Haverthe Audi Lightweight Design Center, “Light is fun !”
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
kamp, Head of Body Concepts and Lightweight Technology at
Another element to enjoying driving, however, is being able to
do so with a clear conscience. Power and the number of cylinders
are no longer the only topics of discussion for today’s car
enthusiasts. With the automobile on the brink of the greatest
upheaval in its more than 100-year history, enthusiasts are at
least as concerned with such topics as reducing emissions,
environmentally compatible technologies and with whether a
manufacturer’s sense of ecological responsibility also extends
The goal is modern, sustainable mobility. The formula for
achieving this : intelligence rather than sacrifice. Lightweight
construction is one such intelligent step. Each kilogram of
weight saved not only makes driving more fun, it also reduces
fuel consumption and thus emissions. A modern car should
be light, but without sacrificing comfort or safety. That sounds
so simple, yet it is a Herculean task.
Audi also reduced the weight of the Audi R18 ultra
Le Mans race car in 2012. Even the transmission
case and accelerator pedal were made of carbon
fiber. But why go to all that trouble when the
rules mandate that a Le Mans race car has to weigh
at least 900 kilograms ? Because the much
lighter R18 ultra enabled the engineers to use extra
weights to fine-tune the sports car’s balance
perfectly for the track. Lightness thus outweighed
other considerations.
>>> www.audi-motorsport.com
to raw materials extraction and the production process.
Lightweight construction is one of Audi’s core competences.
this configuration. The desired material properties can be only
“But lightweight construction requires heavy thought,” says
be achieved when multiple plies of this material are cross-lami-
Dr.-Ing. Karl Durst philosophically. He is one of the experts
nated – similar to the steel belts of a car tire. Schauerte adds,
who make Audi lighter. “Unfortunately, it isn’t enough to
however : “Additional requirements with respect to such things
simply use the lightest material, since some lightweight mate-
as fracture pattern, temperature resistance, surface quality,
rials hardly deform at all under load. And that goes against the
contact corrosion behavior, acoustics or reparability can quickly
concept of safety in body design, since little crash energy would
reduce a material’s initial high potential for lightweight
be absorbed.” The passionate marathon runner, who ensures
construction.” For example, if a very lightweight fiber-composite
that even his running shoes don’t weigh a single gram more
component in the finished vehicle has such significant acoustic
than is necessary, argues in favor of the smart use of composite
disadvantages that a large amount of acoustic insulation is
materials. “Each material has characteristic properties, advan-
required, this could offset the weight advantage. And nothing
tages and disadvantages. The art lies in combining lightweight
would be gained.
materials in a way that enhances the advantages of the individual
materials while compensating for their respective disadvantages.
As is so often the case, the solution is in the details. And in
We are always anxious to use the right amount of the right
industrialized, cost-effective manufacturing processes that keep
material in the right place,” says Durst.
both weight and price down. Highly engineered, efficient, with
the focus on reduced energy consumption and nearly total
avoidance of waste, as the example of tailored fiber placement
aluminum, magnesium and fiber-reinforced composites of
shows. This involves stitching or embroidering carbon or glass
carbon and glass fibers in lightweight construction. Carbon-fiber-
fibers to a substrate. Hardly any waste is produced, and the
reinforced polymer is up to 60 percent lighter than high-
fibers are perfectly oriented for the force curves and loads to
strength steel, for example. “Elasticity, high strength and low
which the component will later be subjected.
density result in above-average mechanical properties combined with great design freedom,” says Dr. Oliver Schauerte,
There are a lot of things that need to be considered when
Head of Technology and Properties Development for Fiber-
implementing the lightweight construction philosophy. But as a
Composite Plastics. These materials initially only exhibit their
pioneer of lightweight construction, Audi will accept nothing
tremendous properties in the longitudinal direction of their
less than an outstanding result. It isn’t the easiest way to go.
fibers, not in the lateral direction. Their use would be limited in
But we do our best to make light work of things.
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
Audi is therefore increasingly using combinations of steel,
How can the tremendous load on a marathon runner best be illustrated ?
The route is 42.195 kilometers long. The main thing that separates good marathon runners from bad ones is the length
of their stride, which is between one and two meters. Assume 25,000 strides, during which the runner accelerates each of
their shoes upward 12,500 times in a half-rotation and then decelerates them again when landing. A high-performance
marathon shoe that can be as light as just 180 grams is obviously a huge advantage over a conventional 370-gram running
shoe. For two shoes, this means a combined weight saving of 380 grams. This enables our runner to save up to 218 kilojoules
of energy compared with a conventional running shoe. Too theoretical ? Here it is again in more concrete terms : Audi
lightweight construction expert Karl Durst weighs around 68 kilograms. These 218 kilojoules are the precise amount of energy
the well-trained marathon runner would need to climb the 324-meter Eiffel Tower.
ultra no longer means just being “light,” but also setting new standards
for efficiency. Audi is developing increasingly efficient engines and
using ever-lighter materials. Along the entire value-added chain and at
the individual Audi dealerships, less and less CO2 is being produced.
It is only logical then that models corresponding to the new ecological
principle of sustainability bear the word ultra in their name.
Both are successful. Both are regarded as outstanding strategists and
playmakers. The two met for an interview in the magnificent setting of
Munich’s Allianz Arena. Prof. Rupert Stadler, Chairman of the Board
of Management of AUDI AG, and Pep Guardiola, star coach of FC Bayern
Munich. An opportunity to go the full 90 minutes with the experts.
TEXT : Johannes Hofsommer and Marlon Matthäus
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
PHOTO : Anke Luckmann
Time for a one-two
A discussion about
and the merits of playing the through ball
in sport and business.
Please fold open here
for the interview
Audi achieved a new sales record in 2013, and FC Bayern
Mr. Stadler, do you agree ?
Munich is more successful than ever on the pitch.
STADLER: Success and responsibility are the biggest motivators
Mr. Guardiola, Mr. Stadler, what is it like playing to win
there are for my team and me. We have doubled Audi sales
as part of a strong team ?
over the past ten years. That’s a worthy run of successes,
GUARDIOLA : When the season kicks off, no coach or player
almost comparable to Pep Guardiola’s 14 titles with Barca.
can guarantee success. And there isn’t a magic formula for
But every year your goal is to go one better than the previous
winning. If there were, soccer would be as straightforward as
year. It’s as if the speedometer is reset to zero at the start of
going shopping in a huge mall : You’d just go in and choose
the year. The incentive is to push it back up as high as possible.
the item you like the most. Where would the challenge or excite-
GUARDIOLA : But in your case, that also means every year you
ment be in that ? I didn’t win the Champions League straight
have the chance to set a new record. With Barcelona I’d already
away. I started my career at Gimnàstic de Manresa, a club in
won everything there was to win as player and coach of a
provincial Catalonia. STADLER: That takes me back to my boy-
club side. And I noticed that the team was finding it increas-
hood days at my boarding school in Rebdorf, Bavaria, having a
ingly difficult.
kick-about on the sports ground. I tried my hand as a forward …
but let’s be honest : Anyone who thinks they are a born
So what motivated you to come to Munich, to a team
champion is setting themselves up for a fall. That’s as true at
that had just won the Treble ?
Audi as it is in the world of soccer. It’s the team that counts.
GUARDIOLA : I first got into conversation with FC Bayern
From development and production through to sales and com-
Munich at the Audi Cup 2011. Over an espresso in the VIP
munications, we all have to pull together and have a clear vision
Lounge, I got chatting to Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and
of our goal. That’s how you win.
Uli Hoeness about my career plans. Bayern’s current success
People learn little from their victories, but a lot from
for me is specifically to coach a new team in FC Bayern Munich
their defeats. How do you deal with setbacks ?
and build on the success of my predecessor Jupp Heynckes.
couldn’t yet be foreseen at that point. But the challenge
GUARDIOLA : Those are moments of great sadness for me.
As if the floodlights suddenly go out. Seeing Barcelona go out
Mr. Stadler, where are you planning to take your team ?
against Chelsea in the Champions League semi-final in 2012
STADLER: To the top. We’ve already moved into the fast lane.
was such a moment. We were much better than our opponents,
We now need to step on the gas to make Audi the top premium
but then conceded an unnecessary goal in the return leg, and
brand worldwide.
before we knew it we were out of the competition. That was a
really tough defeat for me. I felt like I could no longer reach
How do you intend to overtake in the traffic jam ?
my team.
In Europe, progress has ground to a crawl. In southern
And was that what prompted you to leave Barcelona ?
STADLER : At Audi, we have demonstrated how you can keep
GUARDIOLA : Yes. If you can no longer reach your players,
moving forward. We are very well positioned worldwide.
as a coach, the time has come to move on.
And such a difficult phase for the economy also represents an
Mr. Stadler, have you ever had moments when you felt
economic mistakes, we won’t repeat them. That’s why I firmly
like throwing in the towel ?
believe the worst is behind us in Europe.
countries, the sales figures are actually falling.
opportunity. If we manage to learn from past political and
STADLER : Specifically when things aren’t running smoothly,
I try to turn the tables and play that crucial pass that
Isn’t that just what your industry wants to believe ?
opens up the game again. As a top manager, I can’t simply
STADLER : No. I save my dreaming for night-time. We need
walk away from the game. It’s precisely then that you are
a healthy dose of realism. People keep underestimating
called upon to show determination and leadership. Never give
Europe’s economic potential. Europe is and remains our top
up … GUARDIOLA : … but leading a team takes huge amounts
sales region. It’s the backbone of our global success. And
of energy. In other words, there are times when you need
Europe has enormous cultural strength that stems from its
to recharge your batteries. That’s what I did in taking a sab-
very diversity. We just need to harness that potential.
batical in New York. It was important for me, for my family
and also for my former team.
How do you propose to do that ? Can you give us a concrete
Might your huge achievements with Barcelona simply
STADLER : We’ve been leading the way at Audi. We have brought
have interfered with your hunger for success ?
young people over from Spain and given them the opportunity
GUARDIOLA : We were incredibly successful. 14 titles
to learn with us here in Germany. At the moment we are doing
within the space of just four years meant it was the best
the same with promising young Italians. During my time in
period in the club’s entire history. But it can also be a
Spain, I learned to appreciate the Spaniards as very creative
curse. I found it increasingly difficult to motivate both myself
people. Germans, for their part, are good organizers. When you
and my team. I’m sure it’s no different at a successful
bring such potential together, you get a winning combination.
company such as Audi.
FC Bayern Munich is a glowing example of that.
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
PHOTOS : Anke Luckmann
example ?
Do you agree, Mr. Guardiola ?
GUARDIOLA : From my perspective, I can obviously vouch for
that. We are now able to recruit an unlimited number of
European players to our team. Without the Bosman ruling
at the European Court of Justice in 1995, that would never
have happened.
And what does that ruling mean for you as a coach ?
GUARDIOLA : It gives me the opportunity to field a very diverse
team. In that respect, European integration is a guarantee
of success in the world of soccer, too. FC Bayern Munich is evidence of that. The Dutchman Arjen Robben plays a brilliant
pass to the Frenchman Franck Ribéry. He scores. And without
the German Manuel Neuer in goal, the game wouldn’t even
be possible.
Can different characters in a team or a company also
become a curse ?
STADLER : Most definitely not. Diversity brings diverse ideas.
The trick is melding them, and that takes a huge amount
of tact in dealing with employees. But that’s what it takes to
steer a global enterprise successfully. GUARDIOLA : Yes,
you definitely need that. But with so many stars in the line-up,
as we currently have at FC Bayern Munich or my former club
in Barcelona, you may also come across situations where diversity can be destructive. Everyone wants to play, but I can only
put 11 players on the pitch at any one time. The ones left on
the substitutes’ bench are most likely to be the ones who aren’t
was born on January 18, 1971 in the Spanish village of
Santpedor. He joined the La Masia youth academy of Barcelona
in 1984 and played for its first team from 1990 to 2001
before going on to play for clubs in Italy, Qatar and Mexico.
In 2008, Pep Guardiola was appointed first-team coach
of Barcelona. He won 14 titles in just four years, entering the
record books as the Catalan club’s most successful coach
happy with my decision. And then there’s the pressure from
ever. Pep Guardiola has been the FC Bayern Munich coach since
the press and the fans to select particular players. Whenever
2013. He and his wife Cristina have three children.
I left Lionel Messi on the bench, for example, the whole of
Barcelona was in uproar.
Are there any parallels between substitutes and
the tough business of a successful carmaker ?
STADLER : Audi doesn’t have anyone sitting on the substitutes’
bench. Everyone is in action and knows their position in
the formation. In that respect too, it is all about efficiency.
a child. My time at boarding school was no bed of roses. I made
Compared to our competitors, we have the fewest employees
many friends who I am still in touch with today, but I also had
per car built. That also means that our human resources
to learn to keep fighting my corner and to stand up for my con-
managers have to perform at the highest level, because we
victions. But trying to do so as a lone wolf doesn’t always work.
need to sign up the very best players.
Those were important lessons for me, and ones that stand me
in good stead both in my job and in my private life.
What is your most demanding task as Chairman of
the Board of Management ?
Does that mean you run the Stadler family like a business ?
STADLER : Setting the direction. In order to be successful,
STADLER : Others set the pace at home. Whether we’re talking
I am especially consistent about that. I say a clear “No” if
about the shopping list or my daughters’ taste in music.
I think concepts won’t produce the results. On the other hand,
I strongly advocate them if I am convinced that they point in
What’s the story in the Guardiola household ? Who calls the
the right direction. That is what employees expect from a boss.
shots there ?
Ultimately my colleagues on the Board of Management
GUARDIOLA : My kids and I have a similar taste in music,
and I bear responsibility for over 70,000 employees and their
thank heavens. We can agree on Coldplay at least … I certainly
families. I can’t afford to be a procrastinator.
don’t want to be the manager at home. My wife and I take
decisions jointly. Harmony is important to me. I learned that
What exactly do you mean by that ?
at an early age. I also went to boarding school and struggled
STADLER : That I have to be assertive. Even if that means
at first. I often felt alone and always phoned my parents in
swimming against the tide. I’ve had to do so ever since I was
the evening.
Is that the reason why you still discuss career decisions
within the family ?
GUARDIOLA : Yes, when I was planning to move to FC Bayern
Munich only the Bayern board and my brother Pere knew …
… until Silvio Berlusconi spilled the beans ?
GUARDIOLA : That’s right. It seems Silvio Berlusconi, who was
have started talking. Probably because I didn’t sign for his club.
Mr. Stadler, are there moles in your industry too ?
STADLER : Industrial espionage is no rarity. Competition is
tough, and the global economy in particular has a battle on its
hands making sure that strategies and new products aren’t
made public or divulged to competitors. The NSA affair made it
clear that we need to improve our game in that regard. My
personal take on it is that it has become even more important
to be careful who you trust.
Prof. Rupert Stadler,
Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI AG
And who can you trust ?
STADLER : My Audi team. I can always count on them. In the
private sphere, my wife Angelika and my children. In terms
Right up close. Follow the discussion between
Prof. Rupert Stadler and Pep Guardiola in the
Allianz Arena. You can watch the video here.
of strategy and Group goals, I discuss matters at length with
my closest colleagues and of course with Martin Winterkorn,
the Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG,
and with Ferdinand Piëch, the VW Supervisory Board Chairman.
GUARDIOLA : Do you talk business with your wife ? My wife
Cristina sometimes complains about my game tactics. She tells
me I should start with the same team that won last time.
Trying to explain my principle of squad rotation to her is harder
than telling Arjen Robben : “You’ll be sitting on the bench
today.” STADLER : I can certainly empathize with that. I can
So you draw a clear dividing line between family and career ?
talk about soccer with Angelika for hours and still not agree.
STADLER : It isn’t quite that simple. That would imply the idea
That aside, I try to separate my job from my family life.
of two hearts beating in my chest. That doesn’t work. The
very interaction of family and career is the recipe for success.
Though I admit when I’m at home my wife will often say :
“You’re thinking about Audi again,” and of course she is right –
and yet she is my rock. I draw strength from my family, and
that equips me to do my job. That calm environment often
fosters the best ideas for the Company. GUARDIOLA : You can’t
keep work and family life strictly separate anyway. Anyone
who tried to do that wouldn’t be authentic … STADLER : … and
if you aren’t authentic, you won’t convince anybody.
PHOTO : Anke Luckmann
both Italian Prime Minister and President of AC Milan, might
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
After a match, players swap shirts. After this conversation,
could you imagine swapping jobs with each other ?
GUARDIOLA : I certainly wouldn’t be capable of maintaining
Vorsprung durch Technik. I’d be the wrong person. I really
like driving my Audi S8, but I simply couldn’t do Mr. Stadler’s
job. No way. Though I think he could do mine. Everyone knows
a bit about soccer. STADLER : Well, it’s easy to say that.
GUARDIOLA : But it’s true ! Everyone has some understanding
your trade.” Everyone has their own skills and their own special
qualities. The important thing is to use them in a way that
brings you inner satisfaction. You have to celebrate your successes and give something back to society. That means
was born on March 17, 1963 in Titting (Bavaria). He studied
Business Management in Augsburg. He started working at
Mr. Guardiola is in his element on the touchline, and I equally
AUDI AG in 1990. From 1994 to 1997, Rupert Stadler was
so at Audi.
Managing Director of Volkswagen/Audi España S.A. in Barcelona,
before being appointed Head of the Board of Management’s
Free kick to Mr. Stadler.
STADLER : (laughing) Let the players do their shirt-swapping.
But I wouldn’t want to swap my job at Audi for a different one.
Not even for one day.
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
Office at the VW Group’s headquarters. Rupert Stadler has been
Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI AG since 2007.
He was appointed to the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG
in 2010. He and his wife Angelika have three children.
PHOTOS : Anke Luckmann
different matter. I’m a strong believer of “cobbler, stick to
of the game ! STADLER : There’s a little bit of a soccer expert
in everyone, but whether they could really do the job is a
With the Audi Urban Future Initiative, AUDI AG is looking
for custom-tailored solutions for mobility in the megacities
of tomorrow. To achieve this, the initiative argues, an
intelligent relationship between the car and the city already
needs to be developed today. Here’s what urban mobility
might look like if the vision becomes
reality. A leap in time.
TEXT : Ann Harder
We are constantly asking ourselves questions about the mobility
of the future : How will we get from one place to another ? Will
what seems utopian today soon become reality ? The Audi Urban
Future Initiative offers ways to approach these issues. It discusses today what might be tomorrow’s reality. The initiative’s
argument for the urban future is as clever as it is simple :
The car must have an intelligent relationship with the city.
Connecting automotive technologies, urban data and services
will combine the diversity and qualities of the car with those
of the city, and as a result, will optimize them. Concepts need
to be developed now to prepare for tomorrow’s fusion : the
transformation of the city and that of the car. The initiative is
now cooperating with renowned architects, researchers, urban
policy-makers, Audi experts and others.
With an interactive, futuristic city
model at the 2014 Consumer
Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas,
the Audi Urban Future Initiative
provided a tangible preview of how
technologies will change individual
commuting in an urban context and
make it easier : The exhibit showed
traffic flows and data streams as well
as changes to the infrastructure and
the urban space, giving visitors an
unconventional insight into current
and visionary Audi technologies.
A look back. The first Audi Urban Future Award was presented
The result : The Road Warrior lives in one of the suburbs and
by AUDI AG in 2010. Honors went to Jürgen Mayer H. for his
commutes to work each day by car. About 342,000 Bostonians
“A.Way” concept for tomorrow’s urban mobility, which stands
correspond to this type of commuter. During rush hour, traffic
for interactive communication between the modes of transport
in the downtown area is accordingly sluggish. The search for
and their environment. The digital technologies of the car and
a parking space is a particular time-waster as the number of
its surroundings enable new forms of perception. With this,
downtown parking spaces has not been increased since 1975.
what we experience takes center stage, so that we can interact
in a completely new way with the urban environment.
The Straphanger also lives outside the center of the city. These
In 2012, the award moved to the next phase, with architecture
20 kilometers to their workplace. They drive a car to a park-and-
ride facility where they switch to a mode of public transport,
to their home regions. Höweler+Yoon Architecture won with
and travel the last part of their journey to work by foot. About
their inspiring “Shareway 2030” vision for the Boston/Wash-
72,000 Bostonians commute in this way to the downtown
ington metropolitan region, which is home to 49 million people.
area each morning. The main problems for these commuters
Working with Audi, they then took a closer look at the mobility
are the points where they have to switch modes of transport,
system for the 4.6 million residents of Greater Boston – and
where non-synchronized connections, delays and cancellations
developed the City Dossier Boston.
cost the Straphanger precious time.
Today. The City Dossier Boston considers three general types
The Reverse Commuter moves in a countercyclical direction:
of commuters and their needs. “We wanted to understand
from downtown Boston to the suburbs. As many as 94,000 com-
what Boston commuters experience, how they make decisions
muters travel in this direction, but high traffic periods are less of
and what technologies they use to commute,” explains Eric
a problem for them. More of a challenge for these commuters
Höweler. “Only those who know the weak points can react and
is the evening search for a parking place near their downtown
fill in the gaps.”
homes – an unpleasant after-work “pastime” for many as the
number of resident parking permits issued in Boston has almost
doubled since 1990.
Mr. Innovator # Mr. InnovatorJunior # Michael_Ryder
Just drove past the new soccer arena. Turned out really nice. I’ll get
tickets for the first game.
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Thanks. Have to see it from the inside. Everything is completely
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Wow, Dad. Count me in. But please get front row seats!
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eTicket # Mr. Innovator # Mr. InnovatorJunior # Michael_Ryder
Three tickets for the New England Revolution vs. D.C. United game,
row 1, seats 14 to 16 have been reserved for you. Have fun!
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Mr. Innovator # Michael_Ryder # Mr. InnovatorJunior
Wow, that was fast. @Junior: Want to play a round of SOCCER 30?
We have to prepare ourselves, after all.
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SOCCER30 # Mr. Innovator # Mr. InnovatorJunior
Your multiplayer game has been started. The hologram is being constructed. Enjoy!
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AudiSystem # Mr. Innovator
Piloted driving activated.
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AudiSmartAssist # Mr. Innovator
Your e-bike will be waiting for you at the mobility hub in 5 min.
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PHOTOS : Shutterstock
firms from five megacities developing mobility concepts adapted
commuters need almost an hour to travel a distance of about
# Ms.
Good morning. I’m on my way. I’ll be downstairs in front of the door in
3 min.
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I’ll be there 2 min. later.
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Those are amazing! Real Plexur leather. Fit like a second skin.
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# Designergod # MyAudi
Looking forward to it. 6 p.m.?
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# Ms.
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Schedule conflict in the datebook is indicated. Dinner with Steve
@6 p.m.
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# MyAudi # Steve
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Sorry, Steve. I’ll have to postpone dinner until 6:30 p.m. I’ve got an
important appointment.
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Eric Höweler
Wait mode activated.
The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) shows who leads the way when it
comes to high-end electronics and connectivity. Each January, the latest
products and innovations in the field of consumer electronics can be seen
here. Audi made its first appearance at the CES in 2011 – the first carmaker
to do so. The primary focus of the appearance at the exhibition in 2014
was connecting the car with its surroundings : With communication
technologies and piloted driving, Audi is shaping the mobility of the future
and connecting the world.
Audi_e-tron # Mr. Suxxess
Solar modules switched on. You have a battery status of 100%.
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BostonTraffic # Mr. Suxxess # Audi_e-tron
A construction site is blocking the corner of Bourbon Street. We have
diverted you via 9th Avenue. Estimated additional time: 1 min.
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Office_GordonStreet # Mr. Suxxess
Good morning, David. No problem; it’s already arranged.
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Audi_e-tron # Mr. Suxxess
We’ll be docking in 1 min. on the Boston hovertrain. Enjoy the rest of
your journey!
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Ms. Suxxess # Mr. Suxxess
Hi, honey. Can I have the car at noon today? I still need to buy
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Mr. Suxxess # Ms. Suxxess
No problem. I’m sitting on the hovertrain now. I’ll send the e-tron
home to you after my lunch break. It will be in front of your door.
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Ms. Suxxess # Mr. Suxxess
Thanks a lot. And have a good day!
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Everything worked out fine. The e-tron is connected to the grid again.
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BostonEnergy # Mr. Suxxess # Ms. Suxxess
# Audi_e-tron
The city of Boston thanks you for the surplus energy. 31 Responsibility
Points have been credited to your energy account.
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A W A R D 2 0 1 4
While the Audi Urban Future Award 2010 focused on the mobility of
the future in general, participants in 2012 developed specific mobility
concepts for their home regions. This year, the award is going another
step further:
further : Worldwide, interdisciplinary innovation teams made up
of creative city planners, start-ups, IT specialists and researchers have
been called upon to develop new premium mobility solutions based
on specific urban planning projects. As in 2010 and 2012, the award
carries a prize of 100,000 euros. More information about the cities,
topics and teams in this year’s awards can be found at :
PHOTOS : Shutterstock
Good morning, Fiona. Could we make the first appointment with
Mr. Fox 30 min. earlier? I’m running early.
Mr. Suxxess # Office_GordonStreet
Eric Höweler
The Audi Urban Future Initiative asserts that this daily waste of
the hovertrain system, the car docks onto one of the compart-
time for individual commuters could be optimized through an
ments of the high-speed train. In the process, the smartphone
intelligent relationship between the city, car and technological
connects with the operating system of the suspension railway
innovations. For this reason, Audi is placing existing technolo-
and provides information about which district the commuter
gies within the context of the city and imagining them further
needs to reach. At the optimal moment, the individual cars dis-
into the future. One scenario gives an impression of just how
connect themselves and take the commuters to their respective
commuting might look in the future.
destinations. During the trip Mr. Suxxess settles comfortably
into a compartment, his tablet connects itself with the screen
Outlook. Each morning of the year 2030, Mr. Innovator’s Audi
integrated into the seat in front of him and the hovertrain
becomes a recreational area. As soon as he gets into the family
becomes a workstation. Once the destination is reached, the
car, the Audi scans his face to detect the current driver’s identity –
car searches for available parking spaces, while being guided
and immediately adjusts to his individual preferences. The
by information made available by the city’s infrastructure.
Ambilight turns on, his seat moves into cruise position and the
Mr. Suxxess gets out of the Audi directly in front of his office,
driving mode sets itself to Comfort Drive. With his fingerprint,
and the car manages the short distance to the parking space
he starts the car moving toward downtown, and the drive pro-
on its own. As soon as his e-tron comes to a stop, it feeds ex-
ceeds smoothly. Thanks to car-to-car and car-to-city technolo-
cess energy into Boston’s electricity supply grid.
gies, the Audi receives real-time data and compares it with the
automatically generated route. The car receives information
For Ms. Fashionista, every morning means a trip from Boston’s
about its surroundings in seconds – including unplanned con-
downtown area to Cambridge. By comparing with her personal
struction sites, road damage or heavier-than-usual traffic.
datebook, her Audi knows when it’s time to start in order for
The customized route adjusts itself automatically. Mr. Innovator
her to arrive on time for the first meeting at the office. In the
uses the head-up display’s gesture controls to flick through
morning, the electric car drives almost silently to the front door
the entertainment program. He stops when he gets to the SOCCER
of her house and sends a start signal to the commuter’s smart-
30 video game. With a voice command, he invites his son for a
phone. Because the system remembers the individual prefer-
quick soccer match ; the son promptly projects himself as a ho-
ences of its driver, the car knows that Ms. Fashionista relies on
logram into the passenger seat. The Audi automatically switches
“Piloted Driving” mode in the morning – and that she prefers
to “Piloted Driving.” Just as the game ends, it arrives at the
to shop online during the drive : Personalized projections on
mobility hub, where the commuter can easily change to another
the facades of the surrounding buildings showing the latest
mode of transport. For the last mile of his route, Smart Assist
collection from her favorite designer provide her with a very
has reserved an e-bike for him.
personalized driving experience – made possible by communi-
Within the Boston metropolitan area, Mr. Suxxess commutes
sponding online store with a voice command to the head-up
cation between the car and the city. She opens up the correwith a hovertrain system. The high-speed suspension railway
display. Shortly before arriving at the office, she activates her
saves him valuable time. He reaches the suspension railway line
Audi’s read-back function and it reads aloud the latest cover
in his Audi e-tron. The paint on his electric car contains nano
story from her favorite e-magazine – the headline : “What
solar modules that convert sunlight into electricity and conse-
seemed utopian in 2014 but is reality today.”
quently supply the car with additional energy. Upon arriving at
Nicole Zdebel usually flies
a Boeing 777. And the auto­
pilot system often takes
control for much of the flight.
So when she’s on the road,
she enjoys taking the wheel
into her own hands all
the more. For us she tries
out piloted driving in an
Audi A6 Avant test vehicle.
A totally new experience ...
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
PHOTOS : Matthias Just
TEXT : Philipp Meier
Munich Airport, 8:00 a.m. Outside
scheduled air services. In the meantime
temperature: minus two degrees Celsius.
she has completed thousands of flight
Today, technology enthusiast and pilot
hours and is an experienced hand in the
Nicole Zdebel is behind the wheel of an
cockpit. As a pilot at Etihad Airways,
Audi A6 Avant test vehicle. Also on
the national airline of the United Arab
board : a piloted driving system that will
Emirates, she is accustomed to assis­
soon guide her automatically through
tance from the autopilot system. Zdebel:
heavy traffic. Even remote­controlled
“In airplanes, humans and the system
parking maneuvers are possible. Nicole
have long been a well­coordinated team.
Zdebel takes the freeway toward the
Of course I am always able to intervene,
city center. She has just completed a
even if the computer is currently piloting
seven­hour flight directly from Abu Dhabi
the plane.”
How does piloted driving work in traffic
jams ? Accompany Nicole Zdebel on her
drive to Munich.
and is now looking forward to trying out
A few minutes after Zdebel has driven
is a new experience, even for a pilot who
off, morning traffic is already starting to
has been flying a Boeing 777 for years :
build up on the freeway. She has to
“I am familiar with this in airplanes, but
apply the brakes, the speedometer needle
I’m sure it’s quite different in a car. I’m
drops below 60 kilometers per hour.
excited to find out !”
A symbol lights up on the display, and
she activates the system by pushing
In 2005, Nicole Zdebel (30) was Germa­
a button. “Let’s see what this thing
ny’s youngest female pilot employed in
can do !” She takes her foot off the brake
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
PHOTOS : Matthias Just
this new technology. On the road this
Parking via smartphone app :
An app guides the test vehicle out of the parking space. As the driver monitors the
process from outside the car, the system measures clearances, steers the vehicle out
of the space and positions it ready to pull away. All aboard !
The technologies developed by Audi for piloted driving
have received wide recognition throughout the world.
The Audi system for piloted driving in parking garages
was chosen as Product of the Future by the U.S. magazine POPULAR SCIENCE (www.popsci.com/gadgets/
article/2013-01/best-ces-2013-popular-sciencesproducts-future) and was recognized as the Best Auto
Tech at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics
Show (CES) in Las Vegas by the trade press network
THE VERGE (www.theverge.com/2013/1/11/3865786/
verge-awards-ces-2013/in/3608257). In addition, the
world-renowned MIT Technology Review listed Audi among
the 50 most innovative companies in the world for its
piloted driving solutions (www.technologyreview.com/
tr50/2013). “These awards honor our development work
and show that we are on the right path,” says Ricky Hudi,
Head of Electrics/Electronics Development at AUDI AG.
PHOTOS : Matthias Just
Piloted driving in traffic : progress through cutting-edge technology.
Scanning distances, accelerating, braking and staying in lane. To enable
piloted driving, Audi uses multiple redundancy to assess the driving
situation. The exterior sensors consist of a dual radar system, a laser
rangefinder and cameras.
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
Everything under control : In a traffic jam, the system takes on the role of the driver, allowing
automatic driving from a crawl to speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour. The system is so reliable
that the driver can even let go of the steering wheel and relax a bit while in traffic jams.
pedal and lets go of the steering wheel,
everything.” To ensure the Audi makes
which suddenly responds, as if guided
its way through the slow traffic adeptly
by an invisible hand. Nicole Zdebel is
and safely, sensors continually scan the
fascinated : “Wow ! Perfect.” She leans
distance to other road users using radar
back and relaxes.
systems, laser rangefinders and cameras.
As traffic thins out, the vehicle calls for
As the Audi chauffeurs the pilot along
attention with an audible signal. Nicole
at a crawl, stopping occasionally and
Zdebel takes control of the wheel, until
then accelerating again whenever the
the traffic becomes heavy again.
traffic clears up for a stretch, she dials
the number of her hotel conveniently
“It really is like in an airplane. There is a
by voice command, in order to reserve a
slight difference, though: In the plane,
table for brunch with a friend.
your hands remain on the controls until
you feel a jolt. That sign lets you know
So what does it feel like to drive this
that the autopilot is activated. Here in
way ? “Relaxed and really safe !” says
the car, I can simply take my hands off
Zdebel. “It’s actually much more useful
after pressing the button. Of course,
in a car than in a plane. Because there’s
I still have to keep my eyes on everything
much less traffic in the air than on
because just like a pilot in an airplane,
the road. The A6 really is an attentive
the driver is ultimately responsible for
driver ; I like that !”
PHOTOS : Matthias Just, AUDI AG
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
She thinks for a moment and comes up
clears completely. The Audi accelerates
with even more parallels with the auto­
quickly to just under 50 kilometers per
pilot : “Take­off in an airplane is always
hour. Zdebel now places her hands back
done manually. At a specific altitude,
on the steering wheel and drives herself
after approximately 30 seconds, the auto­
the last few kilometers to her destination.
pilot can take over flying and I take
over again for the landing, if not before.”
She gets out in front of the hotel, takes
ing door and heads toward the reception
system is only ready when conditions for
to check in. After that she returns to
a traffic jam or a stop­and­go situation
the car and activates the smartphone
are met. “At this point, I have to press a
app with the parking function. The gate
button to activate the system, but I can
opens, and she watches as the Audi A6
still intervene at any time.” Just before
Avant test vehicle disappears by itself
Munich­Schwabing, traffic suddenly
inside the parking garage.
her suitcase, enters through the revolv­
The same is true for piloted driving: The
Audi connect* links the driver and passengers with
the outside world. The digital one and the real one.
The myAudi website allows you to personalize Audi
connect, and thanks to the new Long Term Evolution
(LTE) transmission standard, Audi uses transmission
speeds ten times faster than the UMTS standard
used up to now.
Not only does the MMI Navigation plus allow you
to reach your destination flawlessly, it also displays
all important, up-to-date traffic information in real
time, the least expensive gas station on the route
and the nearest rest stop, for instance – with the appropriate Google Earth™ and Google Street View™
display, if desired. Even virtual city tours are not a
problem. And if you upload a photo with GPS data onto
the MMI Navigation plus, Picturebook navigation
can take you directly to the most beautiful places.
Thanks to Audi connect, everything is on board :
e-mails and text messages can be read aloud by
the system. A dictation function enables you to reply
to short incoming messages. Even current weather
and travel information as well as news, which can
be individually tailored to your preferences, are available. There are also flight and train information
and Facebook and Twitter services specially adapted
for use in the vehicle. And with the point-of-interest
search and parking information, you will find your
way around even unfamiliar cities.
With the integrated Wi-Fi hotspot, you can connect
up to eight mobile devices such as tablets, laptops or
games consoles to the Internet. This allows web radio
stations and even HD videos to be streamed directly
to the vehicle.
Audi connect is available in various forms and with
country-specific differences depending on the model series.
Nicole Zdebel in the cockpit of her Boeing 777. The German pilot flies the
world’s largest twin­jet aircraft for Etihad Airways, the national airline of
the United Arab Emirates. While in the cockpit, she is assisted by the autopilot system.
The pilot enters the restaurant and
At this point, Nicole Zdebel has been
meets her friend there. At the same time,
at brunch for quite a while already.
the Audi is assigned an available parking
Her impression of her first piloted drive:
space via Wi­Fi by the parking garage,
“I’ve honestly never been so relaxed in
and the new technology automatically
heavy traffic.”
guides her car into the parking space.
PHOTOS : Etihad Airways, Jim Rakete
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
Turning something that is basically conceivable
into something that can actually be made
is my job and responsibility, as well as that
of our around 10,000 employees in Technical
Development. One of our central tasks is
to find sustainable answers to the question
of future mobility.
Our modular platform strategy offers maximum
variability for models and drive systems; our
affiliation with the subsidiaries Lamborghini,
Ducati and Italdesign combines Italian creativity
with German precision. Boundless enthusiasm
for technology spurs us on to achieve top per­
formance, to achieve “Vorsprung durch Technik.”
That is the strength of our brand – today and
in the future.
Prof. Dr.- Ing. Ulrich Hackenberg
/ Technical Development
Prof. Hackenberg,
what do you focus on today when
you think about tomorrow ?
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
Quality down
to the
last detail
TEXT : Marcus Schuster
Audi is synonymous with high quality, precision,
and exclusivity. But who ensures these exacting
requirements are consistently met? Procurement certainly
plays its part. After all, perfection begins early
on in the value chain with the selection of suppliers.
pursuit of above-average standards requires a perfect base
from the outset, upon which everyone can contribute to overall
success. Procurement’s task is to provide that base by finding
those suppliers that offer precisely the materials and provide
exactly the technology that make an Audi so special. “To this
end, we forge partnerships that offer mutual benefits,” explains Dr. Bernd Martens, Member of the Board of Management of AUDI AG for Procurement. Audi is not just constantly
on the lookout for committed, reliable suppliers, but also taps
into innovative sources of supply worldwide, for new materials
for example. Regional Sourcing Offices play a particular role in
this respect. Sourcing scouts track down the most interesting
partners in even the most far-flung corners of the globe. Regular
concept competitions give rise to specific tasks for suppliers.
As part of this process, Audi not only assesses the solutions, but
also the logistical and technical expertise of a supplier – and
helps, where necessary, with the industrialization of an idea.
“Innovation is not a question of size. We support new suppliers,
who are sometimes even new to the industry, throughout
implementation based on partnership,” is how Martens explains
his philosophy. Audi accompanies young innovation drivers
from the outset as a partner on an equal footing, for example
with checking locations or tools, and throughout the optimization of production processes. Potential suppliers also have
the opportunity to showcase their capabilities at innovation
forums, congresses and trade fairs.
It is a long way from the drawing board to the road. Audi
installs up to 12,000 parts in each of its cars – and, as
the following examples show, each one tells its own manufacturing story.
High-quality and responsible
It is not only the quality of suppliers, but also the sustainability
of the materials used that is important to Audi. In January 2013,
AUDI AG joined the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative.
The initiative aims to develop a sustainability standard for aluminum by the end of 2014 by stipulating governance, environmental
and social standards that apply from raw material extraction and
processing to the end product.
As the pioneer of the self-supporting aluminum body, Audi
is utilizing this process to influence the entire value chain for
one of its key materials. As such, the life cycle assessment
of Audi can be improved further in future thanks to certified
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
Many people, one vision : the drive for perfection. The constant
An unexpected combination
of metal and wood – a technical
and visual masterpiece.
Audi is a signature brand where every car bears the personal
hallmark of its designers, engineers, production workers –
and procurement personnel. Inlays made out of an unexpected
combination of the materials aluminum and wood, such as
black Beaufort, are available as an option to give the interior a
highly exclusive feel. The production process for this is a perfect example of how Audi and its suppliers are constantly coming
up with new solutions : The bonding system used for inlays
has to withstand enormous mechanical forces. Thin sheets of
veneer are formed from a solid block of wood ; these sheets
are then joined layer by layer with the aluminum – with no cracks
or joints. Another challenge is to achieve an overall homogeneous look for an inlay such as Beaufort oak, producing quality
comparable with the deck of a ship, while using a natural
product like oak with its variations in color and structure.
“Collaboration with the supplier over several years means we
can offer high-quality, exclusive surface materials like these,”
reports Martens.
Beaufort oak inlays :
as individual as the wood from
which they are made.
Audi also sets the benchmark for precision with the seat
upholstery in the RS 6 Avant. Manufactured from an Alcantara/
is embellished with special diamond or honeycomb quilting.
Positioning the seams of this unusual pattern perfectly at the
intersection points requires a huge amount of development
expertise and experience in using leather due to the material’s
A finish that is as sporty as it
is exclusive : The quilting on the
seats of the Audi RS 6 Avant
takes its cue from the design of
the radiator grille.
sensitive natural properties. The cleverly designed sewing
machines must be programmed exactly in order to prevent the
sensitive material from distorting on account of the tiniest
The compressor wheel is further testimony to Audi’s unerring
principle of top quality down to the last detail. This relatively
small component is installed in the turbocharger of a TDI
engine and has to fit with micrometer accuracy if it is to meet
the exacting demands placed on resilience and durability.
The manufacturing process used is point milling, which entails
milling off surplus material from the blank, point by point.
While it is a slow production technique, it is the only option
given the complex shape of the workpiece and the required
Audi and its partners rise to these challenges as part of their
passionate attention to detail. There are often only a few
qualified suppliers worldwide for even the most unassuming
of components. These suppliers, like thousands of others,
have made it onto Audi’s exclusive list of suppliers – a list
that stands for uncompromising quality and represents a
strong team.
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
Each compressor wheel is only installed once
it has undergone four final inspections
using high-precision 3D measuring equipment.
leather combination or entirely from leather, the upholstery
“I prefer to remember the future,” said Salvador Dalí.
We think about the future every day. We qualify
new partners for Audi. We examine alternative
materials. We drive innovation, both alone and
in cooperation with our partners. Audi is on a
steep growth path.
Our goal is to be producing more than 60 models
in 15 plants by 2020. We are becoming more
global and complex, we will have more interna­
tional development partners and our suppliers will
increasingly be based outside of Europe. Having
a dynamic organization, fewer interfaces and new
competences will be the key to our success.
Dr. Bernd Martens
/ Procurement
Dr. Martens,
what do you focus on today when
you think about tomorrow ?
PHOTO : Getty Images
Seven billion people.
Each with different needs.
What moves our society?
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
PHOTOS : Jeff Ludes, Benjamin Pichelmann
The world movers
Driving into the future with Audi tron technologies.
The goal is carbon-neutral mobility, without having
to make any compromises. Sound good? It is.
A drive in the Audi A3 e-tron in California and in the
Audi A3 g-tron in Denmark.
TEXT : Anne Philippi and Katrin Saul
The challenges of future mobility are as complex as our world,
emotional philosophy of life. A plug-in hybrid combines
which is changing more rapidly than ever. To start with, it is
the benefits of electric drive with those of a highly efficient
necessary to reduce the burden on the environment. But people
combustion engine. It has two power sources for greater
are traveling by car more than ever before. Is it still possible
range, better performance and fewer emissions. Two worlds
to do so with a clear conscience ? Audi tron technologies offer
superbly united.
a holistic solution to these issues. A solution that unifies the
benefits of new technologies in cars with mobility requirements –
In Scandinavia, which has long been a frontrunner in the produc-
including driving range and driving fun – in two pioneering con-
tion and use of alternative energies, people take the issue of
cepts : Audi e-tron and Audi g-tron technology. For Audi, society
sustainability equally seriously, albeit from a much more rational
journalist Anne Philippi, a longtime expert on the Californian
perspective. Yet the drive in the 81 kW (110 hp) Audi A3
lifestyle and the mobility needs of the region, test drives the
g-tron elicits enthusiasm from our test driver, renowned
A3 e-tron in Los Angeles. In Denmark, renowned Danish architect
architect Kristian Lars Ahlmark, in light of the parallels to
and sustainability specialist Kristian Lars Ahlmark of schmidt
the requirements of sustainable construction that he discovers.
hammer lassen (SHL) architects lines up in the A3 g-tron.
That is because the Audi A3 g-tron is another production
vehicle from Audi on the path towards carbon-neutral long-
We visit Los Angeles with the Audi A3 e-tron ; at the wheel is
distance mobility. Less CO2 is generated thanks to its use of
compressed natural gas, or CNG. Of the possible 1,300 kilo-
charging stations for electric cars. This is a place where sus-
meters of driving range, up to 400 kilometers can be covered
tainable enjoyment is a way of life and a calling card ; a very
in all-natural-gas mode. Well then, have a good drive !
PHOTOS : Jeff Ludes, Benjamin Pichelmann
Anne Philippi. Here, there is a dense infrastructure of
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
6 a.m. That great, unbelievable, glorious Los Angeles light
I’m on my way to Venice for my first cup of coffee of the
is already there. The best time to hit the road in the new A3
morning. It’s still quiet on the Abbot Kinney at this time of
Sportback e-tron. I’m still tired, but the e-tron makes things
day. People in Venice sleep longer, but the early-risers all
very comfortable for me. I lean back, the adjustable steering
stop to have a look at my Audi. Interest. Wide eyes. The brand
wheel in position. The monitor of the MMI Navigation plus
new e-tron. Which goes on sale in Germany in 2014. Because
rises up and indicates when I am running on gasoline and
Angelinos are always interested in new things. Like the recent
when on electricity. The vehicle is running solely on electric
enthusiasm for almond milk rather than soy milk because it
power, very quietly, very dynamically.
is “even more vegan.”
The e-tron feels like a spaceship in which you could even medi-
I go into TOMS. They have excellent coffee. And fresh-
tate. That’s how quiet it is inside. That fits Los Angeles.
squeezed juices, of course. There’s nothing healthier. Casual
A combination of futuristic and ecologically aware. A perfect
sunglasses and shoes, too. All a little bit hippie, yet chic.
oasis of tranquility in the traffic of Los Angeles. Because
The TOMS concept is very Los Angeles : When you buy a pair
traffic rules and dominates the city. It determines whom you
of shoes, you also buy a pair for a child in need. One for one.
see when, and where you go. Living and driving in L.A. are
The shop is a good example of the Los Angeles attitude to life.
inevitably intertwined.
One of sustainability, of eco-consciousness.
That applies to everything. Food, cars, living, sleeping, thinking. In Germany, the term “green” is a very narrowly defined
The most important components
term referring to a particular scene. Here in Los Angeles, it
of the Audi A3 Sportback e-tron
tune. Think of it like this: The people living the most successful
lives here are also living the most sustainable ones, the
most organic, the greenest. It’s the typical scene at TOMS
this morning : perfectly bleached blondes with haute couture
bags drinking their fresh-squeezed juice with abandon before
dashing off to yoga. Everyone has to take part. That’s the way
people think here. The same applies to Hollywood stars.
1.4 TFSI engine
Power electronics
Battery cooling
High-voltage battery module
Fuel tank
12V battery
High-voltage cable
6-speed e-S tronic
Electric motor
Charging connection
PHOTO : Jeff Ludes
is something that the individual aspires to, like fame or for-
I head east on Santa Monica Boulevard. The morning traffic
hasn’t completely dissipated yet. It feels as if you spend half
your life here in the car. A lot of things happen behind the
wheel. In the mornings, women use the vanity mirror to apply
their mascara ; men have put on their business face and gesticulate wildly as they talk on the phone. That is typical for
driving in L.A. Things that you do at home in Europe are done
in the car here : crying, kissing, laughing, screaming. It is your
second home.
Music on. Good, natural sound from the Bang & Olufsen
Sound System. The sound embraces me. I listen to a little
rock radio, old California hits. I open the panoramic sunroof,
light morning breeze.
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
Now on to yoga hour on Robertson Boulevard. All kinds of
people you would never expect show up here. Rock stars,
show business giants. I park in a side street. My Audi garners
more looks. “Is that new ?” asks a thirty-something man.
Wow !
An hour later I head off, refreshed, toward Silver Lake, Elysian
Park. Onto the freeway. I accelerate. The e-tron shows its
car feeling, pure Audi. The e-tron has a range of up to 50 kilometers in all-electric mode. Perfect for trips within the city.
Up to an additional 890 kilometers are possible with the combustion engine. I could drive to Las Vegas and back – without
stopping for gasoline or to recharge the battery. And that
with an average fuel consumption of 1.5 liters per 100 kilometers and emissions of 35 grams of CO2 per kilometer. The
very thought feels good !
I drive up into the hills to the spot offering the best view of
the city. Los Angeles is spread out in front of us like a giant
selection of candy. Confusing, shimmering, tempting.
From here you can see East L.A., the ocean, the skyscrapers
downtown and the adjacent desert. It’s easy to forget that
Los Angeles is surrounded by desert, by nothingness.
Back to Zuma Beach. The Audi e-tron has been my companion
for the day. It’s a good companion for Los Angeles. The sun sets,
slowly. It takes its time. It is relaxed. Like everything here.
The drivetrain
of the Audi A3 Sportback e-tron
1.4 TFSI engine
Dual-mass flywheel
Electric motor
Dual clutch
High-voltage connections
6-speed e-S tronic
Coolant inlet
Coolant outlet
Audi A3 Sportback e-tron in figures
The A3 e-tron is the first premium compact car from
Audi with standard plug-in hybrid drive. It combines
sporty power with impressive efficiency. It can drive
up to 50 kilometers solely on electric power and thus
with zero local emissions.
Audi uses a combination of a 110 kW (150 hp) 1.4
TFSI engine and a 75 kW electric motor for the drive
system. It consumes on average just 1.5 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers, giving it a total action radius
of up to 940 kilometers. The battery has a capacity of
8.8 kilowatt-hours and can be recharged in just under
2.5 hours on a 16-ampere outlet.
temperament as I push down harder on the accelerator. Sports
The mountains of clouds build up in Copenhagen’s autumn
car, the principles of freedom and movement – and combines
sky like thick, fluffed-up feather quilts. The midday sun takes
it with sustainability.”
cles in the paint of the Audi A3 g-tron glisten. A perfect day
The g-tron has a bivalent power unit, which can be powered
for a quick spin into the future. We slowly exit the courtyard
by fossil natural gas, environmentally friendly Audi e-gas or
of the architectural offices of schmidt hammer lassen architects.
gasoline. In addition to the gasoline tank, it has two pressure
tanks under the floor of the trunk, each of which holds seven
“This car drives superbly, it’s so quiet,” says architect and partner
kilograms of gas. Audi e-gas is synthetic methane which Audi
Kristian Lars Ahlmark as the g-tron takes us quietly and with
has already begun to produce in its first power-to-gas plant
low emissions to our first destination : “I like how Audi takes on
from CO2 and water using green electricity.
something that is firmly embedded in everyday life – driving a
The Audi e-gas principle. You can find the film here.
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
PHOTOS : Benjamin Pichelmann
the bite out of the stiff breeze and makes the reflective parti-
In gas mode, CO2 emissions are no higher than the amount
building during the day. Additional cooling is provided by
of CO2 that was used to produce the synthetic natural gas.
water from the harbor. The toilets are flushed with rainwater,
“This is a great step in the right direction,” says Ahlmark.
and the photovoltaic system generates the electricity to
He also tries to implement this sustainability philosophy
operate the complex facade system. “The construction industry
in architecture.
is a big environmental polluter,” explains the architect.
“The Crystal” is an office building belonging to a financial in-
box, but we also have the opportunity to achieve great things
stitution designed by SHL architects that has won awards for
through innovation.” He says this as he steers the g-tron
its energy-saving design : a glass building, suffused with light,
through the downtown area. “A beautiful design is no longer
which rests on the ground on a single visible lower edge, and
enough in itself ; it must also be ingenious.” Ahlmark’s office
therefore appears to hover over the city square. At the time of
has its own research department. “There, we are working on
construction, its energy consumption of 70 kilowatt-hours per
new types of solar cells, and on a new acoustic ceiling, which
square meter was 25 percent lower than the guidelines estab-
we are installing in the Concert Hall in Malmö. We invent our
lished by the Danish government. “We wanted to bring as
own building materials.”
much daylight as possible into the building to save valuable
energy,” explains Ahlmark. The facade consists of three layers
We turn onto the harbor waterfront. “The highlight of the g-tron
of glass with natural ventilation. Ventilation windows let air
is that it looks like a normal A3 Sportback, but it is packed full
into the building at night, and this air is then used to cool the
of the latest technology,” says Ahlmark, as we drive towards the
“We as architects have a responsibility to think outside of the
Royal Library with its contemporary extension made from gran-
Ahlmark gazes at the boats as they rock in the wind. “What
ite and glass – an architectural landmark of the city. “This un-
I especially like about this car is that Audi really thought out
derstatement is a clear trend. Just as sustainability is another
the storage of green electricity and the production of synthetic
smart aspect of the design.”
natural gas as a complete picture ; this is exactly the type of
approach we take in architecture. This holistic approach, that
The concept behind the Royal Library revolves around spacious-
is the future.”
ness and democratic design. The goal was to achieve a synergy
between an intellectual institution and a cultural building that
Audi A3 g-tron in figures
always give back more than you have taken,” says Ahlmark.
The Audi A3 g-tron is another Audi production vehicle on
We drive out of the city and past villa suburbs. An occasional
the path towards carbon-neutral long-distance mobility.
fuel station – but we don’t have to stop for fuel, since we
It brings together a number of different technological
have a range of up to 400 kilometers with gas and up to an
competences such as lightweight technology, highly
additional 900 kilometers with gasoline.
developed infotainment systems, technically mature
driver assistance systems and the latest CNG technology.
Now we are out in the countryside. To our left is the Nordic
coastal landscape and to the right the magnificent expanse of
Two pressure tanks under the floor of the trunk each
the sea. Along with environmental awareness, says Ahlmark,
hold around seven kilograms of gas. The Audi A3 g-tron
costs are another important factor in implementing new ideas
is bivalent, very efficient and has an 81 kW (110 hp)
and ensuring their success : “In a retrofitting project, the
1.4 TFSI engine. In all-gas mode it can be driven up
investment pays for itself in ten to 15 years because there are
to 400 kilometers. In combination with gasoline,
savings on heating costs, for example. With the g-tron, the
it manages up to a further 900 kilometers.
low price of gas will be a key factor for consumers.” In Germany,
natural gas currently costs around half as much as gasoline.
It handles the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in under
11 seconds. CO2 emissions in the NEDC cycle are less
We stop at a small marina to admire the clouds that are colored
than 95 grams per kilometer. The combined consump-
a delicate pink in the evening sun. “I think it is fantastic that
tion of the Audi A3 g-tron is less than 3.5 kilograms
a carmaker is assuming responsibility for the entire life cycle of
of natural gas or Audi e-gas, which is made from CO2
its product and is simultaneously producing an alternative to
and water using green electricity.
fossil fuels.”
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
PHOTOS : Jeff Ludes, Benjamin Pichelmann
brings together exhibition spaces, a concert hall, a bookstore
and a restaurant. “In the field of architecture, you should
Driving around Copenhagen : Architect Kristian Lars Ahlmark
discovers the common vision of sustainability in the Audi g-tron.
Life in Los Angeles teaches people this : Fame and fortune must
not overshadow the big picture, the Earth, the environment, the
community, your own health. Everyone comes to this conclusion.
Eventually. Even celebrities, including the biggest stars. The
Audi e-tron is the mobile consequence of this lived-out holistic
approach to life.
Chic, fast, yet rational. People in Los Angeles would be glad to
drive an e-tron like this.
By the way, I didn’t have to charge the e-tron all day. A pleasant thought, that the car’s battery can simply be charged at
night in the garage, just as its owner recharges their batteries
while asleep. Human and machine in harmony. It will certainly
not be long before every garage has such a charging station. At
least not here, in the city where the future is so close.
Only those who invest in innovation and sustainability now
will be able to be successful in the future, predicts
Ahlmark : “Retrofitting is a major issue in architecture ; 80 to
90 percent of existing building space is absolutely not environmentally friendly. We have just won a tender to retrofit the
tallest office building in Oslo, which will be fully self-sustaining
in terms of energy. Inside, there is a vertical garden. This
green chimney absorbs all of the CO2 and converts it to oxygen, which is then pumped back into the building.” While Audi
is actively committed to achieving a sustainable value chain
for aluminum in the field of lightweight construction, SHL
architects is recycling 90 percent of the building materials for
the skyscraper, including its aluminum facade.
“Sustainability should never mean making compromises,
rather it should be about preserving the good life without
limitations. Sustainability in its optimal form would be to
take another step forward – such as building a car that produces
more energy than it uses.”
Hollywood and the good feeling of being on the right path.
Here you can see how much fun Anne Philippi had in the
A3 e-tron in L.A.
You can find the video here.
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
delight others
TEXT : Tobias Moorstedt
Because a premium brand also offers premium service.
And because good salespeople are excited by their
products. Each year, Audi trains over 20,000 employees
of the worldwide dealer organization in its
Central Launch Training at Munich Airport.
A training report.
1 – INTRO An airport is the perfect place to teach people about the future of
mobility. Airplanes embarking for the far reaches of the world take off with a loud
thunder. Trucks, buses and cars circulate on the labyrinth of lanes marked out on the
tarmac. Conveyor belts, escalators, sensors ; a wild dance of machines and, in their
midst : people.
“Central Launch Training at Audi is the central market introduction training program
for new products and technologies for the worldwide dealer organization,” explains
Christian Bauer, Head of Sales Qualification at AUDI AG, shortly before his team
receives a new group of participants for Central Launch Training (CLT) at Munich
Airport’s Audi Training Center. The Russian group arrives punctually at the auditorium.
The air is full of excitement. No sign of jet lag.
Alexander Pyrskiy, an Audi sales adviser from Moscow, is participating in CLT for the
PHOTOS : Benjamin Tafel
first time in 2013 – but has already heard a lot about the event from his experienced
colleagues. He is well prepared and hopes to learn even more about new systems
and technologies. Casually, he completes what is known as the pre-test on an iPad® ;
this test checks participants’ existing knowledge and motivates them to learn more.
Click. Swipe. Know. The journey begins.
Lisa Trubitsina
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
glance how LED lights produce a brighter light that is more
pleasing to the eye. A special feature: A camera detects oncom-
as the new g-tron and the new e-tron. Alexander firmly
ing cars and motorcycles and dims individual high-beam
believes that this is our future. The group listens intently and
segments so that the best possible visibility is guaranteed, but
is impressed when the trainer shows the driving range of the
without dazzling other road users. The CLT trainer follows his
e-tron on an interactive map : It can drive from Moscow to
words with actions, takes out a flashlight and shines it into the
Riga or Kazan. A whisper runs through the room. Alexander is
light cone of the Matrix LED headlights. The camera immediately
enthralled : “This map will also interest our customers.” At
detects this and the headlights no longer shine on him. However,
the CLT, information is not conveyed through dry presentations
an array of LEDs continues to shine all around him. With every
or endless charts, but with modern tools and interactive
movement the trainer makes within the cone of light, the Matrix
shows – a combination of visualization and fun.
LED headlights react directly and dim their light there accordingly. When the trainer steps out of the cone of light, all LEDs light
“The CLTs build on one another progressively,” is how Christian
up again with full power. “It’s engineered so that the driver can
Bauer explains the concept. For example, tron technologies were
concentrate on the road,” explains the trainer, “and not on the
first presented in early 2013, and the tron Campus followed
light switch.” The demonstration is received with applause.
in the autumn. In 2014, CLT participants can then check out
the new products in the dynamic handling area and shift a few
The tasks and tests are no less fun for participants. Now and
gears themselves.
then quiet jubilation can be heard when a work group has just
solved another task on the iPad®. Incidentally, in the post-
3 – NEW SCHOOL Time to move on to the next training
module. Maxim Chindyaskin suddenly stops in the middle of
tests, which measure the learning curve of CLT participants,
over 90 percent of the answers are correct.
conversation, runs towards the center of the room and takes
4 – SOFT SKILLS 8 p.m. At the end of the first day of CLT,
one photo after another with his cell phone. The reason :
The static product experience at the CLT is the first opportunity
the focus is not on high tech or design, but on soft skills and
these participants have to experience the new A8 live – a
networking effects. A wooden Alpine chalet was built near the
definite highlight. Maxim and his colleagues stand in a tight
airport for the Audi Oktoberfest to celebrate the legend of
circle around the sedan and discuss selling points for the new
Bavaria – with lederhosen and high-tech sedans, traditional
A8. Styling ! Innovation ! Sports appeal !
dirndl dress and cutting-edge design, accompanied by beer,
Bavarian delicacies and a brass band.
Maxim has been working in the Fleet Department at Audi Russia
in Moscow for six years now and knows the product and the
Lisa Trubitsina is already participating in CLT for the eighth
market well. “I like the fact that we are not restricted in our
time in autumn 2013. And she has never been bored. “It is
discussions, that we can talk openly about things,” he says.
exciting every time,” says the 33-year-old. “I always experience
All participants have an iPad® in their hand on which innovations
new places, new ideas, new people.” In the background, a
are communicated interactively and which they can use to
colleague from Spain taps into the wooden keg. CLT partici-
analyze and evaluate the A8. This is not a lecture, but a joint
pants from Russia, Poland, Germany, Spain and the Nether-
discussion, a real-time survey of opinion among Audi experts.
lands exchange phone numbers, e-mail addresses and talk
about their experiences. “The encounter between colleagues
PHOTOS : Benjamin Tafel
Every topic comes to life this way. The “Audi Lighting Technology”
is important for successful training,” emphasizes Lisa, who
teaching segment, for example, offers facts, facts, facts – as well
is already looking forward to sharing impressions, videos and
as high entertainment value. To illustrate the advantages of the
photos from CLT with her colleagues in Moscow. She is con-
new Matrix LED headlights, the CLT team installed various
vinced that people are the best information carriers.
lighting systems in a large room. This lets participants see at a
Find out what
genuine delight
looks like.
View a video of
Central Launch
Training here.
2 – INTERACTIVE THEORY The CLT program begins
with the presentation of alternative drive technologies such
Systematic learning
7,000 employees of the Audi dealer organization from over 40 countries participated in CLT in early 2013. They flew to Germany – and
landed in the “Land of quattro.” That was the motto of “Central
Launch Training Spring 2013.” A land with its own rules and many
attractions. The focus of the latest CLTs was on quattro technologies
in theory and practice, as well as high-performance vehicles of the
RS model series.
While participants at CLT Spring 2013 learned about technology on
the quattro Campus, CLT Summer 2013 gave them the opportunity to
Alexander Pyrskiy
see for themselves what benefits the technology really offers when
area. In autumn 2013, everything then revolved around the tron
technologies. So the CLTs are not isolated events, but a continuous
program of modules that complement each other. One gauge of
the success of this systematic approach to learning is that participants in 2013 reached the highest qualification levels ever in
tests. Another indicator of success is that 98 percent of participants
were satisfied with the experience and their results. For 76 percent
of participants, the program far exceeded their expectations.
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
PHOTOS : Benjamin Tafel
they took an A3 with quattro drive out onto the dynamic handling
6 – GRAND FINALE The atmosphere at the Audi Training
Center is reminiscent of a summit meeting : There is a long
line in front of the auditorium entrance. The air is filled with
excited voices. Men with serious faces and radio earpieces
guard the venue. Since CLT participants will also be shown new
products at the final show which no one outside of the Audi
family has ever seen, plant security has cordoned off the site
curtain is lifted, well actually the projection screen is lowered,
and the wild drive begins.
“We don’t simply want to pull a white sheet off the car,” is
how Christian Bauer explains the concept, “rather we want to
portray the brand’s claim of ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ in our
presentation as well.” A goal that is met. The audience sees
the new Audi models in motion on an enormous 3D screen.
and raised excitement levels to fever pitch. Then finally the
Fast clips which make modern music videos look like meditation
films. The new Audi TT races through wild virtual worlds and
stops in front of a waterfall. Water jets spray the audience with
a fine mist – that’s 4D cinema, a new dimension. Then the new TT
drives onto the stage through a hidden door, and the real vehicle
and the animated sci-fi images meld together.
After 20 minutes, Maxim Chindyaskin leaves this drive-in movie
theater of a special kind, squints at the light and rubs his eyes.
He could rave about the design of the new TT, or he could report
5 – ACTION The dynamic handling area is an apt, but
almost too modest a name for the Audi racetrack right next
to the airport runway. It is located just a few hundred meters
from where passenger flights take off and land from destinations all over the world. The thundering of jet turbines gives
you goose pimples. The air is filled with adrenaline.
In the quattro exercises, the trainer explains, the goal is to put
CLT participants in deliberately orchestrated, controlled limit
situations so that they can physically experience the effects of
the sport differential and quattro technology for themselves.
Former police employee Alexander Pyrskiy’s eyes light up. In the
oval race, two participants drive against each other – one in
an A3 with quattro technology, the other in an A3 with frontwheel drive – on a partially wet surface. In the first round, Alexander climbs into the A3 with front-wheel drive ; he drives well,
but he doesn’t have a chance. The trainer’s voice crackles from
the walkie-talkie : “You can’t catch him now, don’t even try.”
Then Alexander is allowed to race around the oval in the quattro.
It goes without saying that he wins the return match. He laughs,
claps his hands, celebrates – an unforgettable moment. He
is certain that “the customer notices whether a sales adviser is
passionate about the product.”
And then the CLT participants get to test the latest Audi models
on a discovery drive as well – a short road trip takes them to
lunch at nearby Schloss Hohenkammer. Alexander smiles as he
steers the new A3 Sedan down the autobahn and along Bavarian
country roads : “Driving an Audi is always better than reading
about it.”
on what he might tell his customers in Moscow about the future
of Audi. But all he says is :
Feeling the market
Axel Strotbek, Member of the Board of Management
of AUDI AG for Finance and Organization, and the renowned
economist Prof. Markus Brunnermeier discuss courage,
opportunities and trends. An encounter in Princeton.
PHOTO : Ofer Wolberger
TEXT : Jan Rentzow
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
Mr. Strotbek, Audi delivered well over 1.5 million cars
At Audi, how do you go about choosing the cars of the future ?
in 2013. That achievement meant it broke through a key
STROTBEK : First, it involves listening to the market. Second,
strategic barrier – much sooner than planned, in fact.
it involves having the courage to take a step forward and set
Is a feel for the market something you can learn ? Or is it
yourself apart from the mainstream and from what is currently
just something you have ?
in vogue. And having a feeling for what will be in demand
STROTBEK : At Audi, we’ve been feeling the market for over
in the medium term – because we’re normally talking about a
100 years, and that has been down to hard work. In essence it
development horizon of three or four years for a new product.
involves understanding the markets and above all the needs
Our main tasks these days center on increased environmental
of our customers, then developing the right products to suit
awareness and the desire for sustainable mobility, but also on
them. We are currently experiencing one of the most exciting
products that offer increasing digitization and connectivity.
phases in the history of the automotive industry, and we aim to
We define our own priorities in order to take up a clear position.
further raise our profile when tackling core challenges such as
drive technologies, connectivity and sustainability. We aim to
Audi acts globally. Global markets bring opportunities,
consistently offer a technological edge to our customers.
but also risks. How much of a risk does an enterprise need to
Prof. Brunnermeier, do you share the view that feeling the
BRUNNERMEIER : Not taking any risks is very risky indeed,
market is all about hard work ?
because your competitors will then overtake you. The investment
BRUNNERMEIER : Yes, I certainly do. You have to learn to listen
that the automotive industry has to make to develop progress
to what the trends could be and mustn’t overlook general
is very high. It needs to sell high volumes and act globally,
developments. That would be fatal. But it’s also important to
while at the same time responding to regional differences.
set trends yourself. Trends that aren’t so radical that you lose
Acting globally therefore means reducing your dependence on
touch with the market, but that go far enough that the market
developments in one country or region – and also being present
is prepared to follow. It’s hard work, but it is fun.
in growth markets. I think Audi has done vital groundwork
in that respect. Companies must be positioned flexibly worldwide to be able to respond to future developments.
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
PHOTOS : Ofer Wolberger
take today in order to be successful ?
Mr. Strotbek, how much of a risk do you take ?
STROTBEK : Our strategy is to establish a business resting
on three pillars – Europe, Asia and America. We are already the
premium-segment market leader in Europe and are also very
successful in Asia. The next step is to exploit our strengths and
build on our good position in North and South America. The
new plant in Mexico will be an important milestone for us. Today,
Key word: speculative bubbles. Some people are increasingly
Mexico offers considerable expertise in automotive production
warning that the next major slump in the stock markets could
coupled with competitive cost structures. Setting up a base there
be just around the corner. There is the view that many of the
will also enable us to reduce our exchange rate risks and capi-
good business figures we are now seeing are underpinned not
talize on existing free-trade agreements with the United States,
by corporate success, but by the low-interest environment.
Latin America and Europe. Audi’s appeal as an employer in
Are we heading for another crash, the next major crisis ?
Mexico too is reflected in the fact that we have already received
BRUNNERMEIER : I am more optimistic as far as America is
over 30,000 job applications for the plant.
concerned. As a general principle, you have to remember that
Prof. Brunnermeier, you are regarded as an expert when it
their money sitting in a savings account. Shares are more attrac-
comes to forecasting. Forecasting is a very important part of
tive. That’s normal, and not necessarily a speculative bubble.
when interest rates are low, people are less inclined to leave
decision-making amid uncertainty. How do you go about it ?
BRUNNERMEIER : The important thing is to give not just a
simple forecast, but a whole spread of possible events. You
can say that one scenario is the most likely, but that others are
also possible. Predicting many events, but also remaining
flexible enough to accommodate unforeseeable ones, is key
to minimizing risks. Nothing is worse than being unable to
respond to a future, unknown event.
was born on March 22, 1969 in Landshut (Bavaria). After
was born on March 2, 1964 in Hameln (Lower Saxony)
leaving school with an intermediate certificate, he trained
and studied Industrial Engineering in Karlsruhe and
at the Tax Office in Landshut before completing his high
Linköping (Sweden). Following his MBA at the University
school diploma, then went on to study Economics in
of Illinois in Chicago, he joined the Volkswagen Group
Regensburg, Nashville, Bonn and at the London School
as Board of Management Assistant for Controlling and
of Economics. In 1999, US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben
Accounting. After holding various posts within the
Bernanke recruited him for his international team of
Volkswagen Group, he worked as Executive Vice Presi-
researchers at Princeton University. He is Edwards S. Sanford
dent of Finance at Volkswagen Group China in Beijing
Professor of Economics and belongs to the Bendheim
from 2004 to 2007. Strotbek has been Member of the
Center for Finance and the International Economics
Board of Management of AUDI AG with responsibility
Section in Princeton.
for Finance and Organization since 2007.
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
PHOTOS : Ofer Wolberger
Experts are observing high competitive and price pressure
especially in Europe and China. Mr. Strotbek, you have said
that Audi is not prepared to buy market shares by discounting
its prices.
STROTBEK : That’s right. We have increased our market share
and a strong brand image. Customers also expect a high degree
You both work very hard. How do you motivate yourselves ?
of price stability from us as a premium carmaker. We are fun-
BRUNNERMEIER : I love my job and find it exciting to work
damentally pursuing a strategy of qualitative growth. In other
on ideas that help people to understand things. Ideas inspire
words, the priority for us is to see sustained corporate success
and help to inspire others. That is my driving force. My family –
rather than simply focus on the next quarter’s results. That is
I have two daughters – and my work combined make life very
the only way we can afford high investment spending on new
fulfilling. STROTBEK : Audi is a very emotional company with
products, technologies and the infrastructure in the long term
a highly motivated team. The success of our technologies has
as the basis for realizing our ambitious strategic goals.
certainly helped significantly to keep the flame burning. One
The European market is growing more slowly than others.
what makes the brand special. I personally try to keep myself
What role does Europe play for Audi ?
fit to face these challenges through a combination of physical
STROTBEK : With over 730,000 vehicle deliveries, Europe is
exercise and mental training. Only if your mind is agile can you
still our most important sales market despite our considerable
achieve at the highest level, day in, day out. And that’s precisely
success internationally. Furthermore, a large share of our tech-
what we seek.
of the key tasks for the future will be to keep developing
nologies and products are developed in Europe. It is where not
only our own engineers, but also many suppliers and development
partners are based. That’s a huge asset. BRUNNERMEIER :
Europe’s sensitivity to environmental issues is undoubtedly also
important. It’s very pronounced. You can tell innovations from
Europe by the sustainability ethos behind them.
Mr. Strotbek, what is your product strategy for the future ?
STROTBEK : We have been very successful at broadening our
product portfolio in recent years. We have focused on four main
directions: We have expanded the full-size category through our
R8 supercar, for instance. Then we have introduced a number of
highly sporty RS models such as the RS Q3, RS 5, RS 6 and RS 7.
We have also brought new models onto the market in the shape
of the A1 series and the new A3 Sedan to attract primarily
young customers to our brand. In extending our SUV range, we
are responding to high demand for such vehicles. We are currently working intensively on ventures such as the electrification
of our cars. As an initial step, we will be going into production
with the A3 Sportback e-tron, a plug-in hybrid, this year.
There will be huge advances in the operating range of electric
motors. And also in connectivity between the car and its
surroundings. Where do you see the biggest challenges to
remaining successful over the coming years ?
BRUNNERMEIER : I think that a car company has to find the
right strategic partners across all industries in order to integrate
the technologies of the future. People want more than just
a car, they want a complete communications product. Audi has
already taken the first important steps. STROTBEK : Major technological leaps lie ahead of us. We now have the opportunity to
develop technologies that we believe will bring us success. Managing this complexity is on the one hand an incredible challenge,
but on the other hand it is a huge opportunity.
in China, North America and Europe through attractive products
Kenneth McHattie
Infotainment developer
Luis Ortiz Müller
Production system/
Training Center consultant
TEXT : Gabriele Meinl
Find out more
about some of the
Audi impatriates.
Here are their
detailed profiles.
Bert van den Eede
Accounting consultant
PHOTO : Melanie Maerz
Anyone coming
to work at a
German location
as an international
Group employee
will not be
on their own.
The integration
program for
impatriates does
more than simply
help them settle
in : It welcomes
them into
the Audi family.
Petr Havelka
Czech Republic
Passenger airbag developer
Csaba Ternyak
User management IT consultant
Paloma Santos Rodriguez-Vigil
Supplier development Mexico
Wendi Sun
Interior development engineer
A worldwide presence
An overview of the Audi production
locations can be found in the
Management Report on page 145.
A traditional pub with typical local atmosphere, a round of
Luis Ortiz Müller loves coming to the networking meetings.
miniature glasses of its own brewed beer served as an aperitif :
He also appreciates the fact that his wife and daughter can
A convivial setting for this evening’s function – the monthly
meet other Spanish speakers here from time to time. He
Audi impatriates networking meeting. The mood is relaxed
enthuses about his trips to Königssee, Neuschwanstein and
and intimate ; everyone knows everyone else. It
does not take long before everyone is involved in
lively conversations. The impatriates come mainly
from Mexico and China, from Audi companies
elsewhere in Europe and from other Group companies. They are here for periods ranging between six and 15 months – or perhaps even
longer. So it is important for them to develop
a social life. That was precisely the reason for
launching the special integration program :
It provides opportunities to explore the area
The Mexican is
working alongside German
colleagues on the
development of a
program for the
new plant in
San José Chiapa.
Luis Ortiz Müller
It will cover every
together, attend cultural and sporting events
process, from
and get to know the German mentality in the
production to
company of others.
sales. “The way people communicate here in Germany is very
“At first, everything is different all of a sudden – the work
encountering differences in the ways Germans and Mexicans
situation, the apartment, the surroundings,” as Bert van den
think. Ortiz Müller can convey this appropriately in the
Eede from the AUDI BRUSSELS S.A./N.V. Accounting depart-
training program he is creating, and help with the qualifica-
ment explains. “That’s why it is so important to develop a
tion measures for the employees back home in Mexico.
sense of belonging right from the start.” Partners and families
Through such activities, Audi is making sure expertise is built
are of course also included in the integration program. Csaba
up at its international locations. As a result, employees from
Ternyak, IT specialist at AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft., is here
the regions are already capable of taking up key positions.
with his wife and children. “The fresh start worked very well
And that in turn makes the Company an attractive employer
for us. My boys had already learned some German in Hungary
and are doing well at school. And my wife now wants to learn
German, too.” On an evening like this, many enjoy having the
Because Audi is growing primarily outside Europe, where
opportunity to talk to others who are in a similar situation –
customer requirements may be completely different, and
while of course establishing interesting international contacts.
the working culture may present a huge contrast, too.
PHOTOS : Melanie Maerz
positive, very direct and clear.” However, he still keeps
Wendi Sun
Global involvement
The growth market China offers exceptional opporopportunities, but also requires special knowledge.
The Audi China Expert & Management program,
ACEMpro, provides training for Chinese employees,
and those with an interest in China, for up to
15 months in China and Germany by deploying them
on projects in their specific area of activity. But for
Internationalization at all levels is therefore part of the strategy:
Audi, it is also important to offer opportunities to
people who are currently living in an economically
Audi is recruiting new employees directly in each country in
difficult environment. StartUp Europe, for examexam-
order to draw upon their specialist and social expertise. One
ple, enables Spanish and Italian engineers to gain
example of this approach is the Audi China Expert & Manage-
further career experience in Germany, thus equip-
ment program ACEMpro. This exchange has proved hugely
motivating for interior development engineer Wendi Sun to
reflect on how she communicates : “Most people in Germany
are very direct. In China people tend to use more neutral expressions, so communication is more like a curve or a circle.
Depending on who I am talking to, I have to think : How can
I say that best ?”
“I was surprised how important work-life balance and reconciling
your job with family life are here in Germany, too,” comments
Paloma Santos Rodriguez-Vigil. The young Spanish engineer,
who previously studied at the Technical University of Munich,
is now taking charge of a quality assurance project for Mexico
under the StartUp Europe trainee program. Santos RodriguezVigil loves the international nature of her project : “I gain an insight into the various Audi production plants and can benefit
from comparing how people work in Germany, China, Hungary
or Mexico.”
ping them to take on challenges in the labor market.
The initiative also sends out a message to the
domestic labor markets and forms part of the
Audi Group’s corporate responsibility activities.
An award-winning family
“Attractive employer worldwide” is a strategic corporate objective for Audi. Who better to substantiate
Develop aro
the world
that goal than the people who are employed by the Company ? For the HR marketing campaign “Working
at Audi,” employees personally present their 15 top reasons for working at Audi. Those 15 reasons are the
result of more than 100 personal accounts prepared in cooperation with employees from various divisions.
The top reasons have an external impact too, as is evident in the 2013 placings in the German trendence
and Universum graduate barometers, as well as the Universum survey of young professionals. The Company
secured top spot among engineers and economists. Audi is a more popular employer than ever throughthroughout Europe too : In Belgium, AUDI BRUSSELS S.A./N.V. received the “Employer of the Year 2013” award,
and in Hungary Audi was voted “Most Attractive Company” for the fifth year in a row.
u’’ll also find gre
reat rea
to wor
ork for Audi her
Listening to the impatriates talk, it is striking to note that any
cultural differences pinpointed are interpreted positively –
as opportunities for personal development. “Here in Germany
it is considered important to do a task perfectly, right down
and to rule out any ambiguity – even if that means repeating
After the roast dinner with dumplings, the colleagues start
the process yet again,” says Petr Havelka, airbag specialist at
taking souvenir photos of each other over dessert. Will they
ŠKODA AUTO a.s. Kenneth McHattie, electronics engineer at
now be sent straight to the folks back home ? “Yes, sure,
Bentley Motors Ltd., has also discovered what a difference the
I’m always sending photos, to my parents, for example,” says
way you communicate makes. At Audi he is coordinating the
Wendi Sun. Calling home over the Internet and instant mes-
development of an infotainment system for joint use. At first
saging help to alleviate homesickness – which obviously occurs
all the departments were discussing unilaterally with each
from time to time. “There are good days and less good days,”
other, but since early 2013 McHattie has been the central
admits Paloma Santos Rodriguez-Vigil with a smile. That’s when
point of contact in Ingolstadt. “That makes it easier for both
it helps to know the other impatriates, who are a bit like a
sides.” He is impressed by the seamless coordination between
substitute family. “And then you are able to look ahead again.”
the specialist teams at the German end : “No questions are
Because whatever each individual’s area of work is, as an
left unanswered, every responsibility is precisely defined. Even
impatriate they have a unique opportunity to experience and
though there are more departments here, the exchange is
learn something quite out of the ordinary. That special inner
very efficient !”
motivation is palpable – and infectious !
PHOTOS : Melanie Maerz, AUDI AG, Jim Rakete
to the last detail, to produce precise answers to every question
For me, thinking about tomorrow means
constructing a new work environment. I want
a strong Audi family that continues to grow
and that is at home on various continents.
We have a culture of trust in which people feel
comfortable and can develop their creativity –
since innovation requires freedom.
Our employees use interactive channels of
communication and help decide how, where
and how much they work – all according to their
personal circumstances. We support their
development in a personalized way and show
them appreciation and respect. This is what
good leadership means to me.
Prof. h. c. Thomas Sigi
/ Human Resources
Prof. Sigi,
what do you focus on today when
you think about tomorrow ?
naturally !
The Audi Environmental Foundation has supported the
“Outdoor Classroom” project in the Franconian town of
Breitengüßbach since 2011. Visitors young and old can
learn about rare plant and animal species in the interactive
environmental center.
TEXT : Anne Lehwald
Every Thursday afternoon – even when
The 125-hectare area in northern Bavaria
it is stormy or snowing outside – the
was used for decades by the military.
Breitengüßbach Environmental Center
This turned out to be a lucky break for
near Bamberg becomes a vibrant and
Mother Nature, since the long period of
fun place to be. That’s when the kinder-
isolation produced an abundance of rare
garten kids known as the “Little Rascals”
plant and animal species here. The Wild-
have their Forest Day. On cold, foggy
life Conservation in Franconia initiative
autumn days like today, the little natu-
and the community of Breitengüßbach
ralists are equipped with brightly colored
worked together with the Audi Environ-
hats, rainproof jackets and warm gloves.
mental Foundation to develop the area
Marching in rows of two and with eyes
into an environmental center.
aglow, they pass red oak, elm, chestnut
and fir trees. Their destination : the
PHOTOS : Klaus Mellenthin
“Outdoor Classroom.”
Audi Environmental Foundation
The Audi Environmental Foundation is
a nonprofit organization launched by
AUDI AG, primarily to support natural
and environmental conservation, but
also to promote its own scientific and
research projects, pilot schemes and
concept development. More informainformation can be found in German at :
favorite animals
are bats.
I love
how they fly.
I’d like to be able
to do that myself.
The one I like most
Corporate Responsibility
Please see the Management Report on
page 180 for more about sustainability.
of those. Since the installation of 124
nesting boxes for bats, the number of
species has increased from nine to 13.
“As the variety of species in Germany is
is the grey
long-eared bat !”
Luca, aged 5
declining, it’s all the more encouraging
The foundation has supported the project
to see that they are increasing again
since 2011 and has been involved pri-
here,” says Achatz. The kids learn how
marily in wildlife conservation and envi-
to treat nature responsibly through fun
ronmental education. “We not only sup-
activities. They sing songs about the
port the project financially, but also work
forest, collect leaves and look for tracks
together to design content and define
left by animals.
Achatz, Managing Director of the founda-
“But the project is not just exciting for
tion. Heike Raab-Held is thrilled with the
the little ones,” emphasizes Achatz.
teamwork. “The Audi Foundation has
Hiking enthusiasts are also welcome to
magically created all of this here,” en-
explore the wide variety of nature trails.
thuses the director of the kindergarten.
They can use a smartphone to access
In the forest house, the centerpiece of
more information through the links
the “Outdoor Classroom,” there are work-
shown on different display panels.
benches, wooden furniture and lots of
“We want to make nature an experience,”
materials the kids can use to make things.
explains Achatz.
The environmental project, which has
been honored by the office of the UN
Decade on Biodiversity, is structured
Worthwhile reading
into various modules. “This allows us to
The Audi Environmental Foundation published the book “Aben“Aben-
measure success in stages,” explains
teuer – Leben Natur Technik” (“Adventure – Life, Nature and TechTech-
Achatz. There have already been a few
nology”) especially for young researchers aged between nine
and 12. The book is “impressively illustrated with easy-to-undereasy-to-understand text, and is aimed at motivating young researchers to think
and be inquisitive,” according to Dr. Dagobert Achatz, Managing
Director of the Audi Environmental Foundation. The book can be
ordered at no cost at : bestellung@audi-stiftung-fuer-umwelt.de
PHOTOS : Klaus Mellenthin, wissenmedia in der inmediaONE] GmbH/2012, Jim Rakete
focal areas,” emphasizes Dr. Dagobert
Worldwide presence is our philosophy for
success tomorrow. We are already producing
at 12 locations in ten countries. Whether it’s
in Germany, in China or, in the future, in Mexico
and Brazil – we produce our cars everywhere
to the same top standard : the Audi Production
System. Consistent plant structures, stable
and efficient processes, high productivity paired
with superior quality and perfection, with
precision in the details, with a passion for what
we are doing and with great appreciation for
our employees. These are the cornerstones for a
successful worldwide production network.
This is what “made by Audi” means. Around the
globe. Today as well as tomorrow.
Dr.- Ing. Frank Dreves
/ Production
Dr. Dreves,
what do you focus on today when
you think about tomorrow ?
Science fiction
becomes reality
TEXT : Johannes Köbler
The International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is the
world’s most important electronics trade show. Audi once again
had a strong presence there this year, with topics that redefine
the mobility of the future.
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
Light that communicates with the driver : the Solunar study from Audi.
“We are working in a tight network with the electronics industry,” said Prof. Rupert Stadler, Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI AG at the CES.
A car that moves through traffic without anyone steering it ?
powerful than LED headlights. It is the light of the future.” The
A car that uses pulses of light throughout the interior to send
world is getting smarter and smarter. Completely new solutions
signals to its driver ? Just a few years ago, such ideas were still
are possible and seeming contradictions can be reconciled on the
just abstract visions ; today, Audi is developing them for series
Internet of tomorrow, as was evident at the CES, thanks to intelintel-
production. “We are closing the gap between science fiction
ligent, highly connected microelectronics. Audi is driving this
and reality on the road,” said Prof. Rupert Stadler, Chairman
progress forward together with strong partners such as Google,
of the Board of Management of AUDI AG, during the brand’s
NVIDIA and Qualcomm. With Audi connect, the internally
pre-show keynote at the International Consumer Electronics
networked car of today is developing into a car that communicommuni-
Show (CES).
cates seamlessly with its driver, the Internet and other road
users. The development engineers are continuously assembling
The annual CES in Las Vegas has almost turned into a home
new mosaic tiles into a big picture. “In the electronics industry,
game for Audi. The Company made its first appearance at the
innovation cycles are extremely short and the competition is
world’s most important electronics trade show in 2011, and
particularly intense,” explained Hackenberg. “We feel obligated
already recognized back then that this trade show is equal parts
to become even faster and even more progressive.” One of the
shining stage and marketplace of possibilities. Its audience is
innovations that Audi showed at the CES is the so-called zFAS
unconventional and young, and what exhibitors present there
board, which integrates the control units of all driver assistance
are occasionally market-ready technology, frequently projects
systems in a tight space. It is the future brain of the car for
and often ideas, impetus. “We are the carmaker with the most
piloted driving that makes the driver’s job easier. Another solu-
innovations based on electrics and electronics,” explained
tion is the Audi virtual cockpit – a display that replaces the analog
Stadler. “This is due in part to close collaboration with the elecelec-
instruments in the new Audi TT combined with an updated operoper-
tronics industry, which we continue to intensify. We are contin-
ating concept for the Audi Multimedia Interface MMI. At its core
uously improving our cars with new hardware and fresh ideas,
is a super-fast Tegra 30 (T30) processor from NVIDIA.
of Light, was the Solunar study – a model in which colored light
Audi garnered plenty of attention and multiple awards from
in every part of the interior communicates with the driver and
the trade press for its innovations at the CES. And development
flows outward to the exterior. Another is the Audi Sport quattro
continues. The Company has announced a collaboration with
laserlight concept show car. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Hackenberg,
Google and will soon seamlessly integrate Android mobile de-
Member of the Board of Management for Development, dede-
vices into the car. “Connectivity and mobility are deeply interinter-
scribed the coupe as follows: “An eye-catcher with a power output
twined,” said Stadler at the CES. “We are in an era in which we
of 515 kW (700 hp), a brawny muscle car and a highly efficient
are no longer continuously improving just the car. We are in
plug-in hybrid in one. And the laser light is three times more
the process of redefining the mobility of the future.”
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
with new brainware.” One example of this in Las Vegas, the City
Top left : Smart, attractive and informative – the Audi virtual
Top right : Like an airplane wing – the instrument panel of the new
cockpit goes into series production with the new TT.
Audi TT compact sports car.
Center left : Powerful performance – the Audi race car for
Center right : Long range – the laser’s tightly bundled beam of light
the 24 Hours of Le Mans will have the new laser light on board.
extends approximately 500 meters.
Bottom : One of the stars at the CES – the Audi Sport quattro
laserlight concept show car.
Experience the highlights from the CES here.
PHOTO : Getty Images
Experiences that delight.
And that get under the skin.
What really makes our
heart beat faster?
No discussion.
A rush of curves in the RS 7 Sportback. Alpenglow
in the Urquattro, the original Audi quattro.
The “Land of quattro” offers highlights over 12 stages.
On the road with 24 RS models including standard
quattro all-wheel drive and four classic cars in the
Audi Land of quattro Alpine Tour 2013.
PHOTO : Daniel Wollstein
TEXT: Berthold Dörrich
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
Just where is this “Land of quattro” ? This question was
answered very precisely in September and October of last year :
It stretches between 7° 25' 38" and 14° 20' 16" east longitude,
in other words from Monaco in the west to Klagenfurt in
the east, at an altitude from zero to 2,715 meters. Its northern
boundary is where the first fall showers get caught on the
northern flanks of the Alps. And at the southern border, the
still-mild Mediterranean sun greets you as you come down
out of the mountains.
Its road system comprises 4,440 kilometers of small and
tiny mountain roads and 44 passes, interrupted only by
a few fast stretches of freeway. In other words : curves, curves
and more curves, which have been given melodious names
such as Col de Turini, Col de la Bonette, Gotthard, Susten, Julier,
Falzàrego or Grossglockner to tell them apart better.
Its residents, masters of curves and long-distance jaunts alike,
also have names that are equally distinctive and exclusive :
RS 6 Avant, RS 7 Sportback, RS 5 Cabriolet and, most recently,
RS Q3. Their ancestors – Urquattro and Sport quattro – proudly
testify to their legendary history. And even the younger member
of the family, the Sport quattro concept, flaunts its genes
in its name.
Just like any other country, “Land of quattro” also has its own
national anthem, Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.” Trumpeted down
from the mountains each morning from raspy mufflers, the
melody crashes against the rock walls of the valleys with the
roar of the engine revving in unmistakably clear testimony
to the nature of this land.
To make sure that the world gets to hear about this extraordinary country, Audi invited 250 journalists from all over the
world to get to know “Land of quattro,” its roads and its
residents over a total of 12 stages. Klagenfurt to Monaco and
back. The fleet : 24 RS models, all equipped with quattro
drive as standard, and four classic cars. Over a period of two
weeks, they will cover a distance more than three times
the circumference of the Earth.
PHOTOS : Daniel Wollstein, Berthold Dörrich
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
14° 20' 16"
The first few kilometers are relaxed. Filipe is a nice guy
a care in the world. Filipe has meanwhile discovered the
and uses the freeway to Innsbruck first of all to test out the
RS 7 Sportback’s outstanding setup and is impressed with the
Audi adaptive cruise control system in our Daytona Gray
self-locking center differential, which distributes the
RS 7 Sportback. He is looking forward to this day. No, he
power of the 412 kW (560 hp) biturbo V8 to each individual
has never been in this part of Europe and has no idea what
wheel as appropriate when cornering. All I notice is that
type of roads await him today. I, on the other hand, do,
our cornering speed is gradually increasing, and that Filipe
and therefore am not sure whether his youthful carefree
wishes he had something like this in his race car.
nature is contagious or just making me nervous. I go with
option one here too, which gives me the opportunity to talk
By the time the first crags of the Dolomites rise up out of the
with him at length about his races as an Audi DTM driver
morning fog, my driver is completely ecstatic and my stomach
and his victory in the 24 Hours of Daytona. Or about how he
periodically gets the opportunity to recover during photo stops
remembers watching motorsport reports as a child and
for Filipe’s travel log.
admiring Michèle Mouton’s successes in the Urquattro in the
Rally de Portugal.
No sooner had I gotten used to the luxury and, despite all
the sportiness, comfortable setup of the RS 7 Sportback
We easily leave the occasional truck behind on the Brenner
than it was time for the next challenge : The Urquattro awaits
highway and therefore have enough of a time cushion to allow
us for the afternoon stage. I become more bold and eat
ourselves a cappuccino in the first Dolomite valley. Immediately
a hearty lunch. After all, I’ll need my strength for the two
thereafter, the road narrows and the mountain slopes creep
particularly spectacular passes – the Passo Falzàrego and the
closer. Increasingly, all that is to our right is a steep drop to a
Grossglockner – and the 250-kilometer leg to Kitzbühel
raging torrent, and the curves ahead of us disappear behind
that lie ahead of us.
the walls of rock on the left. Filipe switches the navigation
system to the highest zoom level to ensure that he can recognize
This marks the start of the challenging part of the day for Filipe,
any hairpin curves in plenty of time. As the passenger, the
and he is looking forward to drifting sideways through the
realistic Google Earth™ graphics give you the impression of
upcoming switchbacks. He says that the view is better that way.
watching your own journey from a bird’s eye perspective.
I decide to look at it like this : He knows the car ; I know the
passes in front of us. That should make us an unbeatable team.
which would allow you to enjoy the winding curves without
Here we go !
PHOTOS : Daniel Wollstein, AUDI AG
All that’s missing is the real-time display of oncoming traffic,
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
The Audi Land of quattro Alpine Tour 2013
marked the eagerly awaited first public appearance
of the Audi Sport quattro concept following the
International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt in 2013.
Exactly 30 years after the presentation of the
legendary Sport quattro, Audi is demonstrating
how the grand quattro tradition can be continued.
With a breathtaking coupe design and plug-in
hybrid drive boasting a system output of 515 kW
(700 hp), this study impresses more than just
fans of the classic car.
Other than the optimal seating position, there is no need
to configure anything. There are no driver assistance systems
anyway, and the only signs of nascent modernity in the
Urquattro are the digital instruments.
Thank goodness there have been no changes to the classic
handbrake, which was to become our most important tool over
the kilometers ahead. Because it goes without saying that
the Urquattro doesn’t drift by itself when driven within the
speed limits on public roads.
Even though a torrential downpour dominates the first few
kilometers on our way up the Grossglockner, the forefather
of all modern quattro models stays firmly on track. Filipe is
2,715 m
view of the spectacular mountain landscape as we drift
through the corners.
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
PHOTOS : Daniel Wollstein, AUDI AG
working the handbrake hard in order to give me the promised
Like all of the other sites for the Audi FIS Ski World Cup, Kitzbühel has been
proclaimed the “Home of quattro” again in 2014. The race on the Streif course was
one of the highlights of the international skiing circuit. The national ski teams
of 15 countries have Audi as a partner. Audi has been the main sponsor of the German
Ski Federation (DSV) for almost 30 years now and extended this partnership until
the 2017/2018 season. The broad-based involvement in winter sports is the ideal stage
for Audi to present sportiness and dynamics to an international audience. The focus
here is on the quattro permanent all-wheel drive system, which demonstrates its qualities
particularly clearly on snow and ice.
appointment and thus decides
halfway up the mountain : No more
fooling around – from now on we are driving fast. When
we get to the top, we also make one last spectacular climb to
the Edelweissspitze, give the Urquattro a bit of a break and
welcome the modern representatives of the quattro clan who
arrive after us.
I am relieved that I have so far managed to keep down
both breakfast and lunch. From here it is almost all downhill.
And then, as the evening sun fights its way through the
clouds, I enjoy the rest of the stage in an open RS 5 Cabriolet.
A video with the highlights of the
Audi Land of quattro Alpine Tour 2013
can be viewed here.
But that’s another story …
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
PHOTOS : Daniel Wollstein, Berthold Dörrich, Jim Rakete
Filipe must have noticed my dis-
The future should be fast, exhilarating and
definitely not boring : I knew from the age of seven,
when I rode along as a passenger in a race car,
how my tomorrow would feel. I sensed that a car
is more than a useful object : It makes life easier,
but above all, much more beautiful.
We can reinforce this idea further today and
tomorrow. With the Audi e-tron plug-in hybrid,
which is more car rather than less. With digital
technologies that turn fans in Kuala Lumpur,
Ingolstadt and Honolulu into neighbors. With Audi
City cyberstores, where I compose my Audi from
hundreds of millions of possibilities. And with high
performance from Audi Sport, which lets me start
up the race car again.
Luca de Meo
/ Marketing and Sales
Mr. de Meo,
what do you focus on today when
you think about tomorrow ?
to the race …
What a racing season that was! In 2013, the Audi teams were facing one of the
greatest challenges in the history of motorsport : leading the current R18 e-tron
quattro to victory while at the same time developing the most complex Audi
endurance race car of all time to conform with the new rules for the 2014 season.
A race against time in eight key steps. This is how it all began.
TEXT : Alexander von Wegner
In July 2012, Audi chose a V6 TDI engine
JULY 2012
in combination with hybrid drive.
and calculating several thousand individual parts.
Audi and its suppliers
began manufacturing the
first components for
the race car in March 2013.
Among the first parts
were transverse links for
the wheel suspension.
MARCH 2013
In December 2012, the engineers at Audi Sport began designing
ur countdown begins in July 2012. With the concept
energy. But let’s get back to July 2012, when all the various
phase for the new R18 e-tron quattro, which is to
possibilities were being considered and sketched out. Meticu-
race in 2014. The development and testing teams
lously, since the new rules leave no margin for error – neither
have to react to the new rules issued by the Fédération Inter-
with the aerodynamics values nor with fuel consumption.
nationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and the Automobile Club
The all-new V6 TDI engine for the 2014 race car is put on the
de l’Ouest (ACO), which place the focus on the vehicles’ effi-
test bench for the first time during the week before Audi’s
ciency. In plain text, the teams are only allowed to consume
12th Le Mans victory in June 2013. Its baptism of fire then
a certain amount of fuel per lap at Le Mans. The object is
comes at Le Castellet in October. Following the concept
now to drive as fast as possible on this limited supply of fuel.
phase, design and parts production, this date marks the start
This is only possible with the help of cutting-edge vehicle
of the countdown’s decisive stage. At first, the new race car
and drive technologies. The new rules allow a certain latitude
is perfectly camouflaged with a film featuring a pattern of black
when it comes to the drive units. A difficult task, even for
and white swirls. “The pressure from the competition is
the experienced Audi Sport engineers in Ingolstadt and
now so high that even the outer appearance needs to be kept
Neckarsulm, who have been designing successful sport proto-
secret,” explains Matthias Huber, an Audi Sport test engineer.
types for 15 years. “There is barely a single screw that we
Every shape, every wing, all of the surfaces and contours
carried over from our championship-winning car from the
reveal something about the best solutions that are the key to
2013 season,” says Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich. “The rules aren’t
optimizing aerodynamic efficiency.
just new ; they force you to reverse your way of thinking,” says
the mechanical engineer, who has headed Audi Motorsport
After testing in Europe, the test team then put the Le Mans
for 20 years and is thus the father of countless successes. High
prototype through its paces on the track at Sebring. With its
performance yield for optimal lap times – that had been one
ancient concrete slabs, the former airport in Florida is a real
of the priorities in motorsport for over a century. Engine out-
boneshaker. “A high mileage is important for reliability,” says
put is no longer a priority for those responsible for the rules.
Huber. The engineer has worked for Audi Sport since 2010.
There aren’t even the usual restrictions on displacement or air
“We are most concerned with the new operating strategy. The
volume to limit output. The only thing limited is the use of
programs and their tuning are much more comprehensive
In October 2013, the first prototype of the new Audi R18 e-tron quattro completed
a function test in which the general operational readiness of the vehicle was checked.
At the wheel : Audi factory driver Lucas di Grassi.
(Left) Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich, Head of Audi Motorsport
(Center) Matthias Huber, Audi Sport test engineer
(Right) Lucas di Grassi, Audi factory driver
than before.” The operating strategy involves the perfect
A numerical example illustrates just how important reli-
interaction of the hybrid systems with the engine in order to
ability is. In 24 hours at Le Mans, an LMP race car covers
take optimal advantage of every racing situation. Today,
a distance that corresponds to an entire Formula 1 season.
this detailed work increasingly involves programming software
Audi has held the record at Le Mans since 2010 with a
that uses algorithms to tightly mesh the engine and the
distance of 5,410.713 kilometers. The R18 e-tron quattro must
hybrid systems. The operating strategy for the entire drive
therefore satisfy exacting requirements. Matthias Huber
system including the TDI engine is uncharted territory. The
knows what is expected of his team : “At the beginning, there
corresponding software and function development is created
were a good 30 engineers and ten mechanics focused on
at Audi itself.
development during the tests. We have to hand over a finished car to the race team at the end of the process.” Bit
Lucas di Grassi is the Audi factory driver who covers the first
by bit the team works through the gigabytes of data that the
kilometers in the new R18 e-tron quattro. “The most important
race car generates about its road behavior.
thing is reliability,” confirms the Brazilian. “Then it comes
down to the details. Among the qualities needed by a test
Time is racing in the first quarter, and with it our countdown.
driver is the ability to give the engineers very precise feedback.
Until the starting light of the first race for the new Audi R18
We have to understand exactly what things are not yet work-
e-tron quattro switches to green at the World Endurance
ing perfectly. We methodically explain these phenomena to
Championship (WEC) opener at Silverstone in April.
the engineers in such a way that they can work in a specific
direction to make the car faster and better balanced while optimizing its reliability. The work with the new energy systems
and their impact is exciting.” The Audi engineers develop extremely complex operating strategies for a wide variety of
curves, racing situations and acceleration scenarios.
After the first function test,
a camouflaged prototype
completed the first test laps
on the track at Le Castellet.
This was followed by further
tests on other racetracks.
On December 8, 2013, Audi published the first studio photo
of the race car. A few days later, the public saw additional
shots of the new Audi R18 e-tron quattro and gained initial
insights into the technical innovations.
Audi won the 24 Hours of Le Mans for the
second time in a row with a hybrid race car
and quattro drive in 2013, thus writing
another chapter of its unparalleled success
story in the world’s most important endurance
and Allan McNish (GB) took the checkered
flag. “Our brand’s 12th victory at Le Mans is
the result of our engineers’ unwavering
The Company presented the new race car to
spirit of innovation, the unconditional dedi­
its guests and invited media representatives
cation of the entire team, and the skill
at the Audi Sport Finale in Ingolstadt on
and strong nerves of our drivers,” emphasized
December 18, 2013.
Prof. Rupert Stadler, Chairman of the
Board of Management of AUDI AG, who as
usual was at Le Mans to watch the race.
car will celebrate its racing premiere
at the 6 Hours of Silverstone, the first
of eight WEC races.
PHOTOS : AUDI AG, Rasmus Kaessmann
On April 20, 2014, the hybrid sports
APRIL 2014
race. Loïc Duval (F), Tom Kristensen (DK)
charm and a
TEXT : Günther Fischer
13 notes per
second: That
makes David
Garrett one of the
fastest violinists
of our time. As a
musician, he
is as comfortable
classical music as
he is rock and pop.
We caught up with
him in Berlin,
where he gave us
an acoustic
interpretation of
the Audi world.
Johann Sebastian Bach, “Air”
from Orchestral Suite No. 3, BWV 1068,
played in pizzicato
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
… connect ?
PHOTOS : Rasmus Kaessmann
… ultra?
Niccolò Paganini,
Caprices No. 1 and
No. 24
… e-tron?
silent power
Johann Sebastian Bach,
Violin Sonata No. 2 in A minor,
BWV 1003, Andante
… Audi?
Johannes Brahms,
Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 77
… tomorrow?
Ludwig van Beethoven,
Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 61,
3rd movement
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
PHOTOS : Rasmus Kaessmann
You use a driver for the most part – do you
even own a car? Two actually. I have an Audi S5
than ever. Without a car, I wouldn’t be able to get
in Berlin and an Audi R8 in New York. Both
to some of the places I play. After all, I always
are great cars and I really enjoy driving them.
have a lot of luggage with me. But that’s only one
Unfortunately, I don’t get to see them very often.
of the reasons. I like traveling by car – it offers the
Are cars still cool ? Definitely. Why would
most comfort. I probably shouldn’t say this, but
that change ? They are still THE symbol of indi-
I even preheat my car when it’s cold outside.
vidual independence. But everyone has to
One advantage is that I am not exposed to such
decide for themselves which car is cool.
large temperature swings,
Do you like to drive yourself ? Absolutely !
and am
But my job gets in the way. You need to have the
time to really enjoy driving a car. At least, that’s
what I think.
Is there anything that you dislike
about driving ? Yes. Parking. Particularly in
New York’s narrow streets. The back-and-forth maneuvering isn’t my thing. It is also embarrassing if it
therefore less likely to
catch a cold. But it’s also comfortable. Extremely comfortable in fact. I also
always have a blanket with me.
Have you ever tried taking
the train or some other form
of transportation ? Train ? No.
Who would drag all my luggage
takes too long. Am I glad I have a garage at home that I
can easily drive into. If there was one thing I would
like to have, it would be a technology that
makes it possible for the car to park itself.
That’s already been around for
a long time. Audi developed
a park assist s ystem with ambient displa y that takes over the
steering when you park. Really ?
around ? The only exception was last
I didn’t know that. Then I want to have
summer. Since I was playing some
that in my car right away ...
outdoor concerts, we rented a caravan
and parked it right next to the stage.
That actually wasn’t bad – I had all my
things right there and could slip into the
How unusual was it for you to
acousticall y translate concepts
from the world of Audi ? It was
certainly something new. Acoustic visualiza-
warmth every now and then.
tion is a real challenge because music has so
How was your driving test ? No big deal.
many different facets. And since it’s not possi-
I only studied for four hours before taking
the theory exam. And I passed my
test first time! I was thrilled with
myself. As I remember, my instructor’s name was Mr. Saint – perhaps
that had something to do with
it ? (laughs) But I was also under
pressure because I had a
girlfriend in Holland back then
and really wanted to visit her.
Your first car was ... ?
... a VW Golf III. It was a
ble to see sounds, I really had to think about
which pieces would fit. It was fun.
When asked about the future
and how “tomorrow”
feels, you pla yed a short
excerpt from Beethoven’s
Violin Concerto. Is there
a particular reason why ?
Beethoven’s Violin Concerto was
ahead of its time. It wasn’t until
1844 – 17 years after his death –
that it had its breakthrough when it
special edition called the Bon Jovi.
was performed with orchestra by
Volkswagen was sponsoring their
13-year-old Joseph Joachim under the
tour and the car actually got its name
from the rock band. I gave it to my mother at
some point and she still has it. It just goes and goes and goes.
direction of Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy.
Since then, it has become one of the most important compositions for violin.
Mr. Garrett, you once said your car is pretty
much your home. Is that still true ? More
La passione
Seven top managers, seven bikes, all red:
The Ducati management team traveled to their first
Audi Management Conference in Munich on two wheels.
A statement. And a declaration of love to their brand.
TEXT : Kerrin Nausch
The Ducati management team shortly before
starting off (from right to left):
Claudio Domenicali (CEO), Diego Sgorbati
(Director Motorcycle Related Products),
Andrea Forni (Director Product Development),
Andrea Gesi (Quality Director),
Cristiano Silei (Vice President Sales & Marketing)
At 9 a.m. they depart in front of the Ducati corporate head­
of the Audi Group – a relationship that can only be described as
quarters in Borgo Panigale, a city district of Bologna. The motor­
perfect. Because what the Audi and Ducati brands have in com­
cycles are ready to start. Everyone is in a great mood. They
mon is not only a fascination for pioneering technology and emo­
are finally right up close to the product again and can give free
tionally charged products, but also the people behind them –
rein to the horsepower within. They are all looking forward to
according to Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI AG
this tour because it also bonds their management team together.
Prof. Rupert Stadler. And what does Ducati’s management have
As passionate motorcyclists, they naturally chose a route
to say to that ? At first nothing. They are on the road. In June
that also challenges their biking skills. They drive 200 of the
2013, seven of the 15 top managers at Ducati chose not to take
total 600 kilometers off the freeways, riding on country roads
an airplane to the first joint management conference ; they rode
through the Alps instead – preferably the tightest and most
their motorcycles there instead.
winding routes. Along the way, the squadra rossa attracts atten­
tion. The seven red beauties traveling in a line are drawing
It was Claudio Domenicali’s idea to use this first meeting with
crowds. A group of Japanese immediately begins to take photos.
their new Group colleagues to demonstrate a passionate com­
This pleases Domenicali especially. Because Japan is the biggest
mitment to the brand. The CEO did not have to persuade his fellow
motorcycle manufacturer worldwide. Even when they take a
managers. “We didn’t hesitate at all ; we immediately agreed.
quick break to drink an espresso, the gentlemen attract atten­
Because Claudio’s idea shows how we think. We don’t just come
tion – clothed from head to foot in their stylish but functional
here to work. Even riding a motorcycle is part of our DNA,”
Ducati motorcycle gear.
explains Cristiano Silei, Vice President of Sales & Marketing.
PHOTOS : Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A.
Escort or admirer?
Since July 2012, Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A. has been a member
The mother of all naked bikes has countless fans.
The new Monster 1200 was launched in 2013. On the
global community page monstertales.ducati.com,
proud Ducatisti share their best Monster stories, experi-
Claudio Domenicali,
CEO Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A.
A brief check of the route:
Which roads have the most curves?
PHOTOS : Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A.
ences, photos and videos.
Former Racing Director and now CEO Claudio Domenicali also leads his team on the road.
They reach their destination Munich at
4 p.m. The welcome they receive exceeds
all expectations. Their German Group col­
leagues are so impressed that they spon­
taneously park the seven bikes in front
of the evening event location. Without
asking the Ducati managers. Every par­
ticipant passes by the gleaming chrome
guard of honor. The next day, it is not just the Ducati manage­
ment that takes the stage at the meeting. Their motorcycles are,
of course, on stage too. As they present themselves, their vision
and the video footage they shot during the trip and edited over­
night, everyone is captivated. “Our colleagues celebrated us like
rock stars,” recalls Cristiano Silei.
This is precisely the sort of enthusiasm that defines the brand.
Genuine enthusiasm. The kind that cannot be acted out or made
up. Everyone in Borgo Panigale puts their heart and soul into
their job – from the engineers to the marketing department and
the assembly workers in production. Everyone lives Ducati
here. Everyone is authentic here. And fans across the globe feel
this too. The fans live the brand and its world just as passion­
ately as the people who design and build it. That is why they are
not referred to as customers, but as Ducatisti. They proudly
personalize their bikes – no two motorcycles are the same ; every­
one wants a customized machine. This is something the top
managers share with the brand’s fans as well. Claudio Domenicali
rode his own Hypermotard 821 on the trip to Munich, while
Cristiano Silei took his own Multistrada Pikes Peak.
In July 2013, the 1199 Panigale S was named
“Best of the Best” at the red dot design awards.
The jury of this design competition – one of
the world’s largest and most prestigious – named
the superbike winner of the Product Design
category out of 4,662 entries.
Claudio Domenicali,
CEO Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A.
But it is not just the passion that makes Ducati and Audi such a
good match. There are already numerous parallels today. They
both play a leading role and exhibit high expertise in lightweight
construction. Many years of know­how in engine development,
cutting­edge design and uncompromising quality of workmanship.
Chief engineer Andrea Forni sees great potential for knowledge
transfer regarding technologies that are normally the domain of
carmaking. Some examples are direct fuel injection, electroni­
cally controlled parts that are still implemented mechanically
in motorcycles, such as the water pump – and above all the
processing and use of carbon fiber. In return, Audi benefits from
the wealth of experience that Ducati offers in high rev ranges of
up to 18,000 rpm, which require extreme minimization of friction
and very special material selection.
Quality Director Andrea Gesi draws a parallel between the weather
conditions during the ride to Munich – with sun, rain, wind and
even snow on the mountain peaks – and the company’s history,
which has sometimes been just as challenging. Various owners
stirred up a lot of turbulence in the last 20 years. He is therefore
all the more pleased that the company’s affiliation with the
Audi Group allows intensive knowledge transfer in the quality area.
Such a relationship will also let the company continue to build
motorcycles for racing, which represents the heart of Ducati’s DNA.
The unbending will to constantly measure oneself and to be
better than the competition is the driving force that makes such
technical masterpieces as the 1199 Superleggera possible.
Claudio Domenicali’s eyes light up as he talks about this light­
weight wonder, whose dry weight is just 155 kilograms and
Monocoque frame and forged magnesium
Marchesini wheels. Shock absorbers with titanium
which has a huge lead over the competition. And one thing be­
comes clear. There is more than just passion at play here.
Love. True love.
springs. Akrapovic titanium exhaust. Pistons
with just two piston rings. Carbon-fiber backframe
and fairing. The new performance beauty, the
1199 Superleggera, lives up to its name. It is superlight at a dry weight of 155 kilograms. And a
power output of more than 149 kW (200 hp) also
makes it superfast and super desirable : All
500 bikes of the limited edition series have already
been sold.
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
PHOTOS : Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A., AUDI AG
Not to be overlooked: The new colleagues from Bologna have arrived.
Hugh Jackman is Wolverine. Hugh Jackman is an Audi brand ambassador.
And in the movie “The Wolverine” the hero drives an Audi R8 Spyder.
A perfect mix of dream man, dream car and superhero. For us, it was also
the perfect basis for an interview of a different kind.
TEXT : Boris Ziefle
Hollywood blockbusters, with bulging muscles and
designer stubble. But how does 2008’s “Sexiest Man
Alive” see himself ? And how does his love for his
wife of 18 years, Deborra, influence his work ? The
star of Wolverine reveals all this and gives us a peek
into his soul, which – hard as it is to believe – makes
You can watch the
trailer of the movie
“The Wolverine” here.
him seem like an even bigger superhero.
What drives you ?
“My family. My wife and children are the
most important people. Recently I have been
working non-stop, so now I am about to take
a few months off and be a husband and father.”
What are your strengths ?
“I think my best personal strength
is my focus. When I put my mind
to something I will do my very best
to achieve that goal.”
How would you
describe yourself ?
“Skinny ! I know women, like my wife,
always say ‘we don’t want to hear that,’
but I have always been skinny. I have
to work at bulking up.”
What are your plans
for the future ?
“My immediate plans are to make
lunch. In 2014 I have a few scripts
I am looking at, but I’m not ready
to announce just yet.”
What makes
you feel safe ?
“My wife. Deb is my best friend, my confidante,
my love, my life.”
What type of sports
do you enjoy ?
“I love all kinds of sports. Love soccer but also
love the NFL. I love the Sundays when I can watch
the games. I myself play soccer and tennis.”
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
PHOTOS : AUDI AG, picture alliance, Shutterstock
We know Hugh Jackman as the tough guy in those
Audi R8 Spyder
Audi R8 Spyder
When the Audi R8 Spyder appears on the screen in
“The Wolverine,” every moviegoer will realize that
this film has some extraordinary characters to offer.
Powerful. Dynamic. Extrovert.
Howlett, or as he calls himself : Logan. A mutant
if ever there were one. With an indestructible skeleton, retractable claws and an incredible ability
to recover from injuries. He’s torn between his desire
to be human, and a compulsion to seek revenge
on his enemies.
“A 5.2-liter V10 FSI engine with an
output of 386 kW (525 hp).”
“My individuality, my boundless
power and my origin : the racetrack.”
“Infinite endurance,
superhuman powers and reflexes.”
“Pure aesthetics : My external appearance
is powerfully defined by clear lines which
lend me extraordinary sportiness.”
“Rather hairy.”
“I want to win people over with
my incredible dynamics. And become
a classic for the ages.”
“My ceramic brakes, my S tronic
for lightning-fast shifting,
my Audi magnetic ride adaptive
damping system ...”
“My powers of self-healing
come in quite handy.”
“I love everything that has to do with
performance, dynamics and speed. With or
without limits. But preferably without.”
“Mutant triathlons : claw-dueling,
bullet-swallowing, revenge-taking.”
Wolverine, also known by his civilian name James
The sky is the limit
He’s a perfectionist. He is pole vault world champion.
And still just a regular 24-year-old: Raphael Holzdeppe.
On one of the most complicated sports in the world,
the high-tech tools of his trade and his big dream.
PHOTOS : Steffen Jänicke
TEXT : Kerrin Nausch
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
Raphael Holzdeppe comes across as very relaxed when we meet
way across Europe, driving from competition to competition.
him at the Olympic Training Center in Leverkusen. And ex-
To Paris, Lausanne, Prague and Rome. Holzdeppe does the
tremely likeable. Although the 24-year-old from Kaiserslautern
driving. He loves the sensation of speed. And music – the system
would be more inclined to describe himself as laid back or
is playing hip-hop. Today, they are transporting a precious cargo :
chilled. And he has every reason to do so. Not simply because
On the roof rack of the black A7 Sportback, Holzdeppe and
he became pole vault world champion on August 12, 2013 in
Johnson have fitted a long tube containing several carbon-fiber
Moscow. But also because he has learned to deal with pressure
poles belonging to the junior team. Each of those poles costs
and with the high expectations riding on him. In 2008, he set
anything up to 1,000 euros. They are one of the main success
a junior world record of 5.80 meters at the age of 18. Things
factors. Their composition is a closely guarded secret known
didn’t go so smoothly in the wake of that achievement. Too
only to the manufacturers.
much pressure, too much partying and too little focus on the
sport. Holzdeppe recognized that. And turned things around.
His reward : Olympic bronze in London in 2012. And now the
Chauncey Johnson explains to us why that is so. The pole vault
first ever world championship gold for the German pole vaulting
is the only discipline where a piece of sports equipment
team. He is the face of this unconventional extreme sport.
absorbs the energy of the athlete and then releases it again
And a star in Germany. “My whole life suddenly exploded,”
so that the athlete can convert it into height. The composition
he remarks with a laugh. But this isn’t just any flight of fancy.
of the pole’s material is crucial. Raphael Holzdeppe catapults
He has matured into a true professional.
himself over the bar using 5.15-meter-long carbon-fiber
he jumps with the aid of carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer
Despite nursing an injury, Raphael Holzdeppe and his South
portions of glass fiber. “For a technically proficient jumper
African trainer, Chauncey Johnson, are off to attend NetAachen
like myself, carbon fiber makes more sense than glass fiber
Domspringen, the final competition of the season. He has
because the poles are lighter, so the uncoiling is much more
promised to be there. As so often, the pair take to the road in
explosive,” explains Holzdeppe.
comprising around 60 percent carbon fiber and smaller pro-
Holzdeppe’s A7 Sportback. This season they have made their
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
PHOTOS : Steffen Jänicke, AUDI AG
poles with varying degrees of hardness. Or to be more precise,
A very similar activity to pole vaulting
is river jumping. Before there were bridges,
people used poles of three to five meters in
length to cross rivers. In the Netherlands,
“fierljeppen” is still a popular national sport.
The 26th “Nationale Fierljep Manifestatie”
will take place on July 26, 2014. Every year
the river-jumping competition organized by
the “Fierljepforiening It Heidenskip” attracts
crowds of visitors to the venue in the
province of Friesland. www.fierljeppe.nl
Raphael Holzdeppe
Dr.-Ing. Karl Durst, 34, developer at the Audi Lightweight Design Center, regards
the poles as a prime example of what can be achieved with carbon fiber. “We
exploit the same attributes as the pole vaulter when designing cars: Poles and cars
are lighter and the energy can be passed on much more effectively, which is
essential for survival in the event of a car accident. In poles, the more rigid carbon
fibers act like a powerful spring and produce a much greater catapult effect. Audi
even goes one step further in also using lightweight materials such as aluminum
and magnesium because of the wide variety of complex requirements that a car has
to meet.”
Raphael Holzdeppe
He lives for pole vaulting.
As a sign of his dedication to the sport, he
has had the silhouette of a pole vaulter
tattooed on his right upper arm.
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
PHOTOS : Steffen Jänicke, picture alliance
Holzdeppe loves driving to pole vaulting
competitions in his A7 Sportback.
The more relaxing his journey, the better he
feels during the competition.
Chauncey Johnson describes how not just the material, but
In Aachen, Holzdeppe is an accessible hero. He patiently signs
above all the athlete’s dynamism and jumping technique are
autographs and poses with the mascot of the cult event where
the key to those vital few centimeters. Holzdeppe has been
the participants jump to music blasted out by a DJ, right in the
working with him in Munich for a little over a year. He talks
heart of the city between the Cathedral and the City Hall.
of body weight, vectors and acceleration, C and I positions, and
the importance of “using your momentum.” What he means is :
He relishes his new-found popularity. But remains approachable
“If you can load plenty
of energy onto your pole
through a high approach
speed, you’ll jump higher.”
ask him about his goals for next year his eyes light up with ambi-
throughout and is careful not to steal the limelight. When we
tion. His personal best is 5.91 meters. The dream height for
dently : “I know I can jump 6.00 meters. That’s right at the top
of my targets for 2014.”
At the end of our conversation, Holzdeppe falls silent when we
ask a personal question. We are curious to know more about
And Raphael Holzdeppe is fast. His average speed is 9.9 meters
his tattoos. A tattoo on his right upper arm shows a pole vault-
per second ; that is equivalent to 36 kilometers per hour and
er in silhouette. Since his first Olympic appearance in 2008 in
makes him the fastest athlete on the international pole vault
Beijing, an Olympic flag has adorned his left arm. What
scene. Then there is Holzdeppe’s streak of perfectionism – time
motif is he planning next to celebrate the biggest achievement
and time again he works with Johnson to hone his jumping
of his career ? He smiles to himself, looks briefly up to the sky –
technique. For each jump, he performs up to 28 different indi-
and gives nothing away. Our suggestion : 6.00 meters.
vidual movements within less than two seconds, meaning they
all have to be executed instinctively. Johnson regards the
pole vault as a test of courage where you can only succeed on
“autopilot.” Holzdeppe agrees : “In competition, it’s 95 percent
in the mind. You won’t succeed if you don’t have a clear head.”
Watch the World
Championship jump.
The pole vault final at the World Championships in Moscow was one of the most exciting
ever. While Holzdeppe cleared the bar at 5.89 meters at his first attempt, his French challenger
Renaud Lavillenie aimed for 5.96 meters but brought the bar down three times.
all pole vaulters is 6.00 meters. Holzdeppe declares confi-
PHOTO : Olaf Hauschulz
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
Milestone anniversaries unite the past and present, and
pave the way to the future. And so it makes sense that, to
mark its 50th anniversary, Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. is
presenting a real highlight. Maurizio Reggiani, Head of Research and
Development at Lamborghini, has invited us on a no-holds-barred anniversary
excursion in the Gallardo Squadra Corse, the sportiest model ever in this highly
TEXT : Damiano Fedeli
successful line. Fasten your seat belts, please !
A perfect November morning is dawning in Italy’s Emilia
Romagna : There’s a cold crispness in the air and beauty
all around. The fields agleam with frost are surrounded by
the snow-covered peaks of the Apennine Mountains. This
is where the fervent heart of the Lamborghini bulls beats.
Unfailingly powerful and wild, for 50 legendary years.
And to put it in terms of horsepower : wilder than ever !
The Gallardo LP 570-4 Squadra Corse, the fastest Lamborghini
in the Gallardo family, is the car that awaits us for this exceptional anniversary excursion today. A spin on the roads surrounding the Lamborghini headquarters, on the secret test
track where new models have always been able to show just
what they’re made of.
The headquarters is located in Sant’Agata Bolognese, halfway
between Modena and Bologna, on the same spot where Ferruccio
Lamborghini (1916–1993) founded his adventurous company
a good 50 years ago. Starting out with a tractor factory, he
ultimately realized his true dream : manufacturing sports cars.
The brand with the bull emblem has been part of the Audi
Group since 1998. Taurus was Ferruccio Lamborghini’s zodiac
sign, which is why even today the models are still named
after famous bulls.
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
PHOTOS : Olaf Hauschulz
Lamborghini chief developer Maurizio Reggiani has shaped
the technology and design of these supercars since 1996.
Research and Development at the company, who meets with
us to talk about what makes the Lamborghini brand so typically
Italian, so uncompromising and so exclusive. How experiences
from the brand’s 50-year history accompany Lamborghini on its
journey to the future. How they ensure that Lamborghini is
always among the frontrunners in the world of supercars. It
began with a very sporty understanding of competition ...
Behind the wheel of the Squadra Corse, Reggiani demonstrates
straight away what it feels like on the road. And we’re off to
Castelfranco Emilia. At first, traffic keeps coming to a halt, but
the bull can also be quite well-mannered. “The Squadra Corse
has a motorsport-inspired e-gear transmission with shift paddles
on the steering wheel. There are three settings to choose
from : ‘Strada’ provides pure driving pleasure under normal
conditions ; ‘Sport’ takes it up a notch in terms of aggressiveness ; and ‘Corsa’ is the most extreme setting, capable of
taking the vehicle to its limits.”
“IN 1963,
“You can clearly feel the Lamborghini DNA,” explains Reggiani.
“We manufacture the most extreme cars there are, and we
never cease to amaze with our successful efforts to further
develop the supercar concept.”
It all started with the 350 GT. “It was a company debut of
sorts. Lamborghini created this model with a fantastic team :
Gian Paolo Dallara, Paolo Stanzani and Giotto Bizzarrini.” The
Miura with its alluring design followed in 1966 : “A stylistic
masterpiece by Marcello Gandini,” continues the chief developer.
“These cars have to be heard as well as seen,” Reggiani stresses.
And he’s right. The sonorous roar of the V12 engines takes your
breath away. “With its mid-mounted engine and transmission
stand up front, the Countach, manufactured between 1974
and 1990, was also an absolute novelty in terms of design
and technology, with an all-round innovative layout. A signature that finds its logical continuation in the Diablo and the
Murciélago. Yet another milestone was the Gallardo in 2003.
With its V10 engine and a chassis made completely of aluminum.”
We learn all of this from Maurizio Reggiani (55), Head of
Near Riolo, we come upon a second Lamborghini in the lane
next to ours, a brand-new Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster : aggressive styling and a V12 engine, the top model in the line.
“The Aventador is an exquisite cross between luxury and power,
but thanks to a body made almost entirely of carbon fiber, it
actually skips a generation.”
Continuous innovation has been
a recurring theme over these
50 years : The V12 engine, for
instance, has always been an
in terms of power and technology.
The heart of the Lamborghini
Aventador is a new development in lightweight construction
and the most powerful production V12 ever fitted in a
Lamborghini. Or the materials research being conducted by
Lamborghini at a lab in Seattle in collaboration with the University
of Washington. Here, work is being done on the development
of composite materials such as carbon fiber. And then of course
there’s the continuous exchange with Audi. This alliance is a
complete success, as demonstrated by more than just the
rising sales figures. “Audi and Lamborghini both share common
values. This allowed us to maintain our DNA while converging
with each other with respect to different technologies.”
As we navigate the hairpin turns of the Apennines, the road
takes a steep upward incline toward Zocca, near Modena. And
as we climb, our thoughts are drawn to the challenges the
future will bring. Lamborghini produces special limited-edition
models such as the Veneno. “We make full use of our designers’
creativity so that we have something to offer at every car show
and can surprise the experts : The Veneno is a tribute to the 50th
anniversary,” says Reggiani. Not forgetting the development
of the Gallardo successor, the Huracán LP 610-4, of course.
On the straightaway, the V10 engine in the Squadra Corse
demonstrates its explosive power. The sun is setting and lights
illuminate the details of the interior, the red and black of the
sporty leather. “Every centimeter of every Lamborghini is made
by experienced craftspeople. And at the same time, it is a
concentrate of cutting-edge technology.” A perfect combination
that suits customers. This is also thanks to the “ad personam”
customization program, which allows customers to configure
every detail to match their personal taste.
And now this extraordinary bull must return to its shed. One
last red light, and next to it a small boy who excitedly pulls
on his mother’s hand : “Mamma, Mamma, un Lamborghini !”
That’s how it’s been for 50 years. And the way it will be for
50 years to come. Whenever these fervent-hearted bulls
come into view ...
Driving pleasure that pushes the limits of what’s possible ...
... while remaining very safe on the road. That’s Lamborghini.
Here, you can see for yourself how exciting it feels. The video
shows our anniversary spin with chief developer Maurizio
Reggiani from the driver’s perspective.
Fuel consumption and emission figures at the end of the Annual Report
PHOTO : Olaf Hauschulz
icon. It is a constant frontrunner
Unveiled in Geneva in 2003.
The Gallardo Spyder was added
to the line in 2005 and the Gallardo
Superleggera in 2007. In 2008,
the second Gallardo generation
was launched, with new front and
rear styling and a new engine
developing 412 kW (560 hp).
32 model versions of the Gallardo
were built until production ceased
in November 2013. With a total of
13,992 cars made, the Gallardo is
one of the world’s most successful
supercars and an icon of
Italian design.
From Heaven
Green Hell
TEXT : Boris Ziefle
PHOTOS : © Red Bull Stratos, Bernhard Spöttel
He is the boldest conqueror of new worlds.
Felix Baumgartner, the man who jumped
to Earth from space. His latest adventure is yet
another extraordinary challenge. From space
to race. Without a parachute. A 24-hour race at
the Nürburgring. In an Audi R8 LMS ultra.
Car mechanic. Soldier. Boxer. Stratospheric skydiver. The path
Jackie Stewart, who coined the term, once called it “a many-
taken by Felix Baumgartner is not a straightforward one,
armed monster.” In comparison, it makes a jungle expedition
but instead has been marked by many changes in direction.
seem like a walk in the park. When Baumgartner first met
This isn’t because he can’t finish things. On the contrary,
with the engineers from Audi, there was a sense of harmony
it’s because he is so irresistibly drawn to challenges. Because
based on perfectionism. “I find the diligence with which
he is addicted to them. And then he will move heaven and
Audi approaches projects fascinating. We’re completely on the
earth to complete them. Once he has reached his goal, he
same wavelength here.” The string of successes proves it.
concludes that chapter of his life and seeks out completely
In the last few years, the Audi R8 LMS ultra alone has won a
new terrain. That’s not without risk, since he is continuously
spot on the winner’s podium 550 times out of 800 starts.
exposing himself to the possibility of failure. But he is
Now Baumgartner will be taking the wheel. He is certainly one
persistent. And this is how Felix Baumgartner lives his life.
of the most prominent drivers who has taken part in the Audi
If he decides to tackle something, he’s all in. Then he plans
race experience, but every customer essentially has a chance
it down to the smallest detail in order to reduce the risk
to be part of the Audi customer racing team – as long as they
of failure to a minimum. And now comes Audi. Baumgartner
have the required qualification and a racing license. Baumgartner
and Audi – a perfect match from the first moment. Meticulous
is now a proud member of this team. “The professionalism of
planning, unbridled forethought. This is the world of Felix
the Audi race experience is impressive. The people here simply
Baumgartner. His latest project takes him to the Nürburgring
know that, in this kind of sport, every detail counts.”
and into the cockpit of an Audi R8 LMS ultra. He swaps his
space suit for a race suit so he can drive with the Audi race
experience in the legendary 24-hour race on the “Nordschleife.”
For this reason, Baumgartner is training just as obsessively
as he did for his stratospheric jump from space and his first
professional boxing match. For him, nothing could be worse
When Felix Baumgartner heard about the offer from the Audi
than feeling he did not get the most out of himself and his
race experience, he agreed to it immediately. He sees becoming
Audi when it is all over. He knows that he has a strong partner
a race driver as the next logical step in his life. He has practi-
in this race car and a strong team behind him, and that
cally no experience with racing, and all he knows about the
the rest is up to him. It’s a massive challenge. Just the way
Nürburgring is what he has seen on television. Only the gutsiest
he loves them.
drivers dare to take on the “Green Hell,” as the track is known.
You can find further information on the project and follow
Felix Baumgartner’s preparations on the Audi motorsport website :
PHOTOS : Bernhard Spöttel
Felix Baumgartner
How does
your tomorrow
feel, …
… Ms. Saul ?
“My tomorrow already starts today, because we must shape our future
now. This is the only way it can turn out the way we imagine. Exciting
yet secure. Expansive yet familiar. Modern yet full of warmth. Bright
and free of worry. A life with all of the advantages that bring progress,
in harmony with our environment. My tomorrow is progressive, fun
and, above all, clever.”
Katrin Saul is an author and lives on Ibiza and in London. For us, she took to the road in
the Danish hub of design and sustainability, Copenhagen.
… Mr. Rakete ?
“Worrisome. Nonetheless, to paraphrase Willy
Brandt : You shouldn’t worry about the future ; it’s far
better to shape it.”
… Mr. Dörrich?
“When I consider that in two days, our tomorrow will already have become yesterday,
that helps put some of the hype about the future into perspective. I therefore prefer to
take a relaxed approach, and I enthusiastically make use of the new possibilities that
innovative technologies already offer me today. And apart from that, I enjoy recounting
in retrospect what has, today, become of yesterday’s tomorrow.”
Author Berthold Dörrich lives in Stuttgart. For the Annual Report, the Presenting Editor of the classic and
sports car magazine OCTANE participated in the “Audi Land of quattro Alpine Tour 2013.”
PHOTOS : Private shots of the photographers and authors
Jim Rakete lives in Berlin. For the Annual Report, the photographer
took portraits of the Board of Management of AUDI AG.
“I live very much in the here and now. For my photography this means that I am
delighted at every technical evolution. They help us to develop new possibilities
for composition, to visualize new worlds and to show the unseen. The technology is,
however, of secondary importance ; it is just a tool. A good photograph is always
a combination of ideas, talent, instinct, personal experience and passion. It is created
in the mind and not in the computer. And that will never change.”
Olaf Hauschulz lives in Hamburg. He specializes in the photography of cars and accompanied us
to Lamborghini in Italy.
… Mr. Hauschulz ?
… Ms. Philippi ?
“To me, tomorrow – the future – feels like this : I imagine an enormous city
in which everything is very quiet, where the noise is turned off and the air
is as clear as it is in the Alps. I find the idea extremely eerie and extremely
natural at the same time. In the future, no one will want to have to deal
with exhaust emissions or trash anymore. Both of these things will almost
magically disappear.”
Anne Philippi lives as an author in Los Angeles where she took to the road for us in
an Audi A3 e­tron, in a place where sustainability is a part of the lifestyle.
… Mr. Kaessmann ?
“Difficult question, and one I’ve actually been trying to get away from for years.
Instead, I prefer to increasingly ask myself : How does today feel ? After all, only
‘Now’ is it possible to influence ‘Tomorrow.’ But since ‘Tomorrow’ is really just
a new ‘Now,’ and ‘Now’ feels extremely satisfied, happy, positive and optimistic,
shouldn’t it follow that ‘Tomorrow’ also feels this way ?”
Photographer Rasmus Kaessmann lives in Munich. He captured David Garrett’s virtuoso violin
performance in Berlin with his camera.
… Ms. Luckmann ?
“We’ll only know that at the moment when ‘Tomorrow’ turns into ‘Now’ …,
since our ‘Tomorrow’ consists of an undefined mixture of seized oppor­
tunities, coincidence, luck and destiny that one can perhaps influence, but
cannot possibly control.”
Anke Luckmann has photographed many famous personalities. The photographer lives
in Barcelona and was the perfect choice for the photo shoot with Prof. Rupert Stadler and
Pep Guardiola in Munich’s Allianz Arena.
Audi Group Key Figures
2012 1)
Change in %
Automotive segment
Motorcycles segment
Cars 2)
15,734 3)
Deliveries to customers
Automotive segment
Audi brand
– 5.0
Outside Germany
Lamborghini brand
Other Volkswagen Group brands
– 2.1
Motorcycles segment
16,786 3)
16,786 3)
EUR million
EUR million
– 2.5
Operating profit
EUR million
– 6.2
Profit before tax
EUR million
– 10.5
Profit after tax
EUR million
– 7.7
Operating return on sales
Return on sales before tax
Return on investment
Ratio of investments in property, plant and
equipment 5)
Cash flow from operating activities
EUR million
Net cash flow 6)
EUR million
Balance sheet total (Dec. 31)
EUR million
Equity ratio (Dec. 31)
Ducati brand
Financial figures were adjusted to take account of the revised IAS 19
Including vehicles built in China by the joint venture FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Company, Ltd., Changchun
Since acquisition of the Ducati Group in July 2012
EBITDA = operating profit + balance from depreciation/amortization, impairment losses (reversals) on property, plant and equipment and intangible
assets, capitalized development costs, financial assets, leasing and rental assets and investment property as per the Cash Flow Statement
Ratio of investments in property, plant and equipment/intangible assets (excluding capitalized development costs) to revenue
Net cash flow before changes in participations
Financial Calendar
Quarterly Report, 1st quarter 2014 // May 5, 2014
Annual General Meeting // May 22, 2014, Audi Forum Ingolstadt
Interim Financial Report // August 1, 2014
Quarterly Report, 3rd quarter 2014 // November 3, 2014
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Financial Communication/
Financial Analysis
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