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Congratulation on your new DEFA WarmUp system
DEFA WarmUp warms the car and makes it easy to start, just as if it had already been driven a few miles. In a convenient,
safe and efficient way, DEFA WarmUp ensures that warm, happy drivers are also sage and environmentally friendly - Two
important factors that have helped make us world leaders on the market.
DEFA WarmUp is a simple, user-friendly system, operated by a control unit. By pressing a few buttons, the driver can make
sure the car is easy to start, the temperature inside is comfortable and that the battery is always fully charged throughout
the winter.
Environmentally friendly cars are becoming increasingly important to manufactures and environment-conscious car owners.
Regardless of its quality, if an engine is cold, it will produce higher exhaust emissions and consume more petrol. Only a
preheated engine can quickly heat up the catalytic converter and reduce emissions to any significant degree. As an added
benefit, a preheated engine uses far less petrol, is easier to start and is less subject to wear and tear.
DEFA Futura
DEFA Termina
DEFA MultiCharger
DEFA MultiPlug
DEFA SafeStart
Date: 15.02.2011
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DEFA WarmUp custom tailored car heating.
DEFA WarmUp is a 230V module-based vehicle heating system consisting of an engine heater (SafeStart), an interior heater
(Termina), a battery charger (MultiCharger 1203) and a control unit/timer (Futura).
1. Engine heater - Warms the engine, both saving money and protecting the environment. Warm engines use less petrol
and emit considerably less CO2 than cold engines. The engine heater is unique for your vehicle and must be ordered
2. Interior heater - Ensures a comfortable cabin temperature and ice free windows.
3. Control unit - Easy to program, starts your DEFA WarmUp at the time you want, thus saving energy. The outside
temperature can guide the starting time in Auto mode.
4. Battery charger - Ensures that the battery is fully charged at all times. All the energy consuming equipment of most
modern cars – electrically heated rear windows, heated seats, heated mirrors, car stereo etc. – means that the time spent
driving to and from work is often not sufficient to charge the battery.
DEFA MiniPlug - The whole system is connected via the DEFA MiniPlug.
Termina - Interior heater.
DEFA WarmUp is available in two Termina versions. Termina 1400W and Termina 2000W interior heater. Both interior
heaters got a 3 step power switch. Off, Step I and Step II.
The interior heater uses a PTC (PTC= Positive Temperature Coefficient) heating element, which adjusts the output
depending on the temperature of the incoming air. As the interior warms up, the output is reduced and as a result the
power consumption is also reduced. The interior heater has an automatic overheating fuse. If this fuse cuts out, it can be
reset by unplugging the heater and leaving it disconnected until it cools off (approximately 30 minutes). There is also a
regular fuse for additional safety.
If this fuse melts, the heater must be returned to the factory for repair. To determine which fuse has been activated, please
refer to the troubleshooting table. The interior heater is mounted inside the car with a specially designed mounting bracket.
The interior heater can easily be removed from its bracket by pulling it in the direction of the airflow. It is mounted by
pushing the round rear of the interior heater onto the bracket.
MultiCharger 1203 - Battery charger.
The electronic battery charger has the following characteristics:
• Charging current 3A at 12V.
• Power distribution to engine and interior heater.
• Advanced, battery friendly technology allows continuous operation.
• Integrated relay for switching engine and interior heater on and off.
• Temperature compensated charging voltage.
• Splashproof (IP 44).
• Light indication during charging.
The battery charger functions independently of the start timer for the car heating system. The charger switches to
maintenance mode when the battery is fully charged. It can also be used to advantage in the summer. The LED at the top
of the charger is illuminated when the charger is charging with full effect. It is not illuminated during maintenance mode.
The LED blinks when switching from charging to maintenance mode. This means that the LED will be illuminated when
connected to 230V if the battery has been without charge for approximately 10 minutes.
Using the Futura control unit.
The control unit in the DEFA WarmUp ensures that the car is warm at the required time. The unit has 2 individual pick-up
times for every 24-hour, suitable for car owners using the car at the same time every day.
In addition to being an advanced control unit for the DEFA WarmUp, the unit is equipped with a number of other functions.
The control unit displays the outside temperature, it has an ice warning device and it shows the battery voltage/charging
The display lighting on the unit is lit when the engine is running or when one of the buttons is pressed.
Pick-up times is the time the car will be used.
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Function of the buttons - Function button
For each hit on the button the unit displays:
• 24 hour clock.
• * Battery voltage.
• Drive-away time I - Default 08:00.
• * Outside temperature in °C
• Drive-away time II - Default 16:00
If the battery voltage and outside temperature are not
displayed, an outside temperature sensor is not installed. In this
case, the time-program controller will alternate between 24 h
clock, departure time I anddeparture time II each time the
button is pressed.
Arrow buttons
Used for setting the time and programming the drive-away times. Pressing both arrow buttons at the same time puts the
control unit into programming mode and the display digits blink. The left arrow button adjusts the time backward and the
right arrow button forward.
Heat button
The heat button is used to choose between several preprogrammed heating programs. For each hit on the
button the control unit varies between the following heating
Automatic switch-on controlled by the outside
ON time 1 hour before selected drive-away time
ON time 2 hours before selected drive-away time.
ON time 3 hours before selected drive-away
DEFA Warm Up ON.
DEFA Warm Up OFF (no symbol in the
Temperature-controlled automatic switch-on.
When Automatic switch-on is selected, the sensor will take the
outside temperature and decide the correct switch-on time in
relation to the programmed drive away time. Lower temperatures
require longer warming up periods to reach the required engine
and interior temperatures. The graph D shows the on-time in
minutes at different outside temperatures. Note that the on-time
is always related to programmed drive away time.
Date: 15.02.2011
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At 0°C the control unit switches on the DEFA WarmUp 75
minutes before drive away time. During this period the
engine temperature increases by approximately 30°C
At -17°C or colder the DEFA WarmUp is switched on
180 minutes before drive away time and the engine
temperature increases by approximately 50°C.
If the vehicle is not started at the programmed drive away time, the on-time is automatically extended by 2 hours
(Oversleep function). After that the system switches itself off and remains switched off until it is time to switch on for the
next drive away time. This is valid whether 1, 2 or 3 hours on-time has been selected. When the car is started the
remaining on-time and the oversleep function are automatically erased.
It is recommended to program the control unit to Automatic switch-on, as this is most economical.
Programming the time.
1. Press
until the display shows the time.
2. Press both arrow buttons
simultaneously. Time starts to blink 12:00.
3. For each hit on
time is set back by 1 minute. If the button is held down, the
time is set back 2 minutes per second for 5 seconds. After this the step is
increased to 10 minutes per second. Use
in the same way to set the time
forward. To save the set time – wait for 5 seconds until the blinking stops.
Programming drive away time I.
1. Press
until the display shows Drive away time I.
2. Follow the instruction for setting the time from point E 2.
Date: 15.02.2011
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1. Press
until the display shows Drive away time I
Programming drive away time II.
2. Follow the instruction for setting the time from point E 2
If you only want one drive away time, program I and II so that they
When the control unit switches on the DEFA WarmUp, the ’On’ symbol
blinks on the display.
Temperature calibration.
The temperature sensor is mde for optimal precision. If necessary you can
calibrate the temperature:
1. Push
until the display shows the temperature.
2. Push both arrow buttons
at the same time.
3. Adjust the temperature +/- 3 degrees using the arrow
0-condition warning.
The control unit is equipped with a 0-condition warning, which will warn you
when the vehicle enters an area where slippery
conditions are likely. An outside sensor must be fitted for this function to work. If the vehicle enters an area where the
temperature sinks below 4°C or raises past – 4°C, the light on the display and the buttons blink rapidly for approximately 6
seconds. At the same time the temperature is shown for 15 seconds. The control unit can not be otherwise used when this
ice-warning is active.
Starting the engine.
When the engine is started any remaining on-time is erased and the ”On” symbol in the display is extinguished. The control
unit carries out an information sequence that displays: Battery voltage before start, charging voltage after start and outside
temperature (approximately 2 seconds for each function). At the end the control unit returns to the function selected before
the information sequence.
Switching off the engine.
When the engine is switched off, the control unit carries out an information sequence showing drive away time I and drive
away time II before returning to the function selected before the information sequence.
Futura - Display illumination.
The illumination of the control unit display will always be turned on when one of the buttons is pressed. The display will be
illuminated for approximately 1 minute after the last button is pressed. Depending on the usefulness of the information
displayed by the control unit, the illumination can be turned ON or OFF during driving.
Display light turned on during driving
for up to 3 seconds. The display light will
blink to confirm that the light will come on every time
the engine is started
Date: 15.02.2011
Display light turned off during driving
for up to 3 seconds. The display light will
blink to confirm that the light will be turned off during
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Safety / Technical specifications.
PlugIn/ MiniPlug - Leads and cables.
Only original DEFA connector kits with original DEFA MiniPlug may be used. The lead may only be connected to an earthed
power socket. The lead must be handled with care to avoid damage by doors, engine hood or by sharp objects pressing
against the lead damaging the insulation. The protective cover must always be fitted when the plug is not in use. A new
cover for the connector lead can be ordered from DEFA dealers under part number 1210283.
Termina - Interior heater.
When used in a vehicle, the interior heater must always be connected to an earthed power socket mounted in the
compartment and connected to a power outlet outside. Return the interior heater to your local DEFA dealer if the heater or
cable is damaged. The interior heater satisfies the standards: 60335-1, 60335-2/NEK 554.
The outputs are measured at –25°C.
Termina 1400
Termina 2000
Engine Heater
Fuse (A)
I: 800W
II: 1400W
I: 1100W
II: 2000W
MultiCharger - Battery charger.
Avoid charging batteries in an enclosed area, as there is a potential danger of explosion.
The temperature of the battery may not exceed +40°C during charging. The control
voltage for the relay is 12V nominal, minimum 9V. Consumption of current is max.
70mA. The battery charger gives a maximum of 3A at 12V and 5A at 2V. The charging
voltage is 14.4V at 25°C. The battery charger is protected against short circuits and
wrong polarity. The battery charger satisfies the standards:
EN 60335-1; EN 60335-2-29 and NEK 599. Also the EMC requirements: EN 50081-1 and
Futura - Timer.
Operating voltage: 8 - 18V Relay output: max. 120 mA
Current consumptios: Less than 3mA when the relay and the display light are not
SafeStart - Engine heater.
The effect of DEFA engine heaters varies from 400 – 2000 W depending on the size of the engine they are designed to heat.
Engine heaters consist of a heating element that, with the exception of oil heaters and contact heaters, has a temperature
sensitive cut-out. This is the heater’s safety valve. DEFA engine heaters satisfy: EMKO-TUB(61)NO 293/91 and EMKOTSB(61)NO293A94.
Fuses when an interior heater is used in combination with a standard 600 W engine heater at 230V and -30°C.
See table at page 3.
Date: 15.02.2011
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Trouble shooting.
Two important points should be checked before going any further:
1. Is the power socket where you connected the DEFA WarmUp okey? If the fuse is blown, check if the circuit can take
the total current drain it is subjected to.
2. Check the settings in the control unit.
The tables below indicate reason and corrective measure for faults that may occur on a DEFA WarmUp.
Termina - Interior heater.
The interior is cold, the heater is
not working
*The automatic overheating
protection has disconnected the
The Futura control unit is not
correctly set.
*The fuse in the interior is blown
Pull out the plug for the interior
heater, wait for 5 minutes and
connect it again.
See the instruction for use on the
control unit
Send or deliver the interior heater to
your dealer/supplier
The fan speed is the same in steps I and II, but the effect is different.
*To determine whether it is the automatic overheating fuse or the regular fuse that is at fault, look to see if the fan moves
just) at the time when you put the plug in the socket. If the fan moves, it is the automatic overheating fuse that is faulty.
out the plug and wait 30 minutes to plug it in again.
MultiCharger - Battery charger.
The charging indicator lamp on top
of the charger is not lit
The charger has switched ti
maintenance charging.
This is normal if the charger has
been working for a while and the
battery is fully charged.
The battery charger does not work
The fuse between the charger and
the battery has blown.
Check for possible error and replace
the fuse if necessary.
LED is constant enlightened
The charger is only charging in
Boost mode
Short circuit in a battery cell. Check
the battery cells acid gravity
Date: 15.02.2011
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Futura – Timer
The control unit is dark, no
indications in the display.
The fuse between the battery and
the charger has blown.
Check for possible error and change
the fuse
The white plug on the Futura cable is
not properly inserted.
Control the cable/plug
The timer is blocked
The display is not illuminated when
the vehicle is started
Futura display light is Off
The Futura timer is in OFF mode.
Futura is in A mode (Auto) and the
outdoor temperature is higher than
WarmUp is not activated at the
required “pick up” /drive away time
The blue cable is connected constant
to +
The pick-up times are wrong.
The timers pick-up times are not
functioning. Only in ON mode
0-condition warning indicating
slippery conditions when the
temperature is between +4°C and 4°C.
The timer will normally switch OFF
remaining heating time after the
engine has been started. This is
registered through an ignition signal
via the blue cable
The blue cable is not connected
The timer does not show the
outdoor temp. or the voltage
The temp.sensor is either not
installed or it is defect
The display light are blinking
during driving.
WarmUp remains ON when the
vehicle is parked, even if it is a long
time to the next pick-up time
Disconnect the fuse for at least 2
See Futura Display illumination at
page 26
Set correct pick-up time. See page
***Check the blue cable
It should have +12V only when the
engine is running and 0V when the
ignition is OFF
Set correct time and pick-up times.
See page 26.
This is normal. The blinking lasts
for 6 sec.
*** Blue cable
Ensure that the temp .sensor is
installed. If it is - Install a new
Date: 15.02.2011
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