Rapid Refloor Installation Instructions

Rapid Refloor Installation Instructions
RAPID REFLOOR Fast Set, Low Viscosity Structural Concrete Repair Product
Technical Assistance
Complete technical support and literature are available by contacting
our NH headquarters at 800-223-6680.
Defect Preparation and Repair
Repair area should be completely free of dust, debris, dirt, oils
and moisture prior to application of material.
Product Description
Composition: Rapid Refloor is a two-component, 100% solids structural
polyurethane/polyurea hybrid. When cured, Rapid Refloor is a rigid
structural polymer with a Shore D Hardness of 70-75.
Surface Defects/Spalls
Remove all loose concrete chips, spalls, islands, etc. back to
structurally sound concrete with a hammer and chisel or dry cut
saw equipped with diamond blade.
- Rapid Refloor is a structural repair product and should not be
used as a floor joint filler.
- Rapid Refloor is a structural repair product with very high adhesive
and tensile properties; consequently it will restrain concrete
movement wherever placed and may lead to concrete tearing
if substantial concrete movement occurs after placement.
- Rapid Refloor is not designed for use in temperatures below
32°F (0°C).
- Rapid Refloor overfill may leave a light stain/shadow on some
concrete surfaces.
- Rapid Refloor may exhibit a moisture reaction on damp or wet
surfaces; repair area should be clean and dry.
Slightly overfill defect and monitor the installation for any seepage.
If seepage into defect is detected, rapidly dispense additional
material to restore flushness with surface. After Rapid Refloor
cures into a hard solid (approximately 25 minutes) grind off any
excess flush with surface using a cup grinder with medium grit
pad such as Norton’s Rapid Strip or 20X Flap Disc pads or Gator
Finishing Products’ Ultra Power 4.5” Medium Finishing Discs.
Rapid Refloor is designed to be mixed using a universal or dual
cartridge kit with appropriate gun or by hand in very small amounts.
Material should be preconditioned to 70°-80°F (21°-27°C) prior to
use for best results. Rapid Refloor is designed for use in concrete
floors at temperatures of 32 degrees F (0°C) or higher. If concrete
temperature is lower than 32°F, temporary heat tenting, etc. must be
used to warm up floor area prior to installing material.
Using dual-component cartridges
Prepare cartridge for dispensing with static mixer and flow restrictor
per kit instructions. Material should be dispensed at a moderate pace
using steady pressure. Keep a waste container (disposable cup)
handy to dispense Rapid Refloor liquid at start of application or if
dispensing is delayed for more than 30 seconds (to avoid cured
material in mixer tip).
Anchor Bolt Holes
If anchor is still intact cut off as much of the bolt as possible prior
to slightly overfilling defect with Rapid Refloor.
Random Cracks
Cracks up to 1/8” (3 mm) in width should be cleaned using a
soft wire wheel or brush and wiped with solvent to remove dirt
or oils prior to filling with neat Rapid Refloor. Fill/overfill crack
with neat Rapid Refloor and grind off any high spots after cure.
For cracks wider than 1/8” (3 mm) or cracks where continual
movement is suspected an alternate recommended repair method
is to rout out the crack using a diamond blade to a depth of 1/2”
(12 mm) to 3/4” (18 mm) and filling the crack with a semi-rigid
filler such as our Spal-Pro RS 88 or MM-80 Joint Fillers.
Rapid Refloor is for industrial use only. Use only in well ventilated
areas. Practice all normal job site safety precautions (clear work
area, etc). Thoroughly review MSDS for additional information
prior to use.
Using Rapid Refloor and Grinding/Polishing
If using Rapid Refloor to repair surface defects in conjunction with
grinding/polishing decorative concrete floors we recommend the
Install Rapid Refloor after initial course grind but prior
to second grind. This will help ensure that any residual staining
or shadowing from Rapid Refloor overfill is removed in second
grind. If staining is a critical concern, test an inconspicous area
first to confirm that stain is removed during subsequent grinds.
When grinding cured Rapid Refloor, metal or resin pads with 80
grit or finer should be used for best results.
Best results are obtained by first grinding off any excessive overfill
with a cup grinder. It is further recommended that grinding
operations be delayed for 30 minutes or more after initial Rapid
Refloor placement (at 70°F/21°C), longer for very thin applications.
Metzger/McGuire Co. solely and expressly warrants that Rapid Refloor shall
be free from defects in material and workmanship for 180 days from the date
of purchase. Unless authorized in writing by an officer of Metzger/McGuire,
no other representations or statements made by Metzger/McGuire or its
representatives, in writing or orally, shall alter this warranty. Metzger/McGuire
makes no warranties, implied or otherwise, as to the merchantability or fitness
for ordinary or particular purposes of its products and excludes the same. If
any Metzger/McGuire product fails to conform with this warrant, Metzger/McGuire
will replace the product at no cost to the purchaser. Purchaser's sole remedy
in any case shall be limited to the purchase price or replacement cost of
product and specifically excludes labor and the cost of labor, lost wages and
opportunity costs, and all other possible incidental, consequential or special
damages resulting from any claim of breach of warranty, breach of contract,
negligence or any legal theory. Any warranty claim must be made within one
(1) year from the date of material purchase. Metzger/McGuire does not
authorize anyone on its behalf to make any written or oral statements which
in any way alter the installation procedures or written installation instructions
published in its product literature or on its packaging labels. Any installation
of Metzger/McGuire products which fails to conform with such installation
information or instructions shall void this warranty. Purchaser shall be solely
responsible for determining the suitability of Metzger/McGuire's products for
the purchaser's intended purpose.
Updated 11/11
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