www.pstechnik.de Technical Achievement Cinec Award 2004 EMMY

www.pstechnik.de Technical Achievement Cinec Award 2004 EMMY
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Cinec Award 2004
If you want to move the camera ...
move just the camera.
Discover the power of the SKATER® Mini, the flattest camera
tracking device ever with a height of only 2.0 inch / 51,4 mm!
(to mounting surface of camera).
But the SKATER Mini is not only flat ...
page | SKATER® Product Family
* 1
* 2
... it allows for tilt angles from
... or an even bigger tilt
range of +/-30° just by
changing to an optional
rocker in a few seconds ...
(height 2.8“, 7.2 cm)
* 3
* 4
... use the scale to adjust the
wheel direction ...
... and track straight ....
* 5
* 6
... or sidewards ....
... or any direction your
client likes to see ....
* 7
* 8
... point the axis of all wheels
to any point in front of the
camera and circle around an
object ...
... or pick any other point
as a center of rotation and
create interesting curved
moves ...
* 9
* 10
... with special marks on the
scale you can even do basic
panning shots ...
... or simply block the
wheels, giving you an
adjustable rocker plate for
really low camera angles.
The idea behind the SKATER®
The idea behind the SKATER® Mini is fairly simple.
It basically takes advantage of a friction tilt head
onto which tracking wheels are directly attached and
optimized for an extremely low camera position.
Because the SKATER® Mini is so small and lightweight
it allows you to move the camera manually, giving you
direct control over tracking shots in any direction, as
well as all sorts of curved moves. You can precisely
define any center of rotation at any diameter. It‘s all your
decision: whether you like to orbit around an object right
in front of the lens or make a curved move into a final
product shot ...
Shots which would usually require sophisticated riging
or even motion control can now be executed with almost
no prep time.
Andreas Dasser, CEO P+S Technik:
“I liked the idea of seeing a camera head and a dolly no longer as two separate units. If you melt them them together, you
are suddenly capable of designing a system that is as low as a normal rocker plate.“
Sebastian Cramer, Director/ DoP, who created and patented the SKATER®:
“It can be such a time saver and it‘s great fun to work with. That‘s why I put quite some energy in the development and the
patents of the SKATER®. Many thanks to the great team at P+S Technik, it‘s such fun working with you.“
Russell Carpenter, ASC, (Titanic, Charlie’s Angels, True Lies) used the SKATER® with the Genesis camera on the set of “21“:
“It‘s a precision German instrument that‘s fast and simple. It sets up quickly and without any fuss because you‘re not
beholden to motion control. The movement is precise and repeatable. I fell in love with it after I first saw it at Cine Gear.“
Jon Fauer, ASC:
“The SKATER® should be booked on every production, replacing the humble hi-hat with something far more useful.”
Find an online DVD Tutorial about the SKATER® Mini and it‘s accessories on www.pstechnik.de.
See how the SKATER® is used in TV productions, commercials and feature films.
Looking more closely
To avoid a change of position
when the system is not being
operated, a brake can be used to
fix the current position.
To precisely adjust the alignment of each wheel,
detailed colored scales indicate the angle of the
selected tracking direction. Additional marks in red
show settings to either execute a center rotation or to
block the SKATER® Mini.
The image above shows the new geared precision
wheels developed by P+S Technik. These wheels
show a significant reduction in drift and are standard
on current SKATER® Minis. Previous wheels can be
upgraded (please contact P+S Technik or your local
dealer for further information).
Any selected tilt angle should
be fixed with a brake. To change
from the standard rocker to the
+/-30° rocker you simply unlock
it, slide it out and replace it. No
further adjustment is necessary.
An integrated dovetail is supplied
allowing to work directly with
bridge plates. If not required,
remove the dovetail and mount
any camera using 3/ 8“ screws.
SKATER® Product Family | page General Accessories
30° Rocker
The +/-30° Rocker allows to adjust tilt angles on a wide
range of 60°. The mounting surface of a camera still
remains extremly low with only 2.8 inch (7.1cm) above
Discover the power of the SKATER® Mini laserpointer!
Just place it onto the two registration pins on the
scale and point to any desired rotation center to adjust
wheel directions.
The Case
The rigid SKATER® Mini aluminium flight case has a size
of only 500 x 425 x 115mm. It also allows storing space
for the +/-30° rocker and additional accessories.
Rotation Tables
For a quick setup on set use a small laminated table
providing wheel angles for more than 20 rotation
centers in front of the camera. Front side shows inch,
back shows cm units.
Rotation Calculator
Precisely align all wheels with the Rotation Calculator
available for free download in Excel or Palm versions.
Define any rotation point and use calculated angles for
all wheels.
page | SKATER® Product Family
General Accessories
SKATER® Smooth
The SKATER® Smooth Gear Module is a damping module for
an improved smoothness on camera tracking shots with
the SKATER® Mini Camera Dolly. By accelerating a rotating
flywheel mass to a high speed any unevenness in a camera
track is compensated.
In order to perform smooth operation this Gear Module is
more efficient than standard damping systems as for example
Chrosziel zoom damping units.
The SKATER® Smooth Gear Module offers the operator a
convenient resistance when pushing the Camera Dolly at low
speeds. It also helps not to overshoot end stops in a tracking
The SKATER® Smooth Gear Module can be mounted on any
wheel of the SKATER® Mini Camera Dolly using the SKATER®
Motor Holder (#21258).
Levelling Support
Use the SKATER® Levelling Support to hold and easily level a
custom-made tracking board for your SKATER® Camera Dolly
and work at any camera height.
The 28mm pin fits directly into standart lighting equipment.
An adjusted levelled height can be fixed with a blocking nut.
Each Levelling Support comes with 2 Guidance Rings to be
mounted on the bottom side of your tracking board to keep
the board into position.
* To achieve low mounting heights for your Levelling Support
the following third party products from Manfrotto and Avenger
have been used successfully. (Not part of the SKATER® Mini
Levelling Support).
Manfrotto/Foot Base small, #299 FBASE, Avenger Steel
Extensions C622, C624, C626.
Use the SKATER® Mini Steadybag to place the camera directly
on the SKATER® Mini. It allows to work with dutched camera
angles. You can also start to track on the Steadybag and
continue handheld ...
SKATER® Product Family | page SKATER® Control Unit (SCU)
The SKATER® Control Unit (SCU) is a single axis remote control
unit which allows to execute smooth camera moves on your
SKATER® Mini Camera Dolly. It can also be used to control a
SKATER® Turntable, the image rotation on the SKATER® Scope
or act as a progammable zoom control.
Start and stop positions can be easily stored as well as
operating speed and ramps for acceleration and deceleration.
When “Limits on“ is enabled the dolly movement is limited
between two predefined positions. With this function you
can precisely stop in your final image composition and the
dolly will exactly hit its focus mark. The built-in ramp function
determines the amount of ease in and ease out on the move
to ensure soft starts and stops. All motion and any change
of adjustments is controlled via a large jog wheel. With a Flip
Direction (Flip Dir.) switch the orientation of the jog wheel can
be altered. A clear multi-colored LED bar indicates the current
position of any programmed move.
With a separate “Cam“- button a wide range of cameras can
be started and stopped. The input voltage can range from 10
V to 35 V. An internal power booster brings up the voltage to
a value of 26 V to maintain constant performance in case of
low input voltage.
When the Zoom Cal. button is pushed, the system checks
for mechanical end stops on a zoom lens. In this mode the
SKATER® Control Unit will act as a sophisticated programmable
zoom lens control.
SKATER® Motor and third party motors
The SKATER® Motor is an affordable digital motor, which has
an optimized performance with the SKATER® Control Unit.
An internal RS connector allows to directly power motor and
SCU from the camera. Arri CLM-2 and digital Heden motors are
also supported by the SCU.
The motor holder is an universal mounting bracket for all
sorts of motors and the SKATER® Smooth module, available
with 19mm or 15mm rods allowing to also work with analogue
lens control motors (e.g. an analogue microforce system).
SKATER® Control Unit and the SKATER® Motor will reach a
maximum speed of 0.5m/ sec and work for weight of up to
25 kg.
Please note that even if the motor precisely hits its stored
position, slight drifts on a surface might occur, depending
on weight, adjusted speed and the kind of surface. In any
case, it is recommended to work with position marks to
quickly reset to the original position.
page | SKATER® Product Family
SCU with SKATER® Motor:
When used with the original SKATER® Motor the SCU is usually
powered through a 3pin RS connector cable (#19920) utilizing
the power from the camera, which can range from 10V - 35V.
Only one cable (#22100) runs between SCU (#21502) and
SKATER® Motor on the SKATER® Mini Dolly. With Arri cameras
the run function can be activated.
Alternatively the SCU and the SKATER® Motor can be powered
through an external battery (cables see order information on
page 12).
SCU with third party motor:
When a third party motor is used (e.g. Hédén digital motor or
Arri CLM2) together with the SCU, both are powered with one
cable from an external battery or the camera. When connected
to the camera, camera run functions on Arri cameras are
Wireless control with cmotion:
When used together with a cmotion wireless Lens Control
System, the SCU can be directly connected to the hand unit
All functions are transmitted wireless to the receiver camin
and the SKATER® Motor would use the 3rd axis, usually used
for the zoom lens. This configuration works as well with a Arri
CLM2 or Hédén digital motor.
SKATER® Turntable
The SKATER® Turntable is the ideal tool for tabletop
photography, miniatures and vfx work.
Once connected to the SKATER® Control (SCU) it becomes
a programmable universal turntable device, which can be
mounted in any angle your shot requires. It gives you full
control over speed, acceleration, deceleration, starting and
end point of any rotation. No more tries and errors when your
shot requires a perfectly matched angle and a slow stop of the
object of your filming.
Once connected to the SKATER® Control the system is
immediately ready to use and can be programmed within
seconds. The turntable is capable of carrying loads of up to
12 kg (26 lbs). Due to its high end machining the SKATER®
Turntable shows no visible backlash in your shot.
The ridged housing as well as the rotator itself are designed
with various thru holes to mount the SKATER® Turntable
directly onto any board in any angle or to fix a board on the
rotator as a turning platform.
An additional mounting set, consisting of a chuck, 2 turntables
(30mm/1.2“ and 60mm/2.4“) and two interchangable shafts
(35mm/1.4“ and 120mm/4.7“) is available as a P+S Technik
accessory for the turntable.
SKATER® Product Family | page SKATER® Tilt Module
The SKATER® Tilt Module combines the flexibility of a fluid
head with the sophisticated camera moves of the SKATER®
Mini Dolly.
Using either the universal L-Bracket or the Arri 235 side bracket
a wide range of film and video cameras can be mounted. It
offers the convenience of a common fluid damping system with
a fully adjustable drag function. All elements of a traditional
bridge plate are integrated into the side mount to ensure
compact design and extreme low lens heights.
The camera can be shifted back and forth within a range of 170
mm / 6.7“ to balance the system. The wide range in which the
camera can be moved backwards is also ideal, when used with
the SKATER® Scope (www.pstechnik.de).
To quickly set the desired lens height the Tilt Module can be
lifted up to 80 mm and be fixed in any position.
Side bracket for Arri 235
The mounting bracket for the Arri 235 is the first system of its
kind to mount a camera directly from the side.
The 235 mounting bracket allows extremely low lens heights,
even much lower than an Arri 435 on the regular SKATER®
Mini 20° Rocker and still offers the ability for tilting camera
The 235 mounting bracket is designed to be used together
with the Arri Side Bracket SBR-1, which allows to mount lens
motors as well.
page | SKATER® Product Family
Universal L-Bracket
This L-shaped bracket allows to attach all different kinds of
film, HD and SD cameras, as well as the P+S Technik MINI35
Image Converter. It can even hold an Arri 435 (without
the integrated focus module FEM2).
To obtain a low lens height it is recommended to
mount the camera directly onto the L-Bracket as the
balancing can be done in bracket itself.
An optional dovetail can be attached to the L-Bracket for quick
changes between the SKATER® Tilt Module and other camera
heads using an Arri sized bridge plate top.
An integrated focus motor bracket with a 15 mm rod and a 15
to 19mm adapter ring allows to use lens control motors in this
The SKATER® Tilt Module works for fully rigged cameras up to
20 kg / 44 lb.
The images below show the Tiltmodule together with a Arri 235 and the SKATER® Scope Snorkel Lens System.
Mounting plate
for smaller camera heads
As a low cost alternative to mount a wide range of various
camera heads from different manufactures such as Cartoni,
Sachtler, Manfrotto, O‘Connor and Silk P+S Technik is offering
a Mounting Plate for smaller camera heads.
A wide range of smaller camera heads can be mounted directly
on to the SKATER® Mini Dolly without the need of any kind of
bowl, which would add additional height to the system.
Please find a list with suitable camera heads under
SKATER® Product Family | page SKATER® Junior
Shortly after the SKATER® Mini Camera Dolly was awarded
with the Technical Achievement Award from the Academy
of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in February 2008, P+S
Technik expanded the product range with the new SKATER®
The SKATER® Junior is a smaller cost-effective version
of the well-known SKATER® Mini Camera Dolly. The
Junior is usable for cameras up to 12 kg / 26
lbs and offers a similar functionality
to its larger brother. All sorts of
circular and linear tracks can
be set up within seconds.
The SKATER Junior can be equipped with
a wide range of smaller camera heads from
manufactures such as Cartoni, Sachtler, OConnor,
Manfrotto, Silk and others or with photo heads, like three way
heads, ball heads etc with a 3/8“ or 1/4“ mounting screw. To
maintain a low lens position, these camera heads should have
a flat base or a removable bowl.
Engravings on the bottom side of the base plate indicate
several sets of mounting holes for different manufactures.
The new patented adjustable wheel shows detailled scales
in metric and imperial which allows to directly determine
the radius for a rotation tracking shot. No other adjustment
is required. To execute linear tracking shots the adjustable
wheel is set to a parallel position within seconds.
Of course rotating shots can also be set up with a laser pointer
which is identical to the one used on the SKATER® Mini. A wide
range of additional accessories from the SKATER® Mini can be
used on the Junior as well (see below).
Selection of suitable camera heads for SKATER® Junior
(must show a flat mounting base):
Cartoni - Action Pro (bowl needs to be taken off)
Sachtler - FSB 2, FSB 6, DV6 SB to DV12 SB, Video 15 SB
(requires newer models with integrated flat base fitting)
OConnor - 1030 HD
Manfrotto - 128 LP or RC, 501 HDV, 503 HDV, 516, 700RC2,
Photo heads: three way heads, ball heads, panoramic heads
or geared heads with 3/8“ or 1/4“ mounting screw
Find a more detailled list on www.pstechnik.de
The following SKATER® Mini accessories can be used with the
SKATER® Junior:
SKATER® Laser Pointer, SKATER® Levelling Support, Holder
for SKATER® motor, SKATER® Smooth Gear Module, SKATER®
Control, SKATER® Motor
page 10 | SKATER® Product Family
Technical Information
Dimensions L x W
385 x 437 mm / 15.2 x 17.2 inch
Height including wheels
72 mm / 2.83 inch
Mounting height with 20° rocker
51,4 mm / 2.0 inch
Mounting height with 30° rocker
71,0 mm / 2.8 inch
Weight incl. 20° rocker
3800 grams / 8.38 lbs
Max. load
30 kg / 66 lbs
Size of flight case
500 x 425 x 115 mm / 19.7 x 16.7 x 4.53 inch
Best operating temperature
0° - 40° C / 32 – 104° F
SKATER® Junior
Dimensions L x W x H
310 x 320 x 72mm / 12.2 x 12.6 x 2.83 inch
2,1 kg / 4.63 lbs
Max. load
12 kg / 26 lbs
Best operating temperature
0° - 40° C / 32 – 104° F
SKATER® Control
Input voltage range
10 V – 35 V
Power supply
From camera or ext. battery (12V- 35V)
Adjustable functions
Speed, Start/Stop ramp
Memory functions
Start and Stop position
Max. speed
0.5m/sec (with load of 25 kg / 55 lbs)
Remote Control
Film camera RUN button
SKATER® Turntable
(requires SKATER® Control Unit - SCU)
Dimensions L x W x H
132 x 170 x 38 mm / 5,2 x 6,7 x 1,5 inch
Power supply
12V- 35V from ext. battery into SCU
Max. load
12 kg / 26 lbs
Max. Speed
360° / 1 sec
SKATER® Tilt Module
Dimensions L x W x H
234 x 295 x 205 mm / 9.2 x 11.6 x 8.1 inch
Weight without camera bracket
4,85 kg / 10.7 lbs
Vertical shift
80 mm / 3.15 inch
Horizontal shift
170 mm / 6.7 inch
Max. load
20 kg / 44 lbs
Dimensions Levelling Support (minimum 2 required)
450 x 60 x 190mm / 17.7 x 2.4 x 7.5 inch
Weight Levelling Support
2,6 kg / 5.73 lbs
Max. load on Levelling Support
50 kg / 110 lbs
Levelling Support pin
28 mm / 1.1 inch (attaches to standard light stands)
Weight SKATER® Smooth
0,45 kg / 1 lbs
SKATER® Product Family | page 11
Order Information
SKATER® Mini Camera Dolly, basic (no rocker included)
incl. camera dolly, laser pointer and 2 rotation tables in aluminium flight case
+/-20° rocker incl. dovetail for SKATER® Mini camera dolly
+/-30° rocker incl. dovetail for SKATER® Mini camera dolly
SKATER® Mini Steadybag with plate
Set of three SKATER® precision wheels, incl. 3x wheels, gear wheels, bearings, spacers
Mounting Plate (only to mount smaller camera heads)
(Please visit www.pstechnik.de for information about compatible camera heads)
SKATER® Levelling support
width 40 cm / 15,7“, 28mm-pin incl. set of 2 guidance rings (tracking board not included)
SKATER® Junior
SKATER® Junior camera dolly
SKATER® Laserpointer (same as for SKATER® Mini)
Accessories for SKATER® Mini or SKATER® Junior
Holder for SKATER® motor or third-party motor or smooth gear module
SKATER® Mini Smooth Gear Module (Note: motor holder # 21258 necessary)
SKATER® Control (for Mini and Junior)
SKATER® Control, incl. SKATER® Control Unit (SCU) and Control cable SCU/ Motor
SKATER® Motor incl. drive gear 0.8
Cables for SKATER® Control
Power cable, 24V RS (RS 3-pin male / RS 3-pin female)
Power cable 24V RS (RS 3-pin / Fischer 5-pin)
Power cable 24V XLR 3-pin (Fischer 5-pin / XLR 3-pin)
Power cable 12V XLR 4-pin (Fischer 5-pin / XLR 4-pin)
Power cable 12V XLR 5-pin (Fischer 5-pin / XLR 5-pin)
Power cable 12V Fischer 11-pin (Fischer 5-pin / Fischer 11-pin)
Power cable 12V Motor-PowerTap (RS 3-pin male / Anton Bauer PowerTap male)
Power cable „Open End“ (Fischer 5-pin / open end)
Motor cable for Heden digital motor
SKATER® Tilt Module (for Mini only)
SKATER® Tilt Module, incl. tilt unit (#21968), mounting plate (#22012), tilt arm and screws
Universal L-bracket
for film and video cameras, incl. L-bracket, dovetail, focus motor bracket
235 side bracket
for ARRI 235, incl. short video extension cable and 235 battery holder
(ARRI bracket K2.55015.0 needed to attach to camera)
SKATER® Turntable
SKATER® Turntable (Control and cables not included)
Additional Mounting Set, incl. a chuck, two turntables (30mm / 1.2“ and 60mm / 2.4“) and two interchangable
shafts (35mm / 1.4“ and 120mm / 4.7“)
SKATER® is a registered Trademark; PAT. 10329747, Pub. No. EP 1639809, US 2006/1075489; Additional Patents pending
Built under license of S. Cramer, www.scramer.com
Rotation Calculator and Operating Manuals are available as a free download from www.pstechnik.de.
An online DVD about the SKATER® Mini and it‘s accessories is also available on the web.
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D-85521 Ottobrunn / Munich
tel +49 - 89 - 45 09 82 30
fax+49 - 89 - 45 09 82 40
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