Open Product and put your lPhone lnslde
Thank you very much for purchaslng Blke 5 (hereafter Product).
ln order for the product to be approprlately and safely used, please read and follow thlc lnstructlon carcfully,
Please keep thls manual ln a safe place.
.Thls productfor iPhone 5.
. Please follow instruction and ensure it is installed in correct condition.
. lt may cause damage if incorrect installation.
. Please remove any protective case,coverfrom iPhone before lnstallation,
. Please stow your iPhone into included Silicon Tray appropriately.
Make sure your iPhone is stowed securely with Silicon Tray.
Put back the lid to the original position until the locking sound is heard.
. Open the lid by pressing the lock-buttons on
. To avold product
ls lntenuptyourwhlle rldlng,
. Please remove product when awayfrom your blke,
. Touch screen h not scratch-proofdeform or scratch mark may happen after used,
.This unlt ls not 100% water-proofcase, only protect ln slightly water-drop and raln,
. Please remove lPhone from case while heavy rain or avoid drop into water,
. Please remove rubber tray from case while long time no use it,
the both side.
. iPhone may get dirty or scratched when Product is dirty or used with dust on it.
Mounting the product with your bike
. Speclfication may change or amend without prior notice.
. Not allow any chemical solventt0 clean the product,
. Chokino Hazardthis oroduct mav contain small oarts , olease keeo awav from chlldren,
. Manufahurer is not iesponsible io any damage, eltheiby accldent or lntentlonal fallure.
Maln Unlt x
. Slllcon Tray for lPhone 5 x I
Acryllc L.ns Protcctor x
. Please confirm lf the attachment is firmly
attached wlth the maln unit, release the
attachment arm by rotating the screw in
the dlrectlon of arrow.
. Handlebar attachment x
gap_r^r \
. lnstall the main unit at any desired
position on the handle-bar.
lTaklng the Protector offl
. Acrvllc Lens orotector can be taken off as follows.
Yori may neid to take lt off when you clean the protector so follow the instruction do so.
Flrst tak'e the slllcon tray out of the maln unlt, and push the protector from outslde to pull'
Please be cautlons for the lens may be fallen whlle taklng thls process,
*By default, Product is assembled with a handlebar attachment, a silicon tray for iPhone 5, and a Acrylic Lens Protector.
lDetaching the Handlebarl
. By pressing the locking-lever, rotate the
attachment in the direction ofthe arrow
. Main unit can be detached by pulling the attachment upward.
When you install the attachment to the main unit, match the bottom of the
lockin6 lever with locking-lever releasing position and insert it down. Then
rotate the attachment until it locks.
After installation, please make sure it is properly locked by rotating the
attachment to both directions.
. Product may be used as a iPhone case when detached from the handlebar attachment, however, it doesn't allow
you to talk on iPhone
Tighten the screw to fix it with handle-bar.
. Please avold to overtighten the screw or it may be broken.
. Product ls only compatible with handle-bar that is in compliance with iSO Standard (22.2mm-24.8mm).
Please check to see first if your handle-bar is in compliance before installation.
is a
I /1ry,
US and
This Product does not support a photo shoot with a flash light on iPhone 5 .
. Please do not use flash light when use ofthis product.
Acrylic lens protector is very sensitve and easily scratched so handle with care'
. Wh6n lense gets dirty, please use a blower to dust off. Appy clean, soft, dry cloth for eyeglasses and wipe the dust gently
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