AddendumNo.2RFP BuronWayMedian RFPNO.16 01(2)

AddendumNo.2RFP BuronWayMedian RFPNO.16 01(2)
NO. 16-01
DATE OF ADDENDUM: March 9, 2016
The following are City’s responses to common questions received during the Request for
Information (RFI) schedule between February 8 to March 4, 2016.
The responses provided below shall be incorporated as part of the requirements for the subject
1. Will the City invite the public, provide space, and organize all of the community/town hall meetings
and the stakeholders meetings or is this the role of the consultant team?
Answer: The City will invite the public, provide space and organize and schedule all of the
community/town hall and stakeholders meetings. The consultant team’s role is to present the
designs and communicate the functions designed for Burton Way Median. These meetings will
typically occur during commission and City Council meetings.
2. Otherwise, are we to assume that we will provide agenda, presentation materials, sign-in sheets
and will facilitate the community meetings with assistance from City staff?
Answer: Yes. Consultant team will be providing the agenda, presentation materials, sign-in
sheets and will facilitate these meetings with the assistance from City staff.
3. Has the City engaged a Geotechnical, Survey or Environmental consultant(s)?
Answer: The City has not engaged geotechnical, survey or environmental consultants. The
Consulting team will need to provide their own consultants to provide these services.
4. Does the City anticipate a need to engage a Traffic Consultant at this time or will the potential
pedestrian pathways utilize existing infrastructure/signaling?
Answer: At this time, the City does not anticipate engaging a Traffic Consultant for this project.
At this time, the intent is to keep the existing pedestrian pathways infrastructure/signaling system.
5. Can we assume all environmental documentation will be taken care of by the City?
Answer: City staff has circulated the RFP for environmental review from the planning
department. The planning department determined that this project is eligible for a CEQA
6. Deliverables are to be completed no later than December 30, 2016. Are we to assume a sixmonth schedule? Will this schedule change, since the submittal date changed?
Answer: Assume a 6-month project schedule from the date of Notice to Proceed. Any changes
to the schedule will need to be determined.
7. We are to include fees and expenses to be accrued during the life of the contract. Please define
the time duration anticipated for this contract.
Answer: Please assume a 6-month schedule for this project from date of Notice to Proceed.
8. Please clarify the location and information related to the nearby shallow storm drain lines. Will this
be a part of the 39-acre-ft tributary area assumed for the project?
Answer: For clarification, there are two commercial properties located on Maple Drive between
Doheny and 3rd Street that are dewatering groundwater intrusion from their subterranean garages.
This water is discharged to a nearby storm drain. The average daily discharge flow ranges from
150,000 to 250,000 gallons per day (gpd) from each property. As part of the RFP, the selected
firm will need to investigate the feasibility of diverting these discharges to Burton Way median for
Concurrently, the City is planning to drill two shallow wells located between these two commercial
properties mentioned. These proposed two shall wells might reduce the accumulated volume of
discharge from the two commercial properties thus, might limit the volume of discharges that
could be used for irrigation on Burton Way median.
The dewatering discharges from these commercial properties are a separate volume from the
tributary drainage area for the project, though the City wishes to include them if feasible. The 39
acre-ft is the recommended volume captured by green streets BMPs as suggested in the Ballona
Creek Enhanced Watershed Management Program (EWMP) plan to meet stormwater quality
limits. The EWMP plan will be provided to the successful consultant for review.
9. Will the City provide any supplemental survey required for the preferred option?
Answer: No. The Consultant will need to do its survey for the project.
10. Will the record base documents (survey, street and utility construction drawings) to be provided by
the City be in an AutoCAD format?
Answer: The record base documents (survey, street and utility construction drawings) will not be
provided in AutoCADA format. It may be provided in either pdf or GIS compatible data file.
11. Are we not to include resumes for our sub consultants?
Answer: Yes. Please include resumes of your sub consultants.
12. On page 8 of the RFP, under Section VI Submission Requirements, in the first paragraph, it
states that “the proposal is valid for ninety (60) days.” Please confirm if the proposal needs to be
valid for 60 days or 90 days.
Answer: The proposal is valid for ninety (90) days.
13. Is this project Prevailing Wage?
Answer: Yes, the project follows the Prevailing Wage requirements.
14. What is the Design and/or Construction budget for this project?
Answer: The City will not be disclosing the design and/or construction budget for this project.
15. Several places in the RFP the phrase “variation of infiltration and bioretention BMPs” is used. Are
you looking for multiple alternative designs for the entire median section or are you looking for a
different design for each of the 5 sections of the median?
Answer: Consulting team will be given the flexibility to propose different types of infiltration and
bioretention BMPs as they see fit with the different components (i.e. utilities, trees, catch basin
location) currently present throughout the median. The City will consider the consultant’s
recommendation for design(s) based on site constraints and/or other limitations.
16. The RFP also mentions lighting for the art pieces. Will lighting only be required for the art or will
the entire median sections require lighting for safety of the pedestrians in the median?
Answer: Lighting will be required to highlight the art pieces and water efficient landscape model.
Currently, there are street lights on Burton Way that would provide lighting for safety. If the
concept design includes a walkable pathway inside the median, then the consulting firm will have
the flexibility to include or not include lighting in their design. As design progresses, the City’s Rec
and Parks Commission will provide inputs as to the number and locations of planned art displays.
These inputs will guide design concepts for lighting requirements.
17. Under task 3 the RFP states that “a minimum of 3 workshops are anticipated for each group” and
4 groups are mentioned, the residents, parks and recreation, public works commissions, and the
City Council. Will there be 3 workshops for each group, totaling 12 workshops, or will some of the
groups be combined? How many workshops, total, to you anticipate?
Answer: City staff anticipates there will be a total of 12 workshops. These workshop includes
presentation and project updates to the Public Works, Community Services (Rec and Parks)
Commissions and City Council (both formal and study session) meetings. The public and
residents are invited to these meetings to provide comments on the project. If the public requests
for additional workshops, work changes will be included as an addendum to the agreement.
18. One of the tasks requested is to “Perform hydrologic analyses/infiltration tests to determine
appropriate design capacity for retention/infiltration”. However the information provided also
indicates that the “soil has yolo characteristics and has a BMP capacity of 0.3 inches”. Is there
geotechnical information available for the site? Will a full geotechnical analysis be required or just
infiltration tests? If the full geotechnical analysis is required, will we be required to follow the
County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works Manual for Preparation of Geotechnical
Answer: There is no geotechnical information for the site. The consulting firm will need to
prepare a full geotechnical analysis that includes infiltration tests. The consulting firm will be
required to follow the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works Manual for Preparation
of Geotechnical Reports.
19. P.13, Paragraph 3 of the RFP states “ A copy of the City’s standard specifications for consultant
agreements is attached as Exhibit “A”. The provisions of the standard specifications will be
included in any agreement with a Consultant and should be considered when submitting a
proposal.” We have had our insurer review Exhibit “A” and they have identified a couple
uninsurable clauses. Should we include suggested changes to Exhibit “A” with our proposal?
Answer: The insurance requirement in Exhibit A is a standard clause in our contracts. It cannot
be changed.
20. P.13 Paragraph 4 states $5 Million in Professional Liability Insurance is required. P. 19 – Item 4 –
States $1 Million in Professional Liability Insurance. Can you clarify?
Answer: Professional Liability Insurance requirement is $1 Million.
21. What is the identified design budget?
Answer: The City does not reveal design budget during RFP processes.
22. What is the construction budget and is it funded?
Answer: The project is funded and the budget cannot be shared at this stage in the process.
23. Does the City of Beverly Hills have a list of Civil Engineering Firms that they tend to use?
Answer: The City doesn’t currently have a list of Civil Engineering firms for this project. The
consulting firm will need to provide Civil Engineers for this project.
24. Has the City done a feasibility study or preliminary plans for the project?
Answer: No. As part of the RFP, we are asking firms to first perform a feasibility assessment for
the lot. If feasible, the consulting firm will then proceed to the design phase.
25. Has any outreach efforts been conducted?
Answer: No. City staff will begin its outreach portion first to the respective commissions and City
council to introduce the project but have not involved the public at large until the project kicks-off.
Consultant to acknowledge the receipt of Addendum No. 2 in proposal submittal.
End of Addendum No. 2
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