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Creating Business Value,
StarHub SmartUC:
An industry-leading
end-to-end solution
that enhances
your business
Your business is always evolving and the communication
tools you use should adapt to your changing needs.
Your employees now work online, from remote locations, on
mobile and they prefer to use their own devices. The
communication systems they use should be intuitive and
allow them to work seamlessly from anywhere on any device.
Without that, your business will suffer inefficiencies. More
importantly, the resulting poor communications will affect
your relationship with your customers and partners.
Key issues with fragmented communication systems
Your business may be using separate
communication systems from different
vendors, resulting in multiple issues:
•Your IT team has to be cross-trained
and liaise with different vendors for
•Your IT team also has to spend extra time
dealing with customer complaints caused
due to communications breakdown
You have to incur higher costs to run
multiple systems, such as:
•Higher costs for training all employees
on using different systems that result in
unproductive hours
•Higher costs to obtain different systems,
including deployment, maintenance and
Your staff’s productivity can be directly
affected by the lack of an integrated
communication system. For example:
•Your local contact directory may only be
accessible on the office phones but not on
your staff’s mobile devices
•As a result, your sales team will not be
able to work as effectively on-the-go
•Extra time and resources will have to be
spent retrieving information, including
client contacts on staff’s personal,
unconnected devices
Seamless, unified communications with
Avaya IP Office
StarHub SmartUC
Avaya IP Office is a powerful, yet simple communications solution that
allows you to collaborate effectively without the high costs.
StarHub’s SmartUC solution is designed to drive productivity for your business through
efficient collaboration, without the need for high investment.
Simple and Scalable
Device Agnostic & Efficient
Cost Effective
Setting up or adding new phones
and devices is as easy as plugging
them in and you can manage
them from anywhere. You can
scale from 10 to 2,500 users in a
single or across multiple sites as
your business grows.
Access StarHub’s SmartUC from
a device of your choice using
wired, broadband or mobile data
connection; on your laptop or
desk phone in the office, or on
your mobile phone on-the-go.
Free your staff from answering
incoming calls through built-in
intelligence to route calls quickly
and accurately.
With 3 simple options, you can start small and scale up when your business expands.
Plus, with a comprehensive list of managed services, we can take care of all of your
communication systems from end-to-end. So you and your IT team can focus on what’s
important: Driving IT strategy to facilitate your business growth.
StarHub SIP Voice
StarHub SIP Voice is a cost-efficient, highly scalable
service that caters to businesses of all sizes.
You can start with a
minimum of 10 channels
and add more channels
and DDI numbers as your
business grows.
Managed Services
StarHub offers a wide range of Managed Services to take
care of your unified communications. Our professional
team can help you with:
It is delivered over a
dedicated voice-grade
access, providing your
business with a premium
quality and highly-reliable
voice service.
SIP Voice allows number
porting. You can retain
your numbers when you
move office and migrate
seamlessly from other
service providers.
User Management
•Adding, modifying or
removing users
•Resetting user passwords
System Management
•Troubleshooting of errors
•System reconfiguration
(e.g. call routing, auto
attendant, voice mail, etc.)
3 SmartUC Options
Whether you’re a small start-up, mediumsized business, or large enterprise,
StarHub SmartUC works for you.
Choose from 3 options based on your
communication needs now and upgrade
your service in the future when your
business expands.
Best for
Deployment mode
No. of Users
StarHub SmartUC Standard
StarHub SmartUC Premium
Small and medium sized businesses with essential
communication needs
Medium sized businesses and large enterprises that need
unified communications
Medium sized businesses and large enterprises that need
unified communications, and prefer to pay monthly
On premise
On premise
From 10 to 384
From 20 to 2,500 (Include 2 types of users*)
Soft Client
Windows, Mac OS
Mobile Client
Android, iOS
Contact Centre
Yes (Voice & Multimedia Agent, Supervisor, Automatic Call Distribution, Call Recording, IVR)
Audio Conferencing
Up to 64 parties
Up to 256 parties
Web Conferencing
Up to 128 parties
Voicemail Ports
Instant Messaging with Presence
Lync Integration
Pricing model
Monthly subscription (Terms and conditions apply)
Fully managed
*2 types of users: (1) Users with soft client only (2) Users with both soft client and mobile client. Termination fee may apply if the total number of users are reduced.
A virtualised
consolidated into
a single platform.
Reliable, premium-quality communications solution to
boost productivity
Communications is the key to your business success. Get reliable business-grade
connection with StarHub SIP Voice service, and Avaya’s award winning IP Office solution
supported by StarHub’s managed services to connect and collaborate with your work
teams and clients, anytime, from any device.
Scalable solution that’s cost effective and allows for
easy expansion
Instead of paying high costs for multiple systems, you can get more value for money
with StarHub SmartUC. It covers everything from your office telephony to web-based
conferencing, and is highly scalable. You can start from 10 users and scale to up to 2,500
users. This means, you need not replace your telephony systems when your business
expands. In addition, calls are also charged on a per second basis, instead of being
charged per minute, resulting in more cost savings.
StarHub is a leading provider of
information communications
solutions that matter to businesses
in Singapore and beyond. We are
passionate about co-creating
innovative solutions that can help
businesses stay ahead of change,
delivering flexibility to meet unique
requirements, and ensuring
reliability that allow the organizations
we serve do what they do best. With
peace of mind.
1800 888 8888
Save time and resources by dealing
with a single vendor
Enjoy the synergy and accountability of working with a single vendor.
As StarHub SmartUC integrates multiple systems for your use, different features work
across devices to deliver seamless communications for you. With all services delivered
on the same equipment, maintenance becomes easier and you avoid wasting space and
resources to deal with fragmented systems.
StarHub’s experienced team can evaluate, plan, deploy and manage the solution for you
end-to-end; so you can focus on growing your business.
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