Performance Shower Pumps
The Company
Grundfos have been producing quality engineered
products, combined with first class pre and post sales
service, for over 40 years.
Grundfos shower pumps undergo rigorous 3 stage testing
prior to leaving our factory, so whichever Grundfos
product you select, you can be assured of quality,
performance and safety.
All Grundfos pumps conform to both UK and European
standards, are backed by a comprehensive manufacturer’s
warranty and are supported by a Customer Service
Department and Technical Helpline that are second to none.
Grundfos offer probably the widest and most comprehensive
range of shower boosting solutions in the UK as well as a
selection of Domestic Water products.
To find out more, ask your stockist, contact your local
Sales Department or visit
Performance Shower Pumps
Premium Heavy Duty
Brass Pumps
Professional Low Voltage
Pumps Super Safe,
Super Silent!
240 Volt Pumps
The Brass Pump range is undoubtedly
Undoubtedly the safest and probably
The Nile range is the result of extensive
the ‘Rolls Royce’ of Grundfos shower
the quietest pump available in the
research and development giving
pumps, designed and manufactured
U.K. Aimed at eliminating the risks
a high performance pump at an
to the highest of standards. With
associated with combining water
affordable price. An innovative design,
brass impellers and machined
and electricity, the Danube range is
incorporating a low-speed induction
brass stampings these pumps can
low voltage, and is safe enough for
motor, gives long life and, combined
be genuinely described as ‘Heavy
under-bath installation. The innovative
with anti-vibration feet, ensures that
Duty’, and each model offers high
design, incorporating anti-vibration
operating noise is kept to a minimum.
performance and durability. These
feet, ensures that this range has an
With automatic thermal overload
continuously rated regenerative pumps
extremely low operating noise whilst
protection the pump motor will cut
are suited to domestic, commercial or
maintaining the highest performance.
out to prevent overheating, resetting
light industrial use. Products within this
The range is designed for domestic
automatically within 30-60 minutes.
range are fitted with long-life silicon
shower and bathroom applications.
The range is designed for domestic
carbide seals and anti-vibration feet
The Danube range is fitted with long-
shower and bathroom applications.
keep the operating noise to a minimum.
life carbon graphite seals and high
All models are fitted with long life
All brass pumps are supplied with
density ceramic seals. The range is
carbon graphite and high density
stainless steel flexible hoses, and are
supplied with stainless steel flexible
ceramic seals. The range is supplied
covered by a comprehensive 2 years
hoses and covered by a comprehensive
with stainless steel flexible hoses, and
warranty. A brass pump will transform
2 year warranty. Manual negative head
covered by a comprehensive 2 years
any compatible shower system into a
kits are available from Grundfos.
warranty. Manual negative head kits
really enjoyable and invigorating power
The installation of a Grundfos Surrey
are available from Grundfos.
flange is recommended.
The installation of a Grundfos Surrey
The installation of a Grundfos Surrey
flange is recommended .
flange is recommended for pumps up
to 3 bar pressure.
Suitable for use with
15mm or 22mm
Range Bar Code
Twin Impeller
STP-1.0 B
Twin Impeller
1.5 STP-1.5 B
Single Impeller
2.0 SSP-2.0 B
Range Bar Code
1.0 STL-1.0 C
Range Bar Code
Twin Impeller 2.0 STP-2.0 B
Twin Impeller Single Impeller
3.0 SSP-3.0 B
Twin Impeller 1.5 STL-1.5 C
Twin Impeller 1.2 STR-1.2 C
1.4 SSL-1.4 C
Twin Impeller 1.5 STR-1.5 C
2.0 STL-2.0 C
Single Impeller 1.5 SSR-1.5 C
Twin Impeller 3.0 STP-3.0 B
Single Impeller Twin Impeller 4.0 STP-4.0 B
Twin Impeller 3
Performance Shower Pumps
Automatic Shower Pump
Specialist Automatic
Negative Head Pumps
A twin impeller centrifugal shower
Where the water level in the cold
pump, tested and approved to
storage tank is below the level of
BSEN 60335.
the shower outlet a ‘negative head’
situation exists. Specialist Automatic
This pump is fitted with long-life seals
Negative Head pumps to overcome this
and is supplied complete with easy
problem are available from Grundfos in
clean filters and high quality braided
the following models:
stainless steel connection hoses.
All pumps in the range, which are
Range Bar Code
designed for domestic shower and
Twin Impeller 2.0 STL-2.0 CN
bathroom applications, are covered
by a comprehensive two year
Heavy Duty Brass Pump
manufacturer’s warranty.
Range Bar Code
Twin Impeller
1.5 STN-1.5 B
Choose from our standard 1.5 bar or
Single Impeller 2.0 SSN-2.0 B
the 2 bar.
Twin Impeller 2.0 STN-2.0 B
Single Impeller 3.0 SSN-3.0 B
Suitable for use with 15mm or 22mm
Twin Impeller 3.0 STN-3.0 B
Twin Impeller 4.0 STN-4.0 B
The installation of a Grundfos Surrey
Manual Negative
flange is recommended for maximum
Manually operated Negative Head Kits
shower pump efficiency on both..
are also available from Grundfos for all
pump ranges excluding Premier Heavy
Duty Brass. To size your pump correctly
to meet with your requirements, please
refer to the shower pump selector
opposite or call our technical helpline
Range 4
Bar Code
Twin Impeller 1.5 STC-1.5 C
Twin Impeller 2.0 STC-2.0 C
Considered an industry standard, the
Surrey flange is designed to provide an
independent hot water supply as well
as dramatically reduce air surging, noise
and temperature variations.
The Surrey flange air vent automatically
purges the shower circuit preventing
air accumulation in the hot water
shower feed (patent applied for). The
vent automatically traps and releases
air, preventing back feed of aerated
Low Voltage
on 0845 2000 912.
Surrey and York flanges
hot water. The installation of a Surrey
flange is recommended for shower
pumps up to 3 bar pressure.
15mm Surrey Flange: To suit cylinder
outlet of 1” BSP female. Suited to pumps
up to 1.5 bar pressure.
22mm Surrey Flange: To suit Cylinder
outlet of 1” BSP Female. Suited to
pumps up to 3 bar pressure.
York Flange: The York flange is a
modified version of the 22mm Surrey
flange, with an adaptor to suit cylinders
with 1” BSP Male outlets. Suited to
pumps up to 3 bar pressure.
Performance Shower Pumps
Family Name
Differentiator 1
Differentiator 2
Differentiator 3
Shower Pump
T-Twin Impeller
S-Single Impeller
L-Low Voltage
N-Negative Head
P-Positive Head
1.0 Bar
1.5 Bar
2.0 Bar
3.0 Bar
4.0 Bar
N-Negative Head
Grundfos Service
Unique to the industry - Grundfos have their
own inhouse service department for service and
warranty call outs on Sololift+, Shower Pumps,
Home Booster and MQ.
Europump is the mobile service arm of Grundfos
Call centre for Nationwide coverage 0845 200 912
More than 20 fully trained engineers covering the
whole of the UK.
Domestic Water Solutions
Grundfos are able to
Domestic Lifting Stations
Multistage Booster Pump
for water pressure
The MQ is a complete multistage
boosting as well as clean
• Extra bathrooms
domestic booster pump, incorporating
and grey water disposal
• Basement installations
integral controls for on/off control of
• Low-cost bathrooms in holiday cottages
the pump, diaphragm tank, pressure
• Added facilities in hotels and guest houses
and flow sensor and non-return valve
offer a range of
Domestic Water Solutions
• Bathrooms for the elderly or the disabled
on pump inlet. The controller ensures
• Renovation of offices and other
that the pump starts automatically
commercial buildings
Features and benefits
• Unique design with smooth line and
when water is consumed and stops
automatically when the consumption
ceases. In addition, the controller
protects the pump in case of faults.
rounded edges - fits every modern
bathroom environment
• Plug and go product
Flow, Q: max. 5m³/h
• Low noise level
Head, H: max. 48 m
• Discharge pipe connection in the side
Liquid temp.: 0°C to +35°C
Op. press: max. 7.5 bar
ensures easy maintenance
• Flexible discharge pipe adapters for
outer pipe diameters of ø23, ø25, ø28,
and ø32mm
• Thermal overload switch
• Cover without screws - easy service
• Especially designed for wall-hung toilets
• Compact and slim for easy integration
into the wall
Suitable for liquid transfer in
• Small or large family houses
• Weekend cottages
• Farms
• Greenhouses
Features and benefits
• All-in-one pressure booster unit
• Easy to install
• Easy to operate
• Especially designed for high temp
• Self-priming
liquid wastewater from washing
machines or dishwashers
• Compact and slim for installation
under a washbasin or in a closet
Technical data
• Dry-running protection with
automatic reset
• Low-noise
• Maintenance-free
Domestic Water Solutions
Unilift CC,
Drainage Pumps
UPA 15-90
Small Booster Pump
The Unilift CC are a range of multi-purpose
The UPA 15-90 is a circulator pump
The Grundfos Home Booster cold
submersible drainage pumps. Unilift CC
designed for pressure boosting of
water booster set is designed for use
will handle clean water, groundwater
water in domestic properties. The pump
in domestic and light commercial
and grey wastewater with particles up
provides additional pressure to showers,
premises for pressure boosting where
to 10 mm. It can be completely or partly
taps and similar outlet points for
the existing water supply is insufficient
submerged in the liquid. The Unilift CC
domestic water.
to meet the demand requirements.
is a multi-purpose pump: it is excellent
for both low-suction and standard
drainage jobs.
The UPA 15-90 is for use in open systems.
Home Booster
Packaged Booster Set
It has been developed to provide a
compact and cost-effective solution
The pump incorporates a flow switch
for many small to medium pressure
which starts or stops the pump when a
boosting applications.
The Unilift CC range is comprised of
tap is turned on or off.
three different models: the CC 5, CC 7,
2 l/min required flow.
All Grundfos products are built to the
and CC 9, all capable of handling
particle sizes up to 10 mm.
The range covers a wide application
area: flows from 6 m³/h to 14 m³/h
and heads from 5 to 9 m.
Every model is available with or without
A 1.5 metre flying lead is supplied.
would expect from Grundfos, the unit
Approval from the local Water Company
pump for efficiency, sustained performance
must be obtained if the pump is to be
levels and long working life and up to
connected directly to the water main.
date control technology.
feature’s a high quality stainless steel
Installation could not be simpler, with
a float switch for automatic or manual
very highest standards, and as you
only mains cold water, discharge
pipework and electrical connections
The UPA 15-90 is a circulator pump
The pumps are suitable for:
designed for pressure boosting of
• Drainage of flooded cellars
domestic water in domestic properties.
• Pumping of household wastewater
Features and benefits
up to four bathrooms with standard
• Easy to install
fittings. The unit is self contained
• Compact booster
and with it’s compact size makes it ideal
• Automatic operation available
for domestic installations where space
• Reliable pump
is at a premium.
• Typically adds 0.50 bar pressure
The Home Booster features an integral
• Groundwater lowering
• Emptying o f swimming-pools and
• Drainage of drain wells
• Emptying of tanks and reservoirs
to be made.
The Home Booster model is suitable
for most domestic installations with
Features and benefits
storage tank which meets the
• Simple installation
Water Byelaws air gap regulations.
• Service and maintenance free
Grundfos Pumps Ltd
Gemini House
Enterprise Way
Kent. TN8 6HF.
Tel: 0845 2000 912
Fax: 0845 2000 913
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