Privacy Protection and Security Guidelines

Privacy Protection and Security Guidelines
Your BlackBerry is to be used in a responsible, efficient, ethical and legal manner. Using your BlackBerry for explicit or
implied personal and private gain or commercial use shall be considered to be in contravention of this agreement.
The district has provided you with a BlackBerry for the purpose of furthering educational opportunities. While incidental
and occasional personal use is understood, personal communications and files transmitted over or stored on district
systems are not treated differently from educational communications. There can be no guarantee that such personal
communications will remain private or confidential.
When working on or offsite, school board employees must comply with the Municipal Freedom of Information and
Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA). The Act requires that organizations protect the privacy of individuals with respect to
personal information about the individual held by the organization. This Act can be found at the Privacy Commissioners’
This guideline reflects best practices for securing board owned BlackBerry’s and the use of sensitive information. Board
owned data is not to be maintained or stored on personally owned mobile devices.The first principle of privacy is
accountability and when personal information is in the care and/or custody of a school board employee, the employee is
personally responsible for ensuring that privacy is protected. Due to inherent risks with any mobile device, any
transmission through the use of a board owned BlackBerry should always be considered insecure and therefore requires
1. To the greatest extent possible, sensitive information should not be stored on or accessed from your BlackBerry.
This simple rule will do much to reduce risk.
2. Sensitive information residing on mobile devices should not be the only copy. Make sure there is another copy on
a more secure device such as a server that is backed up regularly.
3. Portable devices and storage media with sensitive information should be erased so there is no possibility of
subsequent data recovery.
4. Inoperable BlackBerry’s shall be returned to the ITS department. All data on the device will be removed and it will
be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.
5. Access to your BlackBerry should be protected by the use of a password. Your BlackBerry will automatically lock
after ten minutes of idle time.
6. Reasonable care should be taken when using a BlackBerry in public places, meeting rooms, or other unprotected
areas to avoid the unauthorized access to or disclosure of the information stored on or accessed by the device.
While viewing personal information on a mobile device screen at locations outside the office, ensure that the
screen cannot be seen by anyone else.
7. When in transit or working outside the office, employees should avoid using the cell phone to discuss sensitive
information. Cell phone conversations can be overheard or intercepted. Avoid the use of student or staff names.
8. Special care should be taken in crowds, meetings, and security-screening areas to maintain control over the
device. Your BlackBerry should be carried on the person whenever traveling. Do not leave mobile devices
containing personal information in your vehicle.
9. If in the event that your BlackBerry is misplaced or stolen, immediately call the ITS Helpdesk at 613-966-1170 ext.
2424 and the IT staff will remotely remove all data from your device. If the device is later found, simply contact
the Helpdesk and the IT staff will remotely enable your BlackBerry, returning it to its previous condition. Your data
will be once again accessible, and the phone ready to use.
A privacy breach occurs when personal information is collected, retained, used or disclosed in ways that are not
in accordance with the provisions of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.
Among the most common breaches of personal privacy is the unauthorized disclosure of personal information,
contrary to section 32 of the Act. For example, personal information may be lost, stolen or inadvertently
disclosed through human error and upon learning of a privacy breach, immediate action should be taken. Users
must contact their Superintendent immediately following the call to the ITS Help Desk.
I have read and understand the guidelines and the Mobile Device Plan for board owned BlackBerry
devices in HPEDSB.
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The personal information is protected and collected in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Privacy Act and will be used for
the purpose of inventory control and security and safety of board owned property. Further information regarding the use of the form can be
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