Stone Guard Film
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Polyurethane film with outstanding UV-resistance and excellent tear strength. Highly transparent glossy finished surface.
Release Paper
Polyester film, siliconised on one side, 100 µm
Solvent polyacrylate, permanent
Area of use
For the protection of sensitive surfaces against mechanical forces in interior and exterior applications. Specially designed for
the protection of vehicle body parts such as front and rear bumpers, side skirts etc. against stone chipping. Recommended
for bonding to even and slightly curved surfaces.
Technical Data
Thickness* (without protective paper and adhesive)
Dimensional stability (FINAT TM 14)
Temperature resistance***
Sea water resistance (DIN 50021)
Resistance to solvents and chemicals
Adhesive power* (FINAT TM 1, after 24h, stainless steel)
Tensile strength (DIN EN ISO 527)
Elongation at break (DIN EN ISO 527)
Shelf life**
Application temperature
Service life by specialist application
under vertical outdoor exposure (normal climate of
Central Europe)
* average
200 micron
Adhered to steel shrinkage 0,2 mm max.
Adhered to aluminium, -40° C to +100° C, no variation
Adhered to aluminium, after 100h/23° C, no variation
At room temperature, 72h after adhesion to aluminium, shortterm resistance to most oils and greases, fuels, aliphatic
solvents, weak acids, salts and alkalis
22 N/25 mm
Along: min. 34 MPa
Across: min. 34 MPa
Along: min. 550%
Across: min. 550%
2 years
> +10° C
7 years
** in original packaging, at 20°C and 50% relative humidity
*** normal climate of Central Europe
Surfaces to which the material will be applied must be thoroughly cleaned and free from dust, grease or any other
contamination that could affect the adhesion of the material. Freshly lacquered or painted surfaces should be allowed to dry
for at least three weeks and to completely cure. The compatibility of selected lacquers and paints should be tested by the
user, prior to application of the material. Furthermore, the application information published by ORAFOL must be considered.
The batch traceability according to ISO 9001 is possible on the basis of the roll number.
All ORAGUARD products are subject to careful quality control throughout the manufacturing process and are warranted to
be of merchantable quality and free from manufacturing defects. Published information concerning ORAGUARD products is
based upon research which the Company believes to be reliable although such information does not constitute a warranty.
Because of the variety of uses of ORAGUARD products and the continuing development of new applications, the purchaser
should carefully consider the suitability and performance of the product for each intended use, and the purchaser shall
assume all risks regarding such use. All specifications are subject to change without prior notice. ORAGUARD is a
registered trademark of ORAFOL Europe GmbH.
ORAFOL Europe GmbH - Orafolstraße 2 – D 16515 Oranienburg - Germany
graphic.products@orafol.de – www.orafol.com
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