RV Pro 10,000 Installation Instructions

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RV Pro 10,000 Installation
Fill Port
Installation Instructions
1. Turn off the source water feeding the inlet water line.
2. Install the female garden hose Y valve onto the outlet of
the system. Do not over tighten. The Y valve is gasket
sealed so only tighten hand tight.
3. Connect the inlet water line to the system and connect a
garden hose* to the outlet port of the Y valve. The Y
valve has two valved male ports. The full port side is the
system outlet. The port that is fitted with an orifice type
flow restrictor is the drain port.
Fill Port
4. Be sure that the drain port of the Y valve is closed. Flush
the system for 2 minutes, by partially opening the inlet
water valve, allowing the outlet water to run to drain.
5. Close the inlet and outlet water valves, remove the
system outlet garden hose from the drain, place the unit
into position and connect the outlet line to the RV. When
installed the softener must set vertical.
6. The system is now ready for use. Open the inlet and
outlet water valves making sure the drain valve is
closed. You may now enjoy your new softener.
*Garden hose not included. Two 4 ft. garden hoses recommended.
Y Valve Positions
1. Close the inlet and outlet valves and connect a garden
hose to the drain port of the Y valve. Open the drain valve
to relieve any pressure in the system.
2. Once the pressure is relieved close the drain valve port
and remove the system from the RV.
3. Gently tilt the system to drain some water out of the mineral
tank to create room for salt.
4. Once a few cups of water have been drained from the
system, remove the tank head fill port, and pour 2 lbs of
sodium chloride table salt into the fill port on the head.
Use a cup of water to rinse the fill hole clean of salt
crystals and reinsert the fill plug.
5. Allow the unit to set for 5 minutes, then turn on the inlet
valve and open the drain port on the Y valve to begin the
brine rinse process.
6. After 20 minutes of brine rinsing the system is ready to be
installed back into the RV and is ready for use.
7. Regeneration should be performed when the hardness
from your system exceeds 3 grains per gallon as indicated
on the supplied water test strips.
PleaSe noTe: This system is already regenerated when you receive
it so an initial regeneration is not required. Do not remove the tank head
from the mineral tank. This may cause a loss in the ion exchange resin,
which may cause a decrease in system capacity.
RV-PRo 10,000
Grains Capacity
10000 Grains
Resin Cubic Foot
Premium High Capacity
21"H x 9"W
26 lbs.
Salt Required
2 lbs Per Regeneration
Life Span
5 Years +
Regeneration Time
20 Minutes
Tank: 5 Years / Head: 1 Year
**With proper care and treatment.
Back Flushing
Twice a year, perform a back flush of the system. Back
flushing is performed by feeding water into the outlet port of
the system. Allow water to flow out of the inlet connection at
a rate of one gallon per minute. This reverse flow process
mechanically cleans the resin bed. If back flushing is being
done along with a regeneration process the back flush
should be done first.
long Term Storage
If the system is going to be idle for long periods of time perform a back flush then follow the regeneration process using
¼ cup of bleach or 1 pack of Watts Sani-System Solution in
lieu of table salt to perform a sanitization. When the system
is ready to be used again re-sanitize with bleach or
Sani-System Solution then regenerate with table salt.
RV Pro 10,000 Replacement Parts
PaRT no.
3/4" Female x Male Y Valve
3/4" Male NPT x 3/4"
Male Garden Hose Adaptor
8x18 Black Mineral Tank
3/4" Female NPT Inlet/Outlet
Tank Head
3/4" Female Garden Hose x 3/4"
Male NPT Adaptor
3/4" Garden Hose Gasket
13/16" Belled Distributor Tube
Hardness Test Strips
50 test strips per bottle
Uses High Capacity Ion Exchange
Resin Media .33 Cubic Ft.
Fill Port Plug With O-Ring
# I7001F
Female Garden
Hose Adaptor
Fill Port Plug
With O-Ring
# I7001
# C2297
Male Garden
Head Hose Adaptor
# I7000G
Garden Hose
# I2047-ASSY
Y Valve
# D5026
C2297 Head, ToP VIeW:
Fill Port
# C9057B
Mineral Tank
# T3023
Test Strips
Thank You For Purchasing The Watts® RV-Pro 10,000 Series
Recreational Vehicle Water Softening System
We know you will be pleased with the performance and value this high quality water softener was designed to provide.
This system was engineered with quality in mind. We use a higher capacity ion exchange resin than most manufacturers
on the market to ensure the longest possible run time between regenerations. Our mineral tanks are made of the toughest
materials and are specifically selected for this product line, knowing they will be handled and transported many times
over their life span. We conducted research and decided to incorporate a drain line flow restrictor in the drain port of this
system. We found that by guessing at the drain flow rate during the brine rinse cycle could affect the system capacity by
50%. We designed a flow restrictor to provide the highest possible brine efficiency.
With the installation of this water softener you will enjoy all of the advantages that softened water has to offer. Longer life
of appliances, reduced water spotting, a reduction in stains caused by dissolved iron, smoother skin, shinier hair, reduced
soap usage, and a reduction in maintenance costs are all benefits that the Watts RV-Pro 10,000 Series Water Softener
A Watts Water Technologies Company
Water Filtration for the Marine & RV Industries
Peoria, AZ 85381
©Watts 2010
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