Foos 200 Foosball Table Brochure

Foos 200 Foosball Table Brochure
Shelti Foos™ 200
Professional-Play Tables For The Home
Model # GS-K-YC
For More Information, Visit BMI Gaming | | (800) 746-2255 | +1.561.391.7200
Foos 200
Professional-Play Tables For The Home
Model # GS-K-YC
Precisely Sized & Angled Foot
880-tooth grip consistently 3/16" atop
the field for optimum ball capture and
control, front & back. Sharp foot edge
allows for controlled bank shots.
All Foos 200 Tables Come with:
3 Balls, Pin Punch & Rod Support Block, “Super Lube” Rod Oil,
Warranty Registration, Rules Poster, Instructions and extra parts
(one black man, one red man, one ball, one bushing, one
bumper and two wrenches).
Rattle Board
Sounds goal made.
Ball Server with “Ball
Hold” Recess
3-Man Goalie
Full field play.
Chrome Plated Rods
High-carbon tubular steel
competition .120” rods.
Chrome Plated, Steel Rods
Triple-plating of copper, nickel, and
final bright chrome. Smooth action,
Counterbalanced Men
Stay “parked” anyplace within 360º.
High Strength
ABS Construction Men
Molded Polymer Octagonal Handles
Hardened Melamine Encased,
“Yorkshire Cherry” Exterior
Chip & mar resistant, fine furniture
1” Nylon Rod Bushings
Long wearing, nylon composite.
Precision sized to rods, nominal
bushing-to-rod contact surface
minimizes friction.
Double-Wound Spirol Pins
Lock men & handles to rods.
No “slop”.
“Stay-In-Play” Field Trim
Provides very slight rise along playfield
walls so balls can’t come to rest.
Full-Perimeter Playfield Support
Playfield sleeved into slots on side & goal
walls for consistently rigid/responsive play.
© Copyright 2001-2007, Shelti Inc., Bay City • Michigan
215 lbs.
Available Kit:
• 1-Man Goalie Conversion Kit—Easily convert your 3-man
goalie foosball table into the classic 1-man style of the 70's.
Unique “Lock-On-Men”
Compression Bumpers
Won’t “walk” on rod. Natural
rubber cushions playfield walls.
Irrefutable proof
that “inexpensive”
doesn’t have to
mean “cheap.”
Assembled Size:
56”L. x 29”W. x 36”H.
Cabinet Apron Ht:
Dual End-Apron Ball Returns
3¼” x 4“, Solid Wood Legs
3” floor levelers—thread counter
bored into vinyl wrapped legs and
adjustable up to 1”.
Premium Grade 1" Thick Fiberboard (MDF)
Construction With Full Side-To-Side Fastening
MDF provides strength, heft, and straightness.
Walls are true-joined with dowels, machine bolts,
and full side-to-side 29” long threaded rods.
6-Month “Top to Bottom” Limited Warranty
333 Morton Street
Bay City, Michigan 48706
Phone: 989-893-1739
Fax: 989-893-1809
[email protected]
Injection Molded,
Grit-Abraded Urathane Balls
Enhanced ball control.
If you’re interested in getting the best-playing, most feature-packed
table for your money, the Shelti Foos 200 has most every premiumtable feature there is... yet costs a fraction of what you’d normally
pay. It has a full complement of counterbalanced men including 3-man
goalie on chrome-plated rods, a regulation-size, full-perimeter
supported playfield, 1”-thick MDF walls, dual ball returns and wood legs.
Bring a Foos 200 home and you’ll have a truly competition-capable
table—one that can respond to the skills of accomplished players—yet
accommodate the most novice players. This remarkable table is built to
withstand most anything they can give it, for a remarkably low price.
For More Information, Visit BMI Gaming | | (800) 746-2255 | +1.561.391.7200
™ Shelti and Shelti Foos are trademarks of Shelti Inc., Bay City • Michigan
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