SHM40 Datasheet in English
SHM40 Structural Humidity Measurement Kit
A borehole in concrete and a
measurement probe HMP40S inserted in it.
Vaisala HUMICAP® Structural Humidity Measurement Kit SHM40 offers an easy and
reliable solution for humidity measurements in concrete and other structures.
Concrete dries unevenly and is usually
drier on the surface, consequently
it is important to measure beneath
the surface conditions. The borehole
method provides information about the
humidity profile under the surface. In
this method, a humidity probe is left in
the borehole until the humidity in the
hole has reached an equilibrium state
and the stabilized values can be read.
SHM40 Is All You Need
for Borehole Humidity
The Vaisala HUMICAP® Structural
Humidity Measurement Kit SHM40
is an ideal solution for the borehole
method. The starter kit is comprised of
an HMP40S probe, HM40 indicator and
accessories for the borehole method in
a weather-proof case, optimized for use
in harsh and humid construction sites.
Additional accessories for the SHM40
can be used to prepare a moisture
measurement hole in fresh concrete.
Pre-formed holes eliminate the need
for drilling and the risk of damaging
heating elements or tubing embedded
in the concrete.
Easy Measurement with
Multiple HMP40S Probes
and Quick Connectors
HMP40S measurement probes
are interchangeable. The probes
connect easily to the HM40 indicator
with a snap-on connector enabling
convenient use of multiple probes
with one indicator. The measurement
data can be displayed in numeric,
statistic or graph views.
Features or Benefits
Easy to use
Truly interchangeable
measurement probes
Accurate measurement data
in numeric, statistic or graph
Conforms to ASTM standard
IP65 classified measurement
probe and case
Snapping a connector to the indicator
HM40 to read the measurement results.
Standard Contents of SHM40
HM40 indicator with adapter
12 pcs plastic tubes (19266HM)
1 piece HMP40S RH&T probe
with a cable
12 pcs rubber plugs (233976)
3 pcs protective covers with lid
NIST traceable certificate
Weather-proof carrying case
with a shoulder strap
Technical Data
HMP40S Probe
Relative Humidity
Measurement range
0 ... 100 %RH
Accuracy (incl. non-linearity, hysteresis, and repeatability):
temperature range
0 °C ... +40 °C
0 ... 90 %RH
± 1.5 %RH
90 ... 100 %RH
± 2.5 %RH
temperature range
-40 °C...0 °C and +40 °C ... +80 °C
0 ... 90 %RH
± 3.0 %RH
90 ... 100 %RH
± 4.0 %RH
Factory calibration uncertainty at +20°C (68°F)
0 ... 90 %RH
± 1.1 %RH
90 ... 100 %RH
± 1.8 %RH
Humidity sensor
± 2 %RH over 2 years
Measurement range
-40 °C ... +80 °C
Accuracy over temperature range:
0 ... +40 °C
± 0.2 °C
-40 ... 0 °C, +40 ... +80 °C
± 0.4 °C
Temperature Sensor
Pt1000 RTD Class F0.1 IEC 60751
Operating temperature range for probe
-40 °C ... +80 °C
Probe weight with standard cable
31 g
Probe housing material
stainless steel
Probe filter and sensor protection
membrane filter with chrome
coated ABS plastic
Cable material
Wire PVC / jacket PU
Cable connector
TRRS male 3.5 mm
Probe housing classification
Borehole diameter needed
16 mm
Measurement depth with standard
min. 30 mm, max. 90 mm
Indicator housing classification
Mechanical drop endurance
Power-up time
Alkaline batteries
Operation time (Alkaline batteries)
1.0 m without the probe
2 x AA sized, 1.5V (LR6)
typical 100 hours
(without backlight)
Calculated variables
Td, Tw, a, x, h
Menu languages
English, German, French, Finnish, Spanish,
Swedish, Chinese (simplified), Russian, Japanese
LCD (140 x 160 pixels)
European Union directive EN61326-1 for
compatibility (EMC)
portable equipment
Accessories and Spare Parts
HM40 indicator with adapter and cable probe
RH&T probe with cable
HM40 indicator with adapter
Quick connection adapter
Cable for RH&T probe
Long cable (2.7 m) for RH&T probe
Plastic tube set (12 pcs)
Rubber plugs (12 pcs)
Protective cover with lid (3 pcs)
Weather-proof carrying case with SHM40 filling
USB recharger for HM40 indicator batteries
Plastic grid with membrane filter for HMP40S probe DRW010525SP
Plastic flange set (12 pcs)
Long rubber plug for wet concrete (12 pcs)
Dimensions in mm
HM40 Indicator
Operation temperature range for indicator
-10 ... +60 °C
Storage temperature range
-30 ... +70 °C
Indicator with adapter
240 g
SHM40 case with standard content
3.7 kg
Indicator materials
PC/ABS blend, acrylic display lens
Indicator adapter materials
Nickel plated brass and plastic
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