Limited Guarantee on SANYO's HIT Photovoltaic Modules
(HDE4 Series)
SANYO Electric Co., Ltd., Japan (hereinafter referred to as
“SANYO”) shall grant to any purchaser of SANYO HIT
Photovoltaic Modules (hereinafter referred to as “Modules”),
as listed in the table beneath, a limited guarantee in
accordance with the following terms and conditions. This
limited guarantee shall only cover photovoltaic modules
purchased in Europe and identified by a CE label. The
period of this guarantee shall begin on the date of initial
purchase by the ultimate customer as named in the
certificate of guarantee (hereinafter referred to as
"Ultimate Customer"). Only customers named in said
certificates – exclusive of any subsequent purchasers –
shall be entitled to claim under this guarantee, unless the
following terms and conditions allow for any exceptions,
and when Product(s) remain at their original installed
location this guarantee is transferable to any subsequent
owner of the location, or subsequent title-holder of the
Product(s) upon satisfactory proof of succession or
assignment (all such persons hereinafter referred to as,
“ Ultimate Customer”).
B: Limited guarantee on minimum power output
SANYO shall guarantee each Module concerned, for a
period of twenty (20) years as of sale to Ultimate Customer,
against any functions falling short of 80 per cent of the
minimum power output measured when voltage is at an
optimum and under standard test conditions of 1,000 W/m²,
1.5 AM at a cell temperature of 25°C, as specified in the
table beneath. Should SANYO discover such power
deficiency caused by faulty material or poor workmanship,
SANYO shall repair the defect, at their own discretion
exclusively, in one of the following ways:
- delivery of additional Modules to compensate for the
power deficiency
- repair or exchange of each Module concerned.
The Ultimate Customer shall not be entitled to make to
SANYO any claims extending beyond this guarantee. The
period of this guarantee shall by no means be extended
beyond the original period as specified in below table, also
not in the event of any supplementation, repair or exchange
of the Modules concerned.
Section 1 Description
Section 2 General Conditions
A: Limited guarantee on material and workmanship
SANYO shall grant the Ultimate Customer a limited
guarantee on material and workmanship for a period of
sixty (60) months effective from the date on which the
product was sold to the Ultimate Customer and which is
also stated in the certificate of guarantee. This guarantee
shall only be granted on condition that the product is
installed, used and maintained in strict adherence to the
general installation instructions described in the
Installation Manual as well as to the specific installation
instructions which are related to the solar system itself and
provided by the SANYO Dealer. Should, within the period
of this guarantee, the product fail to meet the quality
standards warranted in this guarantee and should the
defect be caused by poor quality, SANYO shall, at their own
discretion, either repair or exchange the photovoltaic
module concerned.
The Ultimate Customer shall not be entitled to make to
SANYO any claims extending beyond this guarantee. The
period of this guarantee shall by no means be extended
beyond the original period of sixty (60) months, also not in
the event of repair or exchange of any Module.
The following shall apply to all SANYO Modules
guaranteed in accordance with Section 1:
Guarantee can only be claimed within the period of this
This guarantee shall neither cover the costs caused by
any works to be carried out on site nor any costs
incurred in connection with any installation, removal,
transport or reinstallation of any SANYO Module or its
components when claiming the performance warranted
in this guarantee. Any costs for measuring the power
output on the Module and for acknowledging its
quality shall also be excluded from this guarantee.
This guarantee can only be claimed through the
SANYO Dealer who sold the product. Should the
SANYO Dealer concerned no longer be existent, please
( In the event of any
litigations or in connection with any statements to be
made to the guarantor it is the guarantor that is the
only correct contact. SANYO Dealers do not have any
authority to act for and on behalf of the guarantor; they
are merely the technical assistants in dealing with this
guarantee. SANYO shall not accept any returned
uarantee Information Chart
Sanyo HIT
Module Model
Materials &
5-Years Limited
Guarantee of
Materials &
Guaranteed Minimum Power Output
of HIT Modules
upon delivery
90% of
80% of
*Pmin:Minimum Power Output: 95 % of nominal maximum power output
Modules without any prior written consent by SANYO
to this effect.
Irrespective of any other limitations specified herein
the guarantee offered herein shall only be valid for the
initial purchaser named in the certificate of guarantee
who has bought the products for his/her own needs and
not for the purpose of resale. After the Module has been
installed on a building this guarantee shall be
extended, by way of exception, to also include anyone
having acquired said building from the Ultimate
Customer. In this case the claimant shall furnish
adequate proof of succession in title to said Module.
The total cost of this guarantee incurred within the
entire guarantee period must not exceed the costs of
the Modules. Only the net purchase price of all
Modules bought by the Ultimate Customer (without
any further service/material items) plus national VAT,
as stated in the invoice addressed to the Ultimate
Customer, shall be deemed as cost of the Modules.
Any exchanged (i.e. replaced) components or Modules
shall pass into the ownership of SANYO.
Any claims under this guarantee shall be asserted by
the Ultimate Customer, without undue delay, within
one month, at the latest, from the event making this
guarantee operative pursuant to lit c).
The onus of proof that an event has brought this
guarantee into operation pursuant to the undertaking
hereunder shall lie with the Ultimate Customer. The
Ultimate Customer shall also have to prove that there
is no case for any exception/limitation in terms of
Section 3 of this guarantee.
Section 3 Exceptions and Limitations
A: This limited guarantee (see Section 1) shall not be
granted in the following cases:
Installation, wiring and maintenance works have been
carried out in a manner contradictory to the
"Installationshandbuch" (Installation Manual) and to
the specific installation instructions provided by the
SANYO Dealer who sold the product; the Module
concerned has been used and/or handled improperly.
Product(s) installed in a location that exceeds
Standard Operating Conditions which are written in
the documents of ‘specification of photovoltaic module’.
A Module has been damaged by way of abuse or any
alterations and/or actions and repairs which were not
performed by SANYO.
Pre-installation storage and transport have been faulty
and improper.
Modules have been damaged by external stress and
strain or stones and/or debris dropping thereon, unless
damage has been caused by any defective materials
employed in the Modules and/or faulty assembly of the
Modules concerned.
Modules have been contaminated and/or damaged by
environmental factors, such as soot, saliferous
substances or acid rain.
The Ultimate Customer's system, equipment and
facilities on site are damaged or incompatible with the
Damage has been caused by extreme natural
phenomena (earthquakes, typhoons and tornados,
volcanic eruptions, floodings and storm tides, strokes of
lightning, hailstorms and heavy snowfalls, tsunami,
etc) and/or fires and any other unforeseen
circumstances for which SANYO cannot be held
i) Damage has been caused by terrorism, uprisings and
such other man-made catastrophes.
j) Damage has been caused by ageing and/or continuous
use, in particular by noise, vibration, rust, scratches
and discolouration.
k) There is no certificate of guarantee at all or it is
incomplete, lacking entry of Ultimate Customer's name
and/or of date of purchase and/or stamp of SANYO
Dealer. Should, however, the certificate of guarantee
merely lack the Dealer's stamp, proof of purchase can
also be furnished by presenting another document
l) The type label and/or serial number of the Module are
missing, or have been changed or are unreadable.
m) Modules are not installed within the following
Belarus, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Hungary,
Malta, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia,
Ukraine, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Ireland,
Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom,
Albania, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia,
Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, Portugal, San
Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Vatican City, Austria,
B:The performance and service warranted herein
constitute the only guarantee put on the product.
SANYO shall refuse herewith explicitly all other
guarantee/warranty relating to the marketability of
the quality of the product and/or its suitability for a
specific purpose. SANYO shall not be liable under any
circumstances for any lost profits, for any special,
accidental, indirect losses or consequential damage, for
whatever reasons.
C:This guarantee shall in no way limit any of the
Ultimate Customer's claims which are based on a
different legal foundation.
D:German law shall apply exclusively to any and all
claims which may arise from this guarantee to the
Ultimate Customer or SANYO.
E: The English version of the guarantee shall prevail. All
other language versions are solely translations hereof.
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