Brlef lntroductlon
'l'hanks for selecting color scrcen CSM/CPRS digitul nrobilc
phonc. Through reading the mual, you can fully know how to usc
mobilc phone, [email protected] its complete function and simplc opcr[li[g
color rcreen mobile phone is designed aiming &t GsM/(il'RS
network cnvircnment; the phone is Two Card T$o Slandby. but yrrt
can not call another SIM crd when one SIM card ls undor phonc
Userts Manual of
Mobile Phone
call. tlcsidcs basic call limclions, also prcvidcs rony kinls ol
practicsl functions, such as name card holder, menc modo, mctsogc,
audio and'video player, Tv, Edio, cmem and video, E-txxrk, gnrnc.
GPRS intemet access, Bluetooth, alm [email protected], culcuhtor, world
[email protected], STK, time and date, auto powercn and shut{own, kcyhorrtl
lock, and etc. so that convenient for your work and lciturc nctivilicr.
In addition, adopts pemomlized human-computcr intcrlocc dc$i!!u,
its complete function ce meet you different rcquiromcnts.
color rcrcm mobile phone accords with GSM/CPRS critcriur.
h6 obloin€d the certification of competeDt authority,
The company resgrues the rights to revise olc contcnt$ ol thc
manual without prior ootice.
1.2. Sofety Notlce
If your phone is lost or
stolen, please imediately infom thc
tclccom dcpartmcnt or comission ag6ls of forbidding thc uio (,1'
SIM card, so that avoid the wonomic loss caused by false oalling ol
When you contact with tElecom department or commitsirrt
ogent$, they need to know your phone IMEI number (prinicd on
the labcl on the back ofthe phone md can be fomd allor taking
doM the battery). Please copy the number and keep it soli: lirr
fufure use.
ln ord€r to use the phone more safely, please adopt prcvcntivc
mcasures, for example: set up the PIN code of SIM cad. I'lN
code can prevcnt you SIM card from being used by othcn
without pemission. When leaving the car, plece don't placc
thc phone in a place easy to be seen, you had better to carry
with you or lock in the suitcase.
Safety Alert snd Cautions
Bcforc using thc phone, please rcad these cautions
that makc surc lo use the phone corectly.
13.1. Ccncrul Crutlons
I On thc plarc. in thc hospital
and other places that fo$iddd to
usc the mobilc phone, pleee tum off de phone; othevise it
may u{lbct thc nomal opeotion of [email protected] equipments and
Plea* comply with the relevmt
rcgulutiols ifusing the phone in these places,
I'lc0$c $trictly comply with the laws md regulations about the
phonc usc in the driving place. lfyou uso the phone while you
arc driving, plcase comply with the following rules: cotrcentrate
ur drivirS, pay attcntion to the road conditions; ifthe phone has
htrnds-frcc function, please make a phone call hands Aee; ifthe
tlriving conditions arc not [email protected] please stop the car, and theD
<litl or reccivc a call.
Whcn approaching the places that storing fuel, chemicals or
cxpkrrivcs. strd ctc., pleaso comply with the laws, regulatiotrs
mcdictrl instumetrts.
trnd tho rclcvont signs.
lllcusc plucc thc phone, battery and chargo in the place out of
childrcn'$ rcrch. for fear that the children use them as tools md
c{uso pcNonal injury
Your phonc only can use the battoies, chargem md other
ococrsorior spccificd by the company for fed that the phone is
rlnmrgcd. Il usirrg othcr batteries and chargers, it my @use
liqui(l lctrking, ovcrhcat, explosion, fire breakout atrd othq
lhilurcr ofhrltcrics.
I'lotrflc ddr'l usc thc phone close to w€ak signal or high
prccisi(il clcclrcnic oquipmcnts. Wireless wave interference
ofthcsc elecmnic equipments.
phono hor thc frtrlclion of timely auto power-on, pleme
chccl thc 0uk) powcr{n lnd shut dom settings of the phone,
fo th[( coillirtrr lh(t lhc phonc will not power on automtically
(luring thc lliSht.
Please don't srike, shake or sling the phone violently for fear
that the phone is failed or fire breakout.
Please don't place the battery, the phone md the chuger in the
micrc-wave oven or high-voltage equipment; othwise may
cause circuit damage or fire breakout and other accidents.
Pleas€ don't us the phone in the places with inflmable and
explosive go; othevise fiay cause phone failure or fire hazard.
Please don't place the phone in the places with high tempmtuc,
high humidity or a targe amomt of dusq othemise it my cause
phone failure.
Please don't place the phonc ir the uneven or unstable phone,
prevent the phone from falling off and then cause failure or
Please only use the original antema or the mtenna being
approved by the compoy, Unapprcved md modified antenna or
the mtenna with additiotral accessories my damge the phone.
[email protected] dotr't touch the antmna during a call. Touching the
mtema may afect the call quality and make the phone power
higher than the requi€d powo in nolml use. In addition, using
the unapprcved mtenna
violate the regulations io
1.3.2. Caudons ofusitrg the Phone
Don't take dom or modifu the phone; otheryise it my
the dmge, creepage and circuit failue of the phone.
rntry ctru$c lhc rni${)ncrution
Please don't knock the I,CD by force or use the LCB to komk
other things; otheruise may cause the dmage of liquid crystal
plate and the leaking of liquid crystal. If liquid crystal entes the
eyes, it my cause ablepsia. At this time, pleme rinse the eyes
imediately with clem water (don't rub the eyes), and see a
doctor imediately,
tn very rre cases, ifthe pbone is used in some types ofvehicles,
it may have bad effect on the electonic equipments in the
vehicle. At this time, please don't use the phone for fer of
losing the safety guamntee.
Ifyour vehicle is equipped with the air bag, please don't [email protected]
the phone above the air bag or the arca that can be touched after
omer when the air bag is swelled.
wire, needle ud othcr metal objects; don't place ore batt€ry
nwklace md other metal objects togethq; othcMise it my
cause liquid leaking, [email protected], explosion ot fire breakout ofthe
Plee dont
the air bag is swelled, for feil that the phone is applied very
strong exteml force md euse soious damge on tbe vehicle
touch the keystoke uing needles, pen nibs ed
otha sharp obj€cts; othwise it my damge the phone or
If the mlEma is damge4 ple6e dotr't use the phone; othcvire
it my caure the pmonal iqiury.
Dont make the phone apprmch to the mgcard md otho
Mgrctic objects tm closely; mdiation wave of the phone roy
clm out the infomtion stored in the floppy disks, siored
mlue cards md redit ctrds.
PIe6e place the dnwing pin md other smll metal objects in
fte place that far fiom the headphone of the phone. The
loudhailer is ugnetic whm it is working md will atb:rct thcle
small metal obj€cts so that my caus pffioml injury or damge
don't solder tbe battery contact; othemire it my caw
tiquid leking, ovqheaq qplosion or fre breakout of the
If batiery liquid enter the eyes, it my caue ablepeia; ar this
time, plese don't rub the eyes using the hmd, ple6e rins the
€yes wilh clm watq, md thm see a [email protected] itrtrnediately.
Please don't ure or place the battery rctr the fire or ovo md
other high temp€nture plrces; othemise it my cause liquid
leaking, overheat, explosion or fre bHkout of the battery.
lf the battery is incre6ing thc tempmture abnomally, color
change, distortiu md otho phmom dwing the uing,
charging or sioritrg preess, pleffi stop using it md then chmge
the phone.
new betterY.
cause mis-opemtion.
lesking liquid of the battery contacts with rhe skin md
clothing, it may caue skin bm, pleaw rire it with [email protected] watq
immediately, md see a [email protected] if [email protected]
Ifthc battery i8 leaking liquid or giving out strange odor, pleme
trrke the batlery away ftom opm ltre imediately, avoid fre
Avoid phone damphg, pHmt watEr md otho liquid from
mtering the phone, md th6 caEe short circuit, creepage or
othgr failm ofthe phone.
use the phone in the place that fe from fixed telephone,
TV, mdio md ofrce [email protected] equiprents, fu fed ihat it may
affect the usitrg effects of there €quipmmts md the phme.
1,33. C&udonrofUsiDgtheBrttery
I Please dm't take dom or modifo the battery; othryise it my
oue liquid [email protected], ovqheat, uplosion or fire breakout of
Don't lhrcw the old battery irto geneBl life rubbish. Trcat the
battery ecording to th€ regulated iudication in the place that
definitely regulates the waste batl€ry [email protected] dont [mw the battery into the fre, othemise it my
cau& lhe fire breakout or explosion ofthe battery.
when installing the battery don't apply pressue forcefully;
otheMis it my caw liquid leaking, ovtrheat explosion or
fire breakout oflhe battery.
Plee don't trhke the battery short circuit using the electiol
breakout or explosion.
Pleue don't make the battery dmp, othwise it @y cause
ovcrho! smoking or conosion ofthe battery.
Pleue don't uc or place the battery mdq dirct sulight md
othcr high tempeBnrrc plrces, othevire it may caure liquid
leoking or ov€rheat, roduce the perfomce md shor&n the
service life.
Pl€le don't ohdge th6 battory continuouly for more the 24
Plere phG the bsttery in the [email protected] ud ventilatEd plrce away
fiom dircct sulight.
Sflice life of the battery is limited. Swice time of the battery
fu gmdully shortened after the fteqrent charging. If lmy times
of charging is failed, it mems that battery life is dmined pleas
home applimces (wil[ [email protected] the
replrce the ncw battery of designated typ€.
of UsltrgtheChsrger
Plee don't take dom or modiry the charger;
1.3,4. Crutions
othwise it may
euw pemnal iqlury, electric shek, fire breakout or charger
Please uw 220v altemathg cwMt. Using other voltage my
@use c.€epage, fire breakout md damge the phone md the
Short circuit of the chargo is forbiddo; othwire it my cause
elmtric shmk, smoking and charger damge.
Pleas don't ue lhe chargq whm the powa cord is damged;
othwise it my caure fire breakout or elechic shock.
Plese clem the dirt that accmulates in the powtr socket io
Plee don't place the water contain€r, ud €tc. near the charger,
for feu of water splshing md then caure short circuit
reepage or odtq failws.
If the charger contacts water or other liquid, please cut off
power supply imediately, so that prevent short circuit, fire
breakout elechic shock or chargo failre.
Don't ue the chargc in the batkoom and other high hmidity
plrces; othwise my cause elwtric shock, fue brcakout or
charger dmage.
Plede don't contact th€ charger, electrisl wire md powo
socket with wet hmds; otheryise it may cauw elecric shmk.
Don't place hevy objrct on the powq cord or [email protected] the
electrical wire; otheNise my cause electric [email protected] or fire
plw from power sockert
before the
cleeing md miotmance.
Seire the charg€r when pulting lhe plug, pulling the
Don't charye
Before Use
2.1. Nrme
and Explanltion of Each
2.1.1, TshtrlcslPrrumeteB
l08mx4?mx 12.8m
Limited charge
2,1.2. Appcmnce
Sketch Mrp (the ptct[re tu otrly for your
Descriotion of functions
Network signol stretrgth
the chary€r
will damge the electrical wire, caue eletric
battery md the charger ia the
bathrcom md other high hMidity plrees, md prevmt them
ftom nin.
Pl6e [email protected] the phone. the bauery and lhe charger uing eft
md dry clolh.
Plee don't wip€ th€ phone usiug slcohol, thimer or beume
ed other [email protected] reagmts.
The smket with dirt my caur por conhct and power-of, so
tbat cml be charyed plee cleo it rcgularly,
Plerc pull out
imge md
1.35. Clernitrg end Mrltrtcnatre
I [email protected] don't ue the [email protected], the
powa cord
shock or fre
in the following plrces: dirct smlight md otho
high tmpmture places; wet aod 6hy place or the place with
lcge vibration (will cause failure); near TV, mdio md other
mre the stripe is, the stotrgq the signal i8.
whm SIM card ls iruerted in csd slot l, smdby
,r;n .L^il,
rh. i^^n
Nets'ork signrl strength
The more the stripe is, the shongq the signal is.
Wbetr SIM cad ls inserted io card slot 2, standby
will show the icon.
Battery str€ngth
The full the lill is- the more electric quantity
I ud
Mute mode
.---^ -;n
"L^-, rl-
Full SMS
When SMS is
in the inbox,
standby screcn
show thc
Undownloaded MMS
ther is
standby sqeen
mdorurloaded MMS itr the inbox,
will show the icon.
Download€d MMS
When thqe is downleded hut unread MMS in the
tr'ull MMS
Wheo storcd quantity of MMS is
will show the icon.
full, standby scrocn
When there is missed call, standby screen
the icon-
Call foruard ln SIM crrd
When call
will show
rha i.^n
CalI forward ln SIM card 2
When call fomrd uonditioaally is staded
card 2, standby $reen will show the icon.
Call fomard in both
will show the icon.
When scene mode is set as meeting mode, standby
will show the icon.
Outdoor mode
When scene modc is set c nomal mode, standby
screen will show the icon.
Pager mode
Whco scenc nDdc is sct a$ pagcr modc, stxtrdby
scrccn will show thc icon.
Whcn the oarphono comccts with thc
in StM
When .:all fomard unconditionallv is on in SIM c?[d
standby mode will show the icon.
PUSH lcon
Whm thore is unread PUSH infomation, standby
$rcfl will show the icon.
Memory cord
When the memory card
in card 8lot,
will show the icon.
Bluetooth (vlslble)
foryard unconditionally is started in SIM
| .hnihr,
standby screen
Missed call
When scene mode is set as mute mode, standby
Meeting mod€ '
[email protected] is set 6 off, thc icotr will disappcil
Unrerd SMS
When therc is umad
SIM cud 2 at th€ sme time, standby screcn
will show the icon.
Alarm clock on and off
It mems tbat alm clok is set and siarted. lf alam
Standby scrcen
Whon Bluctooth is started and sclect Visiblc, stoodby
Stuetootn (nrdden )
When Bluetooth is started md select Hidden,
screcn will show the icon.
2.2. Install SIM Card and Memory Card
2.2.1. SlMClrd
Befors ushg the phom, you must ltrsert vslld SIM
(Subicrlber ldentity Module) crrd in the photre. SIM c8rd l$
provided by network supplleL
All the infomtion related to retwork comection re recorded
in the chip of SIM card, also the nmes, telephone nmber md SMS
that storing in the mme card holdq of SIM wd. You @ take oul
SIM ced from you phone, md use it in my GSM mobile phone
(new mbile phone cm read SM card automtically).
ln order to avoid losing or damging the infomtion saves in
SIM card, pleare doo't touch the motal cont&t surfae, and plrce
SIM card ltr the plrce that away from [email protected] md mgnetic force.
Otrcc SIM csrd I s damged, you @'t use the phone noma.lly.
Prompt: Plcrle make sure to power ofl the phone b€fore taking
out SIM csrd. It k abiolutely forbidden to insrt or take
out SIM crrd wlth extemal powcr supply; otheruis it
mry drmrge SIM csrd ud the phone.
2.2.2. lnlcraltr8 rtrd Toldtrg out SIM Cafd
Mctal contact surfrce ofslM card is @sily scratched. You must
takc out SIM carc crefully before the osembly.
I Power off the phone, rcmove the rear covq, battery or other
cxtemal power supply.
Make the end of SIM card without cutting ogle imide md aim
st thg csrd slot ofthe phone md metal surfrce ofSIM cud face
dowrward, tho insert SIM ced to the cad slot of the phone,
the other SIM card I e also inserted in this way.
When tsking out SIM cud, directly putl it outwrd md ther cm
hkc out SIM card.
Prempa: Wlthout spoclol exphnstion inserting two SIM cards
rrc defrulted ltr the Danu.l. If you jut insert otre sIM
cud, mybc reme optloDs of the menu wlll Dot be shown.
2.23. Memory C.rd
Tm the slug ofT-Flash card dom md then insrt il into the
slot. This kind of mobilephone support hot plug-in. The user co
2.2.4. Chrgtng
powq-off, after inwrtiEg
the charging plug, baftery shength icon shipe at the screen is
Whenever the mobilephone is power-on or
lrrus that the mobilephone is charged. When tlE battery
icon stops scrclling md tlte mobilephotro capacity is firll,
mobilephono chargiog is fulfilled.
Please don't make tho battery in lhe status of not mough
electric qmtity for a loag time; othwis it my dmge the battery
quality md swice life. Plese don't charge the battery fo, a long
2,3, Security Password
PIN @emonal Identification Nmbed is used to prev$t you
illegally. PIN is uually provided with
input wong PIN for continuous three
times, plee input PUK to u[@k it. Ple6€ contact with network
SM cud from being used
SM card together. If you
opentor for more details.
You need to input PIN2 wh6 enterif,g some functions (such as
charye); if you iDput wong PIN2 for continuous tlree times, you
to input PUI9 to [email protected] it. Ple6e contact with
operator for more details.
When insened, the deteckd T-Flash card will appea on the screen;
whon T-Flash card is exracted, the coresponding signal will also
Prompt: If the memory card is frlled, please chsk whether it is
correctly plrced rtrd good contact of metsl point
When changing the loked PIN, you need to input PUK
(Persoml [email protected] Key). PUK is provided with sIM cdd togethq. If
it is not provided, [email protected] contact with you sewice prcvider If you
input wong PUK for continuoN teD times, the SIM cild cm't be
used again. Please contact with your seilice providgr to buy new
card. You cm't change PUK If you lose fte cod€, ple6e contact
with your serice provider
When chauging the loked PIN2, you need to input PUK2. If
you input wng PUK2 for contiuuous ten times, you ce't the
fimctions that need PIN2. Please contact with you service provider
inscrt or cxtract the T-Flash card when the mobilephone is
to buy new card. You can't change PUK 2. If you lose the @de,
please contact with you seruice prcvider.
Quick User Guide
3.1. Feature Functions
The photre hs not otrly the basic functions ofmobilc phonc, but
also support rich, prutical md rapid feature fmctions, cm bo bricfly
introduced m follows:
! Name crd holder: Each name cud holder record storcd i[ tho
phone cm be retatf,d wift several lelephonc num6cro ut most,
the phooe cm store 500 records at most; cu scnd SMS und
MMS in the name cud holder; you can copy namc cud holdcr
rccord [email protected] SIM cad and the phone.
I Scene mode: Custom the ringtone (include ringtonc wttings,
volum€ adjustmeDt, incoming call prompt, mcssugc prompt,
alm clock prompt, key-press tone, low voltagc woming tono,
powet-on md power-off tone) according to diffcrcnt ovonls or
Multimedia: You phone provides all kinds of ctrtertainmcna
seroices including player, record, E-book md othcr fuDction$.
Cmqa:l---effectsetting;2----conlrst;3---whitcbalanccll:4--delay timer; s*--cont shol;6---lmgc quulity; 7--*lmrgc
WAP brcwser to access and eojoy wircloss nctwork, (,h(uil rioh
free activation
convmicnt for you
to the phorc or [email protected]
earphone by
chosing the option when calling.
Hold a call, swiich again to call
-Switch: card holdu: Duing a call, you cm mter the nme
card holder ud cooduct the relevut op€BtioN.
Input mothod: Th€ phone supports wrious input modos, which
input Eoglish, letteB, nmbm,
a call, you
cm entq SMS atrd @oduct
-Message:the relevmt opmtions. Duing a call, you ce't
md md rceive MMS'
- -Call log: Ento the call log iDterface.
Bymbolfl. md stc.
stored in
EtrtEr Record dudng
a call, dre file is
When you chmse the flmction, the [email protected] you
calling to cu't hmr my sud Aom you.
3.4. Reject i Csll
You can press Hmg up key to
rcjst m
an incoming call.
lD the 8t{ndby mode, press key board the number will be sen
on thc dcrccn, input lhe nmbe6 you wqt to dial, md then press
Dirl kcy ta disl a call.
Proct le{l soft key during a call; there m hmds free call,
handseyBlurtooth, switch, re
card holder,
messagc, call log, begin to rcord ed mute for
you selection:
fiee call: You cm
a call hands fiee-
Emergency Seruices
You co directly dial a emergocy seryice call without SIM
[email protected]
emergmcy nmbm, plece
consult you ngtwork op€mtions company for more details.
3.8. Extension Speed Dhl
Afto inputting telephonc numbq, if you waut to input bmch
nmbs, ple6e press "P" key, input you extemion nmbe! aftfl the
display sm shows "P". After getting thrcugh the call, it witl
directly dial the extmsion.
notwork uses
Crlls/Rciected Calls
You @ entcr call log to [email protected] tbe relemt details of dialed
@Us, mised calls, received c.lls md [email protected]€d ells.
PreDpt: Thc reord of hcomhg cdl frem blackllst aumber wlll
be sved lr Rejected Cr[$
3.10, CallFomrrd
After catl foruad fuqction is started, rccordilg to diffemt
foNard [email protected] Bettings (Call FoMud [email protected], Foryad
Atrwq, Fouard Can Not [email protected]), you cu selst
to switch the immiag call b .vbice itrliox d oth6 telephone
Busy, Foruard No
3.1I. CaltWaiting
other call
call waititrg ftnction is started, when you
callirg, the
be put thrcugh"
After cau bming fiuction is started, arcrding to diffwnt
resticted @nditiors settings (sll the dialed calls, all the [email protected]
incoming calls when rcmhg, dialed intemtional
outgoiag htemational olls who mirg), you co reshict the call
udq the @responding onditions (need to apply to networ*
opentor for buitrcs).
3.13. PowerolfthePhone
End a Call
After finishing a call, you on press Hmg up key to eud
3.12. Call Borring
incoming call.
Rweive a Catl
When m incoming call mives, the phone will give out the
coresponding prcmpt (suah as vibEtion, rington€, md etc.); if
network support, the phone *reen will show the nam ed t€lephong
number oflhe callq; at this tim€, you cm press Dial key to [email protected]
Camera toggle
Network swices: The phonc supports WAI'scrvicc$. Using
when @[email protected] to Bluetooth earphone
succesfirlly, you m switch the ell
v{ious practical finctioN. Supports
Bluctooth, alm clock, calmdar, qlculator, world clock,
countdow ed other fi[ctiotrs.
Systcm s{tings: You cm cummize the phone accordiog to the
nccda, infludc phone seftiogs, display seflings. call settings.
socurity Bdttings and othq fi.mctioDs.
Tools: The phone supports
Call log: The phone will automtically storc the infomation of
call log for you to check; support to call the tclcphonc numhcr
in the call log; support to save the tclephonc numbcr in thc call
log to nme card holder md set s rejcctcd calli support iho
function of sending SMS, MMS, and e tc. to thc tclcphonc
numben iu the call log.
Mesege: The phone supports storing SMS and 200 picccs at
most; md the mx caprcity of erch MMS should ho
l00KB.You cm individulise vuious settings to MMS. Thc
phone support the stodng status of SMS in SIM card end fic
In the standby mode, press md hold Hang Up key to power
lhe phone.
Certah parts
of this uer ruul
my diffs due to differcnt
or seryice of rcffwre system supplies. This
contaios vital meffig€s about how to opente the
mbilephone. Plw Bd it crefully so that you cm Mimize
mobilephorc [email protected] ud avoid mbilsphotre dysfirnctiotr md
iryrcper umge. Any alteBtim ntified by Oe lmul my invali&re
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