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Contracted and Engineered Solutions
Meeting Your Service Needs
Focusing on Customer Needs
In offering contracted solutions, Sulzer provides packages designed to meet your specific
needs and requirements.
A full range of solutions
Achieving the maximum life and value from your rotating
equipment is the key in contractual agreements and engineering solutions. The range of solutions includes
term contracts that give you predictable and secure access to specific services. Maintenance contracts provide
packaged solutions covering complete service and supply.
Additionally, you receive engineering solutions including
equipment supply, relocation, and installation.
Service Agreements
Performance-based service agreements offer reliable plant maintenance solutions that help you
manage the through-life costs of your rotating equipment. Clearly defined performance indicators
and managed risk transfer ensure that you only pay for solutions that benefit your operations. Correct
maintenance of the rotating equipment within your process is key to successful plant operations.
Sulzer’s flexible long-term service agreements provide a range of technical and commercial options.
Service agreements for
• Gas turbines
• Steam turbines
• Generators
• Compressors and ancillaries
• Motors
• Controls
• Pumps
Relocations and Refurbishments
Relocating installed turbomachinery equipment is usually done in conjunction with a plant sale that
includes dismantling, relocation and re-commissioning. In the pre-planning phase, you benefit from
our wide technical experience in managing such projects, including rehabilitation and upgrades.
Sulzer works with your engineering team to develop bespoke solutions, including budget details
so you can make informed decisions. In this way you receive support from conceptual engineering
through to project completion.
Relocation and refurbishment for
• Gas turbines
• Steam turbines
• Generators
• Compressors
Replacement Parts
While we focus on extending equipment life, parts often need to be replaced. Sulzer offers design and
manufacturing capabilities for new components. OEM and non-OEM parts produced in specialized
facilities help to restore or improve the original performance of your equipment. To help simplify your
cost control, all supplied parts are supported by a full warranty that can be extended to include part
life-cycle guarantees.
Quality and Sustainability
We are committed to providing our customers with the best products and services at the highest
quality standards in the industry. At all our locations worldwide, we implement certified management
systems, according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, as an effective way to sustain the
continuous improvement of our processes and products.
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with our products. Directions for use and safety will be given separately. All information herein is subject to change without notice.
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