Using the Digital Science Center
Presentation Practice rooms
Columbia University Science &
Engineering Library
Using the digital display screen with
your PC
• Make sure the display screen is set to channel
PC (use the Source button to switch channels)
• Connect VGA cord to your PC’s VGA out port
• Connect VGA cord to input port on table
• If you are using audio, connect the audio cable to
your computer’s headphone jack, and the other end
to the audio in port on the table
That’s it!
Connecting your MAC to the digital display
• Make sure the display screen is set to channel PC (use the Source button
to switch channels- for pic see pg. 2)
• Connect the appropriate adapter to your MAC and the VGA cable.
Students are encouraged to bring the correct adapter for their computer in order to
connect via VGA. The library provides some adapters, but cannot guarantee that the
adapter will work for your specific model of laptop.
We have the following adapters available at the service desk:
Mini DVI to VGA
Mini VGA to VGA
Micro DVI to VGA (MacBook Air)
Mini DP to DVI
• Connect the VGA cord to the input port on the
Go to System Preferences on your desktop
• Choose Displays under Hardware
• Click Detect Displays and then select
1920 x 1080, 60Hz
• That’s it!
• When you are finished using the presentation practice
room, please leave the room as you found it. Erase the dry
erase board, replace the markers, and dispose of any trash.
• Return the key, VGA cord, and any adapters you have
borrowed to the service desk
• If you would like to use the room longer, you must inquire
at the end of your session at the service desk. If no one
has booked the block after yours, you may extend your
time in the room. This is subject to other reservations (i.e.
you may not be able to book a full 2 hour block).
Thanks for your cooperation!
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