DriveRight 600/600E Addendum

DriveRight 600E
Installation and User’s Guide Addendum
The following addendum contains additional information for installing and
using the DriveRight 600E device (#8126). The DriveRight 600E is used in
much the same way as the DriveRight 600.
This addendum should be used in conjunction with the DriveRight 600 User’s
Guide (7395.192). In addition, this addendum is intended to be used with one
of the DriveRight installation manuals listed below:
• If you are installing DriveRight 600E model number 8126GD or 8126HD,
refer to the DriveRight General-Duty & Heavy Duty Installation Manual
• If you are installing the DriveRight 600E model number 8126VSS, refer to
the DriveRight VSS Installation Guide (7395.062).
• If you are installing DriveRight 600 model number 8126OBD, refer to the
DriveRight OBDII Installation Guide (7395.198).
DriveRight 600 E Device Compatibility
The DriveRight 600E and DriveRight 600 devices work with an array of
automotive products that allow you to customize your fleet monitoring system.
There are some compatibility limitations in the products family as indicated in
the chart below:
GPS Device
Device #
DriveRight 600
GPS Module
#8104 or #8105
DriveRight 600E
GPS Module
#8104 or #8105
Requires one #8127 GPS/Wireless Interface Module per vehicle installation.
Note: At time of publication, the Wireless Download Module (#8129) is still under development.
Please contact your DriveRight reseller or Davis Instruments for more information on its
DriveRight 600 E Device Changes
The DriveRight 600E device improves upon or changes certain features and
settings contained in the DriveRight 600.
The changes and enhancements made to the DriveRight 600E device
• The Limit and Units Settings Screen has been removed. The Limits and
Units settings present on the DriveRight 600 are now controlled by the
DriveRight Fleet Management Software only. See the DriveRight FMS
Software Online Help for more information on controlling and
maintaining these settings.
• A feature has been added so that a battery can be replaced in the device
without having to reset the time setting on the device. The battery must
be replaced within three minutes of removing it to ensure that the clock
will not be reset.
• The Odometer Data Screen has been removed.
• Entering the Driver Code manually on the DriveRight device can be
enabled and disabled via the DriveRight Fleet Management Software. If
you use a SmartCard On-Board Reader, the Driver ID doesn’t have to be
• You can no longer press the Plus and Mode keys to reset the device.
Contacting Davis Technical Support
If you have questions or encounter problems installing or operating
DriveRight 600E, please contact Davis Technical Support.
Note: Please do not return items to the factory for repair without prior authorization.
Phone Support
(510) 732-7814 – Monday - Friday, 7:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time.
(510) 670-0589 – Fax to Technical Support.
E-mail Support – E-mail to Technical Support. – E-mail to Davis Instruments.
Web Support – Copies of User Manuals and Installation Manuals
are available on the “Support” page. Watch for FAQs and other updates.
Product Numbers: 8126GD, 8126HD, 8126OBD, 8126VSS, 8179
Part Number: 7395.192E
Rev A (May 26, 2006)
DriveRight® 600E Installation and User’s Guide Addendum
This product complies with the essential protection requirements of the EC EMC Directive 95/54/EC.
Copyright © 2006 Davis Instruments Corp. All rights reserved.