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MM200 Motor Management System
Revision 1.20 Release Notes
GE Publication Number: GER-4353
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GE Multilin releases firmware version 1.20 for the MM200 Motor Management System that introduces
enhancements to the MM200. Highlights of this release include:
Support for Profibus DP-V1
Support for DeviceNet Auto Device Replacement with Rapid Device Replacement
Power Failure Restart function
Auto/Manual Saved Setting
HandHeld Display (HHD) Support
Release November 13, 2009
This document contains the release notes for the 1.20 release of the MM200 Motor Management System.
Affected product: MM200 Motor Management System
Date of release: November 13, 2009
Firmware revision: 1.20
Firmware release 1.20 is compatible with EnerVista MM200 Setup software versions 1.51 and higher.
GE Multilin
MM200 Motor Management System 1.20 release notes
Release details
In the following enhancement descriptions, a revision category letter is placed to the left of the description.
Refer to the Appendix at the end of this document for a description of the categories displayed.
Support for Profibus DP-V1
The MM200 Profibus communications has been enhanced in release 1.20 to include support for
communication in Profibus DP-V1 networks.
The MM200 supports both Profibus DP-V0 and DP-V1. Profibus DP-V0 provides high-speed cyclic data
exchange between distributed field devices and the Profibus master. In addition to the high-speed cyclic
data communication with DP-V0, DP-V1 provides communication of acyclic data information between the
slaves and the engineering workstation, which allows for independent diagnosing and fine-tuning of each
slave on the network.
Support for DeviceNet Auto Device Replacement with Rapid Device Replacement
Release 1.20 of the MM200 supports Rapid Device Replacement, which is compatible with Automatic
Device Replacement when used in DeviceNet networks, allowing rapid replacement of MM200 devices
with minimum process interruption.
When using Rapid Device Replacement, the MM200 can be replaced without the need to manually
configure settings. The DeviceNet scanner will automatically recognize a new device and download the
key protection, control and communication settings from the original MM200, reducing process downtime
and manual setting file configuration.
Power Failure Restart Function
The MM200 has been enhanced to include the Power Failure Restart element (PFR) that provides a relayinitiated undervoltage motor restart after a momentary power loss (dip).
The undervoltage is detected by a digital input associated with an External Voltage Relay. When the
auxiliary voltage supply drops below the pre-set low voltage level, the motor contactor(s) are deenergized until the dip is ended as indicated by supply recovery to the pre-set high voltage level.
The motor will be switched back to its previous status if the voltage returns within the “Power Failure
Time”. This can either take place immediately or be further delayed (Power Failure Restart Time).
If the motor was running at the time the dip occurred, a forced restart will occur as soon as the relay
detects healthy auxiliary voltage and the restart time delay has expired.
If the motor was not running at the start of the dip, no restart sequence will be initiated.
GE Multilin
MM200 Motor Management System 1.20 release notes
Auto/Manual Saved setting
The MM200 has been enhanced to include automatic saved settings of control sources in the event of a
power failure to the MM200 when the Auto or Manual Mode is programmed through the front panel. In
the event of a power failure or loss of power to the MM200 the last control source setting, (Auto / Manual
mode) will be saved to the relay. This enables quick process recovery when power is restored.
Prior to release 1.20, the MM200 defaulted to Manual mode in the event of a power failure or loss of
power to the MM200 power supply unit.
HandHeld Display (HHD) Support
The Hand Held Display (HHD) provides a rugged local interface for MM200 Motor Protection Systems
where a local display is not used in the MCC.
The HHD provides a graphical color local interface to the MM200 Motor Protection Systems allowing local
operators to view and change setting files and quickly access relay diagnostic information.
The HHD provides a clear and detailed view of all motor settings, diagnostic information and metering
data available in the MM200 allowing local operators to make informed decisions on the motors
GE Multilin
MM200 Motor Management System 1.20 release notes
Customers are encouraged to upgrade to the newest MM200 firmware to take advantage of the latest
developments and feature enhancements.
Upgrading from a previous version of MM200 firmware to the new 1.20 release can be done via EnerVista
Launchpad or downloaded directly at:
Please contact your local GE Multilin sales representative or GE Multilin Customer Service Department (CST) for
any questions regarding this upgrade.
GE Multilin
MM200 Motor Management System 1.20 release notes
Change categories
This document uses the following categories to classify the changes.
Table 1: Revision categories
New feature
A separate feature added to the relay. Changes to existing features even
if they significantly expand the functionality are not in this category
A neutral change that does not bring any new value and is not correcting
any known problem
Modification of an existing feature bringing extra value to the application
Changed, incomplete or false
faceplate indications
Changes to, or problems with text messages, LEDs and user pushbuttons
Changed, incomplete or false relay
Changes to, or problems with relay records (oscillography, demand, fault
reports, etc.)
Protocols and communications
Changes to, or problems with protocols or communication features
Metering out of specification or other metering problems
Protection out of specification
Protection operates correctly but does not meet published specifications
(example: delayed trip)
Unavailability of protection
Protection not available in a self-demonstrating way so that corrective
actions could be taken immediately
Hidden failure to trip
Protection may not operate when it should
False trip
Protection may operate when it should not
Unexpected restart
Relay restarts unexpectedly
The revision category letter is placed to the left of the change description.
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