Bosch Indego Robotic Lawnmower Leaflet

Save time.
Mows all by itself,
so you can enjoy other projects.
Indego, the robotic lawnmower with ‛Logicut’
intelligent navigation. Mows quickly and cleanly,
line by line.
Quality time.
Make it your home. The innovative robotic lawnmower Indego from Bosch.
Thanks to its ‘Logicut’ system, the Indego calculates an efficient route and
mows it in clean, parallel lines. While the Indego is working, you can attend
to other projects. Simply logical – simply efficient.
You can find an easy-to-understand
installation video and PDF guide at:
The easiest way
to create a beautiful lawn.
Just leave it to the Indego from Bosch. It mows your lawn, finds its way all by itself and always delivers the
perfect cut. How does it achieve this? It’s simple – with ‘Logicut’. With this technology, the lawn is mapped,
an efficient mowing strategy is calculated and the Indego mows the lawn in clean, parallel lines. Following
installation, some simple programming is all that is needed to get it ready to do the work for you. Thanks to its
efficiency the Indego uses very little power. It doesn’t emit any exhaust fumes making it a good choice for you
and the environment. And if it finds a branch in its way – that‘s not a problem either. The Indego will recognise
that it has bumped into an object, reverse and then drive around it. It’s actually so autonomous that it can
charge its lithium-ion battery pack itself from its charger. It also cares for your lawn as the short grass clippings
act as a mulch. It can be used in most weather conditions, handles up to 20° slopes, boasts all-round safety
features and is protected from theft by a PIN and alarm system. Let the Indego take care of the lawn so that you
can take care of other projects.
▶ Finds its way all by itself
▶ Mows in accurate parallel lines
▶ Ensures the perfect cut
▶ Simple to install and program
▶ Cares for your lawns through mulching
▶ Boasts all-round safety features
▶ Works in most weather conditions
▶ Easily manages up to 20° slopes
▶ Protected from theft by a PIN code
▶ Saves you time to enjoy other projects
ly and
Mows quick
Experience the future today. Simply position the docking station and lay the perimeter wire to define the
area to be mowed by the Indego. Then activate your
Indego – and you’re done. From this point on, the
Indego does it all by itself – maps the lawn, calculates
the mowing path, determines its location, returns to
the docking station for charging when needed and
then continues to mow. If it comes across an obstacle,
such as a branch or discarded toy, the Indego detects
it through its bump sensor and simply goes around it.
30 % faster
than random
Efficient, accurate mowing, line by line
Mowing systematically means mowing efficient. The Indego
uses its ‘Logicut’ technology to calculate a short mowing
path and gets mowing in orderly parallel rows. The Indego
easily moves through line by line, ensuring that no patch
of grass is overlooked or repeatedly mowed. This is kind on
your lawn, saves time and power and allows you to enjoy
your garden in peace. Simply logical – simply efficient.
Mowing without ‘Logicut’
A random approach
is taken when mowing
without map-based
learning strategy.
Change your lifestyle
and never mow again!
Convenient at every level
Simply start! The Indego is ready to go in
just three simple steps:
1. P
osition the docking station.
2. L
ay the perimeter wire.
3. A
ctivate the Indego – and off it goes!
Perimeter wire
Easy setup
Automatic charging system
Safe at every level
Three examples of its safety features:
1. T
he Indego uses a bump sensor to detect
obstacles on the lawn to avoid them.
2. W
hen lifted, its mowing blades stop immediately.
3. T
he Indego is protected from theft
by a PIN code and alarm system.
 2 h
200 m in
 6 h
500 m in
 9 h
800 m in
2 in 12 h
1.000 m
Quick blade stop
PIN protection and alarm system
Obstacle detection bump sensor
The Indego finds its way
all by itself.
Clever at every level
Tree, bush or pond – the Indego adjusts its route to your
Intelligent and efficient! With its ‘Logicut’ navi­
gation system, the Indego automatically measures
the garden and autonomously calculates an efficient
mowing path. Line by line, parallel and efficient.
lawn. Simply lay a perimeter wire around the area to
be mowed once – and let it get to work. If there is an obstacle in your garden such as a tree, simply lay the perimeter
wire around it. The Indego will remember this obstacle and
manoeuvre around it all by itself. The Indego is intelligent
enough to work away without supervision and is protected
from theft by a PIN code.
Simple garden
Garden mapping
Practical at every level
Rain or shine, the Indego mows. Even on lawns with
The perimeter wire defines
the area to be mowed.
Once laid around the lawn,
you’re in business.
up to a 20° slope. And as it clips the grass regularly
Line by line precision for
lawns measuring up to
1000 m². Thanks to ‘Logicut’,
the Indego always mows in
parallel lines.
and just a little each time, only good mulch remains
and there’s nothing to rake.
Complex garden
Works in most
weather conditions
The Indego keeps the clippings short so all that’s left
is good mulch which acts
as a great fertilizer and no
raking is needed.
It remembers obstacles
and simply goes around
them, whether a tree,
a bush or a terrace.
20 °
Slope mowing capacity
Mulching function
The Indego uses an automatic charging system
which allows it to return
to the docking station
when the battery is low.
Easily handles inclines of
up to 20°, making Indego
the ideal solution for sloping
Indego robotic
lawnmower FAQs
The Indego robotic lawnmower
What type of garden is the Indego recommended for?
The Indego robotic lawnmower is recommended for use in gardens up to 1000 m2, which is
­equivalent to approximately 4 tennis courts. The Indego is also capable of handling a slope of
up to 35% (20°) so should be capable of handling most garden types.
How does the Indego cut the grass?
Unlike other robotic lawnmowers the Indego maps out the shape of the garden and then
cuts the grass in a parallel pattern, on the one hand avoiding cutting twice on the same area
and on the other hand minimizing areas being left out. When the Indego needs to charge it
returns to the docking station.
Will the mower cut the grass in rainy conditions?
Yes, although it is better for the lawn to be cut in dry conditions. It is also recommended to
store the Indego inside during stormy or winter conditions.
What is included in the box?
Indego robotic lawnmower, docking station, 200 m perimeter wire, 400 fixing pegs, 4 docking station
nails, 2 wire connectors, power supply (unit), isolator key, 4 measuring rulers, instruction manual.
Setup and how to use the Indego
What height of grass can the mower cut?
The height of cut for the Indego can be adjusted between 20 mm–60 mm. It is recommended
that the maximum height of the grass for the Indego should be no more than 100 mm.
How do I set up the mowing schedule?
The Indego can be setup to run on set days in the week and at set times. Up to five schedules
are possible, allowing to have a schedule for different seasons.
Robotic lawnmower safety
What happens if the mower is lifted up?
The Indego Robotic mower has sensors to detect if it’s lifted off the ground or drives over a
large object on the ground – the cutting system automatically stops when a lift up is detected.
What happens if there is an object left in the garden?
In this scenario the Indego will recognise that it’s bumped into an object, reverse and then
drive around it and continue on its cutting pattern.
What happens if the mower turns over?
The Indego Robotic mower has sensors to detect if it turns over – the cutting system
automatically stops when a lift up is detected.
Manual stop button
Human Machine Interface
For maximum safety
Allows intuitive programming
and easy operation
Yaw rate sensors
Tracks the Indego’s
movement and position
within the garden map
Minimal electricity consumption
Lower running costs, noise
and air pollution than standard
Multi sensors
Detects obstacles then
manoeuvres around them
back on to its path
Height of cut dial
For a choice of lawn appearances
Intelligent auto charging
Highly convenient and safe
Design engineered wheels
Kind to the grass
Cut grass is distributed
evenly for a healthier lawn
Cordless power
32.4 V/3.0 Ah lithium-ion battery
Docking station nails
Fixing pegs
Replacement blades
Perimeter wire
Wire connectors
Technical features
Power source/Battery voltage
32.4 V/3.0 Ah
Cells per cluster
1.5 Ah, 3.6 V, 18 (x 1)
Charging function
26 cm
11.1 kg
Coverage per charge
200 m2 (± 20%)
Maximum area of operation
1,000 m2
Run time average
50 min
Charge time
50 min
Noise level
Measured: 72 dB(A)
Guaranteed: 75 dB(A)
16 MB
Supplied with
Indego, docking station, 200 m
perimeter wire, 400 fixing pegs,
4 x docking station nails, 2 wire
connectors, power supply (unit),
isolator key, 4 x measuring rulers,
instruction manual
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