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CT400 – All-Band High Performance
Optical Component Tester
YENISTA proposes the ideal test solution for fast and accurate characterization of optical
components (Mux/Demux, filters…) and modules (OADM, WSS…).
Key parameters:
± 5pm wavelength accuracy
1pm wavelength resolution
Independent of Tunable Laser Source
Up to 4 simultaneous detectors
Continuous sweep over several lasers
A revolutionary approach in optical testing
CT400 has been designed to be the most versatile, compact and low price solution for
customers who want to perform optical loss measurements over a wide wavelength range. It
builds the bridge between the two previous traditional approaches: own built set-up based on
step by step measurement, and complete integrated sweeping systems.
CT400 adapts to most of tunable laser source. Its compact format as well as its open
architecture makes it the best mate of optical engineers and technicians who need a reliable
low cost instrument to test or validate their design in a fast and accurate way.
Fast and accurate loss measurement for everyone
When it comes to measure optical transfer function, the sweeping method is the only fast and
reliable solution. Sweeping measurement is not only faster than step by step measurement
but also gives more sampling points and better wavelength accuracy. Nevertheless, most of
tunable laser sources are still used in step by step mode because it is easier to implement in
conjunction of power meters and a wavemeter. Building sweeping set-up is more difficult as
it needs to do real time acquisition for power and wavelength measurements. The quality of
the tunable lasers sources is also a key of success: mode hops, sweeping velocity, power
flatness, wavelength accuracy… are various phenomenon that needs to be controlled in order
to do reliable measurement.
CT400 brings all these knowledge, controls and accurate measurement capabilities in a
simple box that easily interface with customer tunable laser and PC
No more compromise between resolution,
accuracy and measruement speed
A tool that adapt to your needs
Complete sweeping system usually offers good performances but with major drawbacks. The
initial cost is very high and most of time includes the purchase of a new tunable laser source
or PC. The architecture is also rigid and difficult to maintain and modify in mid and long
term perspective.
CT400 overcomes these difficulties by adapting to the existing installing base. Its compact
format as well as its low price makes it best suitable for labs testing benches.
Simultaneous measurement of 1x4 CWDM mux
Continuous sweep over several tunable lasers : Sweep & Switch !
With its patented configuration, CT400 is the unique solution on the market that allows you
to sweep continuously over several lasers (up to 4) in order to achieve a fast full-range
Transmission (dB)
CT400: high performance in real time
CT400 is an unique combination of high speed electronic and optical interferometry. Up to
four real time measurements are now possible with ±5pm wavelength accuracy. This allows
the use of CT400 during alignment and manufacturing process, but also for optical sensor
Wavelength (nm)
Easy and ultra-fast switching between lasers
All information and specifications are subject to change without notice
BP 80429, 4 rue Louis de Broglie
22304 Lannion, France
Phone: +33 296 483 719
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January 2009
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CT400 Specifications
General Characteristics
Laser inputs
2 to 4
2 to 4
Operating wavelength range
Absolute wavelength accuracy 1 , 2
Relative wavelength accuracy
Minimum input power on detectors: -60 dBm
Detection range
Maximum input power on detectors: 0 dBm
Transfer function accuracy
Sampling Characteristics
Dynamic range 4
> 60 dB
Sampling Resolution
1pm – 2pm – 4pm – 8pm – 16pm – 32pm – 64pm – 128pm
Points per scan
Up to 200,000 with 1 detector operation
Up to 50,000 with 4 detectors operation
Measurement speed
From 10 to 100nm/s
Optical connectors
Interface with PC
Operating temperature range
+10 to +40°C
Storage temperature range
-40°C to +60°C
Power Supply
100 to 240 V (50 to 60Hz)
Dimensions (WxHxD) in mm3
4 kg
1 : Except on O band.
2 : For a scan > 100 nm
3 : For incident power on detectors > -30 dBm. Accuracy: +/- 0.5 dB for power between -30dBm and -60 dBm.
4 : > 55 dB on models with 3 or 4 detectors
Measurement set-up :
PC Requirements
Tunable Laser Source Requirements
Remote control 5
Output Power
Any value between 0.5mW and 10mW
Mode hops
No mode hop mode is highly desirable but the
instrument is able to detect and operates with few
mode hops
Sweeping speed
From 10nm/s to 100nm/s.
Operating system
Windows XP or
USB port and GPIB
interface card
5 : Remote operation through binary signal on rear side BNC inputs is
provided as an alternative to GPIB
Ordering Information
Model Number CT400-0XY with X = Laser inputs (X=2, 3 or 4) and Y = Detectors ( Y=2, 3 or 4)
Contact Information
We are happy to discuss your component testing requirements, please contact YENISTA OPTICS at
BP 80429, 4 rue Louis de Broglie
22304 Lannion, France
Phone: +33 296 483 719
Fax: + 33 296 487 304
All information and specifications are subject to change without notice
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January 2009