Britestream LED Niche Light is a flush
mounted light which protrudes only 11mm
from the pool/spa wall.
Its energy efficient super bright LED’s are
capable of delivering 352 lumens of light*
and operates on only 15 watts of energy..
• Energy saving
– operates on 15% of the energy of a halogen pool light
• Long life
– LED life span of over 70,000 hours
• Available in Brite White or Electric Blue
• Optional Stainless Steel Rim
* Britestream White LED’s deliver 352 lumens of light.
Durable Niche Housing
Niche housing is constructed from injectionmoulded ABS for non-corrosive durability
Innovative Lens
Its innovative polycarbonate lens cools the LEDs
and provides a uniform diffusion of light.
Slotted Rims
Assists heat dissipation, as well as permitting
water circulation.
Large Tie-backs
Large rebar tie-backs for ease of installation
Easy Coiling
Extra space for easy coiling and storage of the
light’s power cord
Extra Slim Protrusion
Projects only 11mm from the pool/spa wall
Precision Built
BriteStream comprises of a precision built printed
circuit board totally enclosed in a waterproof
Energy Saving
BriteStream LEDs operate on only 15 watts
of energy, which is approximately 15% of the
electrical power usage of a halogen light.
Super Bright
Super bright energy saving LEDs capable of
delivering 352 lumens of light. [White LED light]
Blue or White
BriteStream LED lights are available in Brite
White and Electric Blue.
Long Life
BriteStream LED has a life span of over 70 000
hours, which is equivalent to over 30 years of
illumination. (Based on 6 hours usage per day).
Triple seal connection
Three O’rings are in place to provide a triple
seal eliminating the possibility of any leakages
travelling up the power cord.
Built-in Heat Management
The LED’s heat output is automatically managed
by its electronic circuitry.
Technical Specifications
Zonal Distribution
Power Usage
Input Voltage
LED Life
0 to 180 degrees
12V AC
70,000 hours
Optional Stainless Steel Rim
BriteStream LED lights are covered by a
comprehensive 12 month warranty.
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