S09 Quick Guide
Started to use your phone:
Power on: Press and hold the power key
button for 3 seconds
Power off: Press and hold the power
key button for 3 seconds, select'switch
in the menu option.
1) Volume buttons 11) Flash
2) Power button n)speaker
3) Menu kev
5) Back
/) Earphone Jacl(
8) micro USB port
9) Reset key
10) Rear Camera
push to talk.
14) Front @mera
Menu Key: Select to show the available
menu in current screen.
Home Key: Return to home screen. To
view recent application, press and hold
the home key.
Back Key: Return to previous screen.
Volume Key: Adjust the
volume of ringtone.
Reset Key: Restartthe
lnsert thG SIM Card and T-Flash cardl
1. Rernovethe battery cover: Loosen the
screrf,s on the back side
to rotate both
lhe scrws anti-clockwise until open the
bake cover as shown in IMAGE
2. battery: lt's fixed and
Underneath SIM slot for GSM:
non-removable battery inside.
3. Put the SIM Card in the SIM hotder:
Put the SIM cards into the slot touching
the SIM contaots of the phone as shown
in IMAGE-3:
upper SIM slot is foTWCDMA 3G StM:
Note: When inserting the SIM card, ensure
that the golden contacts faces right
5.lnsert the battery cover: lnsert the
back cover and rotate two screws
4. lnsert T-Flash card: insert T-Flash
card into the slot as shown in iMAGE4.
clockwise to lock the back cover.
AATTN: Please power off the phone
before plug in or pull out the SIM
card and T-Flash card.
Gharging the battery:
Before charging the battery, ensure
that it has been properly inserted into
the phone as image shown.
up the windows to let you install the
T-Flash card:
phone USB driver.
You must setup the phone USB driver in
your computer if you wish to use the PC
Suite to synchronize phonebook,
lf you only wish to use the the T-Flash
Messgge, Calender and others with your
card in the phone as a USB storage, you
computer. The phone USB driver can be
can ignore those windows and click
downloaded from SD-card.
Cancel always. Slide Message Board as
2. Remove the T-Flash card safely
shown in the screen below. And then
Please enter Settings -> SD card &
ctick USB connected->Turn on USB
phone storage -> Unmount SD card to
storage to use the T-Flash as USB
remove the T-Flash card safely.
your phone, otherwise the applications
Using of touch screen:
Single Click: To select an icon. For
cannot be installed and some functions
example, click dial. to open the keypad
are not available, for example, camera,
which will be displayed on the screen.
recorder, etc.
using USB cable. The computer will pop
Double Click: To zoom-in or zoom-out.
For example, to zoom-in or out of a
photo, click twice when viewing a photo
or browsing on the internet.
Hold: Click and hold the screen. icon or
input box to get more operation options.
Please setup T-flash card before using
1. Use the T-Flash card in the phone
as USB storage.
Connect the phone with computer by
When clicking on a contact from
the contact list for a long time, an
right this will move the screen frofn one
press the power key.
to another. To create shortcuts and
operation menu will appear according
widgets, tap and hold at blank area on
The phone will automatically lock when it
is not being used for some time. Unlock
to the contact list.
any ofthe screens. You can return to the
home screen by pressing the Home key
To rearrange/move an icon to the
home screen, click and hotd an icon
within the menu list.
3)Long-Time Click the blanks of
home screen to add home screen
Drag the screen: You can drag the
screen to view more applications which
is not be displayed in one screen.
Home screen:
You can use all the functions by touch
screen. Click the icons to open the
applications. Check all the applications
so it is functioning properly.
ln total, there are 5 home screens in the
phone, when you slide to the left or to the
in any screen you are on.
Greate shortcuts and widgets:
the phone
Press either the power key,menu key,
home screen key or back key to enter
the unlock interface ,and then slide any
direction to unlock.
Press and hold the APPS, and drag on
the desk.
Message board
Slide Message board bar in any screen
Select create shortcuts or widgets.
to open message board where you
Delete the shortcuts and widgets
To delete an object, tap and hold the
object, then drag it towards the bottom
of the screen G. When the object'turns
red let go of it and the selected object
will be deleted.
are able to check for unread notifications
Manage applications
lnstall applications: You can install .apk
application among File Manager and set
it up step by step
Uninstall application: Enter
Lock the screen
Lock the phone in order to avoid useless
operation and to save the battery by.
applications, then will be able manage
and remove installed applications.
Recently used applications
Press and hold the home key, the
This product is designed as
screen will display a window which
shockproof phone, however, please
shows your recently used applications.
don't hit the phone intentionally. The
Click the icon to open the application.
brutal manipulation may
Extend the battery life:
Some functions may use up more
power, which eventually shorten the
battery life. You could:
Close all the wireless connection when
not in use i.e. BT, Wi-Fi or GPS
Reduce the brightness and shorten the
screen timeout to save battery, or press
power key to shut down the screen when
the phone is not in use. Close any
automatically synchronized applications
such as Email,calendar,contactsand other.
Some applications which
downloaded could also shorten the
battery life.
damages to the performance of your
phone, and it will be no longer under
Locked the back cover after put the
T-flash card and SIM cards.
PPT button can be supported the
digital two ways radio which
provided by third platform, but this
phone can't support
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