Self-Contained Thermal Imaging Systems
Stand-Alone, Industrial Grade Solution for Thermal Imaging
High Resolution, Highest Performance and Exceptional Flexibility
from a Thermal Machine Vision System
Simplified Overall System Design
Comprehensive Interfaces for Communication & Control
Easy to Deploy and Maintain
Automation Technology
Vision Sensors and Systems
Stand-Alone Thermal Imaging
IRSX-I cameras are self-contained, industrial-grade
thermal imaging systems. These all-in-one solutions
combine a high-res calibrated thermal camera, a
powerful imaging processor and various industrial
interfaces in a rugged industrial housing small
enough to fit into the tightest of space.
High resolution, highest performance and exceptional
flexibility from a Thermal Machine Vision System
The IRSX-I series comprises a wide range of models offering
different resolutions as well as a variety of fields of view with fixed
as well as with interchangeable lenses. You will always find a
camera configuration that will perfectly match your application
requirements. With their built-in image processing unit based on a
programmable high power processor, the cameras give you a
reliable, repeatable performance even for the most challenging
applications. Initiated by your process control the camera can
switch between a multitude of inspection jobs, giving you the
flexibility to keep your production line running even with varying
products. With their highly accurate template matching functions
the cameras overcome the problem of varying part positions,
eliminating the need for costly fixturing.
Simplify the overall system design
No more need for a computer running a dedicated thermal
imaging software, interfacing devices etc.: IRSX-I gives you the
complete solution, massively reducing system complexity,
installation effort and costs while significantly increasing system
stability. With its industrial IP67 full-metal housing the camera can
be installed on the factory floor without any need for an additional
protective enclosure. Once teached for the inspection task, the
camera will do the full job, communicating directly with your
process control.
Comprehensive Interfaces for Communication & Control
IRSX-I cameras feature various industrial interfaces to assure a
seamless reliable and direct communications link to your factory
automation devices. This includes Modbus-TCP, GenICam,
Ethernet/IP and digital inputs/outputs for alarming and control as
well as an encoder interface e.g. for part-tracking on variable
speed lines. Images can be stored in different formats via FTP.
Process Control
IRSX-I cameras communicate directly with the
process control: No need for a computer with imaging
IRSX-I cameras with accessories
Top: Camera with fixed installed lens and air purge
Bottom: Camera with interchangeable lens and lens
protection cap
Easy to deploy and maintain
IRSX-I cameras come with the powerful, easy to use
configuration-software IRControl. With the intuitive graphical
environment of this software tool, developing solutions for
thermal imaging applications has never been easier and more
efficient. Design even complex application-solutions in shortest
time without any programming effort, use the extensive
functionality of IRControl for testing and deploy it to the camera.
Wide range of Accessories
In order to adapt the cameras to challenging environmental
conditions or to deal with different installation requirements, a
wide selection of accessories is available for the IRSX-I cameras.
Gui of the software IRControl:
Design of application solutions, testing and deployment
has never been easier
IRSX-I - Technical Specifications
Detector Resolution
168 x 128
Detector Type
336 x 256
640 x 512
Focal Plane Array (FPA), uncooled Microbolometer
Spectral Range
7.5 to 13 μm
Pixel Size
Frame Rate
34 x 34 μm
9 Hz
17 x 17 μm
9 Hz
60 Hz (*)
17 x 17 μm
60 Hz (*)
9 Hz
50 | 200 Hz (**)
Range 1: -40°C – 150°C
Range 2: -40°C – 550°C
Object Temperature Range
High Temperature Range
(with ND Filter)
Range 1: 200°C – 1200°C
Range 2: 600°C – 2000°C (**)
±2°C (±3.6°F) or ±2% of reading
(+10 to +100oC @ +10 to +35oC amb)
<50 mK (f/1.0, Range 1)
Field of View Ho x Vo
Fixed Lenses
7.5 mm
42o x 32o
42 x 32
72o x 60o
9 mm
35 x 27
35 x 27
62 x 52
13 mm
25o x 19o
25o x 19o
45o x 37o
17 x 13
19 mm
17 x 13
32 x 26
Field of View Ho x Vo
Interchangeable Lenses
51o x 40o
6 mm
51o x 40o
32 x 25
32 x 25
57o x 47o
12 mm
26o x 21o
26o x 21o
49o x 40o
18 mm
18o x 14o
18o x 14o
33.6o x 27o
25 mm
13 x 10
60 mm
5.5o x 4o
24.5o x 20o
13 x 10
5.5o x 4o
3.3 x 2.5
6.2o x 5o
3.1o - 9.3o x 2.3o - 7o
3.1o - 9.3o x 2.3o - 7o
6o - 17.7o x 4.7o - 14o
168 x 128
336 x 256
640 x 512
Detector Resolution
10o x 8o
3.3 x 2.5
100 mm
Zoom 35 mm - 105 mm (***)
84.5o x 72o
10 mm
Image Processing
Configuration / Testing / Deployment
Areas of Interest
Temperature Evaluation
Comparison Functions
With software IRControl (delivered with the camera)
Spot, Line, Polyline, Elliptical Line, Rectangular Area, Elliptical Area, Polygon Area
Min, Max, Mean, Range, Variance, Standard Deviation
Equal, Less, Greater, In Range, Out of Range
Gigabit-Ethernet, GigE-Vision with GenICam
Ethernet Video Streaming, GigE-Vision compliant
Modbus-TCP (for control and transfer of measured data)
FTP (for upload / download of the configuration files for the inspection tasks and of image files)
M12 17-pin
Digital I/O, 24V, Protection: opto-isolated
External Trigger Input, 24V, Protection: opto-isolated
M12 8-pin
Encoder Input: Differential, Inverted, Single Ended
M12 8-pin, female
External Power, I/O, Encoder
M12 17-pin, male
Input Voltage
Power Consumption
10 - 24 VDC
(*) Subject to dual use export regulations (for frame rates > 9 Hz)
(**) Up to 200 Hz with windowing
(***) Available on request
(****) Available only in combination with protective enclosure; see paragraph Accessories - Protective Enclosures on last page
IRSX-I - Technical Specifications
Protection Class
IP 67 (IEC 60529)
Operating Temp. Range
-40° to +60°C (non condensing)
Storage Temp. Range
-50° to +80°C (IEC 68-2-1 and IEC 68-2-2)
0 to 95% relative humidity (IEC 60068-2-30)
200g (IEC 60068-2-29)
4.3g (IEC 60068-2-6)
55 x 55 x 61.5 mm (w/o lens, w/o connectors), 55 x 55 x 77 mm (w/o lens, w/ connectors)
270 g (w/o lens)
Scope of Delivery
Camera, mounting adaptor, focus tool (only for cameras with fixed lenses), configuration software IRControl, user documentation on pen-drive
Adjustable mounting bracket
Mounting adaptor, with metric and imperial drilled holes and through-holes
Lens protection cap with GE window, Ø55; for cameras with interchangeable lenses
Air barrier for lens protection cap; for cameras with interchangeable lenses
Air barrier for cameras with fixed lenses
Terminal panel, for rail mounting
Power supply with M12 connector, input voltage 100...230 VAC
IO cable with M12 connector; length 3, 5, 10m
Ethernet cable with M12 connector; length 3, 5, 10m
Protective enclosures: IRCamSafe series from Automation Technology, including weatherproof enclosures, stainless-steel enclosures for
harsh industrial environement (cooled or non-cooled versions available), Ex-proof enclosures for hazardous areas
Sun shroud
Part-No. 102 903 409
Mounting adaptor
Part-No. 102 903 402
Adjustable mounting bracket
Part-No.: 102 903 410
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