After you install your MusicReader, you will need to obtain and install the license file to fully activate it. To
obtain your license, use your web browser to go to, where you will see the following
Enter the following code into the Code box at the top of the form:
Fill out the rest of the remaining fields with your name, country, your
computer's operating system (Windows or Mac), and your email address,
then press the 'Request License' button at the bottom. All fields must be
entered in order to correctly activate the license generating program.
If all the fields have been correctly filled in after clicking the 'Request
License' button, you should see a confirmation message on the screen. The
license will be sent to the email address you entered within about 5 minutes.
(Note: If you don't see the email message containing the license file as an
attachment in your inbox, please check your spam filter or junk mail folder).
Once you receive the email containing the license file, open the message and save the attached file to your
computer. The attached file will be called "license.lic". Be sure to remember the location where you save this
To install the license file:
- Open MusicReader
- Click on the "More" button (Features, Settings, and Help) along the top menu bar, then click on the 'Settings'
- You will see a series of settings tabs. Click on the tab titled "License"
- Click on the "Install" button, then use the menu window to navigate to the location where you stored the
"license.lic" license file from your email attachment.
- Click on "license.lic" and then click on the "Open" button in the MusicReader navigation pane. You will see a
message confirming the installation of your MusicReader license and a recommendation that you close
MusicReader and reopen the program. The next time you open MusicReader, you will be working with the full
version of the program.
For more support, please visit
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