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Fan Filter Unit, HEPA, 220VAC/60Hz, 2' x 2', WhisperFlow
$887.00 EA
Part #: 6601-22-H-220
Manufacturer: Terra Universal, Inc.
U.S. orders include packaging.
Product URL: https://www.terrauniversal.com/product/6601-22-H-220
FFU's provide a uniform flow of microfiltered air to meet cleanliness standards down to Class 10 (2 x 4 shown)
Provide uniform microfiltered air to meet cleanliness standards down to Class 10
• Dimensions: 23.63"W x 23.63"D x 12.6" H (600 x 600 x 330 mm)
• Includes AC 3-speed blower motor
• Power: 220VAC/60Hz
• Operating Ratings(High Speed/Medium Speed/Low Speed):
Average CFM (m^3/hr) 578 (982) 558 (948) 544 (924.3)
Air Flow - FPM (m/s) 172 (.87) 166 (.84) 162 (.82) (measured 6” (132mm) below filter face)
Amps (Watts) 2.2A (418W) 1.5A (330W) 1.3A (286W)
• Weight: 44 lbs (19.9 kg)
• Internal baffling plates and diffuser panel provide uniform air speed across the filter face, ensuring laminar airflow
• 1/4" (6 mm)-20 threaded holes in top corners accommodate eyebolts to facilitate installation using suspended guy wires (order eye bolt package separately, No. 6601-02)
• Includes FDA-approved silicone sealant (specify acrylic urethane or other required sealant type when FFU is ordered)
• Housing: white powder-coated CR steel
• HEPA Filter: 99.99% efficient High-Efficiency Particular Air, rated at particles 0.3µm diameter
• Includes yellow power cord with 4-pin connector for easy installation to Terra cleanrooms and hoods (connector may be removed and replaced with plug for connection to wall outlet)
o UL listed; 230VAC, 50/60 Hz units available
o Sound level is approximately 49 dBA, at average air flow velocity of 90 FPM. ( 0.46 m/s)
o Replacement filter: 6601-27 (order separately)
o All filter sales are final; returns of this item cannot be accepted
Electrical: 230 V, 2.24 A, 434.8 W, 1 P, 60 Hz
Package Type: Pallet
Packaged Weight: 100 lbs
Product Dimensions, in. 23.63 W, 23.63 D, 13 H
Package Dimensions, in. 53 W, 53 D, 20 H
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