HD-SDI Camera Interface Technical Data Sheet

Fiber Optic Multiplexer Modules
HD-SDI Camera Interface
Supports Digital HD-SDI Cameras
The PrizmTM HD-SDI Camera Interface supports a single digital
HD-SDI camera over a single dedicated fiber or single wavelength
for CWDM systems.
• Interfaces to digital HD-SDI cameras and monitors (720 and
1080i, SMPTE 292M) (analog RGB is not supported)
• Supports Kongsberg oe-500 / 501 HD-SDI camera
• Full board diagnostics including receive and transmit optical
levels, temperatures and HD-SDI video activity with the
diagnostics GUI
• On-board status LEDs for power, HD-SDI video activity
• Off-board status LED connector for connection to Moog LED
display board
Typical Applications
• Subsea Vehicles
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Fiber Optic Multiplexer Modules
Power Supply
Interface Connectors
+5 VDC
440 milliAmps
2.2 watts
Camera / Monitor
Mini 75 SMB
Optionally BNC
LED Display
16-pin AMP crimp plug
(P / N 1-87631-1) or 16-pin
ribbon cable
HD-SDI Interface
Camera Input
Approximately 0.8 V p-p
Monitor Output
Approximately 0.8 V p-p
24 / 7 Technical Customer Support
Hotline: 610-605-6101
Specifications and information are subject to change without prior notice.
©2009 Moog Inc. MS3001 02/09
Operating Temperature -20° to +65° Celsius
Storage Temperature
-40° to +85° Celsius
Relative Humidity
Up to 90% non-condensing
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