DSC User Functions
Arming the Alarm System
AWAY ARMING - To arm, press and hold the Away button for 2 seconds
or enter your 4 digit access code.
STAY ARMING - To arm, press and hold the Stay button for 2 seconds
or enter your 4 digit access code, do not leave the premises.
NIGHT ARMING - While armed in Stay Mode press
1 to enable all
motion detectors except those that are programmed as Night Zone.
Disarming the Alarm System
DISARMING - To disarm an armed system (Armed indicator is On), enter
your access code. If your keypad is in sleep mode, press any key to wake
it up then enter your access code.
DISARMING ERROR - If your code is invalid, the system will not disarm
and a 2-second error tone will sound. If this happens, press # and try again.
Turn Chime Mode On
* 4
Remote Alarm Support Hours
[Business Hours] [8:30am - 5:00pm Weekdays]
Note: To turn off chime follow same procedure
• Changing Alarm Settings
• Changing User Codes
• Advanced Troubleshooting
• Tutorials, Pulling Reports
Silence Keypad Beeping
* 2 #
Note: If beeping reoccurs, sequence must be re-entered
Remote Alarm Support After Hours
How to Bypass Zones
* 1 +
2 Digit Zone
[Evenings 5pm - 10pm and Weekends 8am - 10pm]
+ #
• Basic Phone Support
• Assist to shut off systems by using clients code
• Assist in finding links to resolve problem
• One Hour Guarantee Response Time (Someone Will Call You)
Note: After *1 user code maybe required
Clear All Bypass
* 1 +
Master Code
+ 00
Note: This will Unbypass all zones.
Remote Alarm Late Night Support Hours
Time and Date Programming
* 6 +
Master Code
[11:00pm - 7:00am]
• Basic Phone Support
• Guarantee Response Time 7am The Next Business Day
+ 1
Then enter the following sequence for date and time
Response Numbers
Trouble Conditions
* 2
For Service
Contact Us At 1-877-944-0544 Ext. 3
You’ll see one of eight (8) options on your keypad.
1-Service Required
2-Loss of AC Power
3-Telephone Line Fault
4-Failure to Communicate
5-Sensor (or Zone) Fault
6-Sensor (or Zone) Tamper
7-Sensor (or Zone) Low Battery
8-Loss of Time and Date
For Our Monitoring Station 24 Hours a Day
Call 1-877-944-0544 Ext.1 or 1-855-639-2430
* For any trouble condition please call our main office for assistance.
How To Put Your System On Test
Quick Tip
WARNING - Before you start testing your security system it’s important
to call in to our Monitoring Centre and put it on test.
For Our Monitoring Station 24 Hours a Day
Call 1-877-944-0544 Ext.1 or 1-855-639-2430
How To Program Codes
How To Do a System Test
* 6 +
Master Code
Before calling the monitoring station
please have ready your verbal pass code
and your account number as well. If you
don’t know what your account number
is call our administration office.
+ 4
* The system activates all keypad sounders and sirens for two seconds.
All keypad lights turn ON. The Ready, Armed and Trouble LED’s will
flash for the duration of the test. A signal will be sent to the monitoring
* 5 + Master Code + 2 Digit User +
New Code
If you want to add users to your system follow the above
sequence program as many codes as you want.
User Codes (Access Codes 01-71)
Master Code (Access Code 40)
Duress Code (Access Codes 33 & 34)
How To Do a Full System Test
All smoke detectors installed must be tested by our technicians at least once a year to ensure they are functioning
correctly. It is the user’s responsibility to test the system weekly (excluding smoke detectors).
Note: Should the system fail to function properly, call us immediately for service.
1. Prior to testing, ensure your system is disarmed and Ready light is On.
2. If there are any open zones you must secure them before you start.
We Can Test Your System
New Age can test
your Alarm System.
Call us for details!
3. Before you start don’t forget to call our monitoring station to put your system on test.
4. Arm your system in away mode and once the count down stops; start opening windows and doors, walk in front
of the motion detectors if you have glass breaks clap your hand close to it and make it as loud as you can.
5. Once you have completed all your zones turn off your alarm system and call back the monitoring station to see if
they received your signals.
How To Change Batteries on Wireless Devices
Window/Door Contacts: Using a coin or a flat head screw driver insert into the notch located on the case and gently
twist to open. Lift up and pull the case outward to open. Insert Battery (CR2032) + side facing UP.
Motion Detectors: Remove the motion from its mounting plate by holding the sensor by its sides and pushing up.
Remove the battery cover. Remove the old battery and install new battery (CR123A). Place the battery cover back on.
Glassbreak Detectors: Remove the detector from its mounting plate. Hold the detector by its side and push down on
top end of the mounting plate. Install the batteries positive (+) side first, with the correct polarity (2 x CR123A).
Wireless Keyfobs: Remove the top cover by inserting a coin into the slot located on the bottom right corner and twist.
Remove the screw at the center of the board to expose the batteries. Replace both batteries with Cr2025.
Main Control Panel: Find the metal can located in your basement or electrical room, open the box and remove the
old battery and swap with new one. Make sure the battery looks the same as the one installed (12V 4Ah)