SnagIt Screen Capture Program (version 11)

Version 11
How to Use SnagIt
Starting the Program
Depending on your computer settings, SnagIt may or may not automatically start up when you start your
computer. You will know that SnagIt is running if you see this icon in the area near the clock:
SnagIt is running if you see this toolbar somewhere on the edge of your desktop:
If SnagIt is not already running, you can open it by double clicking on the desktop icon:
You can also open it from the Start Menu:
Start > Programs > TechSmith > SnagIt 11.
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Version 11
Basic Screen Area Capture
Hover over the SnagIt toolbar, and then single click on the red Capture button.
Your screen will “gray out” and two yellow intersecting lines will appear. Click and drag to select the
area of your screen you wish to capture. NOTE: Begin in the upper left corner and drag down to the
lower right corner. The selected area will brighten, while the unselected areas will remain grayed out.
Release the mouse to capture the selected area.
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Version 11
Annotate Your Capture
When your capture is complete, it will open in SnagIt Editor, which will allow you to annotate on your
captured image.
The Drawing Toolbar
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Version 11
Using the Drawing Tools
• To use a tool, single click it in the toolbar, then click on your capture.
• To move a drawing object, hover over it until you see the crosshairs.
• To delete a drawing object, single click it to highlight it, and then press the Delete key on your
• More styles for the selected drawing tool are available from the drop down arrows on the right of the
tool panel.
Annotations can be resized and rotated.
Use the Arrange button to flip group, align, and order drawn objects.
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Version 11
Cropping a Capture
To crop a capture, click and drag on one of the white squares on the side or corner of the capture.
Before Cropping
After Cropping
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Version 11
Using Your Capture
Copy the capture by clicking on the Copy All button. This will copy the capture and all of your
annotations. The copied capture can be pasted into any document.
You can send your capture directly to any Microsoft Office document without having to copy and paste.
Place your cursor in the Office document in the location in which you wish the capture to appear.
Click on the arrow below the Email button. Do not click on the Email button.
Then choose the Office program.
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Version 11
Save/Print Your Annotated Capture
The Print icon sends the capture and all annotations straight to your printer.
The Save icon saves the capture and all annotations. You choose the saving location, rename the file if
desired, and select the file type. (The recommended file type is JPG – JPEG Image).
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Version 11
Revisiting Previous Annotations
Hover over the SnagIt toolbar, and then choose the SnagIt Editor.
Recent captures and annotations will appear at the bottom of the screen. Double click to open. All
previous captures are fully editable.
To open a capture that does not appear at the bottom of the screen, in the far right-hand panel, choose the
Dates tab. Then select a timeframe.
Using Other Capture Styles
Hover over the SnagIt icon, and then choose open the classic SnagIt window.
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Version 11
Scroll down to see the following choices. Make your selection then click the red capture button to begin.
captures the next window
you click on
captures everything on
screen, even dual monitors
captures entire webpage,
even portions that cannot
be seen without scrolling
captures drop down
pop up menus
captures all text from any
window or area – save as a
text file
creates a file containing all
of a webpage’s images
captures a webpage – links
on the capture are active
like a region capture, but it
chooses the area
NOTE: All future captures will be the type you have just selected. When you wish to return to the basic
area capture, repeat the steps above and choose Region as your capture type.
Moving the SnagIt Toolbar
To move the SnagIt toolbar to another location on your desktop, hover over the SnagIt toolbar. Click and
hold on the two rows of dots. Drag the SnagIt toolbar to another location on the side of your desktop.
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