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Pump Module
Leading Pure Water Analytics
Pump Module
Valveless Design
Drift-free performance
Reliable Sample Delivery
Total Organic Carbon Monitoring
Pump Module
TOC Pump Module
For Stable Sample Delivery
The Pump Module uses a precision, positive displacement pump to provide a highly stable, metered flow of
process water to the TOC sensor to ensure reliable and consistent TOC measurement performance. This
accessory is recommended for applications where system pressure is either too low to provide adequate
flow through the TOC sensor, or for low-pressure applications where system pressure may vary routinely
during operation. The Pump Module is ideally suited for applications such as distillation, RO permeate,
CIP and pharmaceutical washing.
Positive Displacement Pumping Mechanism
Flow rate independent of supply pressure
Requires only a wetted-suction for operation
Flow pre-set for 20 ml/min
Universal AC Supply
Installation Diagram
Sample Water Requirements
Particle Size
Flow rate
General Specifications
Overall Dimensions
Sample Connections
0 to 100°C *
<100 micron
20 +/- 0.5 ml/min
flooded suction to 60 psig (4.13 bar) at sample inlet connection
7.4”[188mm] W x 7.4” [188mm] H x 5.25” [133mm] D
0.125" [3mm] O.D. (6' [2m] FDA compliant PTFE tubing supplied)
0.125" [3mm] O.D. PTFE flexible tubing
Ambient Temperature/ Humidity rating
Enclosure material
5.0 lb. [2.3 kg]
5 to 50°C / 5 to 80% Humidity, non-condensing
Polycarbonate plastic, flame retardant, UV and chemical resistant
UL # E75645, Vol.1, Set 2, CSA #LR 49336
Power requirements
Wall Mount
100 - 240VAC, 50/60 Hz, 0.2A
Standard, mounting tabs provided
CE Compliant, UL and cUL (CSA Standards) listed.
Not NEMA or IP rated
* Temperature above 70°C requires Sample Conditioning Coil p/n 58 079 511
Dimension Diagram
Ordering Information
Pump Module
Pump Module Spare parts
Pump Seal Replacement Kit
Replacement Fitting Kit
Replacement fuse (Fuse rating 250V 0.375A 5x20 mm
Type ‘T’ (Time Lag))
Pulsation Dampener with interconnect
Pulsation Dampener Bellows Replacement Kit with Seal
Part No.
58 091 565
58 091 020
58 091 021
58 091 024
58 091 025
58 091 026
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