200 Amp Collectors Extension Bracket Installation Instructions #120

PC Type Collector Mounting Configuration
Universal Collector
Extension Bracket
200 AMP Collectors
Installation Instructions
mounting w/o
UC Type Collector Mounting With Extension Bracket
Part Number: 120-10044-R1
January 2007
© Copyright 2007 Magnetek Material Handling
An extension bracket is required where collectors are being mounted on an existing nonadjustable 1” square post. The purpose is to extend the mounting center of the collector from the
running surface of the conductor bar from the existing 3.5” – 4.5” to 6.25” – 7.25”.
Installation Instructions:
1 – Remove 3/8-16NC nuts and 3/8 lock washer from mounting base of collector.
2 – Remove the 3/8-16NC X 2 bolts from the base of the collector. Rotate base in one direction
while pushing the bolt out of the base in the opposite direction. Replace with the 3/8-16NC X
2.75” bolts included with the extension bracket.
Remove & Discard
3 – Re-assemble mounting bracket assembly with the UC-EXT-200 Extension Bracket as
illustrated below. Do not tighten hardware until collector assembly is properly located on
mounting post.
Locate post clamping area of
extension bracket to the top
(collector shoe side) of the
4 – When collector is properly aligned with the conductor bar, tighten hardware. Tighten each
bolt until the collector is firmly in place on mounting post (30 to 38 lb.ft.). Note: The size of the
mounting posts may vary – if the extension bracket is not firmly gripping the mounting post after
the bolts are tightened, remove the bolt from above the post, remove the spacer washer, replace
the bolt and re-tighten.