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rican St
This is a selective guide to majjor reference resources forr Latin Amerrican historyy and
humaanities availab
ble at Colum
mbia Universiity Libraries. The guide in
ncludes libraary locations
and call
c numbers; however, please consult CLIO for thhe most curreent informatiion.
Reseearch Guides
The American Historrical Associaation's Guidde to Historiical Literatu
New Yorkk/Oxford: Oxxford Univerrsity Press, 19995.
Volume 2 has extensivve coverage of Latin Amerrican historioography, with
h annotated
entries and
d short introductory essayys.
Butler Refference Deskk R016.9 G94
Lehman Reference
6201 .A55 19
Milstein Study
Z6201 .A55 1995
n, Paula H., ed.
Latin Am
merica and th
he Caribbean
n: A Criticall Guide to R
Research Sou
Westport,, CT: Greenw
wood Press, 1992.
Butler Refference R016
6.98 L34
Lehman Reference
Z1601 .L3225 1992
Grieb, Kenneth.
merica: a guid
de to econom
mic history, 1830-19300.
Latin Am
Berkeley: University off California Press,
Butler Refference R016
6.98 C81
Griffin, Charles
Latin Am
merica: a guid
de to the hisstorical liter ature. 1971..
Butler Refference R016
6.98 G87
Lehman Reference
Z1601 .G75
Henderson, James D.
A reference guide to Latin Ameriican historyy.
Armonk, N.Y.
N : M.E. Sharpe, c200
Butler Refference R016
6.98 H383
McNeil, Robert
A., ed
Latin Am
merican Studies: A Basic Guide to Soources.
2nd ed. Metuchen,
NJJ: Scarecrow Press, 1990.
Butler Reference R016.98 L3493
Lehman Reference Z1601 .L324 1990
Sable, Martin Howard.
Guide to the writings of pioneer Latinamericanists of the United States.
New York : Haworth Press, 1989.
Lehman Reference Z1601 .S254 1989
Werlich, David P.
Research Tools for Latin American Historians: A Select, Annotated
Bibliography. New York: Garland Publishing, 1980.
Butler Reference R016.98 W49
Wilgus, A. Curtis.
The historiography of Latin America: a guide to historical writing, 1500 to
1800. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1975.
Butler Reference R016.98 W6433
Woodbridge, Hensley Charles.
Guide to reference works for the study of the Spanish language and literature
and Spanish American literature.
New York, NY: Modern Language Association of America, 1997.
Butler Reference R016.86 W8531
Encyclopedia of contemporary Latin American and Caribbean cultures.
New York: Routledge, 2000.
Butler Reference R980 En19, vols. 1-3
Atkins, G. Pope.
Encyclopedia of the Inter-American System.
Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1997.
Lehman Reference F1410 .A79 1997
Cambridge Encyclopedia of Latin America and the Caribbean.
2nd ed. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1992.
Butler Reference R980 C1441
Lehman F1406 .C36 1992
The Christopher Columbus encyclopedia.
New York: Simon & Schuster, 1992.
Butler Reference R970 C46
Enciclopedia universal ilustrada europeo-americana.
Madrid: Espasa Calpe, (1907- ).
Butler Reference R030 Spanish En15
Butler Reference R030 Spanish En151 - Suplemento Anual
Butler Reference R030 Spanish En1513 - Apendice A-Z
Gran enciclopedia de España y América: biblioteca del V centenario.
14 vol. Madrid: Gela : Espasa-Calpe/Argantonio, 1983-1991.
Butler Stacks F1408 .G73 1983
Tenenbaum, Barbara A., ed.
Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture.
New York: C. Scribner's Sons, 1996.
Butler Reference R980 En19
Lehman Reference F1406. E53 1996
Handbooks & Yearbooks
Caribbean Islands Handbook.
Bath, England: Trade & Travel Publications, 1989Butler Reference Latest volume only
Butler Stacks F2171.3 .C365
Mexico and Central American Handbook.
Bath, England : Trade & Travel Publications, 1990Butler Reference Latest volume only
Butler Stacks F1209 .M4863
Steward, Julian Haynes.
Handbook of South American Indians.
New York, Cooper Square Publishers, 1963.
Butler Reference R302.82 St483
South America, Central America and the Caribbean.
London: Europa Publications Ltd., 1985Butler Reference Latest volume only
Butler Stacks F1408.29 .S68
Lehman Reference Latest volume at Reference Desk
Lehman Stacks F1408.29 .S68
The South American Handbook.
Bath, England: Trade & Travel Publications Ltd., 1924Butler Reference Latest volume only
Butler Stacks 320.5 An461 (1924-1985)
Butler Stacks F1401 .So87 (1986- )
Lehman Reference Latest Volume only
Lehman Stacks F1401 .So87 (1966- ) Incomplete holdings
Wauchope, Robert, ed.
Handbook of Middle American Indians.
16 vol. Austin: University of Texas Press (1964-76)
Butler Stacks 302.972 H19 16 vols.
Lehman Stacks F1434 .H3 vol. 10, pt. 1, vol. 11, pt. 2
Supplement to the Handbook of Middle American Indians.
o Archaeology, vol. 1. Butler Stacks 302.972 H19 Suppl.
o Linguistics, vol. 2. Butler Stacks PM3008 .L5 1984
o Literatures, vol. 3. Butler Stacks PM3051 .L57 1985
o Ethnohistory, vol. 4. Butler Stacks F1434 .E88 1986
o Epigraphy, vol. 5. Butler Stacks F1219.3 .W94 E65 1992
o Ethnology, vol. 6. Butler Stacks F1434 .E89 2000
General Histories & Historical Dictionaries
Albuquerque, Luis de.
Dicionario de história dos descobrimentos portugueses.
Lisboa : Caminho, 1994.
Butler Reference R946.9 AL29, 2 vols.
The Cambridge History of Latin America.
New York: Cambridge University Press. 1984-1995.
Butler Reference R980 C14
Selected volumes in Lehman, Butler Stacks and Milstein. Check CLIO for holdings.
Available online through Cambridge Histories Online.
The Cambridge history of Latin American literature.
New York, NY: Cambridge University Press, 1996.
Butler Reference R860.9 C14
o Volume 1: Discovery to Modernism
o Volume 2: The Twentieth Century
o Volume 3: Brazilian Literature, Bibliographies
The Cambridge history of the native peoples of the Americas.
New York: Cambridge University Press (1996– )
Butler Reference R302.8 C14
Historical Dictionary of the Spanish Empire, 1402-1975.
New York: Greenwood Press, 1992.
Butler Reference R946 H62
Latin American Historical Dictionaries
Metuchen, NJ: The Scarecrow Press, 1967Cataloged by title. Search CLIO for a list of titles and locations.
Núñez, Benjamin.
Dictionary of Afro-Latin American civilization.
Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1980.
Butler Reference R980 N922
Lehman Reference F1408.3 N86
New Iberian world: a documentary history of the discovery and settlement of
Latin America to the early 17th century.
New York: Times Books : Hector & Rose, 1984
Butler Reference R980 N42
Rodríguez, Junius P.
Chronology of world Slavery.
Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 1999.
Butler Reference R326 R618
Has section on Latin America, bibliographical references.
Rossi, Ernest E.
Latin America : a political dictionary.
Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-Clio, 1992.
Lehman Reference F1406 .R67 1992
Stephens, Thomas M.
Dictionary of Latin American racial and ethnic terminology.
Gainesville, FL: University Press of Florida, 1999.
Lehman Reference GN562 .S74 1999
Wilson, Larman C.
Historical dictionary of inter-American organizations.
Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 1998.
Lehman Reference JZ5331 .W55 1998
Bibliografía general del desarrollo económico de México, 1500-1976.
Enrique Florescano, coordinador. Mexico: SEP, Instituto Nacional de Antropología e
Historia, 1980. 3 vols.
Butler Reference R016.972 B474
Bibliografía general Española siglo XV-2000
General bibliography of works published in or about Spain. Includes coverage of
Latin American subjects. Available on the CD-LAN only: see CLIO record.
Bibliografía histórica mexicana.
Mexico: El Colegio de Mexico. 1967Butler Reference R016.972 B47 vol. 1-23.
Bibliographic guide to Latin American studies.
Boston: G. K. Hall. (1978 - )
Lehman Reference Z1610 .B52
Britton, John A.
The United States and Latin America: a select bibliography.
Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 1997.
Lehman Reference Z1609.R4 B75 1997
Comitas, Lambros.
The complete Caribbeana, 1900-1975: a bibliographic guide to the scholarly
literature. 4 vols. Millwood, NY: KTO Press, 1977.
Butler Reference R016.9729 C7351
Lehman Reference Z1595 .C63
Delorme, Robert L.
Latin America : social science information sources, 1967-1979.
Santa Barbara, CA: ABC--Clio Press, 1980.
Lehman Reference Z7165.L3 D44
Delorme, Robert L.
Latin America, 1979-1983 : a social science bibliography.
Santa Barbara, CA: ABC--Clio Press, 1984.
Lehman Reference Z7165.L3 D439 1984
Delorme, Robert L.
Latin America, 1983-1987: a social science bibliography.
New York: Greenwood Press, 1988.
Butler Reference R016.98 D384
Lehman Reference Z7165.L3 D4395 1988
Grieb, Kenneth J.
Central America in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries: an annotated
Boston: G.K. Hall, 1988.
Butler Reference R016 .9728 G871
Lehman Reference Z1437 .G74 1988
Gropp, Arthur E.
Bibliography of Latin American Bibliographies.
Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1968, AND Supplements 1-5, (1965-69)- (1985-89)
Butler Reference R016.98 G91
Lehman Reference Z1601.A2 G76 1968
Note: These are 5 year cumulations of the Annual Reports, Bibliography of Latin
American Bibliographies, that come out each year. Selected years of the Annual
Reports are at Lehman Reference, Z1601.A2 B531
Gropp, Arthur E.
Bibliography of Latin American Bibliographies Published in Periodicals.
Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1976.
Butler Reference R016.98 G912
Lehman Reference Z1601.A2 G76 1976
A Guide to Latin American and Caribbean census material: a bibliography and
union list.
Boston, MA: G.K. Hall, 1990.
Butler Reference R016 .3172 G941
Knaster, Meri.
Women in Spanish America: an annotated bibliography from pre-conquest to
contemporary times.
Boston: G. K. Hall, 1977.
Butler Reference R016.396 K72
Lehman Reference Z7964.L3 K525
Laguerre, Michel S.
The complete Haitiana: a bibliographic guide to the scholarly literature, 19001980.
2 vol. Millwood, NY: Kraus International Publications, 1982.
Butler Reference R016.97294 L438
Lehman Reference Z1531 .L33
Latin American Politics: A Historical Bibliography.
Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-Clio Information Services, Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-Clio
Information Services, 1984.
Butler Reference R016.98 L349
Lehman Reference Z1609.P64 L39 1984
Medina, José Toribio.
Biblioteca Hispano-Americana, 1493-1810.
7 volumes.
Butler Reference R016.98 M468
Meyer, Michael C.
Supplement to A bibliography of United States-Latin American relations since
1810. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1979.
Lehman Reference Z6465.L29 T7 Suppl.
See Trask work below
Portuguese bibliography 15th century to 1999.
Munich: K.G. Saur, 1999.
General bibliography of resources published in or about Brazil and Portugal.
Raat, W. Dirk.
The Mexican Revolution: an annotated guide to recent scholarship. Boston, MA:
G.K. Hall, 1982.
Butler Reference R016 .97208 R11
Lehman Reference Z1426.5 .R15 1982
Sanchez Alonso, Benito.
Fuentes de la historia española e hispanoamericana; ensayo de bibliografia
sistemática de impresos y manuscritos que ilustran la historia política de España
y sus antiguas provincias de ultramar. -- 3. ed. corr. y puesta al día.
Madrid: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, 1952. 3 vols.
Butler Reference R016.946 Sa51
Simoneau, Karin.
South American population censuses since independence: an annotated
bibliography of secondary sources.
Madison: SALALM Secretariat, Memorial Library University of Wisconsin-Madison,
Lehman Reference Z7553.C3 S55 1990g
Sorenson, John L. and Martin H. Raish.
Pre-Columbian contact with the Americas across the oceans: an annotated
Provo, Utah: Research Press, 1996. 2nd. rev. ed.
Butler Reference R016.30285 So681
AND on CD-ROM Workstation in 301C
Stoner, K. Lynn.
Latinas of the Americas: a source book.
New York: Garland, 1989.
Butler Reference R016.396 St564
Lehman Reference Z7964.L3 S76 1989
Trask, David F.
A bibliography of United States-Latin American relations since 1810; a selected
list of eleven thousand published references.
Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1968.
Butler Reference R016.98 T69
Lehman Reference Z1609.R4 T7
See Meyer work above
Welch, Thomas L.
The Indians of South America : a bibliography.
Washington, D.C.: Columbus Memorial Library, Organization of American States,
Butler Reference R016.30282 W445
Lehman Reference Z1209.2 .S77 W44 1987
National Bibliographies
National bibliographies are official publications produced by national libraries. Columbia
holds the national bibliographies of many Latin American and Caribbean countries. Search
CLIO and the card catalogs, using the Bell and/or Zimmerman bibliographies as guides for
identifying exact titles of national bibliographies. You may also browse the R015.72 section
of Butler Reference, or do a call number search for this range in CLIO (co=R015.72).
Bell, Barbara L.
An annotated guide to current national bibliographies.
2nd completely rev. ed. Munchen: K.G. Saur, 1998.
Butler Reference R016.01 B411
Zimmerman, Irene.
Current national bibliographies of Latin America; a state of the art study.
Gainesville: Center for Latin American Studies, University of Florida, 1971.
Butler Reference R016.01 Z66
Lehman Reference Z1602.5 .Z55
Guides to Serials & Newspapers
Historical Latin American & Iberian Newspapers
Guide to historical online and microfilm newspapers available at Columbia
The Center for Research Libraries - Foreign Newspapers Search.
Latin American newspapers in United States libraries: a union list. Charno,
Steven M., ed. Serial Division, Library of Congress. 1968.
Butler Reference R016.078 C38
Offsite Z6947 .C5
LANE-Latin America North East Libraries Consortium Union List
Union list of Latin American newspaper and magazine holdings in North Eastern
research libraries.
Note: A work in progress--check the catalogs of individual libraries to verify holdings
Newspapers in microform. Foreign countries.
Washington: Library of Congress, 1948/72.
Offsite Z6945 .U5151
Periódicos y revistas españolas e hispanoamericanas. Barcelona: C.I.L.E.H., 1989.
Butler Reference R016 .0546 P41
Mesa, Rosa Quintero.
Latin American serial documents : a holdings list.
Ann Arbor, MI: University Microfilms, 1968-1976.
Butler Reference R016.058 L35, vols. 1-12
Lehman Reference Z6954 .L38, vols. 1-12.
Indexed Journals: A Guide to Latin American Serials.
Covington, Paula H. Madison, WI: SALALM Secretariat, University of WisconsinMadison, 1983.
Butler Reference R016.058 C838
Offsite Z1601 .S381 no.8
Index guide to Latin American journals.
Austin, TX: SALALM Secretariat, Benson Latin American Collection, The
University of Texas at Austin, 1999. Williams, Gayle Ann.
Lehman Reference. AI17.W55 1999g
Caribbean Abstracts.
Leiden, The Netherlands: The Department of Caribbean Studies of the Royal
Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology, (1990- )
Lehman Reference Index Tables Z1595 .K66a
Cuadernos hispanoamericanos: indices, años 1948-1997, números 1-570.
Madrid: Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional, 1998.
Butler Reference CD-ROM 860.5 C893 1998g
Guide to the Hispanic American historical review.
Durham, NC, Duke University Press. 1918/45Butler Stacks F1401 .H664 and 905 H625
Handbook of Latin American Studies.
Austin: University of Texas Press. (1935Butler Stacks Z1605 .H23
Lehman Reference Z1605 .H23 (Most recent 10 years on index tables)
Also available online via Library of Congress.
Hispanic American Periodicals Index (HAPI).
Los Angeles: Latin American Center, University of California. (1970- )
Butler Stacks Z1605 .H491 (1970-current)
Lehman Reference Z1605 .H491 (1970-1995)
Index to Latin American literature, 1929-1960,
AND First supplement, 1961-65.
Boston, MA: G.K. Hall, 1968.
Butler Reference R050.P19
Index to Latin American periodical literature, 1966-1970.
Boston, MA: G.K. Hall, 1980.
Butler Reference Oversize R050.P19
Index to Latin American periodicals: humanities and social sciences.
Boston, MA: G.K. Hall, 1961-70.
Butler Reference R050 Sp223
Coverage does not overlap with the Index to Latin American literature's first
Full text of the full run of several major journals, excluding the most recent 3-5 years.
Latin America and Latin American periodicals.
Harvard University Library. 1966.
Butler Stacks Z1610 .H35
Lehman Reference Z1610.H35
Leavitt, Sturgis E.
Revistas hispanoamericanas; índice bibliográfico, 1843-1935.
Santiago, Chile: Fondo Histórico y Bibliográfico José Toribio Medina, 1960.
Butler Reference R050 Sp223
Biographical Sources
The Libraries have many specialized biographical sources for Spain and individual
Latin American countries.
Browse the R046-R047 section of Butler Reference
o Search CLIO and the card catalog for individual titles.
o Do a subject heading search in CLIO using the terms (latin america-biography) OR (COUNTRY NAME--biography), for example, argentina-biography.
Archivo biográfico de España, Portugal e Iberoamérica.
ed. Victor Herrero Mediavilla. 1144 microfiche. Munich; New York: K.G. Saur,
Butler Reference MICFICHE FX3 7133.
Archivo biográfico de España, Portugal e Iberoamérica, Nueva serie.
ed. Victor Herrero Mediavilla. 1018 microfiche. Munich; New York: K.G. Saur,
Butler Reference MICFICHE FX3 7265
Archivo biográfico de España, Portugal e Iberoamérica, 1960-1995.
ed. Victor Herrero Mediavilla. 471 microfiche. Munich; New York: K.G. Saur, 1996.
Butler Reference MICFICHE FX3 7266
To locate material in all three segments of the Archivo, use the Indice biográfico
de España, Portugal e Iberoamérica.
Butler Reference R046 In211, vols 1-10,
OR World Biographical Information System
Biographical Dictionary of Latin America and the Caribbean Political Leaders.
Butler Reference R047 B52
Lehman Reference F1414.2 B48 1988
Mundo Lo, Sara de.
Index to Spanish American Collective Biography.
Boston: G.K. Hall, 1981-1985. 4 vols.
Butler Reference R047 M92
Notable twentieth-century Latin American women: a biographical dictionary,
ed. by Cynthia Margarita Tompkins and David William Foster. Westport,
CT:Greenwood Press, 2001.
Butler Reference R047.03996 N84
Thomas, Jack Ray.
Biographical Dictionary of Latin American Historians and Historiography.
Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1984.
Butler Reference R047 T36
Who's who in Latin America: a biographical dictionary of notable men and
women of Latin America.
7 vol. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 1945-1951.
Butler Reference R047 W6211
Who's Who in Latin America: Government, Politics, Banking and Industry.
New York, NY: Norman Ross, 1997.
Butler Reference R047 W6241
Lehman Reference F1407 .W46 1997g
Book Reviews
Combined retrospective index to book reviews in scholarly journals, 1886-1974.
Arlington, VA: Carrollton Press, 1979-1982.
Butler Reference R010.5 C55
Combined retrospective index to book reviews in humanities journals, 18021974. Woodbridge, CT: Research Publications, 1982-84.
Butler Reference R010.5 C73
H-LATAM Reviews
Website for book reviews posted to H-LatAm, the H-Net discussion group for Latin
American History. Reviews go back to 1995.
Hispanic American Periodicals Index (HAPI).
Los Angeles: Latin American Center, University of California. (1970- )
Butler Stacks Z1605 .H491 (1970-current)
Lehman Reference Z1605 .H491 (1970-1995)
Matos, Antonio, ed.
Guía a las reseñas de libros de y sobre Hispanoamérica/Guide to Reviews of
Books from and about Hispanic America.
Rio Piedras, PR: Ediciones Puerto, 1960-1965, 1972-1989, 1990.
Butler Reference R016.98 M428
Archival & Manuscript Guides
Archivo General de Indias.
Catálogo de las consultas del Consejo de Indias.
Sevilla: Diputación Provincial, 1983-.
Butler Stacks Z1610 .A73 1983 vols. 1, 3-12.
Archivo General de Indias.
Independencia de América: fuentes para su estudio; catálogo de documentos
conservados en el Archivo General de Indias de Sevilla, 1. serie.
Madrid: [Estab. tip. de la Sociedad de publicaciones históricas], 1912.
Butler Stacks 980 Sp153, 6 vols.
Archivo General de la Nación, Mexico.
Argena II <computer file>: documentos coloniales.
Mexico, D.F.: Secretaria de Gobernacion, Archivo General de la Nacion; Colima,
Col.: Cenedic, Universidad de Colima; <Mexico City> : Consejo Nacional de
Ciencia y Tecnologia, 1995.
Catalog of the colonial documents in the Archivo General de la Nacion.
Butler Reference CD-ROM R016.972 A37 1995g, Room 301C
Also available on the Archivo's website.
Bartley, Russell H.
Latin America in basic historical collections: a working guide.
Stanford, CA: Hoover Institution Press [1972].
Butler Reference R026 B284
Lehman Reference Z1601 .B32
Benson Latin American Collection.
Archives and manuscripts on microfilm in the Nettie Lee Benson Latin
American collection: a checklist.
Austin, Texas: University of Texas at Austin, General Libraries, 1980.
Butler Stacks Z1610 .B45 1980
Columbia University. Rare Book and Manuscript Library.
A guide to the manuscript collections in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library
of Columbia University.
Butler Reference Desk R016.09 C7232
Lehman Reference Desk Z6621.C724 C72 1992g
Faulhaber, Charles.
Medieval manuscripts in the library of the Hispanic Society of America :
religious, legal, scientific, historical, and literary manuscripts.
New York: The Hispanic Society of America, 1983.
Rare Book Library B016- .091Un2 N42333, vols. 1-2
Medieval manuscripts in the library of the Hispanic Society of America. Part
two, Documents and letters.
New York: The Hispanic Society of America, 1993.
Rare Book Library B016.091 Un2 N423331, vols. 1-2
Grieb, Kenneth J., ed.
Research Guide to Central America and the Caribbean.
Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1985.
Lehman Reference Z1595 .R47 1985
Guide to Latin American pamphlets from the Yale University Library :
selections from 1600-1900.
New York: Clearwater Pub. Co., 1985.
Butler Reference R016.98 Y12
A Guide to manuscript sources for the history of Latin America and the
Caribbean in the British Isles.
London: Oxford University Press [for] the Institute of Latin American Studies,
University of London, 1973.
Butler Reference R016.98 W16
Guide to materials on Latin America in the National Archives of the United
Washington, DC: U.S. Govt. Print. Off., 1974.
Butler Reference R016.98 Un3
Hanke, Lewis.
Guía de las fuentes en el Archivo General de Indias para el estudio de la
administración virreinal española en México y en el Perú: 1535-1700.
Koln; Wien: Bohlau, 1977.
Butler Stacks Z1426 .H36
Lehman F1401 .L322 Bd.7, 3 vols.
Hilton, Sylvia L.
Fuentes manuscritas para la historia de Iberoamérica : guía de instrumentos de
Madrid : Fundación MAPFRE América, Instituto Histórico Tavera, 1995, and
Supplement, 1997.
Butler Reference R016.980 H567
Butler Reference R016.980 H567 Suppl.
New York Public Library.
Colonial Latin American manuscripts and transcripts in the Obadiah Rich
collection: an inventory and index.
[New York] : New York Public Library Astor, Lenox and Tilden Foundations, 1978.
Butler Stacks Z1610 .N48 1978
Bases de Datos de Tesis Doctorales: TESEO
Database of bibliographic information about doctoral theses completed at Spanish
universities since 1976. Maintained by the Spanish Ministry of Education and
Deal, Carl W.
Latin America and the Caribbean : a dissertation bibliography.
Ann Arbor, MI: University Microfilms International, 1978.
Butler Reference R016.378 AZL34
Dissertation Abstracts (Digital Dissertations)
Covers 1861 to the present, with abstracts of dissertations since 1990 and Masters
theses since 1988; downloadable 24 page previews of dissertations since 1997.
Guittard, Jean-Michel.
Répertoire des thèses françaises relatives au monde ibérique et ibéro-américain :
des origines à 1980. [Bordeaux]: Maison des pays ibériques ; [Paris] : Klincksieck,
Butler Stacks Z2681 .G85 1993
Printed Library Catalogs
Catalog of the Latin American Library of the Tulane University Library, New
Orleans. [New Orleans]: Center for Latin American Studies, Tulane University,
Offsite R016.98 T82
Hispanic & Luso Brazilian Councils. Canning House Library.
Canning House Library, Hispanic Council, London: author catalogue and
subject catalogue. Boston: G.K. Hall, 1967.
Butler Stacks Z921 .L55883 1967, vols. 1-4
Butler Stacks Z921 .L55883 1967; suppl, First supplement, 1973.
Hispanic & Luso Brazilian Councils. Canning House Library.
Canning House Library, Luso-Brazilian Council, London: author catalogue AZ and subject catalogue A-Z.
Boston: G.K. Hall, 1967.
Butler Stacks Z2739 .H58 1967
Butler Stacks Z2739 .H58 1967; suppl, First supplement, 1973.
Hispanic Society of America. Library.
Catalogue of the library.
Boston: G. K. Hall, 1962.
Butler Reference R016.945 H625 vol. 1-10.
Butler Reference R016.946 H625 1st suppl. First supplement, 1970 vols.1-4
Hispanic Society of America. Library.
Printed books, 1468-1700, in the Hispanic Society of America: a listing.
New York: The Society, 1965.
Butler Reference R015.46 H625
New York Public Library. Reference Dept.
Dictionary catalog of the history of the Americas.
Boston: G.K. Hall, 1961.
Butler Reference Oversize R016.97 N48, vols. 1-28.
University of Miami. Cuban and Caribbean Library.
Catalog of the Cuban and Caribbean Library, University of Miami, Coral
Gables, Florida.
Boston: G. K. Hall, 1977.
Lehman Reference Z1595 .M5 1977, vols. 1-6.
University of Texas at Austin. Library. Latin American Collection.
Catalog of the Latin American collection.
Boston, MA: G. K. Hall, 1969.
Lehman Reference Z1601 .T4 vols. 1-31.
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