Proven Result: Severn Trent Eliminated Unscheduled Shutdown of Water Wells and Reduced Maintenance Cost

Severn Trent Eliminated Unscheduled Shutdown of
Water Wells and Reduced Maintenance Cost
• Improved well availability by eliminating plant shutdown
due to failed meter
• Reduced maintenance cost
• Compliance with Water Permit Use license reporting
Ground water flow measurement from an aquifer
Rosemount 8750W magnetic
flowmeter with Smart Meter Verification eliminated unscheduled
downtime due to meter failure.
High level of bacteria in ground water causing scaling
Severn Trent in South West Florida, USA
Severn Trent Services operates several water and waste water
treatment facilities in Florida. One of their facilities in Southwest
Florida draws, treats and delivers over 2 million gallons of ground water
per day from eight wells. Managing the system requires Severn Trent to
accurately measure the amount of water withdrawn from the aquifer
and report it to the South Florida Water Management District in
compliance with Water Use Permit (WUP) state license. Frequent meter
failures and increased maintenance required to keep the meters in
service added to the operating costs which ultimately had to be passed
on to the local water customers. Additionally, metering failure or
inaccuracy risked noncompliance with the WUP license which could
result in significant fines.
Severn Trent had been using propeller flow meters to measure water
flow from the water well. High levels of bacteria in the ground water
caused scale to frequently build up on the propeller meters. This
scaling affected the meter operation and accuracy, requiring the wells
to be shut down so that meter performance could be restored.
The unplanned shutdowns, often occurring in peak seasons, reduced
the plant’s treated water output as they had to remove, clean,
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A Rosemount 8750W Magmeter installed in one of the water
recalibrate and reinstall the meters. Additionally, the plant needed to schedule an annual
maintenance of the propeller meters where they send it to the manufacturer for
recalibration to insure accuracy. These scheduled, and unscheduled, maintenance costs
consumed a large part of Severn Trent's maintenance budget.
Severn Trent replaced all critical reporting meters with Rosemount Magnetic Flowmeters
with Smart Meter Verification. Careful selection of liner and electrode material minimized
bacterial growth and eliminated the scaling. The Smart Meter Verification diagnostic
simplified regulatory compliance. This advanced functionality recorded a baseline sensor
signature when the new magnetic flowmeters were installed. After the signature was
established, the meter continuously verified the health of the system by comparing the
initial signature to current values of the meter which ensured there is no degradation of
performance. Verification is done from the transmitter with no additional equipment,
without removing the meters from the line, and with minimal disruption of flow
Rosemount 8750W Magnetic Flowmeter.
The financial impact of the solution was instantaneous and the plant paid for the
flowmeter upgrade in a very short amount of time due to the savings they made from
their maintenance budget. One year after installation, the meters were verified and all
passed the regulatory criteria. Furthermore, there has been no downtime or no scaling
problems in any of the wells since installation. Severn Trent has recognized this as a best
practice and stresses the importance of establishing a baseline by recording the meter
signature at installation.
Emerson Process Management Water/Wastewater Industry
8750W Magmeter Flowmeter Calibration Verification Report.
Rosemount E-Series Magnetic Flowmeter Transmitters
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