➤Dark-Tint, High-Contrast Picture Tube
• 2-Head VCR
➤NITEglo™ Backlit Remote
➤ Front and Rear Audio/Video Inputs
• Trilingual On-Screen Display
• Programmable Timer System:
Clock, Sleep and Alarm Timers
➤ Headphone Jack
Changing Entertainment. Again.
• Cabinet
Black Texture finish.
• Dimensions: 23" H, 25" W, 191⁄2" D
• Approx. Shipping Weight: 80 Lbs.
➤NITEglo Backlit Remote
CRK230DL (36-Button)
The backlit controls make nighttime viewing
easy to control TV volume, channel scanning,
mute, and sleep timer.
➤Dark-Tint, High-Contrast Picture Tube
Dark glass picture tube delivers outstanding
picture contrast for blacker blacks, brilliant
whites and deep rich colors even in bright
room conditions.
• Picture Reset
Instantly returns picture to factory settings for
Color, Tint, Contrast, Brightness and Sharpness.
• 181-Channel Tuning Capability1
Digitally controlled Frequency Synthesis tuning
system “locks on” to cable and standard
signals with unsurpassed accuracy.
• Dynamic BlackStretch Circuitry
Extends black levels in bright scenes to
enhance contrast and detail.
• Front-Fired Speaker System
Front-fired mid range and high frequency
drivers provide excellent imaging while
localizing voices at the screen.
• Trilingual On-Screen Display
Allows the on-screen menu system to be
displayed in one of three languages (English,
French, or Spanish).
• :30 CommercialSkip
Countdown timer returns TV to original
channel, so other channels can be browsed
during program breaks.
• Advanced Auto Channel Search
Auto Cable/Air Switch sets tuner to cable or
“off-air” frequencies during initial setup. Then
system automatically scans for and locks active
channels into channel memory.
• Real-Time Counter
Displays exactly how long the tape has played
or recorded to make locating segments easier.
– Sleep Timer
Automatically turns off the TV after a preset
time period — for those times when you drift
off to sleep in front of the television.
• Auto Power On, Auto Play, Auto
Rewind, Auto ShutOff
Simply inserting a cassette in the VCR turns it
on (Auto Power On). When a prerecorded
cassette is inserted in the VCR, it automatically
starts to play (Auto Play). When the end of the
tape is reached, Auto Rewind automatically
rewinds the tape. If the VCR is turned off
during rewind, it will continue rewinding until
end of tape is reached, then shut off.
– Alarm Timer
Wake up to your favorite morning show or
turn on your television automatically to catch
your favorite program.
• Zero Search
Allows quick return to a timer counter reading
of 0:00:00. Convenient for watching a
segment of tape several times.
• Programmable Timer System
Convenient scheduling system can be used in a
variety of ways:
• Auto Clock Set3
The Auto Clock Set3 circuitry reads the XDS
broadcast signal containing time of day and
date information, automatically setting the
clock during initial setup as well as after most
power interruptions.
VCR Capabilities
• 2-Head VCR
• 8-Event/1-Year Programmable Timer
The built-in timer memory can be preset up to
one year in advance to record as many as eight
different programs automatically.
• Auto Tracking
Allows playing of most VHS tapes without the
need for manual tracking adjustments.
• Quick-Start Mechanism
As soon as a tape is loaded into this VCR, it
starts to play.
• Simplified On-Screen Programming
With the RCA remote control and on-screen
displays, all timer programming can be done
from the convenience of your chair. On-screen
instructions guide the viewer through each
programming sequence.
• Digital Auto Tracking
Allows playing of most VHS tapes without the
need for manual tracking adjustments.
➤Front and Rear Audio/Video Inputs
Allows quick, easy access for direct audio and
video connections for additional VCR, video
game or video source.
➤Headphone Jack
• Limited Warranty
–90 days for labor charges.
–One year for parts.
–Two years for picture tube.
–See RCA dealer for complete details.
1 Check your cable company’s compatibility requirements.
2 This television receiver provides display of television closed captioning in
accordance with §15.119 of the FCC rules. This television receiver does not
support color attributes of television closed captioning.
3 Subject to availability based on local off-air and cable broadcasts.
• Auto Repeat
Automatically rewinds at the end of the tape
and then begins replay.
• Frame Advance
Allows the user, while in Pause or Still Frame
modes, to advance the tape one frame at a
• On-Screen Menu System
On-screen displays make it easy to adjust most
picture, sound, and convenience features from
either the remote control or the TV front panel
• Caption Vision CC Closed Caption
Assists the hearing impaired, helps children
learn to read, and aids in the teaching of
English as a second language. Built-in Closed
Caption Decoder displays the audio portion of
a program as text on the TV screen (when
program is aired with the encoded signal).
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