Aeroflex RPM-012 Specification Sheet

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Military Communications
Avionics/Navigation Radio Test System
As a leader in the testing of Military Radio and Avionics systems, Aeroflex offers a test system designed to
upgrade the Aeroflex GRM-122 SINCGARS Radio Communications Test System currently fielded by the US
Army. The RPM-012 system provides additional capabilities to test Army navigation systems.
RPM-12CK (RPM-012 complete kit)
NSN 4920-01-552-0586
GRM-122 units may be upgraded to test, align and troubleshoot navigation systems by adding the RPM-12CK Upgrade
The RPM-12CK Kit includes the following:
RPM-012 (PL-1550/GRM) including the following cables
set and accessories:
Cable Kit, RPM-012, AN/ARN-89
Cable Kit, RPM-012, AN/ARN-123
Cable Kit, RPM-012, AN/ARN-147
Cable Kit, RPM-012, AN/ARN-149
BIT Test Fixture, TF-252 (RPM-012)
NAV Indicator Screen
Plus all cases required to transport and ship the
Case, RPM Units, maximum capacity is three RPMs
Case, Cables
(PS-1A Power Supply sold separately)
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National Stock Number (NSN) List
RPM-12CK 4920-01-552-0586
PS-1A (PP-8571)
This product is controlled for export under the International Traffic
in Arms Regulations (ITAR). A license from the U.S. Department of
State is required prior to the export of this product from the United
Aeroflex’s military products are controlled for export under the
International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and may not be
sold or proposed or offered for sale to certain countries including:
Belarus, Burma, China, Cuba, Haiti, Iran, Liberia, Libya, North
Korea, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, and Vietnam. See ITAR 126.1 for complete information.
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