Wireless AURA 2.0
Light Controller
Description: The Cornell LC-064E Light Controller
to be used with AURA 2.0 has 0-9 flash rate codes.
Flash rates are used to determine the priority level
of a call, and a different flash rate can be applied to
each relay.
Operation: Cornell’s LC-064E will control the flash rate of the lights connected to it when properly
programmed with AURA 2.0. Flash rate options are as followed:
0. Off
1. Flash 250ms On/ 250ms Off
2. Flash 500ms On/ 500ms Off
3. Flash 750ms On/ 250ms Off
4. Flash 1000ms On/ 500ms Off
5. Flash 1500ms On/ 500ms Off
6. Flash 2000ms On/ 750ms Off
7. Flash 250ms On/ 750ms Off
8. Flash 3000ms On/ 1000ms Off
9. On
Mounting: Surface mount enclosure.
Engineering Specifications: The contractor shall install and program the light controller (LC-064E)
to predetermined specifications. The unit shall be installed inside included surface mount enclosure.
Contractor shall test the unit using the test program to confirm proper operation of the light controller
by connecting a momentary switch assembly from terminal X8 on the PLC-PCU to the (-)0
connection of the incoming power terminal block. Each activation of the switch will cause the next
relay to energize, continue the cycle through all 64 relays to insure proper operation, then
disconnect the switch assembly.
Technical Information:
 Power Requirements: 24VDC
 Operating Environment: 50-120°F Indoor Non-condensing
 Physical Dimensions: 15.5”W x 18.5”H x 4.25”D
 Mounting: Surface Mount
 Wiring: #22 AWG Minimum