Installing VXi Updater
• Microsoft® Windows® Vista or later
4. Accept the License Agreement and the read/write privileges.
• .NET 4.0 Framework installed
1. Download the Updater installation file.
2. Navigate to where you downloaded the file to and
double-click it to launch the installer.
3. Once the installer opens, click “Next” to begin the installation.
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Installing VXi Installer
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5. Confirm the installation folder location, then click on “Next”
to continue.
7. C
lick on “Install” to confirm and start the installation.
VXi Updater will now install.
6. Choose how often you would like the Updater to check
for new versions, then click on “Next” to continue.
8. W
hen the application has installed, click on “Finish” to
exit the installer.
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Installing VXi Installer
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Setup Complete
VXi Updater is now installed on your computer. You can access it
from the Task Bar Tray.
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