Student Satisfaction Survey Fall 2012

Online Student Satisfaction Survey Fall 2012
Total Respondents
1. Why did you choose Schedule
take an online class? Flexibility
Online 21%
Not Take The
Class At This
Take On
CampusTake On
During The
Campus During
The Evening
Hope The Class
Would Be
Offerred Online
In Summer
3. Di you have any computer
difficulties when taking 20%
4. Was the support sufficient
for the class?
2. If an online course you
wanted was not available,
which option would youFind Another
5. If no to #4, wny?
Although I am able to receive adequate online support the majority of the time, there have been a few
instances where I have been unable to get in touch with an instructor, or the instructor either never
responds to my question or takes an unreasonable amount of time to answer me (over a week).
Technical difficulties and teacher who referred me to textbook vs. explaining
I answered Yes
I had to wait for over 20 minutes just to find out that there was nothing that support could do for me.
Something happened in Blackboard that removed my class from BlackBoard and the support person
told me that I would have to contact my instructor. I wish that I could have received that info a little
faster. Twenty minutes on hold is like - forever!!
Having problems on an IPad
During the two courses I am taking I was also sent to Baltimore for training. This prevented me from
making use of some of the campus resources. I also had an issue with accessing the internet. While
in Baltimore I was also close to the area where Hurricane Sandy hit and it affected the internet as well
with power outages. The hotel where I was staying did have internet access but it didn't work well
and cut out a lot. Unfortunately the class policy is that internet problems would not be an acceptable
excuse. In one class I tried to use the black board system to send my paper topic and references. I
didn't get a response on the blackboard but did get an e-mail from the instructor. I sent a copy of
what I had sent on the blackboard which showed that had it been accessed on his side I would have
had the topic in on time. I don't know yet if he has given me the full or even partial credit. I have also
found that the training for my job has impacted when I can get on line. This has caused an issue with
one class that gives only a day leeway. For example an entry for Monday has to be submitted by
Tuesday at the latest. On tuesday the ability to entery is locked down.. So if you can't get to make
entries until the weekend you have missed a lot of being able to enter materials and so can't get on to
get even partial credit. I will likely have to take a lower grade for issues beyond my control.
Support from instructor was excellent
Unsure why, but my instructor did not get all of my e-mail assignments, I received, but she did not???
I have one on online class this term that has had issues with each exam we have taken to date. I
have taken many online classes successfully--many online exams with no issues. I work full-time and
am finding this frustrating.
Not applicable - I felt like I had sufficient support.
no problems
not applicable
Support was above suffiscient.
Teacher an class accommodated for technical difficulties
The links would not work at times or enough information was provided compared to the book
see number 7
Even though I said yes, I waited too long to ask for one on one assistance. I have a slower learning
curve and needed one on one for about one hour. I will not hesitate to ask for assistance as soon as
next semester starts. I now know about the tutor service, etc. I will hit the ground running and not be
embarrassed. I wrote this so maybe instead of saying, there are concerns about taking on line
courses because you have been out of school so long, offer options. Information is key. As I said, I
did seek assistance and there were several people who tried their best, but it took a long learning
curve. I would mention in any of the face to face blackboard training classes that there is help, ask
for it now before you get behind. The professors have enough on their plates, so maybe even
volunteer student mentors who are adept with on line classes would be helpful.
one of my professors gave little or no guidance for assignments.
Because it was my first time taking online class and I needed somebody close to me enough to
support me in the course that was hard for me to understand ,and I tried to figure out everything by
At some events, it's pretty hard to contact the teacher. I think it would be great if there is an online
chatting with the teach during the office hours.
I could not find what browser and version should I use in my computer.
Class HIIM 125 is not compatible with Lockdown Browser. Created much confusion with students
knowing which browser to use with testing.
Support from the teacher was very hit or miss. Some weeks she would respond to Discussion board
questions that week, other times you would have assignment questions and she just wouldn't get
back to you in time for the assignment to be turned in. Even when posting questions about the
assignment a week or even 2 weeks before it was due. The professor, while very nice and good
intentioned, desperately needs someone to review her syllabus and assignments and lectures.
Usually, online courses align the week with the chapter in the book that is being read, and the student
is apprised of any week/chapter differences ahead of time, to ensure clarity since it is not a face to
face class. She did not do this. In fact, she did not even respond to questions from us students (of
which there are many) when we asked her specific questions regarding what chapter we were to read
in our book. There is no clear indication in either the syllabus or the weekly assignments of what or
where in the book we are to be reading or studying specifically. She gives assignments like weekly
reflections, with out any clear cut or definitive topic! I have never taken a more confusing class. We
are just supposed to assume from our weekly discussion boards, that whatever the topic (as we
understand it to be) is the topic for our reflection papers. She doesn't even give a one word idea for
these weekly assignments. I am not trying to be vindictive. She is a very nice teacher, and when she
responds she is always polite. I am likely to receive an A or B in her class, so I am not writing this out
of spite or anger because of a bad grade. I have just felt throughout this whole class, that after having
taken as many online courses as I have, that I could come up with a better course outline,
assignment descriptions, a syllabus with a clear cut description of the class and how the weekly
assignments are to be accomplished, dates for when assignments are dues, question and answers
(more regular replys that answer the entire question), and what her expectations are from us for each
assignment. This last idea of what her expectations are is probably the most important. She simply
does not give clear cut and definitive standards or expectations of what she wants us to do in our
assigned work. For example, this is week 8 now, here is the entire description of what she expects
from us- there is nothing else telling what or how she wants us to accomplish this assignment, so it
could be anything
The lecture videos uploaded were sometimes functioning and sometimes not.
I don't know what to do with this classes online.
teacher wasn't great online
It was good for Bustc 115, but I was not skilled enough to complete the Excel class online even with
some tutoring help. I hope to learn more about working with computers before trying to complete it on
a 2nd attempt.
My Professor was constantly unavailable for questions from students, and her materials were
regularly out of order. Furthermore, she was very delayed when it came to grading items (3 or more
There is support?
Had difficulty accessing videos for class.
The professor was very variable in answering our questions and posting assignments/directions for
assignments. Overall, the layout and organization was not consistent.
The class is literally all self taught
Undecided one of the teachers other than posting a bunch of assignments online doesn't
communicate with class but once every few weeks. It is understandable that they don't have to
communicate daily but at least once a week to let students know they are paying attention would be
helpful. Also using excuses that they are sick is why they are behind really for online should not be
considered since the students regardless how they are feeling still have to abide by the due dates.
Everyone should be treated fairly.
The teacher would not give a straight answer or really help in the way I needed and was somewhat
In two different online classes during two different tests, a sudden movement of my mouse made the
test submit itself before I was finished. I had to telephone the teacher and ask for the test to be reset.
In addition, at times when I am working on a discussion board, as sudden movement of the mouse
can make everything I worked on for an hour just simply disappear! How frustrating is THAT?
The instructor at time wasn't able to answer questions right away when I needed a quick answer.
Perhaps because of having too many other students who were also taking the online class.
late emails response and multiple email addresses.
I find it difficult to be only able to ask questions of the instructor online - to have to wait 24 hours or
more to get an answer to a course question is cumbersome and delays getting homework finished.
Also, since this is not my best way to learn and I would never choose an online class over a face-toface class, I find it difficult to formulate a question about something I don't understand.
Question 6: Essay
What would you have liked to
know, before you began your
online class?
I guess if I had know my training to become a rater for veteran disability claims for the VA would have
made classes so hard I would have waited until it the training was over.
I'd prefer not to take an online class.
That the final would be given on a weekend.
I have taken several online classes in the past. I knew what to expect.
how to use blackboard
I would like to have known that the test are timed.
I can't think of anything. I've taken online classes before so it is not new to me. I appreciated the
initial phone calls from the Student Tech Support to make sure I had their contact information if I did
have any questions. I thought that was very thoughtful and professional.
Well, the idea that all online classes are the same, is what threw me off a little bit. Once you get
passed the basics of logging on and getting a feel for the BlackBoard, every teacher has their own
little idiosyncrasies that make the class a little different. I was enrolled in my first ever online class,
this past summer. I did not take advantage of the tutorial or the class that was set up, because I
believed that...if its on the computer I can figure it out. I did struggle for the first couple of days
navigating the courses and material but I dedicated my time to make sure I figured it out before the
class was off and rolling. I am now and online class veteran. I am in 3 online classes right now, and
they all couldn't be more different than each other. I feel that as long as you take the time of become
more familiar with the site it is very easy. If everybody can figure out Facebook, they can figure this
That there would be office hours and attending them would give us participation credit
I'm not a regular Shoreline student, so everything about Blackboard was new to me. I found all
instructions understandable and I liked the format. I am not a fan of the program used for computer
classes at the college I'm seeking a certificate (Moodle).
I would prefer a classroom. As an older student, the technology is a challenge.
How to properly submit the rapid fire responses
More about computer
Everything was done great.
Nothing in particular.
Some classes require daily discussion board posts, others are comprised of work that can be
completed in single sittings. I would like to have known this, particularly because I work during the
week and complete most of my homework on weekends. Having to make daily discussion board
posts has been a big challenge.
Not much, I was worried but it was a nice experience. Everything worked out smoothly.
All the necessary study tools. What is most important to know for tests and if they offer extra credit in
the classes.
Absolutely, I was under the impression that my Intro to MIDI class started mid-quarter, but to my avail
I logged on for another class I had and there it was waiting for me active. I had no idea that the class
was online in the first place either for my schedule options never stated that Intro to MIDI class I
signed up for was online until I payed for it.
That if you did not ask any questions, even if you didn't have any to ask, your d Grade would suffer
I would have like to known that I really need to be dedicated to online class. People usually think it's
easier than the face-to-face class, but I think online class is harder since you have to motivate
yourself and keep your work without anyone telling you
I want to known how to working on my classes assignment online.
I would have liked to know that the textbook would not be supplied in hard copy. I think there needs
to be some better course descriptions, and some classes that are advanced should have some
prerequisites. An example is I am currently taking an online contract management class (BUS 203)
and have had a lot of trouble due to the fact I have not had classes BUS 201, BUS 202. These
classes all have differing names, and numbers, but they should have to be done in a logical
I know I would have benefited immensely if I knew how to set up my student calendar to post
deadlines for homework assignments. For some reason, I couldn't figure it out.
Can't really think of anything
To be prepared to devote more time to studying to be able to understand the information better.
class contents
that you must activate the class every day
With the Excel class I should have had more computer knowlege.
If I would have know that online class are subjected to do group projects, I wouldn't registered for the
class. Online classes are great, flexible schedule and easy to participate. But when it comes to
working in a group, with the only tool which is discussion board. It's very hard to communicate to
other students, I believe most students take online class because of flexibility of attending class, most
of them can't find the perfect time to discuss on the group work and it creates confusion and hardship
for all of us. Please consider having group work for online class unless you have sufficient
communication's tool for us.
I believe I knew everything I needed to know before I started my classes.
When to update the programs to run Blackboard and other updates needed to use LockDown
Browser for the tests. Also the programs to run trinity.
Not much everything was self explanatory.
Nothing it was what I expected.
Nothing, I was satisfied with what I knew before I started.
I would have liked to have known that each class is not organized uniformly. Each class's
organization is determined by the instructor and their ability to navigate Blackboard and technology in
Taking online classes doesn't quite offer the same experience as attending in person and I'm finding
a disconnect in the curriculum for all of the online classes that I've taken (ex: questions on tests that
are nowhere to be found in the book or other class materials). I've spoken with a few other students
about this and they said they had the same experience, so I guess that would've been good to know
If there was was proctored test. As a student with disabilities its hard to go to a testing center
this quarter is my first quarter with online classes, so i wasn't sure what to expect.
To do the work even if there is no deadlines for it because at the end you forget about it and end up
doing all the work at once.
How long it really takes to complete the lessons online - more than 5 hours per week.
Probably taken a mandatory short instructional course on how to navigate around the Blackboard and
what Tegrity classes were. I had everything I needed in front of me, it was just that if I didn't know
what they were for, I most likely didn't click on it (i.e. Tegrity). I now know how to use it, but I'm afraid
I'm a little to late.
That sometimes you cannot hear back right away from the instructor if it's the weekend or some other
What kind of tools the online classes chose to utilize. In my experience, there have been a broad mix
of websites/utilities found in the classes I have taken online. It is nice that the professors have the
freedom to find what they believe works well, however it is apparent that some have not kept up to
date with what is available to teachers. I have had good experiences with the Aplia driven
coursework, while others have been rooted in blackboard, and blackboard feels quite dated and does
not take advantage of the benefits available to an online course like other systems do.
It is good to take the blackboard orientation before begin the online class.
I working full time and taking 2 courses each quarter which always find insufficient time of study, and
I prefer to keep with "Blackboard" instead of to spare extra time to learn "Canvas". Please consider.
I think online classes are great!
Requirements for online classes where explained during orientation, so I had all the information
The amount of work that is required to learn the same amount of information. When you're in a
classroom you don't realize how much you're learning in that setting until you aren't face to face and
you're responsible for setting that hour aside just to read and learn the information
Technical difficulties are extremely frustrating, the classes are very impersonal.
It was a practicum training course,. I was grateful I did not need to visit the campus for any class
requirements, which were many! Fall quarter was an extremely physical demands to my chronic pain
body. I learned a great deal and just pray I can obtain SSI and only be forced to work part-time.
Well, that is, after I repeat my summer failed course and then PASS the national registry exam!
Twenty credit hours was a record for me as I have not been forced to enroll for more then part-time
my entire time at SCC! I am so glad I survived. There were times I had my doubts, but, part-time
WAS NOT an option!
How much test grades are a part of the final grade.
I think everything was fine the way it is.
that we will have group
A look at the syllabus and schedule might have been helpful before beginning that class.
That Tegrity would not work with Chrome.
I don't think I would have changed anything. So far all has really been smooth. I have had several
calls from you support team just to check how it was working. I live in MA and I'm moving to WA in
November so that is how your school got on my radar to begin with. I am extremely impressed with
the online services you have provided so far. Although I have not had the opportunity to take any
online tests because of the structure of the class. The only test will be the final. Thank you for
providing this opportunity for me. I am planning on taking more classes next semester.
Can't think of anything that was not made clear to me when I signed up for online classes
I knew what i needed to know, this is not the first online class i have taken at Shoreline.
How to find & properly install Lockdown Browser.
I am familiar with online classes and I don't feel like I needed any information prior to the start of
how to operate the online class system
Nothing. I've taken online classes before and everything seemed to work great!
approximately how much time each week to spend on taking this online class
I would have liked to have known how easy an online class is to fit into one's schedule. All the
requirements are given to you upfront and you can do your work at midnight if you want. There is a
sufficiency of ways to communicate with one's instructor and lots of other resources available as well.
I would recommend online classes to anyone who can't get to campus, or wants a lot of flexibility in
their schedule.
How to submit assignments and find feedback assignments.
I really think it would be helpful if on the first day of class, everyone met in person and assignments
were discussed briefly since there were so many problems and misunderstandings. That would save
the students and the professors a lot of time and headaches.
I have taken online classes before and was ready for it.
I do not like that you have have one try at a test and cannot "Save and continue later". I am not
saying that I ever needed to "Save and continue later" on a test. But having that option if some
emergency came up or there was a computer problem, would be nice if it were still availabhle.
The required software the professor is using. Ex. mac,windows
If I would have known the quality of the videos for my Math 99 course I would not have taken it. The
videos are small - literally and you cannot enlarge them and some of the people doing the instruction
on the videos do a poor job. The videos are dated with the writing taking place with a sharpie on a
peice of paper with a camera above it. Given the nature of the problem (whether or not it takes a lot
of space or has many steps) it is hard to see and follow. I would not recommend this class and am
taking PreCalc live mostly because of not being satisfied with the videos from MyMathLab
How to use the Tegrity lectures.
Nothing, pretty familiar with online classes on Blackboard and other formats
There is a huge advantage of being in a classroom setting so take an actual face-to-face class if at
all possible.
everything was covered.
7. Are there classes you
would like to see online in
the future?
yes more crimical justice classes
no. Ii hope I wont need to take online classes anymore
So far there are not classes I'd like to see online in the future
I will like to see my grades in the future and how I do my working in this classes online.
Any class that was not available for students due to lakc of funding and lack of student
Some of the classes are not offer online and consider it is good to have both traditional and
I would like to see following classes available online: Eng 103 Composition II, BUS 102
Business Mathematics, ACCT 103 Pracial Accounting - Managerial
Art and music for early childhood education
Conversation or communicaiton class for early childhood education.
I wish to see these classes to be handled by a responsible professor.
can't thnk of any right now
some classes related to improve English, such as public speaking skills, spoke English etc.
No, just took this class because my daught goes to daycare so I had to
More accounting courses
Any Oceanography or Marine life related classes would be great to have online
My program is all online. Iwas thankful the prequisite I needed was online as well. This is
an incredible service for me and others who have disabilities that at some point make it
difficult to get out of the house. Thnank you for providing the opportunity to learn from
home, So I can ease back into the workforce prepared.
visual communcation (adobe) economic 100, East asia, anthropology 100
not at this time
I'd like more language classes online or Art History
an intermediate math class
Not sure
Perhaps some advanced math/stats/programing classes
Not that I can think of right now
not at this time
I'm not sure. I couldn't give you any examples at the moment
The classes that I aminterested I taking are currently offered online
Math 60, 70
None in particular
All is good, so far
more math classes
Yes but with more helpful professors
At this time I don't have a class that I would like to be onlne
No necessary
CPR/First Aid
Some of the courses areonlyu offered during certain semesters and I would really like to see
that more openly stated when planning for the future. If I plan to take a certain course a
different semester but don't know its not offered, it makes it difficult for me to finish my
education within a timely manner
Not at this time
Yes, I firmly believe that someone in the Informatics transfer program should be able
perfom 100% of their necessary classes successfully online. Would you give feel comfortable
with giving an infomatics degree to someone who could not?
More english classes
Being a (hopeful) art major, I think art history classes are prime candidates for online
learning because they do not reuire the studio time and other arat courses nessitate.
I like online classes but I would also like th option of attending a face-to-face. My entire
program is online so I guess that isn't going to happen.
no. I understand they might be easier and more flexible for both students and instructors.
But I learn best in person. I only took an online class because they didn't offer it in person.
And it's required for my degree.
All of the classes I need to take are already available online. I would suggest
thought, for the inline math classes, that the clas description mentions that the
exams need to be proctored. When I took an online math class summer quarter. I
felt that havaing to come to campus for exams defeated the purpose of taking an
online class. With most of my other claases, exams are taken online, using the
Lock Down Browser, and I do not see why that is not an option for math exams
can not think of any
I would like to see - hour long video lectures per week to go along with the lessons.
I can't think of any at this time. I am hoping to sign up for a photography class but got a
feeling that will have to be either in class room or a hybrid class.
Communication 101 and 203
Math 111 or Math 146
More options for multicultural studies
All of them!
Not at this time
So far everything that I wanted to take were offered online.
I can't think of any at this time.
can't think of any right now.
I would like business law to have more online classes available throughout the year.
im not sure right now
not sure
Any and ALL classes should be offered online. It is a way for people that needs to further
their education can do so from no matter where you may live.
more opportunity
and courses,
can the college
can gain higher enrollment
no-I would rather have face-to-face classes
math 97, 98, 99
Business Law class or anything that is related to business or technical degree for those
people who have some work experience but are attending classes to complete their
I need all science classes, which isn't possible but in person.
More business classes
None that I can think of at the moment.
I would like to see BUS 104 online.
Think it's a great option for all classes.
Can't think of any right now. My program is entirely online, so I'm quite content
Not sure- I prefer in-person classes
science classes... would help a lot of students if some of the lectures are done online.
I think all classes should be offered with at least one online section. That being said, there
are many updates, and improvements to be performed before the online schooling
experience is near the experience of actual "in class" students. I think there should be
some form of Skype available to get in contact with our professors. I think that professors
should also offer office hours via Skype and more than just once a week. Also, if we are
going to be watched I think we should at least have communication. Last time I checked,
communication was supposed to be a two-way street. Another thing to consider is having
the instructors at least inform the bookstore of what text book they are going to use,
instead of surprising the student once they are already trapped into the extra charge. This
looks terrible to a student attending a school, how am I to interpret this? I interpret as a
school running a scheme to force students to buy their books at one specific place. At least
the school did improve it's financial aid distribution rate, meaning the financial aid comes
quicker and at the required time of 5 days before the start of the quarter. I think my overall
goal of this last section is to say give us, all your students, the advanced video
communication technology, and give us more interaction through a better interface. These
online classes need to start employing some level of interactivity(both student to student,
and student to professor), more than just a discussion board. Maybe there should be a
general chat area for all students in any online class, maybe Shoreline Community College
could do something like Facebook; Maybe I should have said something more like inspired
by Facebook I am sure this would be a challenge, due to copyright laws, but it would be
worth it for online students' satisfaction levels.
This is a comment about question #1: In my case, online classes are chosen because that is
the only way I can get a class. For example, for the Accounting degree (AAAS), only ACCT
101 is offered as a face-to-face class, as well as online. Every other class needed is only
offered online. So does that fall under "Availability"? So it was not a case of "I could not get
into a face-to-face class"; it was that no face-to-face class was offered.
Higher music theory classes.
not sure in this time.
All classes should have an online option, it allows more people to take classes that otherwise
More math and English.
I think you should switch to
No! I would like to see more face-to-face classes. Why is the college assuming that students
are wanting to take online classes? Most students I know take them only when they have to
- it is not by choice!
Not particularly.
Yes, more class for the AAAS Accounting degree
Essentials of interviewing CJ 137
Principles of investigating CJ 241 I cannot make it to class at 9:30am.
More Hybrid classes for Biology or Chemistry.
I think there is a good variety.
I have not looked. The only class I have remaining is absolutely hands on lab training.
Basic math
I'd like to see most all classes online.
None I can think of now.
No. I don't care for online classes very much.
No. I think that what it online is good. Anything else I would prefer to be in a classroom for
interactive teaching
More electives.
More Business and Social Media Classes
English,humanities and math.
I'd like as many classes as possible to be online. With three kids, a job and a working
spouse, the more I can do online the easier and more realistic it is that I can complete a
Environmental Science, Marine Biology, Genetics, Native American History.
yes I would like to see all the class that are required for bussiness technology certificate
and degree could be online
Hmmm... Not sure.
More math classes
Yes, for example history and all the reading classes
I really don't like online classes.
cooking and law
Math classes
I have probably one of the most backward opinions towards online classes. I don't want an
education or degree from an online school but I take online classes...go figure. To me the
accreditation of the school is far more important than how many online class I could take. I
also believe learning should and could be done better face to face. Again..contradictory to
what I actually do. I have taken most of my 100 level classes online, but now that I am
branching into 200 level classes, the availability of most of them don't seem to be there. I
would hope that SCC, continues on the path its on by expanding the online market, but
continue to stay a face to face school. I would like to see more higher level classes online,
but at minimum...more classes at night would be great, because I could attend those
without a lot of scheduling issues.
Nursing classes
I was disappointed to see that for both the Fall and Winter quarters Psych&200 was not
offered as an online class. As you know, this is a required course for nursing students, so it
would seem that it would be a class in demand. For both those quarters the only option
was one section offered in the middle of the day, on campus, twice a week. This is not
convenient for working students or those with families. North Seattle Community College
offers several sections of PSych200 both at campus and online. So, I will unfortunately
need to change to NSCC next quarter to finish with my requirements--as much as I would
rather stay at SCC.
Latin Literature on-line would be great. Maybe more people would sign up for it then.
English 098 100 101 102
Not that I can think of at the moment.
Anatomy and Physiology
hopefully not.
Basic math for math catch up.
Oceanography, more art classes, astronomy, etc.
Nothing I can think of right now.
Language classes
I am not sure of all the classes available on line. I can say, that for someone who is of a
certain age, if classes such as excel and other technology based programs, are only going to
be offered on line, it would be helpful to have a step by step initial portion to read on line.
Just going with the books and tegrity classes, does not work for all with such complex
Progress is wonderful, but I truly believe that a lot of instructor time as well as staff is used
to help people understand the world of on line learning. I do not know what the companies
who develop on line learning programs use as their base. I understand that on line learning
is in its' infancy; however, a more organized presentation of online classes would benefit all.
Thanks for this survey.
Dental hygiene
All classes
Not that I can think of.
Not that I can think if that is not offered already
So far all the courses I need to take are available online which I prefer.
not that I can think of at this moment.
not that I can think of at this moment.
An online language class would be kind of interesting.
a wider selection would be nice.
Something equivalent to UW's STAT 311 would be nice. . .
Language classes. I'd also like to see classes offered more than one quarter, like HIIM
Abnormal psychology
Sociology classes.
Math 60 Basic Math
Math 70 Preparation for Algebra
Math 142 Pre-Calculus II
Calculus I, II, and III
Linear Algebra
(If Elements of Statistical Method can be online, why not Linear Algebra or Calculus I, II,
and III? Or at least a hybrid version of the class? Optional extra meet-ups on or off
campus? )
Spanish III (maybe even a hybrid version?)
I figure if the Honors Seminar can be a hybrid class, why not some of these classes?
More ECE classes.
More science classes (with labs on campus).
Yes, Advanced Math classes
EpicCare. Standard software program for many local hospitals, but very difficult to find
No, I don't like online classes
Not that I can think of.
not sure yet.
Do not really know the answer to that
Computer science
I would love to see more Drama and Music offerings online.
As many as you can!! They really help if you can't 'get' to a campus.
More language, higher level math and science classes.
Radiology courses
None that I can think of.
Maybe some type of art history class?
sure... Pols101
Law classes
Not sure which subjects would lend themselves, other than the ones you already offer.
Not really.
Overall more classes - math, enrichment classes
Yes, I would take as many classes online if I could. I'm a stay at home mom, and this works
the best for my schedule.
I'm not sure what's on-line now but I will probably only take strict fact based classes that
don't require discussion. It's not a great fit for the way I learn and I don't really feel like I
got as much out of it as I would have in the class room.
No comment
None that I can think of.
English Gothic literature
Have not really looked
Yes, More classes on African-American history.
1.Business Law
The Honors Program. I am a 4.0 GPA student, but I live too far from Shoreline to
participate in the Honors Program and I would have enjoyed taking those courses.
Lifespan Psychology
More science courses online with weekend labs.
I haven't had any issues with the classes online that I have been required to take.
I would prefer on campus, face to face classes. However, I was impressed by the
organization and support of this Medical Terminology Class.
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