Englis,h Part
General Safety
Oon'l mako or recelve handhetd catts
whiledriung.tud neverienwhtledilving.
Small pads may
prcducea loud $und.
oont retv on vour pnone ror
Avold contading wirh
Full attention must bd given to driving at all times in order to reduce the risk of an
accjdent. Using a phone while driving (even with a hands free kit) can cause distraction
and lead to an accident. You must @mply with local laws and regulatjons restrjcting the
use ofwireless devices while driving.
Kecp away frcm pac€makere and
olher eltrlrcnic mediEr d€vi@s
Swilch off when asked to in
hospilaE and m€dacal Eciliies.
Your phone may prcduce
a bdghtorflashlng lighl.
Your phon€ can
Avoid conlaclinq with
liquids- Keop vour Dhon€ drv,
Operating Machinery
Full attention must be given to operating the machinery in order to reduce the risk of an
Product Handling
Small Children
General Statement on Handling and Use
Do not leave your phone and its accessories within the reach of small children or allow
them to play with it.
They could hurt themselves or others, or could accidentally damage the phone.
You alone are responsible for how you use your phone and any consequen@s of its use.
You must always switch off your phone wherever the use of a phone is prohibited. Use of
your phone is subject to safety measures designed to protect usets and their environment.
. Always treat your phone and its accessories with @re and keep it in a clean and dust-free
Your phone contains small parts with sharp edges that may cause an injury or may
become detached and create a choking haard.
. Do not expose your phone or its accessories to open flames or lit tobac@ products.
. Do not expose.your phone or its a@essories to liquid, moisture or high humidity,
. Do not drop, throw or try to bend your phone or its accessories.
. Do not use harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents, or aerosols to clean the device or its
. Do not paint your phone or its accessories.
. Do not attempt to disassemble your phone or its accessories, only authorized pereonnel
can do so.
. Do not expose your phone or its accessories to extreme temperatures, minimum - [5] and
maximum + [50] degrees Celsius.
The phone's normal operating temperature is -20tr - 604 .ln order to ensure the normal
phone functions, do not use this phone outside the temperature range.
. Please check local regulations for disposal of electronic products.
. Do not carry your phone in your back pocket as it could break when you sit down.
To avoid the risk of demagnetization, do not allow electronic devices or magnetic media
close to your phone for a long time.
Elechostatic Discharge (ESD)
Do not touch the SIM card's metal @nnectore.
Do not touch the antenna unnecessarily.
Normal Use Position
When placing or receiving a phone call, hold your phone to your ear, with the bottom
towards your mouth.
Loud Noise
Air Bags
air bag deployment area
Do not piae a phone in the area over an air bag or in the
Store the phone safely before driving your vehicle'
Seizures/ Blackouts
The phone can produce a bright or flashing light
Repetitive Motion lnjuries
games with your phone:
To minimize the tisk of RSI when texiing or playing
Do not grip the Phone too tightly.
Press the buftons lightly.
This phone is capable of producing loud noises, which may damage your hearing. Tum
down the volume before using headphones, Bluetooth stereo headsets or other audio
Phone Heating
Your phone may become warm during charging and durjng normal use.
Electrical Safety
. U;
which are designed to minimize the times of pressing buttons'
"p""i"t Templates and Predictive Text'
such as Message
. Take lots of breaks to stretch and relax'
Use only approved a@essories.
Do not connect with incompatible products or accessories.
Take care not to touch or allow metal objecis, such as @ins or key rings, to contact or
short-circuit in the battery terminals.
Emergency Calls
cannot guarantee
This ohlone. like anv wireless phone, operates using radio signals' which
rri"r"to*. yo, must never rety sotety on any wiretess phone for
i"ii,5"ii", i" irr
emergency communications.
Connection to a Car
Seek professional advice when connecting a phone interface to the vehicle electrical
Faulty and Damaged Products
Do not attempt to disassemble the phone or its accessory.only qualified personnel can
service or.epair the phone or its accessory.lf your phone or its accessory has been
submerged in water, punctured, or subjected to a severe fall, do not use it until you have
taken it to be checked at an authorized seruice centre.
General Statement on lnterface
Care must be taken when uslng the phone in close proximity to pereonal medical devices,
such as pacemakers and hearing aids.
Pacemaker manufacturers recommend that a minimum separation of'15 cm be maintained
between a mobile phone and a pacemaker to avoid potential interference with the
pacemakef, To achieve this, use the phone on the opposite ear to your pacemaker and do
not carry it in a breast pocket.
Hearing Aids
People with hearing aids or other @chlear implants may experience interfering noises when
using wireless devices or when one is nearby.
The level of interference will depend on the type of hearing
device and the distance ftom the interference source, increasing the separation between
them may reduce the interferen@. you may also consult your hearing aid manufacturer
to discuss alternatives.
Medical Devices
Please consult your doctor and the device manufacturer to determine if operation of
your phone may interfere with the opemtion of your medical device.
Switch off your wireless device when requested to do so in hospitals, clinics or health
care facilities. These requests are designed to prevent possible interference with
sensitive medical equipment.
Switch off your wireless device whenever you are instructed to do so by airport
or airline staff.
Consult the airline staff about the use of wireless devices on board the aircraft. lf your
device offers a 'flight mode', this must be enabled prior to boarding an aircraft.
lnterference in Cars
Getting Started
Please note that because of possible inlerference to electronic equipment, some vehicle
manufacturers forbid the use of mobile phones in their vehicles unless a hands-free kit with
an external antenna is included in the installation.
Explosive Environments
Petrol Stations and Explosive Atmospheres
ln lo@tions with potentially explosive atmospheres, obey all posted signs to turn offwireless
devices such as your phone or other radio equipment.
Areas with potenlially explosive atmospheres include fuelling areas, below decks on boats,
fuel or chemical transfer or storage facilities, areas where the air contains chemicals or
particles, such as grain, dust, or metal powders.
Blasting Caps and Areas
Power off your mobile phone or wireless device when in a blasting area or in areas
posted power off "two-way radios" or "electronic devices" to avoid interfering with blasting
Keys Explained
Power Key
Home Key
Hold to switch audio profiles, or to turn on or offAirplane mode,
or to power off.
Press to switch your phone to Sleep mode.
Press to wake up your phone.
Press to return to the Home Screen from any appli@tion or screen
Hold to see recently used applications.
Menu Key
Press to get the options for the current screen
Back Key
Press to go to the previous screen
Volume Key
Press or hold to turn the volume up or down
Starting up
lnstalling the SIM/SD Card and Baftery
Switch off your phone before installing or replacing the battery, SlM, or memory card.
'1. Remove the back cover.
Hold the SIM erd with the cut corner oriented as shown and slip it into
the card holder
Inserl the memory card into the €rd slot with the metal contacts facing
down until it inserts to the right position.
lnsert the battery by aligning the gold contacts on the battery with the gold contacts
in the battery comparlment. Gently push down on the battery until it clicks into place.
Press the cover gently back into place until you hear a click.
Removing the Battery and SIM/SD Card
Make sure that your mobile phone is off.
Remove the back @ver.
Lift the battery up and out.
Slide the SIM card out.
Slide the SD card out.
Charging the Battery
fi6t get your new phone you'll need to charge the battery.
'1. Connect the adapter to the charcer jack. Ensure that the adapter is inserted with the
corect orientation, Do not force the connector into the chargerjack,
When you
Connect the charger to a standard AC wall outlet.
Disconnect the charger when the battery is fully charged.
Switching Your Phone On/Off
i/ake sure the SIM card is in your device and the battery is charged.
Hold Power Key to switch on your phone.
To switch it off, hold Power Key to get the phone options. Select Power off, and then tap
Setting Up Your Phone for the First Time
When you fitst power on your phone after you purchase it or reset it to factory settings
(see chapter Sorting out Your
Phone Settings
Privacy: Reset to Factory Settings), you need to do some settings
before using il.Tap Menu Key in the standby mode, then select System
settings > Language & input > Language to change the language you want to use, if
Switching to Sleep Mode
To save battery power, Sleep Mode suspends your device to a low-power-@nsumption
state while the display is off. Your device also goes into Sleep Mode by itself when the
display is automatically turned off after a certain period of time. You can start sleep
mode by the following method.
Press Power Key to switch to Sleep Mode.
Waking Up Your Phone
1. Press Power Key to activate your screen display.
2. Tap the E i@n, drag to the right.
NOTE: lf.you have set an unlock pattern, PIN or password for your phone (see chapter
Sorting out Your Phone Settings - Security Settings) you'll need to draw the patlern or
enter the PIN/password to unlock your screen.
Getting Around Your Phone
Touch Control
You can use finger gestures to control your phone. The controls on your touch-screen
change dynami@lly depending on the tasks you're performing.
1. Tap the buttons, icons, or applications to select items or to open applications.
Flick the screen to scroll up, down, left or right.
Point, drag and drop to move particular items across the screen.
Double-tap the screen to zoom in/out an image.
NOTE: You can view the phone screen in portrait or lands@pe orientation simply by holding
it upright or tuming it on its side. Not all screens are viewable in landscape.
Home Screen
ln the Home screen, besides the shortcut icon is displayed, you can also set your own
wallpaper, add the widgets or application shortcuts you need, or remove them as you like.
Extended Home Screen
The Home Screen extends beyond the screen width, giving you loads more space to add
more stuff. Simply slide your finger to the left or dght.
Choosing Your Wallpaper
1. Press Home Key to return to the Home Screen.
2. TapMenu KeyandselectWallpapeL
3. Tap Gallery Live Wallpapers, or Waltpapers and choose
the image or animation you
want to use as the wallpaper. Some cropping may be needed for Gallery images.
Adding ltems to Your Home Screen
1 .
Press Home Key > tap to enter the Application
program lnterface
ln the list of applications, touch and hold the i@n until the main screen appeare,
appli€tion imn to the idle position, release the finger
move the
Removing ltems from Your Home Screen
Press Home Key to return to the Home Screen.
Tap and hold the item you want to delete until the remove icon appears on
the top of the screen.
Drag the item to the remove icon and release your linger when the item turns red.
Status and Notiflcation lcons
Using the Notification Panel
Your phone will tell you exactly what's going on by showing you simple icons. Here's what
they mean.
Flick the status bar downwards from across the top ofthe screen to open the Notification
Panel, where you can see your calendar events, new Messaging, and current settings
- such as call foruarding or call status. From here you can also open new Messaging,
Battery charge
Meeting mode
Wi-Fi network
Earphone insert
sitent mooe
Bluetooth icon
New Wi-Fi network detected
USB debugging
Airplane moae
New message
Alam set
Signal searching
Data conn off
remindere, etc.
Open Recently-Used Applications
Hold Home Key from any screen. The phone will display the applications
you used recently.
Tap the application you want to open.
Calling from a Text Message
Making Calls
There are many ways to make a call with your phone. And they're all easy to do.
Calling from the Phone
> Phone or
on the Home Screen.
Enter the phone number usinq the on-screen keypad.
Pre-ss Home key >
to'oetete wrong oigitsl
Tap the dial icon.
TiiS: To make international calls, hold
enter the "+".
Tan the
Slide your finger to scroll the contacts list and tap the contact name you want to call,
when the contact details appear, click on the number, choose the SIM card to dial.
You can search for a contact by tapping
on the screen.
Calling from Your Call Log
Receiving Calls
Answering a Call
Callino from Your Contacts
r. Preis nome xey, mp!, P"opt".
lf a text message contains a phone number that you want to call, you can make the call
while viewino the text messaoe
1. Press H-ome key, tap E , Messaging.
2. Tap the conversation and then find the message that contains the phone number
you need.
3. Tap the message, the phone will list the options.
lf you have opened the dialer, touch the call log tab to open the @ll re@rds, respectively
touch all, dialed, received, missed €ll button to display a list of the coresponding
call records.
Tap dial i@n on the right side of the current record.
icon, drag to right to answer the call.
Rejecting a Call
Iap the
icon, drag to left to reject the call.
Muting a Call
During a call, you can mute your microphone so that the person you are speaking to
cannot hear vou. but vou can still hear them.
Tap p to tuin your microphone off. To turn your microphone back on, tap f .
Turninq the Soeakerphone On/Off
fap! Oriing a cattio tum the speakerphone on. Tapf
again to turn off the speakerphone.
Ending a Call
to finish a catl.
The Message Box
You Gn add contacts on your phone and synchronize them with the contacts in your Google
accounl or other accounts that supporl contact syncinq.
To see your contacts. Press Home key > tap I,
Creatino a Contact
1. Ta;Efrom theContacts Screen.
2. Choose the storage location to save the contact.
3. Enter the contact namo, phone numbers, and other information, and then save it.
Searchino for a Contact
l-"p !
on rne Conracrs Screen.
lnput the contact name you want to search
The contacts matched will be listed.
Your SMS (text message) and MMS (multimedia messaging service) are combined into
one menu in Home KeY >! , Messaging.
lnstead of an inbox and outbox, your phone organizes all Messaging you sent and
received into one box, where lvessaging exchanged with the same number are grouped
into one message thread in the Messaging Screen You can tap a thread to see the
conversation you have had with someone
Sendino an Messaqe
Presi nome
create new message.
Entaihe recipient's number or name. As you type' matching contacts will appeal
Tap a suggested contact to add as a recipient. You can also tap ,&to
select recipients from the contacts.
Tap Type text message and type your message.
Tap Menu Key to insert quick text or contact
It you are sending an MMS, tap Menu Key to add a subject,
to attach pictures, videos, audio, or slideshow.
or tap
Tap !itosendYourmessage.
NOTE: Add an attachment to text message and it will be converted into an MMS
automatically. Likewise if you remove all attachments and the subject from an MMS, it,ll
automati@lly become a text message.
The network connection can be enabled /disabled manually. Just press Home key >
tap E > Settings > SIM management > Data connection.
Message Settings
Adding a New Network Connection
The phone's message settings are pre-configured for you to use immediately. To change
them, tap Menu Key > Settings from the Messaging Screen.
NOTE: From SMS settings screen tap Menu Key > Restore default settings to change the
message settings back to the original.
Touch lnput Settings
Cho@ the touch input settings by tapping l\4enu Key > System settings > Language & input
from Home Screen.
ln the KEYBOARD & INPUT N4ETHODS section, you can choose the settings that you need.
Getting Connected to the lnternet
Your phone's impressive networking capabilities allow you to access the lnternet or your
corporate network with ease.
_cil use default connection settings to connect to the lnternet via your mobile network,
or Wi-Fi.
To get connected via your mobile network you need a data plan with your service
provider. Also if the networks settings are not pre-configured on your phone, please
contact your provider to get the ne@ssary information.
You can view settings by pressing Home key > tap E> Settings > lrore[WIRELESS &
NETWORKStr > Mobile networks > Access Point Names.
Turning On Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi provides wireless lnternet access over distances of up to about 300 feet.
Press Home key > tap
to the Wi-Fi menu to turn it on, click
can turn off the Wi-Fi
Connectino to a Wi-Fi Network
Press HIme key > tapE> Settings > wi-l-i.
When the Wi-Fi is on, the Wi-Fi access points, or "hotspots", that your phone
has detected are displayed with their names and security settings.
Tap an access point to connect to it.
NOTE: lf security features are implemented, you'll need to enter a password.
Checking the Wi-Fi Network Status
You can check the Wi-Fi network by looking at the
icon in the status baL
USB tethering & portable hotspot
Share your phone's data connection via USB or as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot.
Enabling USB tethering
TIPS: The PC accesses the lnternet via the phone's mobile network. Therefore, set up the
networks mnnection correctly before you try to use th6 phone as a modem.
Press Home Key > tap Menu Key > System settings > More (WIRELESS & NETWORKS) >
Tethering & portable hotspot and tick the USB tethering check box.
Disabling USB tethering
Press Home Key > tap Menu Key > System settings > More (WIRELESS & NETWORKS) >
Tethering & portable hotspot and clear the USB tethering check box.
You can also just pull out the USB @ble.
Enabling the Wi-Fi Hotspot
You can use the phone as a portable WLAN router, to share your phone's internet
connection with one or more PC or other devices.
. WhentheportableWi-Fihotspotfunctionisenabled,youcan'tuseyourphone's
applications to arcess the internet via its Wi-Fi connection.
. You can conligure the Wi-Fi hotspot as follows:
1. Press Home Key > tap Menu Key > System settings > More (WIRELESS &
NETWORKS) , clickl next to the WiFi hotspot to turn it on.
2. Tap Wi-Fi hotspot to set up & manage portable Wi-Fi hotspot. Now you can find the
hotspot on other devices and connect to it.
Disabling the Wi-Fi Hotspot
Press Home Key > tap Menu Key > System settings > More (WIRELESS & NETWORKS
next to the Wi-Fi hotspot to turn it off.
)> Tethering & portable hotspot and click
5. Edit the name or lo@tion, and then tap Ok to save it.
Browsing the lnternet
You can use your phone to get on the lnternet via a network or Wi-Fi connection.
Press Home Key > lap !t
There are different ways to open web pages:
. Tap the address bar to enter the website you want to browse. Then tap
touch keyboard.
Deleting a Bookmark
on the
Tap Menu Key > Bookmarks/History and select a bookmark or history to open.
Open a Browser window.
Select an item you want to delete and hold on it until the shortcut menu pops up.
Select Delete bookmark and tap OK to mnfirm.
Browsing Options
Changing Browser Settings
When you browde the Web, you can also do the following:
. Press Menu Key > Close and select Quit to exit.
. Press Menu Key > Bookmarks/History and select a bookmark or history to open.
. Press Menu Key > Settings to configure browser settings.
Tap Menu Key > Seftings from a browser window to change browser settings.
Using Bookmarks
lf you know the Web address, you can manually add bookmarks. To bookmark a web page,
open it and tap Menu Key > Save to bookmarks. Give the bookmark a name and save it.
Editing a Bookmark
1. Open a Browser window. 2. Tap Menu Key > Bookmarks/History.
3. Select an item you want to edit and hold on it until the shortcut menu pops up.
4. Select Edit bookmark.
Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communication technology. Phones or other devices
with Bluetooth capabilities can exchange information wirelessly within a distance of
about 10 meters. The Bluetooth devices must be paired before the communi@tion is
nexttotheBluelooth menutoturn iton,
i@n will appear in the status bar.
Tap Bluetooth. Your phone will show all visible Bluetooth devices in range.
Tap the device you want to pair with and operate ac@rding to the message prompt.
When Bluetooth is on.
When both devices to be paired accept the connection, the pairing is completed.
TIPS: Tap your device name to make your phone discoverable if other devices try to pair
with your phone.
1. Press Home Key >tap E> Music to open the Music Screen.
2. Click the Music category label > music files to start playing.
3. Adjust the volume with Volume Keys.
Making the Most of Multimedia
Ooenino Your Gallerv
Taking Pictures with Your Camera
> Camera.
Your phone has camera function. Open it by pressing Home Key > tap
to take a picture. To view it, just tap the picture in the right corner of the screen.
Listening to Your FM Radio
With the FM Radio, you can search for radio channels, listen to them, and save them on
your phone. Note that the quality of the radio broadcast depends on the coverage of the
radio station in your area. The wired headset works as an antenna, so always connect the
headset when using the radio.
. To tune in, plug your headset into your phone. Press
Home key > taoE> FM Radio
Playing Your Music
You can play digital audio liles from your phone's memory card in Music. Before playing
music, you need to copy music files to memory card lo€tion.
Press Ho--me Key > tapE > Gallery. You can use Gallery to view pictures and play
videos. You can also do some basic editing of your pictures - such as setting them as
wallpaper or contact photo, and sharing with friends.
Playing Your Videos
Press Home Key > tap [>Video Playel
You can use Video Player to play videos on
the phone and memory card.
Making Voice Memos
Sound Recorder enables you to record your voice memos.
Press Home Key > tapl> Sound RecordeL
to start recording.
Taplt tostoprecording.
Tap E to play back the voice recording.
Save the voice recording after stop, or tap Discard to delete the recording.
Sorting out Your Phone Settings
Language Settings
Settino Date and Time
You can change the language of your phone system in two simple steps.
1. Press Hom€ key > tap !> Settings > Language & input > Language.
2. Select a language from the list given.
'1. Pre"ss Home key > tap I, Settings > Date & time.
2. Tap Automatic Date & time and select Off if you want to set the
and date by youEelf.
Set date, time and change the other options.
Display Settings
Press Home key > tap
Settings > Display, you can adjust the display settings
as you like:
Brightness: Adjust brightness of the screen.
Auto-rotale screen: Rotate the screen display as you rotate the phone.
Sleep: Set the delay for the screen to automatically turn off.
Wallpaper: Set the wallpaper of the phone
Theme: Setthe theme orthe phone.
Audio Profiles Settinos
By pressing Home Xey ,iap
> Settings > Audio profiles. When you choose the General
mode, you can adjust the sound settjngs, such as ringtones, volume and vibrate.
Disabling Data Services
Press Home key >
then tap Off.
Settings > SIM management > Data connection,
Switching Network Modes
1. Press Home key > tap ! > Settings > More (WIRELESS & NETWORKS) > Mobite
networks > Network Mode.
2. Select one of the following: GSMMCDMA (auto mode), WCDNTA only, GSM only.
Switchino Networks
1. Press lome kep tap!
> Settings > More (W|RELESS & NETWORKS) > Mobite
networks > Network operatore.
Tap the SIM @rd you want to set.
Tap Select manually to register manually, or tap Choose automatiGlly.
Setting Access Point Names
conrect to the lnternet you can use the default Ac@ss Point Names (APN) And if
want to add a new APN, please contact the seryice provider to tind out more'
iress nome key> Menu Key > Settings > More (WIRELESS & NETWORKS) > Mobile
networks > Access Point Names
Security Settings
Here's how to protect your phone and SIM card from unauthorized use'
Protecting Your Phone with a Pattern
Creatino Your Screen Unlock Pattern
1. Pre-ss Home key > tap ! > Settings > Security > Screen lock > Pattern
2. Read the instructions on-screen and watch the example pattern, and select Next'
3. Drag your finger to connect at least four dots, draw the pattern'
4. Touch Continue.
5. Redraw your Pattern to confirm
Unlocking the Screen with Your Pattern
Press Power Key to wake up the screen.
Draw the pattern you set to unlock the screen.
you make a mistake, your phone will ask you to try again.
Protecting Your Phone with a PIN or Password
Creatino a PIN or Password
Press Home key > tap
Settings > Security > Screen lock.
According to the instruction to complete your PIN or password settings.
Unlocking the Screen with Your PIN or Password
Press Power Key to wake up the phone.
Enter the PIN or password you set then select
on the touch keyboard.
Disabling Screen Unlock Security
lf you have created an unlock pattern, PIN or password, you can disable it.
Press Home key > tap
Settings > Security > Screen lock.
Draw the screen unlock pattern or enter your PIN/ password you have
created if required.
Tap None.
Protecting Your SIM Card with a PIN
Every SIM card comes with a PlN. The initial PIN is provided by your mobile phone
carrier. lt's best to lock your Sll\4 card as soon as you can.
Press Home key > tap E > Settings > Security > Set up SIM card lock
Choose the SIM card you want set.
l-ick the Lock SIM card check box.
Enter the PIN you've been given and tap OK.
TIPS: lf you enter the wrong SIM PIN more times than allowed' your SIM card will be locked
and you cannot access the mobile phone network. Contact your operator for a PIN Unlock
Key (PUK) to restore the SIM card.
to one easier for you to remember and harder
Press HJme key, tap!, Settings, Security > Set up SIM card lock.
Choose the SIM card you want set.
Make sure you already tick the Lock SIM @rd check box.
Tap Change SIM PlN.
Manaoino Your Device Memory
Press Home key > tap
> Settings > Backup & reset> Factorydata resot> Reset
phone > Erase eveMhing.
WARNING: All your personal information and downloaded applications on your phone
will b6 eEsed after the resetting.
Settrngs , Apps.
Press ttome Key > tap
lnstalling an Application
You can install a non-Marketing application if you have allowed the installation of it.
Make sure that you select an appli€tion developed for your device and prccessor type
before installing it.
Copy the application file to the SD card and install the €rd on your phone.
File Managel and open the folder where the
Press Home key > tap
application file is.
Tap the file to start installation.
4. Read the installation instructions that come with the application and follow
it to complete the setup.
NOTE: please take your handset as the standard,
Changing Y.our SIM PIN
You can change the PIN you've been given
for others to ouess.
Privacy: Reset to Factory Settings
Settings , Storage.
P,ess H-om"e ney , rap !,
You can view the space information of the SD card and the phone storage.
unmount the SD card to safely remove it.
. Erase SD card: Erase all data on the SD card.
Removino an Aoolication
t. pressiome rly > tap E> settings
Select the appli@tion you want to delete.
Tap Uninstall and OK to confim.
Other Applications
Moving an Application
You can move the applications downloaded or installed on
your phone to the memory card when the phone memory is full. You can also move
applications to your phone ifthe memory card is getting full.
NOTE: Not all applications @n be move to your phone or memory card.
'1. Press Home key >
> settings > Apps.
Click the application you want to move on the Downloaded tab.
You can @nfigure accessibility options for accessibility-related applications by pressing
Home Key > tap
Settings > Amessibility.
Press Home key > tap
E , Clock, you en view the clock or set the alarm.
You @n use the phone directly perfom simple mathematical €lculations.
t Calculaton
Press Home Key Tap
Click the button coresponding with the calculator display, perform basic arithmetic.
TIPS: Tap Menu Key > Advanced panel to use scientiflc @lculation.
Managing Other Settings
,""osnition options by pressins Home Key >
> Settings >Language "na
& input > Text-to-speech output.