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Reel Cleaner®
All-Purpose Restroom Cleaner
Two Bend Wand
Variable Pressure Spray Gun
Scrub Brush
Floor Squeegee Tool
Hand Squeegee Tool
Blower Tool
Floor Drain Tool
Metering Tip Packet
Primer Hose
Cleaning hard surfaces and fixtures is a snap with the multi-functional Reel Cleaner®.
Designed as a touchless cleaning system, timely manual wipe-downs are a thing of
the past.
The Reel Cleaner makes touchless cleaning more convenient. Its unique reels are
designed to store each of the hoses, eliminating tangle hassles and reducing storage
space. The compact size of the Reel Cleaner allows for easy maneuverability and
good sight lines for transporting. In addition, a clean water sight gauge assists in
monitoring the amount of water in the tank and enables dumping the tank without
plugging in the machine.
Using the Reel Cleaner increases productivity and employee moral. Tedious, time
consuming tasks of wiping down fixtures, scrubbing hard to reach areas and dusting
difficult surfaces are eliminated by the ability to spray or blow dirt away. The Reel
Cleaner has a 25 gallon clean water tank, enabling more area to be cleaned before
dumping and refilling the tank. The ergonomic handle is adjustable so operators can
move the machine with ease.
The Reel Cleaner is designed with Total Clean® technology in mind. Equipped with a
standard accessory kit, the Reel Cleaner has a storage place for each accessory. There are
two chemical bottle wells designed to fit round or square bottles. The housing for the
motor and pump is easy to access for maintenance. Not only is the Reel Cleaner designed
to clean better, it is also easier to clean and maintain.
The Reel Cleaner, combined with the chemical of your choice, makes touchless
cleaning of restrooms, kitchens, locker rooms, stairwells and other non-absorbent
areas effortless, improving cleanliness and productivity.
Healthcare Facilities
Schools and Universities
Government Facilities
Large Retail/Malls
Shopping Malls
Retail Stores
Reel Cleaner®
All-Purpose Restroom Cleaner
Ergonomic handle is
adjustable to
operator height or
for storage
Storage place for each of the
standard accessories
• Our products are
designed using
innovative technology
that increases
productivity and drives
down the cost to clean.
Reels for easy
storage of hoses
The spray gun makes dirt
removal easy in hard to
reach areas and allows for
quick rinsing of surfaces
Round and square
chemical bottles fit
on the machine
Drain hose
allows for
dumping into
a commode or
slop sink
The casters have a
brake so the machine
stays in place while
Solution and
blower nozzles
are recessed to
prevent damage
Soils and contaminants
are vacuumed from the
floor leaving the area
clean and dry
• You can get expert
service and maintenance
for your Advance
machines from factorytrained personnel
around the world. Fast
parts delivery, too.
• Maintain peak
performance with Nilfisk
Genuine OEM Parts.
Technical Specifications
Clam-Shell design allows
easy access to motor
and pump
Vacuum Motor
115 V / 60 hz, 12 amp, 1,400 W, three-stage.
117 in (297 cm)
Air Flow
100 cfm (2,832 L/min)
Tank Construction
Rotational Molded Polyethylene
Solution Tank Capacity
25 gal (95 L)
Recovery Tank Capacity
22 gal (83 L)
Application Flow
300 psi @ nozzle, 1 gpm
Solution Hose Length
50 ft (15.25 m)
Recovery Hose Length
25 ft with 1.5 in diameter (7.5 m x 3.8 cm)
Blower Hose
13 ft (4 m)
Power Cord
50 ft safety yellow with GFCI (15.25 m)
Rear Wheels
2 - 10 in (25 cm)
Front Casters
Solution gauge for
monitoring amount of
solution in the tank or
for emptying
2 - 4 in (10 cm) w/brake
Length –
Height –
Width –
Net –
Shipping –
Part Number
36 in (91 cm)
40 in (101 cm)
21 in (53 cm)
135 lb (61.2 kg)
180 lb (81.5 kg)
56 108 050
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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